Wallet Wizard Review 2020 – Is It Any Good for Australians

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edge Review 2020

edge Review

The Edge wallet is rich with features, especially considering it’s a wallet focused on the ease of use. However, it doesn’t have as many features as some of the leading desktop and hardware wallets as the Edge wallet is strictly for mobile devices. See a list of the Edge wallet features below.


Multi-Currency Support

Edge supports more cryptos than just Bitcoin, unlike many other mobile wallets. As well, they are constantly innovating and working hard to support more coins.

Highly Secure

The Edge wallet may not be as secure as a hardware wallet, but it features innovative security features never seen before from a mobile, web-based, or desktop cryptocurrency wallet.

Intuitive User Interface

The user interface was designed with usability in mind and is therefore very easy and straightforward to use. Users can create and use multiple wallets that are accessible from the main dashboard screen. It’s easy to view your balances and manage your crypto portfolio. The advanced settings are separated from the rest of the app and accessible via a four-digit PIN.

Beautifully Designed

The color scheme is very well thought out and easy on the eyes. As well, the design is simple and clean making for a streamlined user experience.

Multi-Purpose Wallet

Users can not only store, send and receive cryptocurrencies in their wallet, but they can also exchange crypto assets with one another while on the go. This exchange feature allows users to be the first to move when the markets do. If you suspect a crypto is about to drop, simply exchange it for another crypto you think will hold its value or rise. It’s an innovative and easy way to better manage your portfolio.


This feature is a given, as the Edge wallet is a mobile app for smart mobile devices. However, it can not be overlooked. With a mobile cryptocurrency wallet, you will have access to your coins wherever you go.

OS Compatibility

The Edge wallet is compatible with all smart mobile devices including iOS and Android. The mobile application is available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The wallet is the same for both operating systems and has been optimized to fit an array of mobile screen sizes. All in all, The Edge wallet is a fully compatible mobile software wallet.

Who should use it?

The Edge wallet is perfect for users who want a simple, easy to use cryptocurrency wallet they can take everywhere they go. It’s a wallet developed with the average/beginner user in mind by providing a simple user interface with minimal installation and setup procedures. The wallet was designed for the mainstream and main markets themselves towards new and beginner cryptocurrency enthusiasts. However, advanced cryptocurrency users will appreciate the platform as well, due to its innovative security features and crypto asset exchange capability. Users it might not be suitable for, are users who want to hold a large amount of cryptocurrency in their wallet. The Edge wallet may be very secure, but it’s still a mobile wallet and hardware wallets are the most secure. Therefore, the Edge wallet is most suitable for people who want a convenient and feature-rich wallet for storing a smaller amount of coins.


Though the Edge wallet is not a hardware wallet, it is still very secure and might just be one of the most secure mobile wallets there is. The Edge wallet was built with security as their foundation, rather than just another feature. The code is open source and has been vetted by top security experts from the Open Bitcoin Privacy Project. See below, some of the key aspects of the Edge wallet security

Client Side Encryption

What this means is, all your data is heavily encrypted on your device before it reaches the wallet’s servers. This allows the Edge wallet to be 100% resistant to server-side and malware hacks. This also means that only you have the knowledge and control of your account information. Your private and public keys are only accessible to you, giving you full control of your crypto assets. Also, Edge doesn’t know or have access to any of your personal identification information. Users benefit from full privacy, Edge does not require your email, phone number, ID, or any other personal information to create an account.

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Powerful Security Tools

Users secure their accounts with a password or PIN, just like any other wallet or account type service, but they can also further secure their accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA). The Edge wallet supports the popular Google 2FA method plus fingerprint/touch ID verification. Meaning even if someone were to get a hold of your username and password, they will not be able to access your account. Another security tool is the password recovery manager which is required to setup upon creating your password. All that’s required to set this up is an email address and two questions that only you know the answer to.

Upon reviewing all the Edge wallet security features and reviews of the open source code, we can confidently say that Edge is a very safe and secure mobile wallet. Even if Edge goes out of business and shuts down their service, your funds are still accessible because all of your data is encrypted on your device and you hold and control your private key.


The Edge wallet employs a zero-knowledge security architecture which means they do not gather or need any of your personal information. Edge users are kept completely anonymous, not even an email is required to create an account with Edge. The Edge wallet was even ranked by the Open Bitcoin Privacy Project as one of the most private and secure mobile wallets.

Backup Features

As the Edge wallet is one of the safest and most secure mobile wallets, it, of course, has a sophisticated backup feature. Edge features automated backups of the users’ encrypted data to their redundant peer to peer cloud servers. The automated backup service only backs up your data once it has been fully encrypted to protect the user’s information from server attacks. Edge cannot access your assets nor your personal information if something were to happen to your mobile device. Therefore, only you can restore your Edge wallet by downloading the Edge app on a new device and entering in your username and password. The user will then find their coins exactly as they left them.

Supported Coins

The Edge wallet has a rather limited selection of cryptocurrencies supported on their wallet, with only a total of 7 coins supported. This is perhaps the biggest drawback to the Edge wallet as most other mobile wallets support at least 10 cryptos. The number of cryptocurrencies available today is well over a thousand, and this number is constantly growing. While most of the cryptocurrencies aren’t even worth holding, there are certainly over 7 coins people are interested in. Therefore, if the Edge wallet wants to stay relevant and stay ahead of the competition, they will need to add support for more coins. Thankfully for them, they have plans to support a much wider selection of coins soon. Edge has partnered with some of the best blockchain services from around the world, including Kraken, Bity, WageCan, and Bitrefill. With these partnerships, Edge will certainly increase the number of coins they support by a long shot. As for now, see the list of currently supported coins below.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum(ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Augur (REP)
  • Wings (WINGS)

Can you trade cryptocurrencies from inside the wallet?

One of the most innovative and unique features of the Edge wallet is the ability to exchange your cryptocurrencies for one another within the Edge wallet application. This is made possible with their integration with Shapeshift. Users can be the first to move when the markets do, without sending their cryptocurrencies to an exchange. It’s the safest way to exchange crypto assets as they never leave your wallet. Your cryptos are kept secure with a seamless exchange within the wallet. Say the price of Bitcoin Cash was falling and about to plummet, even more, an Edge user could exchange their Bitcoin Cash for more Bitcoin without sending their crypto to a third party cryptocurrency exchange. Hence saving them from a huge loss and doing so in a fast, secure, and seamless manner.

While this exchange feature is very innovative and cool, users are still not able to buy or sell cryptocurrencies for fiat currency or acquire new cryptocurrencies. However, this is supposed to change soon. As mentioned earlier, Edge wallet has partnered with 4 blockchain services; Kraken, Bity, WageCan, and Bitrefill. These new partnerships are going to allow Edge users to maximize their crypto assets by facilitating in-app buying, selling, crypto top-ups, crypto gift cards, and Bitcoin debit card integration. If the Edge wallet capitalizes on these promises and delivers what they say they will, the Edge wallet will quickly climb the ranks as one of the best and most versatile cryptocurrency wallets.


Unlike hardware wallets, the Edge wallet is absolutely free to use and download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Edge does not charge their users any additional fees on top of the mining fees for sending cryptocurrency out of the wallet, and users do not get charged any fees for receiving crypto into their wallet. Edge does, however, collect a small fee on all exchange transactions, using the in-app exchange service. The fee will be stated upon each transaction and is included with the mining fee. Overall, the Edge wallet is free to use and very transparent with mining fees and their exchange fees.

Setup Guide & How to Use it

Getting started with the Edge wallet is simple and easy. The whole installation and setup process can be done in a matter of minutes with a few simple steps. See the steps below.

Step1: Install the App

Using your iOS or Android mobile device, navigate to the App Store or the Edge website and download and install the Edge wallet.

Step 2: Create an Account

Before using the Edge wallet services, you must create an account by setting a username, password, and 4 digit PIN. This information will give you access to your account and allow for the encryption of your data before being uploaded to Edge servers. Once you’ve written down your account details and stored them in a safe and secure place, you can confirm their terms of use and begin using their services.

Step 3: Set up Account

Now that your account is created, you can navigate to the wallets page and add the supported cryptocurrencies you want to store in the wallet. After that, you will see all the crypto wallets you added on the main wallet page.

Step 4: Receive Coins

To receive coins, click on the cryptocurrency wallet you want coins to be added to. Then at the bottom of the screen click “Request”. A QR code and your receiving wallet address will be shown. Provide this information to the sender and they can send you coins.

Step 5: Send Coins

Next to the “Request” button in the previous step, there is a “Send” button. Click on it and you will be brought the sending screen where you either scan a QR code or paste in an address to send the coins to.

Step 6: Exchange Coins

Simply click on the “Exchange” button located where the other wallet function buttons are and select the source wallet and receive wallet for the cryptos you would like to exchange. Enter the amount you would like exchanged and confirm the transaction.

Pros and Cons

  • Feature-rich wallet
  • User-friendly interface
  • Very safe and secure
  • Bright future with lots of innovation
  • A limited number of cryptocurrencies supported
  • No fiat currency supported
  • Not as secure as a hardware wallet


Edge wallet users benefit from phenomenal customer support. They can contact support representatives via email, or simply browse the extensive support library for helpful information. The Edge website features a very comprehensive FAQ page where users will find loads of helpful information. Also, users can communicate with support via various social media networks.


