Wall Street Killer – Scam or Not

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Wall Street Focus Group Review, Dangerous SCAM Exposed!

The Wall Street Focus Group AKA Cobra 5 trading software by David Lombardi is a malicious SCAM, and we have categorically blacklisted it in our fair an impartial review. Be warned and pay close attention, we have received information from a trusted source that a well-known network of unethical affiliate marketers have unleashed this new fraudulent trading robot. If you have received any form of SPAM email which was delivered to your inbox, please make sure to unsubscribe and never click on any link since we have complaints about spyware related to this fake app. If you have been exposed to additional customer acquisition methods such as annoying popups, fake reviews, and various forms of false advertising techniques make sure you don’t download anything. Make no mistake, this thieving, deceptive, and misleading app was designed with pure malice and with the sole intent of stealing your money and fleecing your wallet very quickly. If you honestly believe this system to be legit or genuine, don’t be surprised if you end up losing your money with no way to retrieve stolen funds. The only thing this robot will get you is a heavy dose of grief, anger, and frustration as this is the nature of the last flurry of grievances we received. Keep reading our factual review to see how we exposed these crooks and their dirty operation.

Quick Update: We have just received word that this software is installing Malware on Mobile Devices. Just tap to close the tab or window on your device to avoid getting infected.

Official Scam Website, Login Page and Members Area: http://www.wallstreetfocusgroup.com/lp.php

Proof of SCAM
The people behind the Wall Street Focus Group and Cobra 5 software are very sneaky and hired a group of professional actors which are definitely NOT from fiverr.com, but as they say the devil is in the details. So we dug in deep and found out that these con artists have resorted to using the same tactics which have become synonymous with the word SCAM.

Below you will see the fake logos indicating that Wall Street Focus Group and Cobra 5 is the “2020 Winner for Product of the Year”. We have never heard of such a thing and it makes no sense. The logos and certificates are forged, nothing is guaranteed, and their product is sub-par at best and most likely rigged and set to take losses. Far worst, they are claiming their website is SSL secure to get you to trust them, but that is an outright lie and complete fabrication. In the small diagram with the arrow pointed to it we have illustrated how a secure website looks like and why these cheaters have been caught red handed spreading lies about their fake trading bot.

Wall Street Focus Group, Cobra 5 Software Review
The sales video start as David Lombardi presents himself as the “head project manager” for the Wall Street Focus Group. Immediately he says he is happy to introduce the Cobra 5 trading software, which he claims was developed by leading financial analysts. He then proceeds to say that he will provide you with a beta version for free so you can test it yourself. He boldly claims he is “associated with” the Emmy Award winning program House of Cards on Netflix. Then we get to see images of a Snickers bar and Pokemon where he claims he was the project manager and attempts attribute the success of the products to himself.

He states that his job was to offer the products to new testers in order to gain feedback, and this form of testing is known as a focus group. He then claims Nasdaq has turned to him to test their private proprietary software named Cobra 5 just before they release it to the public. According to Lombardi, this software is directly responsible for making millions of dollars for some of the country’s most wealthy elite and now you have a chance to get in on the action. He claims you can earn between $387-$791 a day in profits.

Then we are introduced to Jimmy Russo, a leading analyst who will explain what the Cobra 5 software does. He claims the software will not make you a millionaire overnight, but it will pave the road for you and allow you to achieve long term financial security. He says that making 5 or 10 thousand dollars daily is not something which is achievable with this trading app, because it takes a team of 5-10 people to make that kind of money.

Then the stage goes back to Lombardi as he begins to say that there are a lot of “underground scams” going around, but they are the real thing. Then Russo claims he had a 53% winning ratio “which in reality is a phenomenal result”. But then they adjusted the algorithms for traders trading less than $1,000 a day, and now they have an 84% win ratio. He claims you don’t need to look at fancy charts or check the statistics, you just press a few buttons and the winnings arrive on auto-pilot.

Then they proceed to the testimonial section where 3 different actors lie through their teeth and and tell their incredible rags-to-riches story about how Lombardi and Cobra 5 changed their lives.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2021:
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    #1 Broker! 15 000 welcome bonus!

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In reality this is a very elaborate con job orchestrated by extremely clever affiliate marketers. They understand that hyped up claims, cheap and fake looking testimonials, inflated bank accounts, and scraped images may have a counter-effect and that is why they were very careful to make believable claims and used a very controlled and staged environment to shoot their videos. This only amplified the sound of our alarm bells, since we have also received countless complaints clearly indicating a pattern of deception.

