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Is Upwork Legit or Scam? REAL Truth Explanation

Security first has brought these two questions is upwork legit? or is upwork scam? It’s fair to research the market before investing.

What do you think is upwork safe and worth enough? Some of us are confirming upwork is a waste of time and others saying upwork worth it.

So, as a newbie freelancer/client you should first identify a safe marketplace for working. As you know upwork is a complete virtual place to deal with. So, when it is about scam, it totally depends on the freelancers and the clients to deal with it. So, first of all you must know about the following information about upwork and its surroundings.

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a huge virtual international market place where a large number of clients and freelancers are available to hire and to be hired. It is a merged version of formerly Elance and Odesk from December 2020. Upwork is open to all sorts of skilled freelancers and Clients all over the world. The works are done virtually as well as paid virtually by the clients.

Is Upwork Legit or Not?

Is upwork legit? It is often heard that upwork is not safe at all, it is a fraud site and it scams others and so on. But as a regular member of over 15 years I assure you from my real experience that it is totally a legit site. All you need is to be conscious about the steps you are taking. You may be heard of a number of freelancers making a lot of money only by using Upwork. If it is really a scam then how do they do it?

Why People Call Upwork a Scam

Is upwork legit or scam? To get the answer you have to think wisely. The scamming activities are done by some scammers over the internet. You know your messages and emails are often seen as scams. Do you know why these are seen scam? It is because the scammers use these messages & emails for their own profit. But what you don’t know is that scammers do not scam only these messages & emails they are also active in the freelancing sites as well. May be they are freelancers or may be they are clients.

Who are being Scammed

Mostly the newbie asks for upwork legit? You must know that when you are a newbie you will face many competitors working over there. They won’t want you to be grown up easily. As a newbie freelancer you may be hired for a project and after submitting the work, you may find that the client is vanished without giving you any payment.

On the other hand, as a newbie client you may hire a freelancer for a hourly rate. After working one month, he may be vanished without completing your work. Upwork imposed laws of an hour work and an hour payment. And your freelancer has gone away scamming your money.

So, Upwork is not a scam rather some miscreants are doing these illegal activities over upwork and other marketplaces. However it is now strictly prohibited by upwork.

How to Remain Safe in Upwork as a Freelancer

So, now you see upwork is not a scam at all. It is totally safe to business. But to remain alert from being cheated as a freelancer you will have to tag along the following steps to get a genuine project and make money safely.

01. Never Hurry

It is often seen that the newbie apply for a job and after getting hired start their work in a hurry without being sure whether the client is genuine or not. It is totally foolish. Never make hurry rather be cautious of every steps. Check the client’s payment method is verified and ensure milestone for fixed price jobs.

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02. Research your Client

Before starting with any project you must research your client. Read through the profile of your clients deeply. Take into account each details of your client. Try to know the policy of your client – the duration of their project, reviews, work-hours, payment method, budgets, amount to be paid, project type etc. Genuine clients make these things clear before making the contract. So, be wise while choosing your clients.

03. Check the Transparency of Your Client

You must check your client’s transparency. Check carefully your client’s rating and the feedback they got for their previous works etc. Remember that a reliable client surely has a great ratings and reviews. Never be scammed by the false reviews.

04. Don’t Agree of any Test or Free Samples

You may often see that some clients are demanding free samples from you to test your skills. The wise decision here is to avoid these clients. It is strictly against the policy of upwork. These clients are fraud and follow such policy to get their job done without giving any payment. So, avoid these frauds simply. Never agree to give any free sample.

05. Adopt a Secured Payment

Always try to follow a safe and secured payment for the job done. Upwork recommends you to use the escrow system it provides. It is safe, secured and prevents any kinds of payment disputes. Whenever you deal with any fixed price contract or hourly contract make sure that you are dealing with such secured system to avoid loss of your payment.

06. Report Scams

If by any way you understand that a job post is a scammed one, feel free to report against it. Give your suspicion a better consequence. Your step will help other freelancers restrain from involving with the scammed job post.

How to Remain Safe in Upwork as a Client

There are many other scams also in the land of freelancing. Just study carefully the following facts to remain safe as a client also. It will help you know how you may be cheated and what to do to protect yourself.

01. Scamming by Plagiarized Material

In the upwork system it has become very common to cheat a client with plagiarized material as there are a lot of opportunities to copy article, logo or web design etc. So, as a client you must remain alert of your job you are getting done by your hired freelancers. You may cross check to justify the originality of the task. We recommend you to use Copyscape to check written material. And to check any designs use Google reverse image search or other online tools. You should ask your employee for designs in editable formats and multiple resolutions. It will help for further process. You may also ask for the resource, usage rights to ensure if it is royalty-free.