Overall, the Edge wallet is a highly competent mobile crypto wallet. It is very safe, secure, and user-friendly, making for an excellent user experience. The wallet does not support an extensive list of cryptos, but they have plans for supporting more soon. The Edge wallet has numerous innovative features such as the exchange feature and plans to integrate many more in the near future. All in all, we would highly recommend the Edge wallet as a viable mobile crypto wallet solution.

How to Emigrate to Australia

Updated for 2020

Latest COVID Guidance from the Department of Immigration

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the Australian border

From 9pm AEDT 20 March 2020, only Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members can travel to Australia.

All travellers to Australia are required to self-isolate for 14 days, either at home or in a hotel.

Travel restrictions are subject to change. Please check back regularly.

Applicants should be aware that some services relating to the visa application process may be impacted by COVID-19.

Corona Virus Concerns

Clients worried about COVID can get real medical advice, referrals and testing for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in a way that is safe for you and the public from the first and only dedicated Online Corona Virus Clinic.

How to Emigrate to Australia

Australia offers several immigration pathway solutions for permanent residency, based squarely on economic demand. Highly skilled workers are still actively sought after in 2020 and an immigration points system is deployed to filter those looking to emigrate to Australia.

This is called the General Skilled Migration Program, although there are other visas besides Australian Skilled migration such as investor visas which we also cover in this article.

Find out if your skills are wanted down under by taking our Free Visa Assessment

Some applicants choose to emigrate via an employer sponsored visa although these opportunities are some 83% fewer in 2020 than the past three years.

This means whilst Australia is open to immigration it’s only open to those who can demonstrate they have the skills currently in demand.

Emigrating to Australia is a real and viable option for individuals from all over the World but as you would expect, it’s not easy, and it’s getting harder Let’s Go Global have many years experience assisting clients in emigrating to Australia.

We’d love to put our thinking caps on to devise the very best and most cost-effective Australian Migration Pathway for you and your loved ones. And best of all, our consultations are always free of all charge.

Can I Emigrate to Australia?

People have so many personal reasons for wanting to emigrate to Australia; the weather, the current political situation, family, loved ones, better opportunities or a better life for children. These vary from country to country and person to person although the fact remains that with the right skills, qualifications, circumstances and more importantly the right will to achieve significant personal growth, development and change then emigrating to Australia is usually accessible.

It’s no surprise that so many choose to make Australia their new home given that most of the major Australian cities consistently rank among the top ten most liveable cities on the planet. Was your favorite Australian city in the top 10 recently? Check out the list here at CNN.

Should I Emigrate to Australia

Moving to Australia is a personal decision and that you’re even reading this article dedicated to emigrating then we’re assuming that you’re one of the very few people who actually decide to act on their dreams of securing a better life. Yes it can be tough, yes its an emotional roller coaster process and yes… its worth it in the end.

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Australia

Day to day living costs in Australia are comparable with most other developed countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States although, much like these other countries where you live in Australia impacts the financial bottom line of your monthly costs.

The major cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Perth will be among the most expensive for costs like housing leisure and food whilst more rural or suburban areas will tend to be cheaper.

Do remember that you’re emigrating to Australia and you’ll need to set your life up again from scratch and try to plan for this financially at the start of your application

To get a full breakdown of the visa costs, charges and time frames applicable to you as an individual take our free visa assessment

No doubt property rentals will be the largest monthly expense yet do still expect much more ‘bang’ for your buck. Utilities are slightly cheaper, and fuel prices are definitely less than the UK, probably more comparable to the United States.

Do anticipate all in monthly living costs in Australia of around $2,700 and a single person income of around $50,000 AUD is probably needed to live comfortably in most areas of the country.

Emigrating to Australia is for many people a lifelong ambition, they’ve usually had the idea for many years never seeming to find the right time or set of life circumstances to make the step towards making their dreams and ambitions a reality.

If this is you and sounds familiar then rest assured it’s totally normal.

Life has a nasty habit of taking over as we get slowly older; relationships, mortgages, careers and families often throw unexpected challenges in emigrating to Australia although in reality there’s never been a better time to start the process and get the ball rolling.

If you’ve the right skills, qualifications and desire to move to Australia then the time to act is now. Australian Immigration Law is constantly changing and updating in response to political and economic considerations and we expect to see some major changes coming up which will seriously affect many applications.

Even now we’ve seen a marked increase in the number of red flagged occupations for Australia with lots of rumours about which occupations are next. *A red flagged occupation is one that’s been highlighted for possible removal from the Australia occupations in demand lists.

How to get a Visa to Emigrate to Australia

It’s important we work closely with you to understand what kind of Australian visa you need because there’s lots to choose from covering work, residence, family and business migration. Our recommendation is to always attempt an application in the highest category of Australian Migration suitability.

The best way to describe Australian Immigration is like a pyramid. At the very top of the Australian Visa pyramid sits the 189 visa. this being the most heavyweight visa in that it allows its holders to live and work anywhere in Australia from day one.

Closely behind the 189 and just one tier down is the 190 visa class, which still offers the same benefits and the 189 except that you’d be expected to live and work in a particular state for two years. After this time you are free to live and work anywhere in Australia just like the 189.

Don’t worry though, we often hear clients asking whether they get a choice of which State or Territory they get to reside in and the answer is yes, of course! You get to choose the State as much as they get to choose you, all subject to Australian Immigration criteria.

We always undertake a very detailed case assessment and free consultation to examine your eligibility for the most appropriate type of Australia visa for your needs. We explain the process, answer any questions you have on the different Australian Immigration pathways and offer you our expert advice and recommendations.

Australia Migration Process, apply to emigrate to Australia

Every year the Australian Department of Home Affairs issue over 190,000 skilled visas (Permanent Residence) from around 500,000 applications. For every one of those 500,000 applications there are another ten in the pipeline still preparing their case so that’s 5,000,000 people at any one time getting their documents in order.

If we go even further there’s another 10 people for everyone in the process who are seriously considering whether or not they should start their emigration to Australia project so that’s a huge 50,000,000 (50 million) globally considering whether or not it’s the right time to be immigrating to Australia.

That’s a huge number, almost twice the current population of Australia!

For many people emigrating to Australia remains an elusive dream that’s never realized. Don’t be one of them. Take our online visa assessment today for a personalized assessment of your visa chances, costs, charges and everything you need to know unique to your own individual circumstances.

We do need to be clear though, it’s not all rosy and emigrating to Australia can often go wrong without the right planning. Securing visa is only the start and Lets Go Global are pleased to be able to assist with shipping, jobs, accommodation, bank accounts and of course the unique circumstances involving moving to Australia with children.

Is Emigrating to Australia Worth It?

This is a very personal question and the answer depends as much on your circumstances immediately prior to your emigration to Australia as it does on what it is you’re actually searching for down under.

Over the years we must’ve carried out almost 100,000 free consultations with people from all over the World looking for a better life and dreaming of a successful emigration to Australia.

We find that clients from Europe cite motivating factors such as better work / life balance, more time with the family, the great outdoors lifestyle and the weather. Conversely clients from South Africa may fear for their own safety and feel that by lodging an emigration to Australia application they’ll be better protecting their loved ones.

There are many articles about people who’ve returned from Australia although in reality this is driven by homesickness and many eventually find themselves going back again at a later date although this can prove challenging because the resident return visa has some caveats that need to be satisfied before Australia Immigration will even entertain the request.

Full Guide to Emigrate to Australia

Emigrating to Australia is what we’re about. We’ve successfully assisted many people from all walks of life with their Australian Migration and we’re proud of our successes, reviews

It’s not just our Australian emigration skilled visa streams that receive great wins, we also assist with investor visa classes, resident return and partner visas including those for the LGBTQI Community.

All the team here at Let’s Go Global were amazed when one of our clients decided to keep a warts n all blog about their experiences with us as well as their own personal thoughts and feelings along the course of their application. Take a look over at Becky and Zacs Partner Visa Blog.

Because we focus exclusively on Australian Migration you can rest assured that we’re specialists in our field and often called upon to solve some pretty complicated Australian migration problems.

Is emigrating to Australia an option for me?

We hope so and we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to take our online visa assessment to find out once and for all if you’re eligible for Australian Migration.

See how many of these questions you can answer yes to?
Do you have a skill that’s currently in demand in Australia on this list: Occupations in Demand List
Are you qualified in your profession, trade or occupation?
Are you under 45 years of age? Check out how old is too old for Australian Immigration
Do you score 65 points on the Skilled Migration Points test?
Does your partner fit the criteria above even if you don’t?
Have you previously been a permanent resident of Australia?
Do you have a job offer in Australia?
Would you be prepared to live and work in regional Australia?
Are you married to or in a relationship with an Australian Citizen?
Are you in a same sex relationship with an Australian?
Have you considered studying in Australia?

Calculate Emigrate to Australia Points

Any successful skilled migration requires the applicant to demonstrate 65 points on the Australian Points System Matrix

Emigrate to Australia Age Points
Age 18 – 24 = 25 points
Age 25 – 32 = 30 points
Age 33 – 39 = 25 points
Age 40 – 44 = 15 points

Those aged 45 or over are no longer eligible to move to Australia under the skilled migration stream. Older applicants may be eligible to secure an employer sponsored TSS visa although this visa will always remain temporary. A TSS Employer Sponsored Visa cannot be converted to Permanent Residency after an applicant exceeds the maximum age limit of 45.