“Finally, a 53% average ITM ratio in binary options means you are losing money since you have to make back your initial investment as well as any other bonus funds or previous money lost on other trades. So the person who has made this statement is either a fraud or clueless about trading options online (probably both).”

Is this Software Free?
Absolutely not, and that is another false claim. You will surely have to fork up at least $250 and fund a trading account with one of their recommended brokers (which may or may not be regulated).

Fake Reviews
It’s true, some website owners will actually take bribes and write favorable reviews for either fixed fees or commissions. So stay alert and make sure to do your due diligence before investing.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones you must avoid are Gemini 2, Millionaire Blueprint, and Profits Eternity.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
We are constantly asked to endorse new products, however the vast majority of these systems turn out to be fraudulent software set to take losing trades. Fortunately we a rigorous evaluation process and have carefully selected only the best and most consistent money-making machines and these are proudly showcased in our recommended section.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Wall Street Focus Group AKA Cobra 5 trading software by David Lombardi is a BLACKLISTED SCAM. In our review we have presented the facts in a very clear and tangible manner, thus allowing you to make an informed decision about the true nature of this deceptive and misleading app. If you honestly believe this trading robot to be genuine or legit, get ready to have your wallet fleeced by unethical affiliate marketers and rogue offshore brokers. We believe this software was intentionally designed to steal your money, and this corresponds with the nature of the complaints our staff received. If you decide to invest despite all the evidence and proof we have produced, don’t ask us to assist you getting a refund because this pack of hyenas are in it for the money and will never return stolen funds. In light of all this documented proof we have provided, we are advising all our viewers and subscribers to seek alternative investment avenues. We can always be reached via our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel should you require additional information.

Brit Wolf of Wall Street gang using ‘scam Bible’ to trick Brit OAPs out of millions before splashing it on ‘cocaine and booze-fuelled parties’

The Sun reveals a mob of 20 Brits based in in Marrakech, Morocco, have running an art investment fraud

  • 8 Feb 2020, 14:58
  • Updated : 8 Feb 2020, 16:24

A BRITISH “Wolf of Wall Street” gang are conning UK pensioners out of millions of pounds by swiping their details from companies such as Sainsbury’s before pressuring them to invest in bogus artwork.

The shameless con artists use a cynical “scam Bible” filled with tips like “be their friend” and “make up” stories to force unsuspecting pensioners to hand over cash.

The vile con artists then splash the ill-gotten gains on cocaine and champagne parties from their base in Morocco.

The Sun Online can reveal victims, most of whom are old and vulnerable, are targeted through legally-available shareholder data from major UK companies.

Con artists ring up victims to discuss their current UK company investment, before offering the chance to invest in the art – which the fraudsters claim will only grow in value.

In reality once the victim has agreed to the deal they are relentlessly bullied into handing over several thousand pounds for which they get a Dali or Picasso print worth little more than £60.

The scammers, who are the subject of an international police investigation, often return to vulnerable victims in a bid to scam them for even more cash by claiming they are offering huge investments in real artwork.

One victim, 82, was targeted for £5,000 and her horrified daughter told The Sun: “They initially called her discussing a shareholding she had in Sainsbury’s and saying it was under-performing.

I was furious and emailed them threatening to report them.

“Then they start talking about investing in art and drop in a few names like Dali and Picasso and are asking her for £5,000. She agreed to receive the pack they sent from Spain by courier just to get them off the phone.

“A week later my mum rings me in hysterics, she’s been through a lot and I’ve never heard her like that.

“She said they were threatening her with legal action and were going to sue and that she’s never been in trouble with the law before, what is she going to do?

“They said they had a ‘large legal department’ and that ‘we will come after you’ to my mum. I was furious and emailed them threatening to report them.”

Whistleblowers told The Sun how the mob of around 20 Brits – working out of a swanky city centre office block in Marrakech, Morocco – splurge the stolen cash on parties in the oasis city’s nightclubs and bars.

They described how the gang – led by a cocaine-addled 42-year-old originally from Cambridge – start partying each week on Friday afternoon with a three-hour lunch and “loads of wine and champagne”.

A group of the top performing staff then move on to the city’s 24-hour Pacha nightclub each week – celebrating the week’s scam deals.

How to spot investment scams

FRAUDSTERS are very good at their job, using persuasive language and underhand tactics to pressurise people into parting with their cash.

Typically they contact would-be victims out of the blue, by phone or email. They present their proposal as the chance of a lifetime.