02. Scamming by Hacking Your Systems

It is really a dangerous thing for a client that often happens when a client hires a freelancer to work on his website. It allows the employee to get all access to proprietary material of the site and thus hacking it. And if you forget to change your password of the site after the job done you yourself will give the hacker chance to hack it later.

To avoid such scamming use the tools like LastPass. It will share the access to your system without sharing your actual password. And you must ensure the level you want to share to accomplish the task and never give the highest level access even your employee demands. After the accomplishment of the job revoke the access as soon as possible and check system activities and logs.

03. Fake Identity

Identity theft is a very common scamming in all kind of systems in the internet. Many freelancers often use a fake identity or some other good freelancer’s identity to make the impression good to his client and get the job. So, as a wise client you must remain alert of such thing.

What we recommend you to avoid such scam that you may prefer a location of your choice of freelancers. It will ensure that the freelancer of the expected place only will be able to apply. If you are hiring your native employee, give special attention to his language, grammar and style to get a proof. You may ask for other identity proof from the employee for a large contract. For instance you may check his social networking site etc. for your comfort. You may also ask for referrals from your employee.

Is Upwork Legit? Yes! You May Trust

So, now you clearly understand that upwork is not any scam at all. But scamming is seen here often done by some fraud scammers for their dishonest intention. You will just have to remain alert from them. If you follow our instructions while using upwork, surely you will find it profitable for you.

Never be frightened about these scams. Upwork is always legit and helpful for you. It widens a great scope to both the clients and the employees to get their job done easily with some simple steps. All you need is to use your account wisely and deal with your partner only after checking every detail adopting the wise means.

Upwork will pave the way for you to make money easily or get your job done easily. So, use your upwork site according to our suggestions you will surely be contempt. Best of Luck

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Why You Can’t Really Trust Negative Online Reviews

Research suggests that people heed negative reviews more than positive ones — despite their questionable credibility.

By Caroline Beaton

    June 13, 2020

The Great Wall of China has more than 9,000 Google reviews, with an average of 4.2 stars. Not bad for one of the most astonishing achievements in human history.

But you can’t please everyone.

“Not very tall. Or big. Just sayin. I kinda liked it. Sort of,” wrote one ambivalent visitor of the structure, which stretches thousands of miles . Another complained, “I don’t see the hype in this place it’s really run down and old … why wouldn’t you update something like this? No USB plug ins or outlets anywhere.” Someone else announced that he’s “Not a wall guy. Laaaaaaaaammme.”

Even Shakespeare can’t escape the wrath of consumer scorn. One reviewer on Amazon awarded Hamlet just two stars: “Whoever said Shakespeare was a genius lied. Unless genius is just code word for boring, then they’re spot on. Watch the movie version so you only waste two hours versus 20.”

It’s no wonder why we live and buy by online reviews: The Washington Post recently reported that a third of American adults use a computer or phone to buy something at least once a week — “about as often as we take out the trash.” Last December, 75 percent of Americans said they would do “most of their holiday shopping on Amazon,” according to CNBC’s “All-America Economic Survey.”

We use reviews to vet our options. In 2020, the Pew Research Center found that 82 percent of American adults say they sometimes or always read online reviews for new purchases. And more than two-thirds of regular review readers believe that they’re “generally accurate.”

Marketing data indicates that negative reviews in particular dramatically influence our buying behaviors. But research on the biases and demographics of online reviewers — and our own, often errant interpretations — suggests that our faith in reviews is misguided.

Why we care so much about negative reviews

There are many more positive reviews online than there are negative ones, studies show, which creates a scarcity of negative reviews that we associate with value.

For instance: In a data sample from Amazon, just 4.8 percent of reviews with a verified purchase were rated one star, whereas 59 percent had five stars, according to a study published in 2020 by The Journal of Marketing Research and led by Duncan Simester, a marketing professor at the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management.

“The infrequent nature of negative reviews may help to distinguish them from other reviews,” Dr. Simester wrote in an email. We consequently pay more attention to them.

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We also think of negative reviews as windows into what could go wrong. Is this camera’s memory card going to go kaput in the middle of my honeymoon? Are these socks scratchy? Dr. Simester pointed out that people may see negative reviews as more informative, and therefore more valuable, than positive ones because they highlight defects — even if they’re not actually more accurate.

“We want to feel secure in our decision-making processes,” said Lauren Dragan, who analyzes consumer feedback as the audio tech products reviewer at Wirecutter, a New York Times company that reviews and recommends products. We use negative reviews to understand our risk and reduce our losses, studies show.

