Xsmart.pro Reviews is Xsmart a Scam or Should I Invest

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Smart Money Methods Review – A Smart Scam or What?

Is the Smart Money Methods going to supplement your income with an extra $30,000 a month? Is it even real? Or a total scam?

If those questions are going in your head, then relax and give this honest unaffiliated review a good read!

It’s time to learn the REAL Truth! ��

Smart Money Methods Quick Review

  • Name: Smart Money Methods
  • Website: smartmoneymethods.com
  • Price: $37 + $197 + $177 in upsells
  • Owner: Mark Foster
  • What is it? Amazon & Social Media Training.
  • Is it a Scam?: No
  • Recommended? No

What is Smart Money Methods?

Smart Money Methods is a work from home course created by an anonymous person called Mark Foster who is a Clickbank seller.

Smart Money Methods claims to be an idiot-proof scheme that will help you make over $7k a week.

It’s a good idea that you are reading this review, because Smart Money Methods is far from what it looks like.

First of all, the video presentation does not even explain what are these Smart Money Methods and how you’re going to use them to make money.

Mark Foster (which is probably just a stage name) keeps saying that what he is going to teach you is top secret, but after I had a look at the training content everything was generic and outdated.

I’m going to shed more light on the training later in this review.

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But after I watched the sales video I noticed many unethical things like:

  • Psychological techniques
  • Hype (lots of it)
  • You don’t even understand how you’ll make money

Smart Money Methods is using the above techniques as a bait to lure you into spending money for Smart Money Methods.

Smart Money Methods is quite similar to other low quality courses like:

Below I will talk about the actual training offered by Smart Money Methods, thereafter I will talk about the ugly red flags!

How Smart Money Methods Actually Works

Smart Money Methods will charge you only $37 to get started but more upsells are going to follow later (I’m going to talk about that later)

Once you pay $37, you will finally get access to the members area where you will find the first module after you spend more money you will unlock the other two modules.

  1. Smart Money Methods 1.0
  2. Smart Money Methods 2.0
  3. Smart Money Methods Pro

Smart Money Methods 1.0

This module is all about Amazon and how to start an Amazon Affiliate Website.

From this module you will learn things like:

  • How to build an Amazon designed site
  • How to join the Amazon Affiliate Program
  • How to add your affiliate links
  • How to add content to your site

First of all, making money with Amazon is NOT a secret money method, secondly the training is just PLR product.

PLR products are usually rehashed and outdated trainings full of info that you can buy in packs for a very cheap price and then resell it under your name.

Many low quality products like Leveraged Breakthrough System and 3D Wealth Machine buy PLR products and resell them in form of training for a higher price which is ridiculous!

So this module (Smart Money Methods 1.0) is going to give you an overview on how Amazon affiliate marketing works.

There is no deep training how to create a site and stuff like that that you need in order to actually make money!

If you really want to build a successful Amazon site, I suggest you to try this Comprehensive Training which comes with lots of support! You can also try it for free!

Smart Money Methods 2.0

This second module is just a video version on how to build an Amazon affiliate site, it also comes with some Youtube and Instagram videos.

Unfortunately the videos are all short and don’t go in-depht, you’re basically given here an overview on how Amazon works and how you can make money with it.

You’re not given step by step instructions and tasks on HOW to build your own affiliate site.

Smart Money Methods PRO

The last module of the Smart Money Methods is about social media, how to get traffic from sources like:

I have to admit that this training is a bit longer and goes a bit more in details versus the first 2 modules but I still think it’s not enough and if the first 2 modules are bad this one is pretty useless!

​4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Smart Money Methods!

Below, I will share with you all the reasons on WHY Smart Money Methods does not work and why you should avoid!

This is the most important part of this review so make sure you don’t miss it!

1- ​You’re NOT going to Make Money with this Training!

As I have explained earlier in this review, Smart Money Methods training is just a bunch of rehashed and outdated PDF’s and PLR products which are not going to teach you how to Build a Real Online Business.

