Tradear Review is a Scam or Reliable Forex Broker

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XTrend Review

Read this Xtrend broker review before opening your account. Is Xtrend a Scam or Reliable Forex Broker? What are the benefits of trading with this broker? Unbiased trader review about this Cyprus based and CySEC regulated Forex broker.

XTrend provides a wide variety of trading options in over 100 different countries, exclusively through a mobile platform . The company has its origins from Cyprus and holds the CySEC license. On the trading software side, XTrend offers its proprietary XTrend Trading App, which is easy to use from your mobile and tablet.

Find out more with AtoZ Markets Xtrend broker review. If you have any previous experience, please share it in the reviews section below.


At we have readers-first policy. Thus, we always put our readers’ safety as a priority in our business line. We will never just satisfy ourselves with the company’s public information, however, go in-depth. Often we will also register an account and test the asset management platforms directly! For the above mentioned, we stand on our toes checking all the ins and outs in a broker’s business history, biography and reputation. The very same standards apply in case of this XTrend broker review. Please see the following article on how we conduct our broker reviews .


Established in 2020, XTrend is owned and operated by Rynat Trading Limited with a registered Office and correspondence address in Cyprus. Rynat Trading Ltd is registered as a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) with the registration number HE344135. Rynat Trading Ltd also owns XBulls.

XTrend forex broker offers a wide variety of trading options in over 100 different countries. XTrend provides its clients with the opportunity to trade Forex and precious metals, exclusively through its propriety trading platform on the mobile. It’s mobile Forex trading platform is branded under the name XTrend Trading App. XTrend identifies itself as CySEC regulated broker that developed a propriety trading platform that can be accessed on the go. In order for traders to catch the right trades at any given time, with a intuitive trading platform that is easy to use.


Rynat Trading Ltd is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). The ICF came into being in 2002, in line with the Investment Firms Law of 2002 and the European Directive 93/22/EC. Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs) are obliged to participate in the Investor Compensation Fund as part of their regulatory requirements. In order to safeguard traders from Europe and other countries. The objective of the Fund is to secure any claims of covered clients against members of the Fund.

Also, the Fund compensates traders for any claims arising either from an inability of a member of the Fund to fulfil its obligations. Or from any wrongdoing on the part of the member of the Fund. Clients that trade with XTrend enjoy the insurance of customer deposits up to €20,000. This amount is per client.

Trading Platform

XTrend Trading App can be downloaded from Google Play for Android users and the App Store for iPhone users. The broker focusses on the advantages of its micro trading App with instant access to the markets. XTrend Trading App allows users to receive up-to-date Market analysis, news and education. Also, traders can easily view in the APP live charts and set their trading levels with technical indicators in real time. Furthermore, XTrend Trading App sends instant in-App notifications. This helps their traders to view their trading performance directly on their mobile device.

The new versions of XTrend iOS and XTrend Android are being constantly released. This aims to better satisfy the needs of Forex and CFD traders, who enjoy online Forex and CFDs trading on their mobile devices. Meanwhile, XTrend offers a wide range of trading instruments:

  • 65 Forex trading pairs
  • 4 Precious metals
  • 4 Crypto CFDs
  • And Index; USDX

Account Types

The XTrend experts developed the app with the belief that the future of trading will be dominated by in-app trades for the Millennial generation. This is being backed by statistics as well, since already +63% of people access the internet via mobile.

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For this reason, XTrend may not provide MT4, MT5, web trade or c-panel trading facilities to its clients. Instead, the XTrend App’s pioneer development revolutionises the Forex market. This also reflects in their trading account types. In fact, the Forex broker only offers 1 type of trading account for everyone on its mobile platform.


At the time being XTrend offers its clients 4 Crypto CFDs. However, when we spoke with the company, they said that more symbols are to be added in the future. XTrend Trading App is being constantly updated, in order to diversify and enrich its product catalog.


