The GCAD Indicator From ITM Financial Comes With A Catch

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RESOLVED? – ITM Financial Issue



I received the email below from four different Brokers on the same day and it links you to the Titanium Webinar. I would like to expose the flaws in the webinar but my jpg’s won’t upload. Have any idea why I am having trouble uploading Charts. This new webinar is well done, once again they act like its live, but You can’t aske any questions and the fact I got it from multiple Brokers all with different webinar times proves its recorded and once again they offere the 25% discount IF YOU ACT NOW! I really want to expose this before people start buying it. I’m going to upload a review of ITM and their products on YOUTUBE so people find it when they google etc.

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ITM Financial .. More Bogus Marketing Hype

Below is another email I received from ITM Financial pitching the same product that they had to pull the results down from myfxbook and replace with a renamed product. This is a Scam. When you market your product with the claims they do and delete the data so that people can’t verify the claims that is a Scam. They continue to add new marketing with outrageous claims making some very slight changes. Look at the email below. Once again they use the 11 seats left crap trying to make people think that if they don’t act now they will miss out. Also, you can see they say there is a Full 60 day Guarantee if you are pip negative after 60 days. This is the same Guarantee they will not honor for me even when they were down over 500 pips in 60 days in my case. Do not get sucked in by their sleazy marketing campaign. The headline of the email is below. They closed down 3 London firms for 90 minutes. Also, based on the fact that this email came from Alex and I received the same email from other people with different names, one of two things is going on. Either they are inventing people or they sell their software through brokers. Beware when you see a company marketing like this.

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It isn’t often that a trading system comes along that causes Forex brokerage houses to stop trading while they watch the video.

That is EXACTLY what happened when Forex startup ITM Financial first released its video about NNT, or Neural Networks Trading. It literally was sent as a private preview to 3 London trading firms and all 3 had their traders watch it.

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The system is built on a massive cloud computing system that “senses” trade direction before it happens and makes a killing.

How do they do it?

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They have opened up 11 more trading spots as a favor for Dustin and each new member will receive 5 FREE forex trading tools that help make up their algorithm library. After the 11 spots are filled, the 5 FREE trading tools will be removed for new members.

Reserve your spot tonight and check out a system that can give massive returns with very low draw downs, consistently.

PS – They are so confident in their system that if you are net negative with them after 60 days, they give you a full refund. Either they make money for you or they don’t charge you. the ultimate NO RISK trial.

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Slick advertising and pretty numbers- what more is there?

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I halfway bit on their presentation- ITM- it stands for INTERNET TIME MACHINE. Whoaaaa. Wow, an Internet Time machine!! Just think of all the money you could make!! Only thing is. they promote a “special program,” with 24Option.. Check out 24Option reviews on FPA. It ain’t pretty. But their advertising is slick as rainwater- and they charge for it too. over a thousand dollars for their starter package, or something like that. Wow. For a thousand bucks, this must be REALLY SPECIAL. And the way they package it, it has to be TRULY AWESOME. Talked to a guy named SHAWN, (how do these people sleep at night?) who casually mentioned that he didn’t know much about 24Option- it was just a promotional program. They advertise the “inspirational story of Trader X- he took his 24Option account from 250$ to 8,000.00$ trading ITM binary option signals alone!! Just think of all the money you could make!! And, as far as the idea presented by others on this thread, of, “don’t cash out now, you’ll be losing money,” I got the same argument from the friendly folks over at After three months of tradecopier service on a 4.5K account, I was down 120.00$. Meaning after three months of trading on a nearly 5K account, I was losing money. And I was paying these people 120.00$ a month for the privilege. When I stated I was going to cash out, quickly replied, “oh no, we have some great trades lined up, you’ll make your money back.” After three months. A hundred and twenty bucks. The funniest thing was, two months after I cashed out of, I mysteriously received a completely FREE one year prescription to Traders Elite Forex Signals. “Welcome! You’ve been given ONE YEAR FREE SUBSCRIPTION” to Trader Elite Forex Signals.

It’s really nice to know of a website where you can get feedback from others to find out who’s lying and who’s not.