Emigrate to Australia Points for Marital Status
Australia award points based on Marital Status, with 10 points awarded to single applicants (without a spouse or partner

Points for STEM Qualifications
Australia Award 10 points for qualifications in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

Emigrate to Australia Points System for Qualifications
PHD = 20 points
Degree = 15 points
Trade Qualification = 10 points

Australian Emigration Points for Work Experience
3 to 5 years experience in the last 10 years = 5 points
5 to 8 years experience in the last 10 years = 10 points
8 years + experience in the last 10 years = 15 points

Emigration points for work experience are calculated as the number of years post qualification experience. For example, an Accountant will be able to claim work experience points for every year of work after achieving Chartered Accountant status.

The only exception to the work experience post qualification rule is trades such as electricians, welders, carpenters, plumbers and mechanics because for those in the skilled trades, time spent during training can count towards overall work experience points.

Emigrate to Australia Points for English Language
Good = 20 points
Medium = 10 points
Basic = 0 points

Emigrate to Australia Points for Partners English Language
If you have a partner who has at least an average English test mark then you’ll gain an extra 5 points on the emigrate to Australia matrix.

Holding a passport from an English speaking country does not ‘prove’ English ability from a points perspective. There are no English points added for being a citizen of any particular country and these points can only be added after taking an approved English exam such as IELTS or the Cambridge English test.

Emigrate to Australia Points for 190 State Nomination
The 190 State Nomination Visa brings with it an extra 5 points at time of invitation to apply.

Australia awards 15 points for the 491 Regional Visa

Partner Skills Points to Emigrate to Australia
If your partner has a skills set on either the MLTSSL or the STSOL then provided they are aged under 45 they too can complete a skills assessment for Australia. Remember, if the lead applicant is scoring enough points in their own right there’s no absolute requirement for a Partner Skills Assessment. If however you’re coming up short for immigration points a Partner Skills Assessment can add a further 10 to your overall total.

Confused? Don’t be, simply take our online visa assessment and let us do the hard work in working out the very best and most viable Australian Immigration Pathway for you as the first step in making your emigration to Australia dreams come true.

How do I Emigrate to Australia in 2020?

Emigrate to Australia on the Skilled Migration stream:

Skilled Migration is by far the most popular route for emigrating to Australia as it gives the holder and their partners or families Permanent resident status from the very start.

Permanent Residency is much the same as Citizenship and is actually designed to lead to Citizenship or Dual Nationality after four years.

Only one member of a couple need to secure the Australian Permanent residency Visa and all the rights and privileges that come with PR are automatically applied to partners and family units.

Top Ten Benefits of Australian Permanent Residency

1. Only one lead applicant needed
2. PR leads to full citizenship or dual nationality after four years
3. You are free to enter and leave Australia without needing any further visas
4. Australian Permanent Residents can access financial services in the same way as full citizens
5. Holders of Australian Permanent Residency can apply for mortgages
6. New Australian Permanent residents have a clean credit history
7. Children can access education without financial contribution
8. Medicare is available to all Australian permanent residents
9. Two years after emigrating to Australia Permanent residents can sponsor other family members
10. Australian Permanent Residents can be eligible for a Residents Return Visa if they have to leave for an extended period

Under the Skilled Migration program most applicants will end up emigrating to Australia on either a 189 or 190 visa class with the rest ending up on the 491.

Some would say these visas are the most sought after visas in the Southern Hemisphere and we’d be inclined to agree. No other country apart from Canada has the same type of visa program to attract applicants with the corrects skills into the country. Receiving a 189, 190 or 491 visa is a privilege many never achieve without the right guidance, support and motivation.

How long does it take to Emigrate to Australia?

Officially we have to say that your application (once submitted via the Expression of Interest platform) can take anything up to two years.

However, getting your application ready for the EOI system takes around six to eight months depending on how quickly you can source the required documentation to support and prove your occupation and secure your all-important positive skills assessment.

Usually, we find clients are called forward for their Permanent Residency Visas within six to nine months of being submitted into the Expression of Interest program.

Remember not to submit an expression of interest without having first received a positive skills assessment as this will lead to your application being rendered invalid and in the worst case scenario could be viewed as migration fraud, with serious time penalties being applied before you can resubmit your application.

What is a Skills Assessment to Emigrate to Australia?

Many potential applicants seriously considering emigrating to Australia have never even heard of the skills assessment. It’s easy to get caught up in working out the technicalities of Australian Immigration policy and for many, it simply never figures on the radar.

Securing a positive skills assessment is the first stage in any Australian emigration project and it requires that your occupation experience and related qualifications be benchmarked against a number of pre-determined factors. Essentially the skills assessment board is looking to see that your skills and education for your nominated occupation at least match those that an Australian Citizen in a similar role would possess.

Every occupation on the Australian in demand list has its own Skills Assessment body and applicants from all over the world must first identify which skills assessment body is the right one, and follow their documentation rules to the letter. There is little or no option for those unwilling or unable to satisfy the requirements of the Skills Assessment boards.

Skills Assessments usually take between eight and twenty weeks depending on assessment body and cost between $400 and $1800 AUD. Some skills assessments cost significantly more especially if you’re a Doctor or Lawyer but on the whole, the above guidelines apply, with skilled trades such as electricians being around $1800 AUD and Nurses or Teachers being less than $1000 AUD.

Let’s Go Global will work with you closely in the preparation of your Australian Skills Assessment, after all, we have an exceptional 98% success rate at this stage.

Emigrating to Australia Skills Assessment Authorities

Code: AIM
Website: Australian Institute of Management
Telephone: +61 7 3227 4874
AIM Skills Assessment Cost: $550 AUD
The Australian institute of Management is the Skilled Immigration Assessment body for Marketing, Procurement and General Management occupation codes.

Website: VetAssess
VetAssess Skills Assessment cover a broad range of occupations and trades. It is the largest Skills Assessment body in Australia.
Telephone: +61 3 9655 4801
GPO Box 2752
Melbourne Victoria 3001 Australia
Cost: $870 AUD rising to $1500+ AUD for some skilled trades that require a formal practical assessment or technical skype interview. Electricians Immigrating to Australia for example.

Immigration Australia Skills Assessment Code: CPAA
Website: CPA Australia
Telephone: +61 3 9606 9677
CPA Australia Address: GPO Box 2820, Melbourne VIC Australia 3001
CPA Australia Cost: $473 AUD
CPA Australia is the Skills Assessment Authority for Chartered Accountants that hold an undergraduate Bachelors Degree as well as their Chartered Status.

If you don’t hold an undergraduate Bachelors Degree take our free visa assessment because we can assist both in your migration and with having Degree status awarded on the back of your Professional Qualifications allowing you to also claim 15 immigration points.

Code: TRA
Website: Trade Recognition Australia
Some TRA codes are sublicensed to VETASSESS and some are handled directly by TRA. If your code says TRA check first on the VETASSESS website above. If it’s not listed on the Vetasess site then TRA will be your assessment body for your Australia Immigration.
Cost: $1000 AUD

Code: ACS
Website: Australia Computing Society
Telephone: +61 (0)2 9299 3666
ACS Australia is for all IT and ICT Australia Immigration codes
Cost: $500 AUD

Website: Australia Nursing and Midwifery Council
ANMAC is the Australia Immigration Skills Assessment body for Nurses moving to Australia. The nursing Skills Assessment can be tough so take a look at how to move to Australia as a nurse. Let’s Go! Global has a specialist medical immigration desk and a 100% success rate moving nurses to Australia.
Cost: $515 AUD

Code: CASA
Website: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
CASA is the Australia Immigration Assessment Body for Pilots and associated occupations and can be a complicated process
Cost: CASA Pilot Skills Assessment costs just $100

Code: SSSI
Website: Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute
The SSSI is the Immigration Skills Assessment body for Surveyors although some codes are new processed by Vetassess. Feel free to contact us for more information
Cost: $750 AUD

Code: EA
Name: Engineers Australia
Engineers Australia is the assessment body for all Professional Engineers holding Bachelor of Engineering and Masters of Engineering qualifications as well as those with Chartered status.
Cost: Allocate between $1,000 and $1500 AUD for your Engineers Australia Skills Assessment

Website: Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership
The AITSL is the Skills Assessment body for teachers immigrating to Australia. Let’s Go! Global have a dedicated Teaching Australia desk with a 100% success rate immigrating teachers to Australia.
Cost: $830 AUD

Code: AVBC
Website: Australia Veterinary Board Council
The AVBC processes skills assessment application from Veterinary Professionals looking to immigrate to Australia.
Cost: $455 for a straightforward Skills Assessment. Occasionally these may rise significantly should the assessment body require further testing and for this reason we would recommend engaging the services of one of our senior associates.