Scammers tend to insist you commit to the investment and transfer money to them immediately. They do not want you to have some thinking time or to discuss the proposal with someone else who could think it’s a con.

Fraudsters often state they need to know immediately as the opportunity is so good that it is being snapped up and you will miss out if you don’t get on board there and then.

If you’re unsure if an investment is legitimate, check the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) register for companies that are able to operate in the UK.

If you suspect that you have given money to a scammer, contact your bank immediately. Ask them to put a freeze on any money that has not left your account.

Report the scammer to the FCA using its online form.

Finally, contact Action Fraud which will be able to offer advice on what next steps you can take.

There the gang spends thousands of pounds in cash – paid for in euros – on champagne, cocktails and food both on Friday and Saturday night.

They also described how workers can steal anything from £3,000 up to one reported case of a £420,000 scam from a Brit pensioner.

The gang has been likened to the notorious stockbrokers in the blockbuster Wolf of Wall Street film starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the corrupt New York trader Jordan Belfort.

Staff flip between scam callers claiming to be officials from a “Treasury Assets” department who manage investments in original artwork or lawyers who harangue victims into paying for the prints.

The Sun can also reveal the fraudsters use a well-worn “scam bible” to bully victims into parting with their cash and which is menacingly titled “How It’s Done”.

In the 97-page booklet handed to The Sun, it tells fraudsters to “make up” stories or to “come to me (the boss) and I’ll make one up for you”, when talking to targets.

Staff are told to threaten legal action after taking victim’s details if they refuse to cough up cash having “agreed” to be part of the fake investment.

The book describes how scammers can “beat the s***” out of victims and explains how to lie about why the Financial Conduct Authority may have sent out an online scam warning on their company.

It also describes how scammers should lie as to why paper documents about investments are not posted out and to drop phone lines if a different person to the listed shareholder target picks up the phone.

Fraud cops estimate investment crooks are stealing almost £200million-a-year from Brits with the real figure thought to be much higher as victims are often too ashamed to report the crimes.

The gang in Morocco is connected to a global network of investment scammers stretching from Singapore, Cambodia through to Eastern Europe and Spain.

They are said to have stolen millions of pounds from victims over a decade of operating in Marrakech, where they have been several years, and before that Madrid.

The gang continue to operate by regularly changing their company name online and setting up new sites to work around authorities’ alerts that they are a scam.

I lost £40,000 of savings to telephone investment crooks

Jeffrey Taylor, 43, has spent the past 13 years trying to get his life back on track after being swindled out of £40,000 of savings by crooks who rang him promising an easy win on his investments.

He even took out loans and maxed out several credit cards to finance the investments after being pressured by fraudsters.

The Sun has located at least two victims while the firm traded under the name Asset Consulting Services.

The accompanying website gives an office address in Canary Wharf, London, which whistleblowers claim can be used to collect cheques and postal order payments though office managers claimed to have no records of the firm.

A financial switchboard service registered through the company’s Hong Kong number refused to transfer our calls without the full name of a member of staff, saying “it’s a private company”.

Other details provided such as the company’s website details did not match any records while the Financial Conduct Authority has issued an alert about the firm.

And we have learnt three UK police forces have launched investigations into the group following Action Fraud reports with one 30-year-old suspect from Crawley, West Sussex, arrested for money laundering in connection with the scammers.

The National Crime Agency has also referred fraud reports via Europol to Spanish authorities because of the group’s links to Spain.

After enquiring about fraud reports linked to the gang a spokesman for City of London police, the UK lead on fraud investigations, said: “Action Fraud received reports from victims and they were assessed by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).

Bulls on Wall Street Review – Real Or Scam?

Bulls on Wall Street Review


Bulls on Wall Street is a trading chat room and education service run by entertaining and knowledgeable traders, but is their service right for you? We go over the highs and lows in this review.

About Bulls on Wall Street

Founded in 2008, Bulls on Wall Street (BOWS) is a day trading and swing trading education and alerts service, set apart by its likeable people and long track record. Almost 10 years is a long haul for one of these services, so they must be doing something right. In 2020, they made an expansion into more thorough, detailed education for new traders, and offer certainly among the most intensive of training services for those looking to get into day trading (and swing trading).

The key people involved are CEO Kunal Desai, who you’ll see the most of by far, and head of the swing trading program Paul Singh, should you choose to sign up for that service. That said, you’ll likely also see Maribeth Willoughby – Kunal’s first student – and Sayed Zaman, a veteran trader and the Director of Trading, around. Zaman provides daily watch lists and market analysis while Willoughby focuses on sales and the education program, mostly dealing with getting newbies settled in.