XTrend charges comissions on each trade, but maintains on average 0.2 pips spread on EURUSD. This puts XTrend as one of the cheaper brokers in the industry. In terms of the commission, XTrend Forex Trading App asks for 0.04 USD per 100 Base Currency Units traded as commission. In terms of margins per lot, please see below the margins per category:

  • Forex margins per lot are $5/lot, $100/lot, and $500/lot
  • Precious Metals margins per lot are $10/lot, $100/lot and $500/lot

Customer Support

Xtrend Trading App can be set in six languages, including English, Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and German. XTrend has a customer support team that is 24/7 support available. You can contact XTrend directly inside the app through the “help” section. Here you can chat with one of their support representatives. Other options for contact with XTrend’s support team are through:


XTrend is owned and operated by Rynat Trading Limited with a registered Office and correspondence address: 18, Monis Machera Street, 4th Floor Office 401, 3020 Limassol, Cyprus/P.O. Box 51217, Limassol, Cyprus.

Rynat Trading Ltd is registered as a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) with the registration number HE344135. Rynat Trading Ltd is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under CIF license number 303/16. Therefore, Rynat Trading Ltd complies to the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law of 2020 (L. 87(I)/2020) as set out by CySEC.


The survey AtoZ Market carried out into XTrend, which included reaching out to a considerable number of the broker’s customers. These broker customers show a noticeable level of satisfaction in their relationship with XTrend. Also, the public reviews in Google Play and the App store shows positive reviews. In fact, these in-App can’t be deleted or hidden by the apps’ owners. Nevertheless, no one has up to now reported fraudulent actions on behalf of the XTrend within the in-App reviews. Also, none of the App users claimed any reason that the company must not be trusted or has committed any wrongdoing action. Therefore, all these in-App reviews, could acknowledge the trust and satisfaction between the app’s users and the brand.

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Does 23 Traders Offer a Demo Account?

23 Traders claims to provide a Demo account and risk free trading to its clients, but is this really true?

According to our team’s research, 23 Traders does NOT provide demo accounts. We also found out that they do not rate highly in Google Trends and there is no significant data about them. As an alternative we selected the top brokers that provide a Demo account for free.

Top10BinaryDemo cannot confirm that 23 Traders can offer you a demo account. In order to avoid risking real money you can OR choose from the Top Demo Brokers:

Table of Contents

Top Brokers with Demo Account:

23Traders – Reliable Broker Or Scam?

There are two main divisions in the field of online trading that people divide in – they are either using Forex systems or Forex brokers in order to commence personal trading process online. Both types of dealing with online investment are quite popular and therefore there are many available products on the market that offer such services.

Unfortunately, the presence of scams and fraudulent platforms is a disturbing factor that makes people be extra cautious when it comes to choosing some specific broker or robot to deal with. Here and now, we are going to review the new edition to the online brokers’ family – 23 Traders brokerage. In the following text you will get information on whether this new trading platform is legit or scam.

First Look At 23Traders Broker

23Traders is presented as a leading, regulated and licensed, online trading Forex broker. Apparently, it was created and developed by traders, for traders. The original team is a collaboration between 23 traders from around the globe, of all ages, genders and trading experience.

Their alleged purpose is to create the ultimate online trading environment which will respond to the needs and preferences of all kinds of online investors.

In addition, it is stated that the whole work of the team behind this product aims to provide four main advantages to their customers and trading partners: secure trading environment, reliability, innovative trading tools and educational support.

The truth is, that all these things are really good and would be useful if they are available. However, a quick check into the official website of this broker shows that all the mentioned special features are only mentioned and promised, but not actually provided. The greatest disappointment is the fact the innovative trading tools don’t even offer trading signals to traders – just old news of past financial events and changes.

Is 23 Traders Scam Or Legit?

We are not able to say for sure whether this broker platform is scam or not, but there are some disturbing facts we were able to find. First of all, it is obvious that the online trading platform is not regulated by any authority. However, they claim to be regulated, but this is clearly a lie. In addition, 23Traders does not have any type of demo account to offer to online traders. And this is something very important to all the people who don’t have previous trading experience and who want just to practice and improve their skills.

Finally, there is no positive feedback available on the trading platform in the Internet space. The lack of information and users’ testimonials is a negative sign, when it comes to reliability and legitimacy factor. Therefore, as for now, we cannot say that 23 Traders is a scam but we are not going to recommend it to traders. They should better find a broker that is proven to be legit, authentic and profitable.