Before I start here’s a little background on me. I’m 55 years old and have been trading Forex and Futures for 8 years fulltime. I am a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Maryland and have a minor in mathematics from Virginia Tech. You can check on the Professional Engineering liscense by going to the link below: (for the links to work properly just cut and paste them into your browser)

I bought a copy of ITM Financials mirror product a little over a month ago and I wanted to give my opinion on the product based on research I have done. It seems that the product was developed based on research and software created at ‘the internet time machine’. You can go to this link to see what that was all about. Its basically advanced social media marketing software and this link shows how it can be used.

I bought the software based on an online presentation that was full of hype and promises about how good the signals were. It was a very typical marketing presentation that starts with an extremely credible yet high pressure sales technique where a real person tells you about how this is the deal of a lifetime generating 1000 pips a month and then explains that I have nothing to lose because of the iron clad 60 day money back guarantee and then they only selling 500 copies of the software at a discounted price of $500, so the cost is only $1500. It turns out that the guarantee is as iron clad as I thought. Before you ever consider buying what I bought for $1500 I would try going to this link and getting a monthly version with a full guarantee

This next line is a line directly from the guarantee I evidently agreed to. Although we are still discussing that matter.


Based on this statement and the results from the independent study along with their marketing representations (or misrepresentations) I would have to say this is Either GROSS misrepresentation or an outright SCAM.

They will not give me a refund at this point because they say I have to use the product for 60 Days and if my net pips are a loss then they will give a refund. There is a big problem with that scenario. They’re counting of pip loss is different than everyone else’s because they base theirs on data from myfxbook and have FINfx set up as their Broker. Go to this link and look at their performance to date:

They have lost money 4 out of the last 5 months and are only in the green because of a great start in October and so far through May 8 they are down -6.54%. So they need a heck of a run to turn positive in May. Their system clearly is suspect and not in agreement with their marketing hype.

These are the results without accounting for the fact that you probably aren’t using the same broker they are and your spreads will differ because of that..

December 2020 -1.86%
January 2020 -5.81%
February 2020 -.68%
March 2020 +6.8%
April 2020 -9.91%
May (thru 8th) -6.54%

Here is a sample comparison of Broker pips spreads directly off of the myfxbook site. As you can see the spreads vary greatly especially on the EURUSD pair which is the one the system trades the most. So how can that have a guarantee based on net pip loss when every broker is different. I can tell you that the pip gains or losses I see on my screen are not the same as there’s and there is no mistake on where they are trying to get in and out of trades. You get and email of the exact entry and exit points. Their’s will not be the same as what you see on the myfxbook site. Sometimes they are close and sometimes they are off by a few pips. When you add a few pips over 284 trades that they have so far in the myfxbook model it can add up. Just be aware and be careful about that.

FINfx .7 1.6 .8 2.1 1.2 1.5 1.9
FXCM 2.1 2.1 2.1 4.3 2.8 2.4 2.2

These are the results without commission adjusted from myfxbook:

December 2020 -1.86%
January 2020 -5.81%
February 2020 -.68%
March 2020 +6.8%
April 2020 -9.91%
May (thru 8th) -6.54%

You may also want to do some research on the Company itself before dishing out $1500. In my opinion its always better to be careful when you’re dealing with a relatively new business and product because a 60 day money back guarantee isn’t worth its weight if it can’t be paid back. I’d love to hear from anyone that has received a refund on the $1500 product. By the way, if you call there to request a refund you will end up talking to Shawn and he was very nice when I dealt with him. If you want to talk to the CEO you are looking for Curt Dalton. Google him and you can get his specifics. You can send me an email at [email protected] and I will respond.





This is an update concerning my refund from ITM financial along with other allegations they have made about this site.

I thought you might find the discussion between Curt Dalton, CEO ITM Financial and me interesting. He is lying about giving me a refund and claiming that this site uses blackmail to make money. He is a very slippery and dishonest person. He knows very well that he still has my money yet is trying to play dumb.

(From Curt to Me),

I checked with accounting and they said you did a chargeback with AMEX. The money has been deducted from our merchant dealings. You already have your money, I am not sure what you want me to do at this point. I cannot refund money you already charged backed, I don’t have it anymore. If you want to make videos and submit to forums, you should be making videos at AMEX and your credit card company.