Code: AIQS
Website: Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
AIQS is the home of Quantity Surveyors Australia and is the immigration assessment body for professionals liking to move to Australia
Cost: $650 AUD

Code: APharmC
Website: Australian Pharmacy Council
The Australian Pharmacy Council conducts Skills Assessments for Retail and Hospital Pharmacists immigrating to Australia whilst VETASESS is responsible for Pharmacy Technicians. It’s important that your Pharmacy Skills Assessment application is done correctly for if they request further information or any examinations (which shouldn’t be necessary) expect to see the total Pharmacy Skills Assessment fee rise dramatically.
Cost: $1090

Code: DAA
Website: Dieticians Association of Australia
Qualified Dieticians should have their Australia Immigration Skills Assessments done by the DAA.
Cost: allocate around $500 AUD

Code: MBA
Website: Medical Board of Australia
The Medical Board of Australia are a far reaching Skills Assessment body covering all hospital and community based Doctors, Consultants, Surgeons and GPs. We have a medical immigration team focused solely on Immigrating Doctors and Nurses to Australia with a 100% success rate.

A positive skills assessment from the Medical Board of Australia will give you a near certain Australia Immigration application and forms the major part of your local registration to practice.
Cost: Do allocate between $1000 and $2000 but do consult with us as to the various NBA skills assessment pathways available.

Code: AIR
Website: Australian Institute of Radiography
The Australian Institute of Radiography (AIR) has recently to Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT) so you may see the more recent code associated with your Skills Assessment.

All radiographers and Radiologists must have their skills, experience and qualifications verified by the ASMIRT prior to lodging an Australia Immigration application visa SkillSelect. All assessments are done on a highly individualised case by case basis.
Cost: $883

How much does it cost to Emigrate to Australia?

There are lots of variables and the below should be used as a guideline only, please contact us for a full and accurate breakdown of all associated costs and charges.

Skills Assessment: between $400 and $1500 AUD
Document Certification (if needed): $200 AUD
Cost of Expression of Interest: $Free
Cost of State Nomination if required: $200 – $600 AUD
Australian Immigration Government fees: $3670 lead applicant, $1835 for the secondary applicant and children under 18 are $900 AUD each whilst dependent children over 18 are charged at $1800
Medicals: $200 – 400AUD per person
Police Checks: $100 – $150 per person depending on country of residency and countries lived in.

What are the rules for emigrating to Australia under the skilled visa class?

In general there are many rules, procedures and regulations that will be specific to each individual’s application although as a starting point these are the three golden rules for emigrating to Australia on the 189, 190 or 491 visa class:

1. Be aged under 45. Remember that it takes at least a year from start to finish for the whole process and your age is taken at the end of the process and not before.

2. Score 65 points on the Australian Immigration points matrix. It can be tricky to accurately compile your total points so do contact us for a full assessment, there are many ways to give yourself a points boost and whilst these aren’t in any way secret, they are often overlooked by those calculating their own points.