Chances are you’re a beginner, to make money you need more than just PDFs.

You don’t need an overview or an introduction but a solid step by step training with extensive videos, with help and support from the owner and the members, that’s what My Recommended Training is all about!

I don’t think Smart Money Methods is going to teach you how to build an income online because it’s a low quality Clickbank product.

Below I explain this point better.

2- It’s Another Low Quality ClickBank Product!

Clickbank is a marketplace where a lot of “work from home products” like Smart Money Methods are being sold.

The Clickbank products have some shady things in common like:

  • They are only created for the owners to cash in
  • They are low quality like 99% of them!
  • Fake Owners
  • They come with hidden costs (Smart Money Methods too!)

Here are examples of other Clickbank products:

The only good thing about these Clickbank products is the fact they do offer a refund, if you want your money back from Smart Money Methods you can request it from ClickBank here.

3- It’s VERY Hyped Up!

The promises of making $7,985 a week starting today or $30,000 a month with 30 minutes a day of work are complete HYPE.

Bunch of bs & hype

These are basically just psychological baits used to lure you into spending money.

But unfortunately Smart Money Methods is not going to earn you anywhere near that money!

4- There are Hidden Costs & Upsells

Above I have talked about the training and how bad it is:

The training comes in 3 modules which are the following but this time I will mention the prices too.

  • Smart Money Methods 1.0 = $37
  • Smart Money Methods 2.0 = $197
  • Smart Money Methods PRO = $177

This in total is going to cost you $411, that’s a lot of money to pay for such a low quality product.

The costs don’t even stop here, because you will receive an email every day or every other day with new products to buy.

You can expect to spend a couple thousands of dollars on the Smart Money Methods!

Why spend all that money on such a horrible product when you can get a BETTER Training for a cheaper price?

Is Smart Money Methods a Scam?

I’m not going to call this a scam, because with $37 you will get some training that will at least give you an idea or get you inspired (hopefully)

But just forget about making money with this system because only the creator is going to earn lots of money from this.

They even have the audacity to give you some bold promises like $30k a month fast, but once you get inside the training you find some PDF’s

Plus this is going to cost you +$400’s, it’s really NOT worth it at all.

Below I share with you a valid alternative that actually works.

Here’s a REALLY Good Training for Newbies.

Training is EXACTLY what you need to finally start working from home!

But a half-baked training like Smart Money Methods is NOT going to cut it.

To make money you need a good training that:

  • Gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build a money making site.
  • Support & help whenever you NEED it!
  • High quality tools to help you make money.
  • hours & hours of videos and training!
  • Should come with NO upsells or hidden costs like Smart Money Methods.
  • You can try it for FREE before spending money.

The training where I learned how to make money from home has all the things I mentioned above!

I’ve used this training to build websites that make me over $2,000 a month from home.

I have to admit it’s not easy because you need to put in the work, but it works if you give it time.

If you want to learn more about this training, how I have used it to make money and how you can use it too just click on the link below!

Is Smart Money Methods a scam in your opinion?

Do you have anything to add?

Please leave comments below & share this review using the social buttons below!

Is Smart Money Methods A Scam? [Hint: Not A Smart Choice]

Welcome to my Smart Money Methods review!

Is it a smart move to spend your money on Smart Money Methods — another make money online opportunity promising riches? The site claims it is, but I beg to differ. So is Smart Money Methods a scam? Keep reading to find out the answer.


Founder: Mark Foster

Product Type: Training

Price: $37-$199

Best For: People who want to make money with affiliate marketing through Amazon

Summary: Smart Money Methods promises far more than it can possibly deliver, starting with the blaring headline across the top of the home (and only) page on the website. There it makes the preposterous claim that you can make $7,500 today so long as you’re willing to sign up and part with your money right now.