PS – Is this the Forex Peace Army site you are referring to? A couple of Russian teenagers who blackmail brokerages and signal providers into $5,000 payments? I am not sure you want to hitch your horse to their wagon and take their word on things.

10:35 AM (1 hour ago)
If what you are referring to is a dispute that does not put the money back into my account only you can do that. You have had the money since April 27 and if has never been credited back to the AmEx account. Can you show me the chargeback or credit receipt? AmEx does not have the money I just called them to verify.

Why don’t I have AmEx call you. Do you have a number?

AmEx said that a chargeback does not transfer funds and that you still have the money from March 28. Maybe your accounting department doesn’t understand that a chargeback (dispute) has nothing to do with the transfer of funds and that they need to do that on your end. You are either messing with me or you don’t understand a very basic accounting process. I believe its the former. Also, that is not the site I was referring to. Shawn knows which site it is. He has spent time on the site defending your company.

Yes, this is the same site referred to here.

There is only one and it is run by a couple Russian kids who try to blackmail companies like us and others.

You can use their service forums if you like, but realize that they are alot more shady than the providers they “review”. For example, I know of one service that was told for $5k they will take all negative stuff down on the forums and site. So I guess if I really cared about forexpeacearmy I could just pay them to take stuff you put up, down. I don’t care about troll sites like that, those that try to look honest and just want to blackmail companies.

I will have accounting check with Amex on your suggestions.

We also have the issue of you starting a dispute and voiding your 60 day refund rights as it says in the rules as well. I checked with Shawn and you were maid aware of the fact that once you start a chargeback without waiting the 60 days, you then leave your fate up to the credit card company.

What should we do about that?

Nothing in your guarantee says that filing a dispute will change the guarantee and why should it? I was trying to protect my interests. If I had listened to you in your email below I would have continued to lose another 250 pips. If you think a dispute should change the terms of your guarantee than put it in your guarantee so the consumer is clear upfront about any exceptions or special items change the guarantee on the fly.

Below is what he first told me when I asked for a refund:

I have been monitoring your conversation with Shawn.

According to game theory, you should not refund now. You are ripping yourself off.

1. You get a full refund on day 60 if you are net negative just like you agreed upon signing, so you are only 30 days out from that.

2. If we are negative, you get a refund, if we end up positive, you are about to miss a HUGE run.

3. If you chargeback now, we challenge it based on our digital signature and refund policy. We win about 80% of these types of chargebacks. If we win, you never get your money back since

we can’t refund a chargeback dispute. You loose it all.

It is in your own self interest to wait the 30 days you signed up for. You are guaranteed to get it all back or get on a big run. You chargeback now, you risk losing it all (membership charge) and miss a big run.

There is no possible way a chargeback helps you right now, it is not even in your own self interest to do it.

What am I missing?

Below is a copy of the ITM guarantee:

The ITM Financial Membership comes with a Full 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

Are You Eligible To Claim A Refund? – Full Refund Policy Explained Below.
To claim a full 100% refund regardless of whether you are a Monthly Subscriber or hold a Membership Package (if you have purchased a One-Off membership), you need to demonstrate (show us) that your P/L in PIPS (Profit/Loss Statement) for the first 60 days since your purchase date inclusive (all our results are Verified by our Real Account on Myfxbook) after following ITM Financial Signals (Open/Modify/Close) EXACTLY, is NEGATIVE.

For example, if after 60 days (minimum time period to be eligible for refunds) of trading ITM Financial Signals according to the provided instructions, the number of pips lost is greater than the number of pips won (all our results are Verified by our Real Account on Myfxbook), we will process a full 100% Refund of your payment(s). A refund can only be claimed after a minimum of 60 days from your start date are complete and you are at Net Loss in pips.

If in the EXTREMELY UNLIKELY event that you have a Negative P/L with ITM Financial Signals over the first 60 days since your purchase date, please claim your refund by sending an email to [email protected] with:

1. Subject Line: “ITM Financial – Refund Request”
2. Your Purchase/Order Receipt ID.
3. Email Address used when making the purchase.
3. Your Trading Account Statement for the last 60 days containing your trades using ITM Financial Signals.