3. Have an occupation on the list below:

Australia Immigration

Chief Executive or Managing Director AIM
Corporate General Manager AIM
Defence Force Senior Officer VETASSESS
Aquaculture Farmer VETASSESS
Cotton Grower VETASSESS
Flower Grower VETASSESS
Fruit or Nut Grower VETASSESS
Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Grower VETASSESS
Grape Grower VETASSESS
Mixed Crop Farmer VETASSESS
Sugar Cane Grower VETASSESS
Vegetable Grower VETASSESS
Crop Farmers nec VETASSESS
Beef Cattle Farmer VETASSESS
Dairy Cattle Farmer VETASSESS
Horse Breeder VETASSESS
Mixed Livestock Farmer VETASSESS
Poultry Farmer VETASSESS
Sheep Farmer VETASSESS
Livestock Farmers nec VETASSESS
Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer VETASSESS
Sales and Marketing Manager AIM
Advertising Manager AIM
Public Relations Manager AIM
Corporate Services Manager VETASSESS
Finance Manager CPAA/ICAA/IPA
Human Resource Manager AIM
Policy and Planning Manager VETASSESS
Research and Development Manager VETASSESS
Construction Project Manager VETASSESS
Project Builder VETASSESS
Engineering Manager EA/AIM
Importer or Exporter VETASSESS
Wholesaler VETASSESS
Manufacturer VETASSESS
Production Manager (Forestry) VETASSESS
Production Manager (Manufacturing) VETASSESS
Production Manager (Mining) VETASSESS
Supply and Distribution Manager AIM
Procurement Manager AIM
Child Care Centre Manager TRA
Medical Administrator VETASSESS
Nursing Clinical Director ANMAC
Primary Health Organisation Manager VETASSESS
Welfare Centre Manager ACWA/VETASSESS
Health and Welfare Services Managers nec VETASSESS
School Principal VETASSESS
Faculty Head VETASSESS
Regional Education Manager VETASSESS
Education Managers nec VETASSESS
Chief Information Officer ACS
ICT Project Manager ACS
ICT Managers nec ACS
Commissioned Defence Force Officer VETASSESS
Commissioned Fire Officer VETASSESS
Commissioned Police Officer VETASSESS
Senior Non-commissioned Defence Force Member VETASSESS
Arts Administrator or Manager VETASSESS
Environmental Manager VETASSESS
Laboratory Manager VETASSESS
Quality Assurance Manager VETASSESS
Sports Administrator VETASSESS
Specialist Managers nec VETASSESS
Cafe or Restaurant Manager VETASSESS
Caravan Park and Camping Ground Manager VETASSESS
Hotel or Motel Manager VETASSESS
Licensed Club Manager VETASSESS
Bed and Breakfast Operator VETASSESS
Retirement Village Manager VETASSESS
Accommodation and Hospitality Managers nec VETASSESS
Antique Dealer VETASSESS
Betting Agency Manager VETASSESS
Hair or Beauty Salon Manager VETASSESS
Post Office Manager VETASSESS
Travel Agency Manager VETASSESS
Amusement Centre Manager VETASSESS
Fitness Centre Manager VETASSESS
Sports Centre Manager VETASSESS
Call or Contact Centre Manager VETASSESS
Customer Service Manager VETASSESS
Conference and Event Organiser VETASSESS
Fleet Manager VETASSESS
Railway Station Manager VETASSESS
Transport Company Manager VETASSESS
Boarding Kennel or Cattery Operator VETASSESS
Cinema or Theatre Manager VETASSESS
Facilities Manager VETASSESS
Financial Institution Branch Manager VETASSESS
Equipment Hire Manager VETASSESS
Dancer or Choreographer VETASSESS
Entertainer or Variety Artist VETASSESS
Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers nec VETASSESS
Music Director VETASSESS
Musician (Instrumental) VETASSESS
Music Professionals nec VETASSESS
Photographer VETASSESS
Painter (Visual Arts) VETASSESS
Potter or Ceramic Artist VETASSESS
Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals nec VETASSESS
Artistic Director VETASSESS
Media Producer (excluding Video) VETASSESS
Radio Presenter VETASSESS
Television Presenter VETASSESS
Book or Script Editor VETASSESS
Art Director (Film, Television or Stage) VETASSESS
Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage) VETASSESS
Director of Photography VETASSESS
Film and Video Editor VETASSESS
Program Director (Television or Radio) VETASSESS
Stage Manager VETASSESS
Technical Director VETASSESS
Video Producer VETASSESS
Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors nec VETASSESS
Copywriter VETASSESS
Newspaper or Periodical Editor VETASSESS
Print Journalist VETASSESS
Radio Journalist VETASSESS
Technical Writer VETASSESS
Television Journalist VETASSESS
Journalists and Other Writers nec VETASSESS
Accountant (General) CPAA/ICAA/IPA
Management Accountant CPAA/ICAA/IPA
Taxation Accountant CPAA/ICAA/IPA
Company Secretary VETASSESS
Corporate Treasurer CPAA/ICAA/IPA
External Auditor CPAA/ICAA/IPA
Internal Auditor VETASSESS
Commodities Trader VETASSESS
Finance Broker VETASSESS
Insurance Broker VETASSESS
Financial Brokers nec VETASSESS
Financial Market Dealer VETASSESS
Futures Trader VETASSESS
Stockbroking Dealer VETASSESS
Financial Dealers nec VETASSESS
Financial Investment Adviser VETASSESS
Financial Investment Manager VETASSESS
Human Resource Adviser VETASSESS
Recruitment Consultant VETASSESS
Workplace Relations Adviser VETASSESS
ICT Trainer ACS
Training and Development Professional VETASSESS
Mathematician VETASSESS
Statistician VETASSESS
Gallery or Museum Curator VETASSESS
Health Information Manager VETASSESS
Records Manager VETASSESS
Intelligence Officer VETASSESS
Policy Analyst VETASSESS
Land Economist VETASSESS
Management Consultant VETASSESS
Organisation and Methods Analyst VETASSESS
Electorate Officer VETASSESS
Liaison Officer VETASSESS
Migration Agent VETASSESS
Patents Examiner VETASSESS
Information and Organisation Professionals nec VETASSESS
Advertising Specialist VETASSESS
Market Research Analyst VETASSESS
Marketing Specialist VETASSESS
ICT Account Manager VETASSESS
ICT Business Development Manager VETASSESS
ICT Sales Representative VETASSESS
Public Relations Professional VETASSESS
Sales Representative (Industrial Products) VETASSESS
Sales Representative (Medical and Pharmaceutical Products) VETASSESS
Technical Sales Representatives nec VETASSESS
Aeroplane Pilot CASA
Air Traffic Controller VETASSESS
Flying Instructor VETASSESS
Helicopter Pilot CASA
Air Transport Professionals nec VETASSESS
Master Fisher VETASSESS
Ship’s Engineer AMSA
Ship’s Master AMSA
Ship’s Officer AMSA
Marine Surveyor AMSA
Marine Transport Professionals nec VETASSESS
Architect AACA
Landscape Architect VETASSESS
Surveyor SSSI
Cartographer VETASSESS
Other Spatial Scientist VETASSESS
Fashion Designer VETASSESS
Industrial Designer VETASSESS
Jewellery Designer VETASSESS
Graphic Designer VETASSESS
Illustrator VETASSESS
Multimedia Designer VETASSESS
Web Designer VETASSESS
Interior Designer VETASSESS
Urban and Regional Planner VETASSESS
Chemical Engineer EA
Materials Engineer EA
Civil Engineer EA
Geotechnical Engineer EA
Quantity Surveyor AIQS
Structural Engineer EA
Transport Engineer EA
Electrical Engineer EA
Electronics Engineer EA
Industrial Engineer EA
Mechanical Engineer EA
Production or Plant Engineer EA
Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) EA
Petroleum Engineer EA
Aeronautical Engineer EA
Agricultural Engineer EA
Biomedical Engineer EA
Engineering Technologist EA
Environmental Engineer EA
Naval Architect EA
Engineering Professionals nec EA
Agricultural Consultant VETASSESS
Agricultural Scientist VETASSESS
Food Technologist VETASSESS
Conservation Officer VETASSESS
Environmental Consultant VETASSESS
Environmental Research Scientist VETASSESS
Environmental Scientists nec VETASSESS
Geophysicist VETASSESS
Life Scientist (General) VETASSESS
Biochemist VETASSESS
Biotechnologist VETASSESS
Marine Biologist VETASSESS
Microbiologist VETASSESS
Life Scientists nec VETASSESS
Medical Laboratory Scientist AIMS
Veterinarian AVBC
Conservator VETASSESS
Metallurgist VETASSESS
Meteorologist VETASSESS
Physicist ACPSEM
Exercise Physiologist
Natural and Physical Science Professionals nec VETASSESS
Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher AITSL
Primary School Teacher AITSL
Middle School Teacher AITSL
Secondary School Teacher AITSL
Special Needs Teacher AITSL
Teacher of the Hearing Impaired AITSL
Teacher of the Sight Impaired AITSL
Special Education Teachers nec AITSL
University Lecturer VETASSESS
University Tutor VETASSESS
Vocational Education Teacher VETASSESS/TRA
Education Adviser VETASSESS
Education Reviewer VETASSESS
Art Teacher (Private Tuition) VETASSESS
Dance Teacher (Private Tuition) VETASSESS
Drama Teacher (Private Tuition) VETASSESS
Music Teacher (Private Tuition) VETASSESS
Private Tutors and Teachers nec VETASSESS
Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages VETASSESS
Dietitian DAA
Nutritionist VETASSESS
Medical Diagnostic Radiographer AIR
Medical Radiation Therapist AIR
Nuclear Medicine Technologist ANZSNM
Sonographer AIR
Environmental Health Officer VETASSESS
Occupational Health and Safety Adviser VETASSESS
Optometrist OCANZ
Orthoptist VETASSESS
Hospital Pharmacist APharmC
Industrial Pharmacist VETASSESS
Retail Pharmacist ApharmC
Health Promotion Officer VETASSESS
Orthotist or Prosthetist VETASSESS
Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals nec VETASSESS
Chiropractor CCEA
Osteopath ANZOC
Acupuncturist VETASSESS
Homoeopath VETASSESS
Naturopath VETASSESS
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner CMBA
Complementary Health Therapists nec VETASSESS
Dental Specialist ADC
Dentist ADC
Occupational Therapist OTC
Physiotherapist APC
Podiatrist APodC/ANZPAC
Audiologist VETASSESS
Speech Pathologist SPA
General Practitioner MBA
Resident Medical Officer MBA
Anaesthetist MBA
Specialist Physician (General Medicine) MBA
Cardiologist MBA
Clinical Haematologist MBA
Medical Oncologist MBA
Endocrinologist MBA
Gastroenterologist MBA
Intensive Care Specialist MBA
Neurologist MBA
Paediatrician MBA
Renal Medicine Specialist MBA
Rheumatologist MBA
Thoracic Medicine Specialist MBA
Specialist Physicians nec MBA
Psychiatrist MBA
Surgeon (General) MBA
Cardiothoracic Surgeon MBA
Neurosurgeon MBA
Orthopaedic Surgeon MBA
Otorhinolaryngologist MBA
Paediatric Surgeon MBA
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon MBA
Urologist MBA
Vascular Surgeon MBA
Dermatologist MBA
Emergency Medicine Specialist MBA
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist MBA
Ophthalmologist MBA
Pathologist MBA
Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist MBA
Radiation Oncologist MBA
Medical Practitioners nec MBA
Midwife ANMAC
Nurse Educator ANMAC
Nurse Researcher ANMAC
Nurse Manager ANMAC
Nurse Practitioner ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Aged Care) ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health) ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Community Health) ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability) ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation) ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Medical) ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Medical Practice) ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Mental Health) ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Perioperative) ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Surgical) ANMAC
Registered Nurse (Paediatrics) ANMAC
Registered Nurses nec ANMAC
ICT Business Analyst ACS
Systems Analyst ACS
Multimedia Specialist ACS
Web Developer ACS
Analyst Programmer ACS
Developer Programmer ACS
Software Engineer ACS
Software Tester ACS
Software and Applications Programmers nec ACS
Database Administrator ACS
ICT Security Specialist ACS
Systems Administrator ACS
Computer Network and Systems Engineer ACS
Network Administrator ACS
Network Analyst ACS
ICT Quality Assurance Engineer ACS
ICT Support Engineer ACS
ICT Systems Test Engineer ACS
ICT Support and Test Engineers nec ACS
Telecommunications Engineer EA
Telecommunications Network Engineer EA
Barrister SLAA
Judge Agency that approves the appointment
Magistrate Agency that approves the appointment
Tribunal Member Agencies that approve the appointment
Intellectual Property Lawyer VETASSESS
Judicial and Other Legal Professionals nec VETASSESS
Solicitor SLAA
Careers Counsellor VETASSESS
Drug and Alcohol Counsellor VETASSESS
Family and Marriage Counsellor VETASSESS
Rehabilitation Counsellor VETASSESS
Student Counsellor VETASSESS
Counsellors nec VETASSESS
Minister of Religion VETASSESS
Clinical Psychologist APS
Educational Psychologist APS
Organisational Psychologist APS
Psychotherapist VETASSESS
Psychologists nec APS
Interpreter NAATI
Translator NAATI
Archaeologist VETASSESS
Social Professionals nec VETASSESS
Social Worker AASW
Community Arts Worker VETASSESS
Recreation Officer VETASSESS
Welfare Worker ACWA
Agricultural Technician VETASSESS
Anaesthetic Technician VETASSESS
Cardiac Technician VETASSESS
Medical Laboratory Technician AIMS
Operating Theatre Technician VETASSESS
Pharmacy Technician VETASSESS
Pathology Collector AIMS
Medical Technicians nec VETASSESS
Fisheries Officer VETASSESS
Meat Inspector VETASSESS
Quarantine Officer VETASSESS
Primary Products Inspectors nec VETASSESS
Chemistry Technician VETASSESS
Earth Science Technician VETASSESS
Life Science Technician VETASSESS
School Laboratory Technician VETASSESS
Hydrographer VETASSESS
Science Technicians nec VETASSESS
Architectural Draftsperson VETASSESS
Building Associate VETASSESS
Building Inspector VETASSESS
Construction Estimator VETASSESS
Plumbing Inspector VETASSESS
Surveying or Spatial Science Technician VETASSESS
Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians nec VETASSESS
Civil Engineering Draftsperson EA/VETASSESS
Civil Engineering Technician VETASSESS
Electrical Engineering Draftsperson EA
Electrical Engineering Technician TRA
Electronic Engineering Draftsperson EA
Electronic Engineering Technician TRA
Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson EA
Mechanical Engineering Technician TRA
Safety Inspector VETASSESS
Maintenance Planner VETASSESS
Metallurgical or Materials Technician VETASSESS
Building and Engineering Technicians nec EA/VETASSESS
Hardware Technician TRA
ICT Customer Support Officer TRA
Web Administrator ACS
ICT Support Technicians nec TRA
Radiocommunications Technician TRA
Telecommunications Field Engineer EA
Telecommunications Network Planner EA
Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist EA
Automotive Electrician TRA
Motor Mechanic (General) TRA
Diesel Motor Mechanic TRA
Motorcycle Mechanic TRA
Small Engine Mechanic TRA
Blacksmith TRA
Electroplater TRA
Farrier TRA
Metal Casting Trades Worker TRA
Metal Polisher TRA
Sheetmetal Trades Worker TRA
Metal Fabricator TRA
Pressure Welder TRA
Welder (First Class) TRA
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics) TRA
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) TRA
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures) TRA
Fitter (General) TRA
Fitter and Turner TRA
Fitter-Welder TRA
Metal Machinist (First Class) TRA
Textile, Clothing and Footwear Mechanic TRA
Metal Fitters and Machinists nec TRA
Engraver TRA
Gunsmith TRA
Locksmith TRA
Precision Instrument Maker and Repairer TRA
Saw Doctor TRA
Watch and Clock Maker and Repairer TRA
Engineering Patternmaker TRA
Toolmaker TRA
Vehicle Body Builder TRA
Vehicle Trimmer TRA
Vehicle Painter TRA
Bricklayer TRA
Stonemason TRA
Carpenter and Joiner TRA
Carpenter TRA
Joiner TRA
Floor Finisher TRA
Painting Trades Worker TRA
Glazier TRA
Fibrous Plasterer TRA
Solid Plasterer TRA
Roof Tiler TRA
Wall and Floor Tiler TRA
Plumber (General) TRA
Airconditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber TRA
Drainer TRA
Gasfitter TRA
Roof Plumber TRA
Electrician (General) TRA
Electrician (Special Class) TRA
Lift Mechanic TRA
Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic TRA
Electrical Linesworker TRA
Technical Cable Jointer TRA
Business Machine Mechanic TRA
Communications Operator TRA
Electronic Equipment Trades Worker TRA
Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General) TRA
Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class) TRA
Cabler (Data and Telecommunications) TRA
Telecommunications Cable Jointer TRA
Telecommunications Linesworker TRA
Telecommunications Technician TRA
Baker TRA
Pastrycook TRA
Butcher or Smallgoods Maker TRA
Chef TRA
Cook TRA
Dog Handler or Trainer VETASSESS
Horse Trainer TRA
Animal Attendants and Trainers nec VETASSESS
Veterinary Nurse VETASSESS
Florist TRA
Gardener (General) TRA
Arborist TRA
Landscape Gardener TRA
Greenkeeper TRA
Nurseryperson TRA
Hairdresser TRA
Print Finisher TRA
Screen Printer TRA
Graphic Pre-press Trades Worker TRA
Printing Machinist TRA
Small Offset Printer TRA
Canvas Goods Fabricator TRA
Leather Goods Maker TRA
Sail Maker TRA
Shoemaker TRA
Apparel Cutter TRA
Clothing Patternmaker TRA
Dressmaker or Tailor TRA
Clothing Trades Workers nec VETASSESS
Upholsterer TRA
Furniture Finisher TRA
Picture Framer TRA
Wood Machinist TRA
Wood Turner TRA
Wood Machinists and Other Wood Trades Workers nec TRA
Boat Builder and Repairer TRA
Shipwright TRA
Chemical Plant Operator TRA
Gas or Petroleum Operator TRA
Power Generation Plant Operator TRA
Gallery or Museum Technician TRA
Library Technician VETASSESS
Jeweller TRA
Broadcast Transmitter Operator TRA
Camera Operator (Film, Television or Video) TRA
Light Technician TRA
Make Up Artist TRA
Musical Instrument Maker or Repairer TRA
Sound Technician TRA
Television Equipment Operator TRA
Performing Arts Technicians nec VETASSESS
Signwriter TRA
Interior Decorator VETASSESS
Optical Dispenser TRA
Optical Mechanic TRA
Plastics Technician TRA
Wool Classer TRA
Fire Protection Equipment Technician TRA
Technicians and Trades Workers nec TRA
Ambulance Officer VETASSESS
Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic VETASSESS
Dental Hygienist VETASSESS
Dental Prosthetist TRA
Dental Technician TRA
Dental Therapist VETASSESS
Diversional Therapist VETASSESS
Enrolled Nurse ANMAC
Mothercraft Nurse VETASSESS
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker VETASSESS
Massage Therapist VETASSESS
Community Worker VETASSESS
Disabilities Services Officer VETASSESS
Family Support Worker VETASSESS
Parole or Probation Officer VETASSESS
Residential Care Officer VETASSESS
Youth Worker VETASSESS
Defence Force Member – Other Ranks VETASSESS
Emergency Service Worker VETASSESS
Fire Fighter VETASSESS
Police Officer VETASSESS
Prison Officer VETASSESS
Driving Instructor VETASSESS
Funeral Director VETASSESS
Funeral Workers nec VETASSESS
Flight Attendant VETASSESS
Travel Attendants nec VETASSESS
First Aid Trainer VETASSESS
Diving Instructor (Open Water) VETASSESS
Gymnastics Coach or Instructor VETASSESS
Horse Riding Coach or Instructor VETASSESS
Snowsport Instructor VETASSESS
Swimming Coach or Instructor VETASSESS
Tennis Coach VETASSESS
Other Sports Coach or Instructor VETASSESS
Dog or Horse Racing Official VETASSESS
Sports Development Officer VETASSESS
Sports Umpire VETASSESS
Other Sports Official VETASSESS
Footballer VETASSESS
Jockey TRA
Sportspersons nec VETASSESS
Contract Administrator VETASSESS
Program or Project Administrator VETASSESS
Conveyancer VETASSESS
Legal Executive VETASSESS
Court Bailiff or Sheriff VETASSESS
Insurance Investigator VETASSESS
Insurance Loss Adjuster VETASSESS
Insurance Risk Surveyor VETASSESS
Clinical Coder VETASSESS
Auctioneer VETASSESS
Stock and Station Agent VETASSESS
Insurance Agent VETASSESS
Business Broker VETASSESS
Property Manager VETASSESS
Real Estate Agency Principal VETASSESS
Real Estate Agent VETASSESS
Real Estate Representative VETASSESS
Retail Buyer VETASSESS
Driller TRA