Truth is, Smart Money Methods doesn’t provide any specific steps or plan to achieve this goal, so you’re left to your own devices to create and implement a money-making strategy. Most of the information provided in the “training” can be found elsewhere for free, so you’ll definitely want to pass on this one.

Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No


The method sold by Smart Money Methods is a bit of a mystery since the website doesn’t offer any description of what you receive after making a payment. Thus, it’s hard to file a complaint or call something a scam if you don’t even know what you’re paying for in the first place.

Instead of solid information and facts, the Smart Money Methods website features big promises of quick, easy cash and questionable testimonies from supposed customers. It’s only after you pony up some cash that you find out what you’re actually getting.

Turns out this course only offers simple lessons in affiliate marketing and tips on how to use social media to promote a website. The supposed training just gives you a very basic overview and doesn’t offer any in-depth information or actionable steps.

Smart Money Methods doesn’t come with classes, support, personal assistance, step-by-step training or any of the other necessary information to build a thriving, successful online business.

You could say it’s the equivalent of paying for a brochure that describes a class, but not for the class itself. In short, Smart Money Methods just sells rudimentary information on affiliate and social media marketing, far from enough to springboard your business.


There’s no specific program or method taught in Smart Money Methods. It’s up to you to absorb the paltry content, research the topics deeper on your own, and then create an actionable plan.

As mentioned, all you get is basic information related to affiliate marketing, with a focus on how to use Amazon’s affiliate program known as Amazon Associates.

After paying for the Smart Money Methods training, you’ll receive a PDF file that explains how to join Amazon’s program, how to select a niche, how to set up a website, and how to set up affiliate links. None of this information goes into detail or provides specific steps.

For example, you’ll learn the very basics of setting up a website such as choosing a host, purchasing a domain name and selecting a design. But what you don’t learn is how to create the actual site itself, something that can be daunting even for tech-savvy consumers.

And you don’t need Smart Money Methods to figure out how to join Amazon’s affiliate program and use their links — all that information is freely available on Amazon, not to mention thousands of blogs and YouTube videos.

Selecting a niche and learning how to set up a website are both topics that require in-depth training if you hope to make money from your venture.

Upsells and More Upsells

The standard base package doesn’t offer any information on other types of affiliate programs, how to market your website or the best ways to use social media. And the upgrades aren’t much of an improvement. All you’ll receive is a series of super short YouTube videos that fail to lay out a specific plan or provide any detail.

At a cost of $199, the first upsell, Smart Money 2.0, includes about 15 videos totaling about one hour of content. Much of the training repeats the information found in the PDF document, just with some new information sprinkled in, such as how to to use YouTube and Instagram to help promote your affiliate site. But once again, it doesn’t provide the depth of information needed to truly promote yourself on these sites.

At a cost of $177, the second upsell, Smart Money Pro, includes a combination of PDF files and videos. Focusing on social media, the training is slightly more in-depth and does give a few actionable steps to take, but still seems overpriced for the amount of information provided.


If you only use Smart Money Methods to build your business, you’re not likely to make much money, if at all. It simply lacks the amount of information you’ll need to start a successful venture.

Also, this course’s so-called “method” only focuses on a single affiliate stream: Amazon. While Amazon is undoubtedly a powerhouse of online sellers and might play an important role in a successful affiliate business, it’s not a wise financial decision to put all your eggs in one basket, especially since Amazon has been known to ban affiliate accounts with little to no recourse. [source]

Sure, it’s possible to use Smart Money Methods as a jumping off point to start generating income online. A complete beginner may find some useful information for getting started and subsequently build a website that makes a good income.

But let’s face it, that’s not likely to happen without lots of trial and error and spending lots of time seeking out more in-depth information elsewhere.

Smart Money Methods also doesn’t offer any sort of support or feedback, which is crucial when trying to overcome some of the obstacles to making money online. Whenever you have any questions, want someone to review your new site, or just need a little extra help, there’s no one there to support you.

Even veteran website owners rely on the expertise of others when they want to grow their business, so it makes it that much more challenging for a beginner who doesn’t have anywhere to turn to with questions.