If you are a Trade Copier user, your Trading Account Statement MUST contain “Comments”, otherwise the statement will be rejected and you will be asked to provide a new account statement including Comments.

All ITM Financial Signals delivered through our Trade Copier Service contain the comment “ITM Trade Copier” – This is to protect both our members and ourselves in the advent that a refund request becomes necessary.

ITM Financial – ForexSocialSignals.COM
An Internet Time Machine Project

21 W Olympia Ave
Woburn, MA. 01801
United States of America

Those Russian kids have created one of the most visible and respected Forex review sites on the internet. Try and google anything about Forex review and see how often that little Russian site comes up. I have been following forex for 10 years and it is true that when the site first came out it was small, but now look at the banners on their site. Its some of the biggest brokers in the Forex industry. FXCM etc. They have really been one of the few positives in an industry full of scammers and sharks. Not only do you find them on Google, YouTube, Twitter . you find them on every major search engine. You can call them what you want but tell me of a Forex site that is higher up on the Google food chain than they are.



The first refuge of any scammer is to try to discredit anyone who might try to help victims (or potential victims).

InstaForex threw that page up after they ripped off a couple of FPA members. The only blackmail was asking InstaForex to either pay the traders what was owed them or to provide evidence to show that the money wasn’t owed. Insta promised to show evidence, but never did.

Insta has continued its reign of financial terror ever since then, with the theft of 50% of all LR deposits without regard to when those deposits were made just being the latest chapter.

Curt of ITM is not helping his company’s cause by hitching himself to Insta Fraudex’s wagon of scam.



I have been trading and developing trading systems for 9 years. I am an indicator technologist, analyzing, modifying, and creating hundreds of indicators. I have several friends and programmers who do the same thing. We share indicators and knowledge and systems for analysis. I am a full time trader. I usually ignore marketers, but in this case their theft was blatant, so I responded. Blatant for me means it is either my indicator, or one of my friend’s indicator, and being sold by someone who is not the owner. It most often occurs in Singapore, but in this case, I am not sure if Curt Dalton is a psuedo name for one of them. I actually know the creator of the tool they were passing off as theirs. I actually use it too as part of my system. Obviously my use of the indicator is correct too, so it was immediately apparent to me that not only did they steal my friend’s indicator, but were not using it properly either. I DO know what I am talking about.

This is the email I sent this company after getting one of their spam emails. This is my entire email to them. Quote from me > Promoting the FX Sniper T3 CCI indicator as though it was yours. Promoting use of the renamed indicator with inappropriate settings. Promoting eToro brokerage through misdirection. All in all, very unethical!! End quote.

An actual company puts the customer first, right? So, even if you disagree, you state an apology, or declare our disagreement, or recommend another source, etc, etc. Ethical business, right?

Here is the response. Quote from them >
Thankyou for your email full of incorrect claims and non-researched rhethoric.
– We are honoured that you have taken the time to write to us with anything but correct information, we are going to suggest that you be nominated for a Nobel Prize.
Now, on to serious matters:
1. The indicators provided to you are based on MACD, RSI and CCI calculations, combined with our proprietary SSI technology.
2. There are hundreds of commercial and free indicators on the internet that use MACD, RSI and CCI.
3. Confusing our technology with indicators like FX T3 and other rehashed CCI indicators on the internet is your own problem and only says that you need to do your research correctly before making claims that don’t exactly make you look very intelligent to anyone.
4. Please contact eToro yourself — You can easily confirm by speaking to them directly, that ITM Financial is an Official, Registered Partner of eToro International. Go on, call them today, it will put your mind at ease

If you can write back with a more specific, actual question, we would be more than happy to answer it for you

Please don’t waste your time or ours, by submitting nonsensical comments with no base or substance.
Many Thanks,
Support @ ITM Financial

Important Disclaimer: We reserve the unquestionable right to a) Not answer questions that are not relevant to the ITM Financial Membership, and b) Not answer to abuse or rude commentary of any nature, possibly terminating your membership should you resort to behaving unprofessionally with our staff via email or any other medium of communication.

We aim to respond to your questions within 1 to 2 business days. Please try and email us your questions all in one email instead of sending questions in multiple emails. The more emails our system receives, the further down the queue you go, and the longer it takes for us to respond.