If you can identify an occupation on this list then you’re part of the way there although lots of other caveats apply it’s still a great feeling to know that your occupation is in high demand in Australia.

I have 65 Points and an Occupation on the MLTSSL or STSOL List, what’s the first step if i’m emigrating to Australia

Because in this instance we’re looking at the 189 and 190 Permanent Residency Visa Class of skilled migration to Australia then, with a minimum of 65 points and an occupation on either the Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List or the Short Term Skilled occupation List the first step step, as detailed above (scroll up if you missed it) is to secure a positive skills assessment.

Expression of Interest to Emigrate to Australia

With a positive skills assessment secured, it’s now time to lodge the all-important Expression of Interest directly with the Australian Department of Home Affairs EOI Portal which can be found here

Most individuals and families emigrating to Australia are familiar with the phrase ‘EOI’ or ‘Expression of Interest System’. Essentially it’s a fancy way of describing a large database of canditates all looking to emigrate to Australia form every corner of the World. All these other candidates are competing for the same permanent residency visa allocations so it’s important to make your application as strong as possible.

Even if IELTS wasn’t required as part if skills assessment we recommend that you sit the exam at this stage, for any extra points will always boost your total.

At the end of the EOI you’ll find out your total points and the Visas you’re eligible to apply for. In reality though, whilst it may show the 189 and the 190 you’ll likely have to make individual and unique applications to every State or Territory from whom you would wish to secure a Nomination.

Be prepared! Each of these individual State or Territory applications is a full and standalone Australian immigration process and you’ll be required to make financial declarations backed up with certified proof. Each individual Australian State or Territory also wants to find out ‘why’ you are choosing their State.

How long will I wait at Expression of Interest stage before I can secure my visa and start actually emigrating to Australia?

It can take between a few days and two years to receive an invitation to apply for a 189 visa. On average it takes between three to nine months for those who tick the right boxes in terms of having both high points and occupations in more demand than others.

Australia has set ‘invitation rounds’ which are designated dates each month when invitations are issued. Currently, there is only one invitation round on either the 10th / 11th / 12th of the month.

190 state nominations don’t fall subject to the invitation round requirements and can happen at any time.

Emigrating to Australia after receiving an Invitation to Apply

Once an invitation to apply is received and accepted no further changes can be made to the EOI and your age and occupation are ‘locked in’. This means even if your age then tips over the 45 years threshold or your occupation is removed from the list your application witll continue regardless of these immigration changes or milestones.

Think of receiving an invitation to apply to emigrate to Australia as approval in principle. From this stage you need to supply another mountain of paperwork along with Police Checks and Medicals.

How much does a good Australian migration agent cost?

We’ve seen various pricing levels around the world but as a general rule between $3,000 and $6,000 AUD are the benchmarks for a Skilled Migration Visa. Charges in excess of this are common and we would caution against paying anything less than this to any agent. Prices are set for a reason and every case takes a considerable amount of time, effort and resources.

How much money do I need in the bank to Emigrate to Australia?

You are not required to have any specific ‘show money’ amount although to have a reasonably comfortable “transition” experience the more the better. Here at Lets Go Global, we recommend at least three to six months expenses in liquid form i.e. cash or card.

We have loans and debts, does this impact our application for emigrating to Australia?
What would happen if we leave these debts behind? Also will it affect our credit rating in Australia or cause any trouble getting a mortgage once we get there?

Your credit rating is not checked for your migration application so it will not negatively impact your Australian visa application. Your credit score starts over in Australia and even with previous bankruptcy it shouldn’t pose too much of an issue.

After Government fees for the visa, what other costs are there after receiving permanent residency via Skilled migration?

Medicals, police checks & postage should bring the Australian Skilled Migration costs and charges to an end.

Emigrate to Australia after a Medical Visas

Like a tourist visa, a medical treatment visa will be granted for single or multiple entry and can be extended once you are in Australia, depending on your treatment plan or recovery episode.

The usually conditions of no work, no studies/training for more than 3 months and a discretionary “no further stay” also apply. This means that holders are unable to emigrate to Australia after completion of their treatment.