Account Types Available On 23Traders

There are 6 available account types, this broker offers to traders. The bad news is that unlike the most other brokers, this one has set a really high initial deposit minimum. The amount is $1,000 which is needed if you want to use this brokerage. The more upgraded account you choose, the higher the initial deposit amount becomes. This is described as follows:

  • Basic – $1,000 minimum investment required.
  • Bronze – $5,000 deposit needed. 10% match-up bonus provided.
  • Silver – $20,000 required. There is a 20% welcome bonus.
  • Gold – $30,000 initial deposit amount + 50% match-up bonus available.
  • V.I.P. – $50,000 needed. Also, the bonus here is 90%.
  • Elite – $100,00 deposit required. The bonus is 100%.

Final Words About 23Traders

Taking into consideration all the things we were able to find, related to this brokerage and its performance, we are definitely sure that there are many better choices people could take advantage off. The lack of regulation, the high initial deposit amount and the absence of Demo trading account are some very important things, that should be considered as disadvantages. Also, there is not a single proof, confirming the legit status of this Forex broker. Therefore, we advise people to stay away from it and find another income-increasing partner.


After our research we concluded that 23Traders does not provide a demo account.

The lack of practice account and risk free trading makes this broker unsuitable for traders who want to learn how to trade without losing their investment.

Real Forex brokers reviews

To conduct successful trading, you need to find a reliable intermediary. Forex brokers reviews from other traders will help you successfully cope with this task. It is important to emphasize that real people publish them. Thanks to this, you get the accurate “first hand” information about the brokers you are interested in. Successful traders recommend first reading them and only then starting to work. Comfortable search engine allows to quickly find Forex brokers reviews at any convenient time.

What broker you want to write a review about?

Comment: All these binary options, trading and cryptocurrency companies are scams, I lost a huge amount of money. Things have turned out good for me, being that I was able to recover my money thanks to a recovery pro. You can reach me if you’re interested in finding out how I recovered everything I lost. Rachelmillr4 gmai,l dt com

Advantages: Fast withdrawal, copy-trading opportunity

Disadvantages: Haven’t noticed yet.

Comment: I can’t say there’s any fabulous conditions here, everything’s standard. But as I mentioned above, everything works fine, I can freely use the capital and leverage to multiply it myself or difersify the risks by investing a part of the capital in copy-trading.This is my freedom and my ability to achieve my goals.

Advantages: Great mobile app.

Disadvantages: Lost it on a big leverage.

Comment: I trade only from my phone, so I am primarily interested in the mobile application. In aafx it was made as qualitative as possible, everything flies, there are no limits on the number and volume of orders.

Advantages: Warnings on investment

Disadvantages: No disadvantage

Comment: Warning to everyone with the plan of investing in any online investments schemes .There are certain limitations to investing in these schemes and also difficulties getting it tripled after a long while since 60% of these online investments schemes are scammers . I got involved with a company called “CryptoNXT” trading cryptocurrency but before I engaged with them, I mentioned to my account manager(Ross Malone) assigned to me by CryptoNXT, at one point about my dilemma with Click’s Dealer. He said it was absolutely a scam and he even knew some of the names of people I had dealt with. He said their web site, “Clicksdealer”, was a fraud and that my only hope was to try through Chase to get my money back Not knowing My experience with CryptoNXT Account manager Ross Malone would be a terrible experience for me. I started with an Initial sum of $300, this got me some trades winnings and a huge profit but at the end of it all, I ended up at the losing ends. I ended up losing all my hard earned savings, 180,000 USD which was meant to sustain me when I’m retired. I don’t know if I have a leg to stand on here. I am sure that somewhere along the line I agreed to Terms and Conditions which usually state that investing is a risk and there are no guarantees as to the outcome of my investments with them. Maybe that lets them off the hook. I just know I was lied to about the performance of my account every time they called asking for more money. The whole thing took a wrong turn right in my presence. I had cold foots immediately they pulled a fast one on me that i lost my funds to bad trades. I made a promise to myself to try every avenue I can to get back this money, though I think the odds are pretty slim, I saw some Good reviews of RAPIDASSETRECOVERY dotcom; A Consultancy And Recovery Firm that has helped certain victims get a refund from these Unregulated brokers. I decided to use them and all I can say is contacting them was the best decision I made all my lifetime. These scams will keep going on and on for a very long time. We can only do some good to ourselves by getting some enlightening on how to point them out. Be safe out there everyone.

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