If this is how you like companies to respond to you, then by all means you should contact them immediately and let them bully you around. I am serious when I say the indicator is not theirs. and they are not using it properly!! Not only do I use the FX Sniper T3 CCI indicator, but I back it up with the FX Sniper Ergodic CCI Trigger indicator. Both are great tools Despite the critical rhetoric from Mr Dalton, apparently he likes it too or he would not be trying to sell it to you. There ya go Go on the Internet and download them for free, compare them to what he is trying to sell you, and DON’T try to sell things that do not belong to you. Additionally, the remark about eToro is based upon ITM wanting you to register eToro as your broker and thereby giving them a part of each spread on each trade. In other words, ITM will make themselves a referring broker and get a cut from eToro on your trading activity. Nothing illegal about that, but they do not declare that little tidbit of information. Do you really want to give money to unethical businesses?

Listen. I can easily make 200K a day using these free indicators properly. ITM makes their money selling you the free indicators with incorrect settings because they are not traders. Then they make a little more by taking a cut out of the spread on every trade you make. I have no experience with their mirror trading system, but I am 100% positive it sucks because I know for a fact how to trade and how to use these tools. Now the question is who to believe? ITM or the Nobel Prize nominee? LOL. Save your money, google the indicators I mentioned, and trade on your own

(req) ITM indicators


New member

Could someone please share the following indicators from ITM Financials

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Admiral Markets Group consists of the following firms:

Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd

Admiral Markets Pty Ltd

Admiral Markets UK Ltd

Reading time: 9 minutes

What moves markets? It’s a fundamental question that every professional trader should consider – and the answer can be as complicated as you care to make it. Perhaps the shortest answer is supply and demand.

If demand for an instrument is high and supply is short, the price will inevitably rise. If the converse is true, the price will fall. Simple, right? But how can we gauge what is happening with supply and demand? Especially in the Forex market, which is de-centralised and, consequently, not overly transparent. One method we can utilise is to use price data to get a handle on how money is flowing in and out of an instrument.

One of the more popular tools for doing this is the Money Flow Index indicator (MFI indicator). The MFI indicator looks at price changes and tick volume to judge whether the flow is positive or negative. It is similar in some ways to the Accumulation Distribution Indicator. Let’s first take a look at how values for the index are calculated.

Calculating the Money Flow Index Indicator

There are a number of steps involved in calculating values for the MFI technical indicator. The first step is to define a concept called typical price (TP), the value of which is set at the arithmetic mean of the high, the low, and the closing prices for the period in question.

Using this concept, we are then able to go on and define the related concept of money flow (MF). We define this value by multiplying typical price by volume.

The next step is to calculate positive and negative money flows over N periods. We define positive money flow as being any day where the TP is higher than the previous period. Accordingly, negative money flow is any day when the TP is lower than the previous period. To give us the positive money flow over N periods, we total the positive money flows over that time span. Separately, we do the same for the negative flows to give us the negative money flow over N periods. The ratio of these two numbers gives us the money ratio (MR).

  • MR = positive money flow/negative money flow

Finally, we convert this into an index using the following equation:

In short, we can sum this up by saying that the MFI is the ratio of positive money flow to the total money flow. If the calculations above seem a little burdensome, don’t worry – the good news is that the MetaTrader 4 MFI indicator will take care of all the number crunching for you.

Using the MetaTrader 4 Money Flow Index Indicator

The MFI MT4 indicator is one of the tools that comes as standard with the platform, which means that you don’t have to make a separate download if you want to use it. Instead, you just need to look in the list of Indicators, and you will find it in the ‘Volumes’ folder, as you can see in the image below:

Source: MetaTrader 4 – setting the parameters for the Money Flow Index in MetaTrader 4

When you launch the indicator, you will see the dialogue box (see the screenshot above) which allows you to configure the parameters to your own preferences. Beyond the visual aspects of colour and line thickness, the main settings are ‘Period’, ‘Fixed Minimum’, and ‘Fixed Maximum’.

The period is the N value in the calculations shown above that defines the time span over which we calculate the positive and negative money flows. The default value is 14. The fixed minimum and fixed maximum define the extremities between which the indicator will oscillate. 0 and 100 are the respective default values, and It is recommended that you operate with these values.