We also undertake a steady flow of medical based visas for clients seeking medical treatment or luxury rehab in Australia. Medical Visas are relatively complicated, yet do tend to be processed quickly, in line with the requirements of those seeking medical treatment or rehabilitation services.

Emigrating to Australia as a Spouse or Partner of an Australia Citizen?

This is one of the loveliest visa types we get to assist with! In today’s world, an ever increasing number of individuals are finding love across international boundaries. Some are already married to Australian Citizens, some are in a serious relationship and others are engaged to be married.

In all instances the process is very long, arduous, complicated and frustrating although Lets Go Global have a 100% success rate with these visa types.

Emigrate to Australia on a Partner Visa

When looking at emigrating to Australia on a Partner Visa its important to remember the Golden Rules:

1. We need to prove the relationship if you’re not married. This means we need to supply evidence such as messages, emails, photos, airline ticket stubs, sworn statements from family and friends and joint finances in terms of bank statements. We also need to prove that you’ve been cohabiting for at least a year or evidence and document the reasons why you haven’t. This list is by no means exhaustive but if you don’t keep a scrapbook or memories box then you’ll need to work hard from now.

Why so much information? Well, we’re looking to demonstrate through evidence that you are jointly dependent on each other emotionally, physically and financially.

2. Marriage and Engagement is always more straightforward providing (and we hate to say this) the relationship is genuine.

3. Immigration are increasingly monitoring Social Media accounts from applicants in this category.

Emigrating to Australia in a same sex relationship

Let’s Go Global are pleased to work with LGBTQI clients and those in same sex relationships as both defacto and same sex marriage are both recognized and are weighted the same as heterosexual relationships with zero discrimination during the immigration process.

Investor Visas and emigrating to Australia to start a business

We find most people get confused about emigrating to Australia on an investor visa. Property prices across the world have increased so significantly in the past decade that many people can hit the criteria for an investor visa.

However, these visas are aimed at true investors and you’ll be expected to document and prove your investment history in either equity, debt, businesses, private equity or funds portfolio.

Three Tiers of Australian Immigration Investor Visas
The Australia Investor Visa has three tiers, each with a corresponding set of benefits.

The entry-level Investor Visa for Australia is known as the Investor Stream and requires the holder to make a designated investment of $1.5million AUD into Australia. In return for this investment holders are entitled to live and work in Australia for a period of up to four years on a Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa; also known as subclass 188. After two years (and provided the holder has complied with all requirements) clients can then apply for full Permanent residency and eventual Citizenship via the subclass 888 visa.

The investor visa stream ($1.5millionAUD) requires an element of State nomination whilst the next stage visa below can be nominated by State or territory or directly by the Australian Government via Austrade

Emigrating to Australia on a mid-range investor visa, called the Significant Investor Visa will require you to invest at least $5million AUD into designated investments and in return holders of this visa are awarded the same rights and privileges as the Investor Visa but are allowed to convert their Visa to full Australian permanent residency after two years.

The top tier Australia Investment Visa is known as the Premium Investor Visa and requires a designated investment of $15million AUD. This is of course the best visa for those wishing to kick start their emigration to Australia as it affords the holder the right to convert their initial temporary visa into full Permanent Residency after only 12 months. Put simply, a $15million AUD investment effectively buys your Permanent Residency and Citizenship in Australia.

Finally, the Entrepreneur Visa for Australia is sometimes more relevant and brings the same benefits as all the 188 visa classes although qualification criteria is very stringent and requires a demonstrable funding agreement from a third party (such as but not limited to a private equity or seed capital agreement for at least $200,000AUD. Holders must be nominated by a State or Territory and the visa lasts for an initial four years, convertible into Permanent residency after two years.

Emigrate to Australia on a Resident Return Visa

You may have heard the term ‘Flip Flop Migration’ and it’s nothing to do with choice of footwear… A flip flop migrant is one who emigrates to Australia and then returns to their home country a while later.

These same people then often emigrate to Australia a second time and use the Resident Return Visa to do so. However, as you would expect with anything to do with Australian Immigration, it has some caveats that need to be satisfied before Australia will even entertain a resident return visa application.

The main criteria is that you lived in Australia for two years on Permanent Residency before leaving for an extended period of time. You’ll still need to state why you left for such a long period and if you didn’t live in Australia as a Permanent resident for a cumulative period of two years then you’ll need to specify and document the reasons for this. Some reasons will be valid whilst some will lead to your visa being refused. If in doubt contact us by taking our online visa assessment for further information.

Emigrate to Australia with a job offer

The new Australian employer sponsored visa is also known as the Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (TSS Visa) and was designed to bring some much needed stability to the employer sponsored visa system by limiting the amount of people converting from a work visa into Permanent Residency.

Can I Convert A TSS Visa into Permanent Residency?
Yes, if an occupation is on the MLTSSL then your TSS Visa can convert into Permanent residency after three years. If an occupation is on the STSOL only then this can never convert into Permanent Residency.

What is the Age Limit For Emigrating to Australia on a TSS Visa?

There is no age limit for a TSS Visa.

What is the Age Limit For Converting a TSS Visa to Permanent Residency?
Its possible to convert a TSSvisa over into full Permanent Residency status providing the applicant is aged under 45 at the time of conversion

What if my Occupation drops off the MLTSSL List while I’m on a TSS visa? Can I still apply for Permanent Residency?
Yes, any occupation changes are locked in and protected from further amendment when your TSS visa is granted.

What are the Downsides when Emigrating to Australia on a TSS Visa?

There are many pitfalls to be wary of when looking at the TSS visa as a way to Emigrate to Australia. Many applicants end up falling foul of oppressive TSS visa conditions which ultimately see their emigration plans placed into severe jeopardy, usually once they’re actually in Australia.

Here at Lets Go Global we always recommend if your end goal is emigrating to Australia then avoid the TSS route, especially of you’re emigrating to Australia with a family.

If you’re serious about emigrating to Australia the 189 and the 190 visa class affords the most sought after rights and privileges to you and your family and best of all, no one apart from yourselves have any say over your stay in Australia. You’re not in anyone’s pocket and no employer can threaten your visa status.

Whilst emigrating to Australia on a TSS Visa seems like the ideal options there are many pitfalls to take into consideration.

At first glance TSS visas can seem like they’re:

-Cheaper than a permanent residency visa pathway
-Quicker than securing a PR visa
-At first glance applicants can experience security thinking they have a job to go to on arrival
-Paid flights and accommodation can’t be bad, can it?

Cheaper than an Australian permanent residency visa pathway?
A TSS visa can delay your costs in the short term, though you never own the right to control your own destiny. Your visa is owned by your employer and they ‘own’ your destiny in Australia.

If for whatever reason the employment doesn’t work out you only have 90 days to find another employer before you risk being an overstayer.

If you do end up converting the visa and emigrating to Australia permanently then these same visa costs will catch up eventually. So with a TSS visa you’re simply kicking the cost into the long grass and placing yourself at the mercy of an employer in the meantime.

Quicker than securing a PR visa?
There is no time saving by having a TSS Visa as applicants still need to go through the Skills Assessment process.

Ask yourself if it’s such a great role!

Australian Employers must be able to prove the role has been advertised for six months and that no Australian resident is willing or able to be appointed.

Unless therefore a role is highly skilled or specialized then perhaps it isn’t that great…

Emigrating to Australia on a ‘Golden Ticket’

Golden Ticket emigration to Australia is a thing of the past. True costs of flights and accommodation are almost always deducted from an employees package and the accommodation provided is often very sub standard.

You Must Pay For Education on a TSS Visa
Only those with full Permanent residency receive access to free education for children. Everyone else must pay a fee which varies between $3,000 and $18,000 per individual State and Territory.

Restrictions on Property Ownership with a TSS Visa
Unless you’re emigrating to Australia on a 189 or 190 visa you’ll be subject to the Foreign Investment Review Board rules while on your TSS or temporary visa. This means you’ll be restricted from purchasing property or end up paying exponentially more for it.

Emigrating to Australia is a high-stakes move that should return excellent opportunities and benefits that multiple generations of your family can enjoy. If an applicant can’t yet afford to emigrate to Australia on a Permanent Skilled Migration Visa without the need for employer sponsorship then our recommendation is to wait until it becomes a more viable option.

Take our free visa assessment today and find out the total costs of emigrating. It may cost less than you think

Do I need a job offer to Emigrate to Australia?

Those going for the 189 Visa do not need a job offer though most start the recruitment process at the same time as lodging their expression of interest.

Those on the 190 Visa sometimes need a job offer for territories such as Western Australia and a few others based on local State requirements as opposed to General Government Legislation. This news often comes as a shock to potential applicants as Western Australia for example requires you to secure your job offer within 30 days for receiving your offer.

For more information on whether you need a job offer when emigrating to Australia contact us today by taking an online visa assessment, we’d be delighted to assist. Remember, all our emigrating to Australia initial consultations are free of charge.

Jobs in Australia

Australia has a strong, diverse and growing Global economy welcoming of highly skilled migrants with the right mixture of skills, experience, age, occupation, experience and qualifications.

Australia doesn’t issue skilled migration Permanent Residency to just anyone so you need to be certain that you’ll be accepted.

Be sure of your eligibility to emigrate for free and online with our unique and personalized visa assessment.