Kunal himself started trading in 1999 during the dot com boom and has survived and traded successfully in bear and bull markets. According to the BOWS website, he’s spoken at the Trader and Investor Summit, Traders4ACause, and been featured in the Huffington Post, on BroBible, and on Inc.com. Paul Singh’s most remarkable for his trading history – he’s been trading 20+ year and is known for having traded $5,000 into an annual income.

Services Offered by Bulls on Wall Street

Day Trading Chat Room

The chat room is fairly well organized and generally busy (for better or for worse) throughout the trading day. Kunal Desai is pretty consistently online, at least in the morning around the bell, and other trading gurus are always available and moderating. The chat room is great for finding real-time trade ideas and seeing what moves Desai and the other lead traders are making.

Trade alerts are posted as they’re made and Kunal will narrate what he’s up to as much as possible through live video and audio and screenshare, though it can be easy to get a little lost listening to him if you’re not accustomed to trading and have a hard time multi-tasking. He won’t always say out loud that he’s changed a position, so you’ll have to pay attention so you don’t get caught holding the bag. It can be a bit overwhelming for new traders, but experienced traders will like the room. Desai knows what he’s doing and brings a bit of a sense of humor and entertainment to the experience, which is unique among these services.

A couple things to watch for: we broadly recommend sticking to the site’s recommended trades, as you never know the motives for ordinary users posting trade alerts. If you know the techniques, you can follow your own gut, but especially as you’re just getting started and mostly piggybacking on trades, it’s wise not to stray too far from the beaten path. Second, this is not a service that’ll will consistently brief you on what’s happened overnight – and a lot can happen overnight in day trading – which can sometimes be a bit confusing for new traders. They may reference stocks that weren’t on the watch list from the night before. Experienced traders won’t mind this so much, but it is a bit unfortunate they do nightly instead of (and not as well as) morning recaps and lists.

Swing Trading Alerts

The BOWS Swing Trading program seems to be one that’s fairly universally well-liked. Singh is a very experienced trader and a good teacher and swing trading is much better for those with part time jobs or without a large amount of capital to start trading (since day trading is subject to the $25,000 Pattern Day Trader rule). The program overall feels more relaxed and, frankly, better organized. Not to say the day trading side is disorganized – it can just feel a bit chaotic and cluttered, especially for newcomers.

With the swing trading program, you get 2-5 stock picks per week; a daily watch list; daily market insights and analysis from Paul; clear alerts sent via email or SMS with entry, exit, and stop-loss levels; and access to Paul (marketed as a Mentorship Opportunity).

Live Trading Courses and Bootcamps

Debatably the gem of BOWS, they now offer (since 2020) live training courses and bootcamps for new traders. The bootcamps, which unfortunately cost almost $3,000, are akin to a college course on trading, with over 60 hours of training and 28 classes taught live via the web. This, in contrast with most programs from similar sites which, though less expensive, usually consist of access to a video library of classes and that’s about it.

In the bootcamp program, you have classmates, homework, access to Kunal and other teachers where you can ask questions, and a trading simulator where you get feedback on your trades. It’s a much more comprehensive, interactive way to learn trading. The world of day trading comes with no guarantees and you’ll still have to put the work in, but if you’re new to trading and looking to take it seriously – and have found after looking at what you can or doing a test month that you like the educational and trading style of the BOWS team – would be worth the investment.

That said, they do offer other, less comprehensive courses if you’re looking just to dip your toe in the waters of trading or know certain aspects but need more information on others. They offer a free trader assessment to help place you and find you courses that fit your trading goals and experience level.

Educational Material

As well as the live trading courses, Bulls on Wall Street also offers an Intro to Trading Course that costs only $197 or comes free when you sign up for an annual subscription.

This course teaches market essentials aimed at beginner to intermediate traders. It teaches a systematic approach to finding and making good swing and day trades, focusing on, in their words, “managing risk and identifying high-probability trading opportunities”. If you’re not sure about BOWS, you can also view an intro class on market essentials teaching core concepts of trading on the part of the site that sells the Intro to Trading Course. If you don’t like that lesson, maybe this isn’t the service for you. If you do, that’s a good start.

Subscriptions and Pricing

A couple quick things off the top: BOWS offers no trial memberships and no refunds, so you’ll likely want to minimize risk by doing your research and viewing as much of their free material as you can and/or starting off with a month of one of the subscription services before committing to an annual plan or an almost $3k bootcamp.