How to Read the MFI Indicator

A basic use of the Money Flow Index is to indicate when the market is overbought or oversold. Values lower than 20 usually suggest an oversold market. Conversely, levels higher than 80 suggest an overbought market. These levels are marked on the chart as a grey dotted line. Conventional wisdom contends that there is an increased chance of a reversal at such points. The image below shows an hourly GBP/USD chart to which we’ve added the Money Flow Index indicator:

Depicted: MetaTrader 4 – GBPUSD 1 Hour chart with an MFI indicator applied – Disclaimer: Charts for financial instruments in this article are for illustrative purposes and does not constitute trading advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument provided by Admiral Markets (CFDs, ETFs, Shares). Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance.

The MFI indicator appears below the main chart. You can see how the value of the MFI drops below 20 in the middle section of the chart. The GBP/USD rate subsequently re-bounds from this oversold period.

Trading with the MFI Indicator

Alongside simply considering overbought and oversold conditions, you also need to look at how the MFI indicator is behaving with regards to the price. This is because divergence between the two can be very important. In other words, you are looking for the times when the price tells one story, but the MFI doesn’t follow suit and tells a different story instead. For example, if the price is making new highs and the MFI fails to make new highs, or falls.

This is a bearish divergence and can be used as a sell signal. Alternatively, if the price makes new lows but the MFI fails to set new lows, or rises, this would be a bullish divergence. Another MFI indicator strategy is to apply a moving average (MA) to the indicator and to use crossovers of the main value across the MA as trading signals.

To do this, click and drag the moving average indicator from the ‘Navigator’ into the actual MFI chart. In the settings, choose ‘First Indicator’s Data’ in the ‘Apply to’ box. The image below shows the MFI indicator with a 30-period simple moving average applied to it. We’ve also added a centre line by editing the MFI indicator, and we achieved this by going into the ‘Levels’ tab and then adding a 50 level to the pre-existing 20 and 80 levels.

Depicted: MetaTrader 4 – GBPUSD Daily chart with an MFI indicator applied – Disclaimer: Charts for financial instruments in this article are for illustrative purposes and does not constitute trading advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument provided by Admiral Markets (CFDs, ETFs, Shares). Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance.

For this strategy, we buy if the MFI crosses above its MA, and sell if it crosses below the MA. However, we only trade if the indicator is in a favourable level with respect to the centre line at the time. That is, we only act on a sell signal if the MFI is above 50, and we only buy if it is below 50. It’s worth bearing in mind that no indicator is right all the time. In fact, any performance that is better than random can make for a useful tool. This still means that there will be many false signals, which can be frustrating.

This is why many traders employ more than one indicator in combination, so as to improve the performance and help to reduce the number of false signals. For example, you could use conventional pattern analysis to better inform your signals from the MFI indicator. Or perhaps you could combine the indicator with a volatility channel, such as Keltner Channels. To get a wider choice of tools to choose from, why not try the MetaTrader Supreme Edition plugin? It includes Keltner Channels alongside a wide variety of other indicators and enhancements for the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.

MFI Forex Indicator – Conclusions

As we have seen, the MFI indicator is a useful tool for gauging buying and selling pressure caused by the flow of money into and out of a particular market. A simple use of the indicator is to identify potential reversals at the times when oversold or overbought values are shown. This can be made even more effective by checking for divergent behaviour between the price and the indicator.

The best way to discover which particular method is most effective for you is by trying out the various techniques in the risk-free environment available with a demo trading account. That way, you can see what works with real live prices, but without the fear of losing money while you are still finding your feet. This will stand you in good stead when you embark fully on your trading career.

Click the banner below to receive your FREE MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition plugin upgrade!

About Admiral Markets
Admiral Markets is a multi-award winning, globally regulated Forex and CFD broker, offering trading on over 8,000 financial instruments via the world’s most popular trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Start trading today!

This material does not contain and should not be construed as containing investment advice, investment recommendations, an offer of or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments. Please note that such trading analysis is not a reliable indicator for any current or future performance, as circumstances may change over time. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisors to ensure you understand the risks.

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