Lets Go Global often work alongside some of the largest and most powerful recruiters in Australia, presenting opportunities to our clients not advertised elsewhere. We’re especially proud of finding jobs in Australia for the following occupations

Nurses & Midwives
Electricians and all Skilled Trades
IT and ICT Professionals
Secondary School Teacher

Health System when you Emigrate to Australia

The Government’s Medicare program allows every Citizen and permanent Resident free and comprehensive healthcare, with costs subsidized by federal income tax (national insurance contributions).

Medicare covers 100 per cent of your healthcare bill when using public hospitals, 85% of GP Doctors Fees, and 75 per cent for certain specialized services.

Private medical insurance is also widely available to increase your level of insurance protection.

As a Permanent Resident emigrating to Australia on the 189 or 190 visa class you are entitled to Medicare Coverage. When you land be sure to make a visit to the local Department of Human Services a priority, along with your passport and visa confirmation letter.

You’ll also be able to skip the queues by completing this form for every migrating family member before you arrive at the Department.

Education in Australia for Children

Once you emigrate to Australia on skilled migration you’ll also receive education for your little people free of any contribution up until the age of 18, and the public school system in Australia is excellent. Private and International Schools in Australia are also available, many with World Class facilities.

At the lower end of the scale, private school tuition costs around AU$16,000 per year, rising to around $50,000 AUD per year for the top schools, much in line with most other countries.

We help many families emigrate to Australia and one of the most common questions we receive from parents and children alike is, What is a typical school day in Australia?

Every parent wants their little people to be as prepared as possible for their new Australian school start and everyone is curious as to what might be different and exciting about school in Australia.

The school year in Australia starts at the end of January instead of She traditional September start found in many other parts of the World.

When looking at education in Australia every school is a little different however there are many similarities that most Australian schools share:

Australian school students start school between 8.30 and 9am depending on the school. Children wake up and have breakfast at home before school. Very few schools have breakfast able to be purchased on premises, nearly all students have breakfast at home.

Australian schools have set times in the morning during which children are allowed to arrive. The Australian school system is designed for students to attend school near to their house whenever possible. In most areas, this will mean that many students are within a couple of kilometres of their school. If you have chosen a private school to attend then you might be further from your school, in a public school in most areas it will mean you are not too far away.

Many students at school in Australia simply walk to and from classes. Younger students might walk with their parents, neighbours or with older students, older students will walk by themselves or with friends from their street. Others will ride their bicycle. If you are riding you bike to school you will need to be wearing a bike helmet, which are compulsory in Australia whenever you are riding your bicycle.

Some schools have “early morning care” which is a child care service for parents who have to start work earlier than school drop off time. This is a separate service that parents must apply for and pay for, usually on a set regular basis. Each before school child care service is different but most start from 7am to provide care for working parents and shift workers. These services offer breakfast, before school games, sometimes some sports will be played and will ensure your child is at school at the correct time. These facilities are usually inside the school grounds which makes this process all the more convenient.

Am I ready to be thinking about emigrating to Australia?

The very fact you’re reading this means you’re ready to be thinking about starting the process of emigrating to Australia. It’s a complex and arduous process but we’re here to flatten the bumps, support you and your family and ultimately to secure a successful outcome.

Shipping to Australia to Emigrate

Australia is a landmass larger than Europe with a population of just over 25 million. It sits on its own in one of the remotest areas of the planet. Lets Go Global work closely with hand picked removal and shipping experts and will recommend the best worldwide mover for your unique set of logistics once your visa has been granted.

Interestingly, many worldwide mover firms won’t even come and provide a quote unless you have a visa first.

International shipping firms will handle all the door to door logistics and your belongings will travel by sea. It’ll take a good few months to arrive in Australia so don’t sea ship any of the documents you’re going to need immediately!

Emigrating to Australia Resources

Emigrating to Australia

Lets Go Global is an online network of migration professionals dedicated to making emigration to Australia dreams come true.

Title: How to Emigrate to Australia
Author: George McDonald, Head of Australian Migration @ Lets Go Global
Contact: @LetsGoEmigrate

Best wallet 2020: for carrying your coins, cash and credit cards

A buying guide to meticulously stitched currency carriers – these are the best wallets for men

A leather wallet is basically a mandatory purchase as well as a valued life tool, one that you use every single day to carry round your most personal and private data, not to mention your credit cards, cash and coins.

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However, a wallet isn’t just a utility item – guys can differentiate themselves by choosing a stylish wallet that says something about their personality. Prioritising an item that is less essential than shoes and shirts sends a strong message about your individuality, along with your approach to style.

To give you an overview of everything from billfolds to standout designer card holders, below is our list of the best wallets you can find right now.

Important things to consider when buying a wallet

While wallets are not the most complicated of tools, there are certain criteria that we looked at when evaluating each one.

Out-and-out style and aesthetic, while not the most important factor, is a serious consideration. After all, you don’t want to go on a date to Bibendum in a tailored suit and John Lobbs only to whip out a tatty piece of cowhide, do you?

If you have chosen the type of wallet you like, you’ll already be aware of how you use your wallet, but it’s also important to think about how your choice will fit with your style and image.

And while we’re talking about suits, size and compactness is another factor that needs to be evaluated for similar reasons. If you’re going out for a night on the town, then a full-sized wallet might not be the best option. Instead, a smaller, streamlined, card-focused affair might be a better choice.

Of course, these options come in different sizes too, with different features and number of card slots, for example. So, it might be worth seeing how many cards you actually use and measuring your most-worn item’s pockets.

Finally, there is material and colour to consider. A caviar leather finish or rugged nylon are super hard-wearing, but fine-grained calf leather might look smarter at first (but wear less well over time). If you’re a banker, you might not want a camo print or rainbow printed cardholder, whereas it would be a great look in a more relaxed workplace. Basically, you do you, but pick something that makes you feel confident whipping out your wallet in daily life, as it speaks volumes about you.

Of course, there’s a multitude of other features to consider.

  • How many cards do you need to carry? Most wallets range from two card slots, up to eight
  • Do you carry cash around? You’ll need a cash and coin compartment, preferably zipped
  • And finally, there are features that go above and beyond the call of a standard currency carrier – so, for example, if you’re scared of identity theft you might want a wallet with RFID-blocking security tech

What wallet will be best for you will be determined by your intended usage and personal taste, so kick back, relax and take a browse through this selection of the best wallets available.

Types of Wallet

Your wallet may be a practical item for keeping your cash safe, but it also says a lot about your style and as you use it every day, it’s worth taking some trouble to invest in the right type. This will mostly come down to your lifestyle – you don’t want to use a rugged nylon wallet if you predominantly wear expensive suits – but also how much stuff you carry about. Here’s a quick rundown.


Lots of men favour a bifold wallet as it has plenty of room for cards, notes and sometimes spare change (if it has a zipped section inside). It’s worth looking to see how each one is laid out, as designs differ. The benefit is that it keeps all your stuff (aside from a phone and keys) in one place, but they can feel too bulky for some.

Card holder

If you pretty much pay for everything by card or contactless payment on your phone, you won’t need a bifold wallet. Card holders are some of the slimmest and most minimal offerings for carrying money and you can always stuff a £10 note in one of the slots for emergencies.

Coin wallets / Zip Wallets

For stylish eccentrics, coin cases are ideal. Tactile and compact, they’re great to keep in a coat pocket or bag. Yes, they are a little bulky, but they are also really useful for keeping loose change in one place so you’ll never have to beg for change for the car park again.

Do you need an RFID Blocking wallet?

You might keep an extra eye on your wallet in dodgy areas, but its cybercriminals who are the biggest threat. These days, criminals use tech to pickpocket by accessing your contactless payment cards using radio frequency identification, or RFID.

The good news is that some wallets come with RFID blocking tech (and you can buy a card to keep in your wallet if not).

Some people think this isn’t necessary, as criminals need to get very close to your card, or steal your wallet to make use of RFID, while others say hackers are getting increasingly sophisticated and we should be protecting our contactless cards, which have chips in them without an off switch – enabling them to be accessed in a split second.

So, while the jury is out, having the blocking tech built into your wallet is no bad thing and adds an extra layer of protection without taking up any room, so you can’t lose!

Best wallet brands


makes sophisticated wallets from the finest leather. A subtle designer choice, those in the know will be impressed by the little mountain logo, while you know you have a quality wallet that will never embarrass you in important company.

Aspinal of London

makes luxury wallets that don’t cost the earth. The British company is known for its quality leather goods and wide choice of colours and styles, so there’s definitely something for everyone. The best bit is that they look much more expensive than they are. Card holders start at just £40 and they can be personalised too.


is another highly covetable British brand. You won’t find one for less than £100, but they are available in a number of simple styles to suit your lifestyle as well as a rainbow of colours, from the most vibrant to neutral. The brand doesn’t rely on a big logo, making this a discrete designer choice, but its quality speaks volumes.


is a great choice for people who work in more casual environments or want a practical and rugged wallet. They tend not to be the smartest or poshest, but come in leather plus canvas, as well as every colour and print you can think of. You can have a lot of fun for less than £30so you might just fancy using one at the weekend.

Paul Smith

is known for his signature stripes and love of colour, so it makes sense that wallets by the iconic British brand can be vibrant and super stripy, as well as black or brown with a fun but subtle stripy trim. Of course, the luxury fashion house uses the best materials, so it’s not just the pattern doing the talking.

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