Plus, after reports that five-star reviews are frequently fake, people may depend on negative reviews more than positive ones because they see them as more trustworthy.

Online reviews are less trustworthy than we think

The credibility of all reviews — even real ones — is questionable. A 2020 study published in The Journal of Consumer Research looked at whether online reviews reflected objective quality as rated by Consumer Reports. The researchers found very little correlation.

Reviews are subjective, and the tiny subset of people who leave them aren’t average.

People who write online reviews are more likely to buy things in unusual sizes, make returns, be married, have more children, be younger and less wealthy, and have graduate degrees than the average consumer, according to Dr. Simester’s 2020 study. Online reviewers are also 50 percent more likely to shop sales, and they buy four times more products.

“Very few people write reviews. It’s about 1.5 percent, or 15 people out of 1,000,” Dr. Simester said. “Should we be relying on these people if we’re part of the other 985?”

What’s more, reviews are often capricious and circumstantial. For example, the sentiment of travelers’ reviews hinges on their companionship. A study published last fall in Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, looking at 125,076 online reviews, found that people traveling with significant others wrote the most positive reviews, followed by those traveling with friends or family. Reviewers traveling alone or for business were the most negative. Our experiences change depending on our expectations, travel expertise and who we’re with.

People’s motivations also taint their neutrality. Take TripAdvisor’s “Super Contributors,” whose reviews tend to be more negative than those by less active members, according to a forthcoming study from Ulrike Gretzel, a communications professor at the University of Southern California and the director of research at Netnografica. Having formed identities around being expert travel reviewers, Super Contributors may “write more critically to appear more professional,” Dr. Gretzel said. Nevertheless, consumers disproportionately value and trust reviews professing expertise.

Put simply, we should distrust online reviews “because emotions are involved,” Ms. Dragan said.

Another reason to be wary is roughly one in 15 people review products they haven’t actually purchased or used, according to Dr. Simester. These “self-appointed brand managers” write speculative, unsolicited negative reviews to offer the company “feedback.” The problem is consumers are bad at determining which reviews are based on actual experiences and which aren’t, said Dr. Simester. “We are easily fooled.”

Get savvier about how you read reviews

Still, reviews can be helpful gauges when you’re buying stuff — so long as you keep in mind all the caveats around them.

First, weed out the most polarized perspectives. People are much more likely to write reviews if they have extreme emotions about something, said Eric K. Clemons, who teaches information management at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. This is why you see so many rave reviews and so many rancorous ones.

Even people who don’t initially have strong feelings often develop them in response to survey questions — something called the mere-measurement effect.

“We are socially conditioned to give answers when someone/something asks us a question,” Dr. Gretzel wrote in an email. So if we don’t have a pre-existing, well-defined opinion, we make one up.

When you’re reading reviews, try to find ones that are closer to the median, Ms. Dragan advised. She deliberately looks at three-star reviews first because they tend to be more moderate, detailed and honest. Unfortunately, research suggests that most of us instinctively do just the opposite: We prefer extreme reviews because they’re less ambivalent and therefore easier to process.

Second, ask yourself: “Is this person like me? Are the problems mentioned ones I care about?” For example, Dr. Simester recently bought a pair of ski pants online. He read the reviews and most people liked them, but one guy didn’t. “It turned out his body shape wasn’t the same as mine,” Dr. Simester said, so he disregarded the review.

Dissecting people’s preferences can be useful even if you don’t agree with them. Dr. Clemons, an I.P.A. fan who uses, said, “If a Scandinavian who really likes lagers complains that a beer tastes way too hoppy, that may mean I should buy it.”

Finally, pay attention to contextual details and specific facts rather than reviewers’ general impressions and ratings. The number of stars someone selects often has “very little to do with” their review text, Dr. Gretzel said. People have different rating standards, and written explanations are inherently more nuanced.

Focusing on the most thorough reviews may also protect against getting duped by fake ones. In experiments where Dr. Gretzel and her collaborators presented both real and fake reviews, readers distinguished between the two better when reviews were longer.

And if you’re still not sure whether a review is fake, scan the reviewer’s profile. Dr. Clemons said that “someone who’s paid to write reviews probably isn’t doing a lot of writing under the same name.” His own research omitted reviews from profiles containing fewer than 10 reviews, “and that took care of a lot of paid nonsense,” he said.

All that said, real reviewers are usually genuinely trying to help: Research consistently shows that people are most motivated by helping others make decisions.

“They feel that they have benefited from other people’s reviews, so they want to give back,” Dr. Gretzel said. “They think it’s for the greater good.”

Caroline Beaton is a freelance writer and producer who sends a monthly newsletter about science and society. Sign up to receive it here .

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so turn off the anti first before download it??

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