Subscription Options

Intro to Trading Course

Pricing: $197 or free with annual plan

  • Video lessons in:
    • Market Essentials (also available free on the site)
    • Technical Analysis & Charting
    • Selecting a Broker
    • Trends
    • Flag Breakout Strategy
    • Risk Management
    • Flat Top & Base Breakouts
    • Moving Average Pullback
    • Pullback to Price Support
  • Quizzes/test questions on the above mentioned topics

Day Trade Alerts & Chatroom

Pricing: $139/month if paid monthly

$299/3 months if paid quarterly (

$799/year if paid annually (

  • 24/7 Day Trading Chatroom
  • Live Trade Alerts
  • Live Video and Audio & Trader Screenshare
  • Daily Watchlists
  • Access to Exclusive Blog Posts

Swing Trade Alerts

Pricing: $99/month if paid monthly

$199/3 months if paid quarterly (

$599/year if paid annually (

  • 2-5 Weekly Stock Picks
  • Trade Alerts (email and SMS)
  • Trade Profit and Stop Levels
  • Daily Trade Reports
  • Daily Stock Watch List
  • In-depth Market Analysis

Live Trading Courses & Bootcamp

Pricing: Varies, well hidden (you have to give them your email to get pricing information), but by all accounts bootcamp is a little under $3,000

  • Live Web Training/Classes
  • Lifetime Access To Training Materials
  • 60+ Hours of Training
  • 15 Trade Setups
  • Physical Coursebook
  • Trading Simulator
  • One-on-One Coaching & Community Support

How Do They Compare To Similar Services?

Value-wise, especially if/when you graduate to an annual subscription, BOWS is definitely near the top. Their alerts tend to be good and the price is comparable to less expensive than other similar services.

The Swing Trading Alerts option is perfect for part-time traders and is as good or better than similar programs on the market. The Day Trading Service, while on the more affordable side, sits closer to the average, but is overall of good quality and value. More experienced traders will largely want to compare the styles of different similar services to see which personality and trading style best suits them.

The educational courses on BOWS are top notch, and the bootcamp and live courses offer a number of features no other program on the market – or few others, at the very least – can compete with. The trade simulator and individualized feedback for the price tag is unique and useful. Similarly, the Intro to Trading Course is well-organized, useful, and at the affordable end of the spectrum for similar services – and the quizzes are invaluable to new traders.

Which Program Is Right For Me?

Experienced Traders

For experienced traders, I’d recommend the chat room only – that is, the day trade alerts & chatroom subscription. You won’t get much value out of the basic educational services if you’re already well-versed, but the trade alerts and watch lists can be handy. The best way to give it a shot is to try it for one month at the monthly subscription level and then switch to annual if you like it. Annual is a much better value in terms of cost, but you don’t want to lock yourself in until you know you like it, since they don’t offer refunds of any sort.

Part-Time Traders

Anyone who can’t watch the market all day should veer toward Swing Trade Alerts. It’s easy to navigate and fits the lifestyle of someone with a full-time job or who otherwise can’t be online throughout the day. It’s also good for those with a little less capital on hand. Basically, it is the casual trader’s subscription, and is well-run by a good trader. There are no flies on this service, so to speak.

Beginner Traders

For those just getting started, I’d recommend either the 60-Day Bootcamp or Intro To Trading Course, depending on how much funding you have at your disposal to begin trading. Whichever you choose – especially with the video-only course – I’d then recommend joining either the chat room or swing trade alerts after the course. Watch and learn to apply the techniques you’ve picked up in the courses.

Pros and Cons

  • Good, clear trade alerts in both their swing and day trading services
  • Educational materials are strong and site is well geared toward learning and new traders
  • Personable, entertaining trade leaders
  • Almost 10 years in business demonstrates a long-term interest in the business
  • Most services are well-priced
  • Lots of free materials on the site to help you weigh whether or not the service might be right for you
  • No big star traders in terms of personal results on the team
  • Bootcamps, which may be the most valuable service to new traders, are expensive and may be out of reach for some
  • The blogs aren’t overwhelmingly interesting
  • Chatroom can be too heavy on the chatter
  • Lack of trial period means you need to buy in to test it out

In conclusion, overall, we’d recommend giving Bulls on Wall Street a try. That said, as with all of these services, it’s about finding the right fit for you, so try out their free materials or a month of the appropriate subscription before diving in. If one of their programs fits your needs and budget, you’ll likely find that they’re funny and capable traders who’ve earned their following for a reason.

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