In short, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make money relying solely on Smart Money Methods. Yes, you might find some of the information useful, but it’s far from complete. If you want to make a good income, you’ll have to spend a great deal of time outside of this program.


While it might not be an outright scam, Smart Money Methods is less than upfront about what you get for your money and tells some outright lies about potential profits. Its marketing methods are also less than honest.

When you pay for the Smart Money Methods training, you receive a PDF file that offers some insights into making money online. Unlike legitimate websites that tell you exactly what you get for your money before making a purchase, you can only assume you’ll receive what you’re promised to get from Smart Money Methods. When looked at it this way, you could say Smart Money Methods isn’t a scam. After all, you paid for something and received something.

But that’s not the only part of the transaction. To get you to make a purchase, the website makes some pretty outlandish claims. First, you’re led to believe you can make more than $7,500 in a day. That’s a pretty staggering amount. It’s also completely unrealistic.

Even hard sellers on Amazon and eBay didn’t start out with sales like that. Everyone has to start somewhere and it takes a long time to build up a successful online business, whether it’s an affiliate business or a retail one. Anyone telling you otherwise is fooling you.

Besides the over-the-top claims about income, Smart Money Methods also tries to convince you that they offer something scarce. In other words, the site claims you’re one of a lucky few to have the chance to join their program. That’s patently untrue.

Every time you go to the site it tells the same story: limited spots, act now, etc. In reality, the company will sell their training program to anyone willing to fork over his/her money. There’s no limitation and no reason to jump into it unless you’re the owner of Smart Money Methods trying to get people to hand over their hard-earned cash at a moment’s notice.

Fake Testimonials

The testimonials given by Smart Money Methods don’t have the hallmark of genuine reviews. Each one has a similar story, a similar tone and is just generic enough to be relatable to a wide audience.

Generally speaking, legitimate reviews of a company or product come from a wide range of viewpoints, convey different information, and don’t always produce tidy little marketing soundbites.

More Shady Tactics

Another tactic used on the site is questionable. A small box in the corner continuously pops up showing other supposed recent purchases, often showing locations near you.

This is similar to a tactic used by door-to-door salesmen who take down the name of your neighbor and then try to convince you to buy something by throwing your neighbor’s name into the conversation and telling you your neighbor didn’t miss out on a great deal so neither should you.

Smart Money Methods also doesn’t offer any information about the company, where it’s located, or how to reach someone if there’s a problem — all information any legitimate business should have.

If something goes wrong, or you have a question, or simply want to know what you might be purchasing, there’s no way to reach anyone by phone, email, chat, or any other method.

All in all, the lack of clear information, outrageous claims, questionable testimonials and reviews, and the false implication of scarcity aren’t the trademarks of a legitimate, trustworthy business.



Although the third upsell does provide some useful information, it’s grossly overpriced at $177. The vast majority of the information provided by Smart Money Methods can be found for free through simple Google searches, available in the form of articles, videos, blog posts, and training provided by companies who accept affiliate marketers.

For example, Amazon has an entire page of tips dedicated to helping their affiliates succeed, and that’s in addition to complete instructions on how to join and set up links and banner ads.

Many blogs and interactive forums are also dedicated to the very topic of affiliate marketing. If you want a detailed plan and step-by-step instructions, you can find sites that offer such training for much less than the $199 and $177 upgrades Smart Money Methods tries to sell you.




Smart Money Methods isn’t recommended. The training is insufficient, the claims are greatly exaggerated, and there’s zero support or assistance available if you need it. There are too many legitimate marketers and companies who can help aspiring entrepreneurs build successful websites to waste time and money on a site like Smart Money Methods.


Feel a bit disappointed after reading this review? I don’t blame you. But rest assured, there really are legitimate training programs out there to learn affiliate marketing. And there’s one I always recommend above the rest and it offers EVERYTHING Smart Money Methods doesn’t:

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