Spreadex.com Review Is Spreadex Legit Or Scam

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Tradefred Review: Scam or Legit Broker?

Tradefred Review: Scam or Legit Broker?


Last Updated: Nov 26, 2020 @ 12:14 pm

Tradefred is a broker offering Forex and CFDs trading instruments. The platform claims that it is designed to offer a product that suits every investor’s style of trading. They offer dedicated personal account managers and a customer support system which ensures that they can achieve their business goal.

In case you’re looking for a customer friendly broker who is interested in acquiring and retaining their customers, this list has some of the best in the industry. If you are new to trading, you will need a broker aside from a Forex robot or a skill that enables you to trade like a professional. If you don’t have a Forex robot yet, go here and sign up.

Tradefred Review

Tradefred is affiliated with the famous sports betting company, Betfred. This is licensed by CySec and offers their services on two platforms while claiming to offer negative balance protection. Since Tradefred is regulated, many traders might assume that their service is really good and reliable but that is not always the case. One of the requirements that come with these regulations is that funds of their clients must be held in segregated accounts. This ensures that the Forex broker is successfully implementing the negative balance protection as claimed on their website.

While Tradefred offers features that some traders might find convenient, this broker is not free from the usual setbacks which are common with most brokers in this industry. One of the features offered on this platform is social trading. Through this social trading feature, the broker is forming a community of traders who can share their skills and successes with other traders who have less experience in trading. However, it is important to note that social trading on this platform is anonymous because users don’t give their personal details or their trading accounts.

Based on this feature alone, Tradefred believes that it is the best trading platform for both novice and experienced traders. It offers a chance to join a community of like minded traders and also the chance to learn from the best. The question is this, if these traders are anonymous, how can we effectively engage them? That is the question that many of you might be asking at this point in time.

Trading platform

A web based platform is offered in addition to the usual MT4 platform. MT4 is highly favored and for some traders, they can’t do without it. The main advantage of this platform is that it is so versatile that it supports a vast array of trading indicators and expert advsors including custom ones. The options are unlimited. As for their web based trading platform, we discovered that this was something that looked like Sirix web. It is equipped with social stream feature which agrees very well with the social trading feature which the broker has put in place.

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Leverage offered by this broker is up to 1:50. This is quite low considering that most brokers are now offering up to 1:500. But you must also understand that trading with high leverage carries a certain risk with it. This is why US regulators decided to set a limit on the maximum amount of leverage that traders can access with their brokers. According to them, the maximum should be 1:50.

Minimum deposit

To open an account with Tradefred and actually start trading, the broker requires a minimum investment of $100. This is considered an average that most brokers will ask you to open an account with. However, there are some brokers who have lowered this limit and can accept $50 or less. Under funding your account is not a good thing though because it is one of the reasons why traders fail.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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For you to survive in a dynamic Forex market place, you must have sufficient funding. Or else, just one trade will kick you out of the market just before it can head to the right direction. It is therefore never safe to under fund your trading account and trade the live market anyway.

Spreads and commission

Tradefred claims that they are offering fixed spreads for currency pairs like EURUSD. The spread for this particular pair is 3 pips. This is not a good spread by all means because most professional brokers won’t go beyond the 1.5 pips mark unless they are looking to steal from you. This is by no means a fair trading condition. Whether fixed or floating, you should look for a broker that is offering favorable spreads for trading. These can be found on this list in case you are looking for a good broker that gives you fair trading conditions while respecting your rights as a customer.

Funding methods

Tradefred offers a number of funding methods on their platform. This is for the convenient of their customers. These methods include Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Broker to Broker transfer, WebMoney and Qiwi. However, you have to be aware of the fact that broker to broker transfers or bank transfers usually take longer. So if you don’t wish to wait a little longer, the best method to utilize is credit card payments because you are also covered by the consumer rights as stated in the policies of the credit card issuer.

Customer reviews

Is Tradefred a scam? To find out, we consulted a number of customer reviews on the same. Some customers claim that the broker does not process withdrawal requests whatsoever and we know that this is a common problem with many brokers out there especially if they are of dubious nature. They simply ignore client requests once those clients have deposited funds on their platform.

This worries us a lot concerning the conduct of Tradefred and we believe that the devil is in the details. These customers can’t be wrong and are definitely not speaking lies.

Our best advice for you

While their features seem attractive to newbies, its spreads are too wide. We feel this is a rip off. On top of that, their maximum leverage is insufficient. Please stick to these brokers if you can.

Neobux Review : is Neobux Legit or Scam?

In this blog post, you will learn about Neobux and the ways of making money with it. First of all, let’s take a deep breath and admire that Neobux is not a scam and it pays.

My journey with neobux started with the first payment proof of $ 02.05. I got to know that Neobux is a legit company and they are from Portugal.

Now let’s quickly talk about the ways of making money with it.

1) View Advertisements Daily

In the beginning, you will be a standard member. You will be getting 12+ advertisements a day. Each advertisement will give you around $0.001 + 4 adprize points. So,
12 * $ 0.001 = $ 0.012. daily just from watching ads.

To increase your earnings from watching ads, you can install Neobux Adalert plugin for firefox (for Mozilla Firefox) or Neobux Adalert plugin for chrome (for Google Chrome) depending on your browser.The plugin is developed by Neobux company only.

2) Watch AdPrize ads for the bonus.

For each advertisement you watched in step 1), you will get 4 adprize bonus. It just means 4 ads to watch that might get you anywhere from 10 points to $50.00 bonus. There is no guarantee though. It hardly takes 10 -13 minutes to watch all of them. There is a possibility of getting atleast one bonus in a week.

3) Mini Jobs (Most Reliable)

In Mini Jobs, you will get tasks like — finding people on LinkedIn to finding business information of companies from owler, glassdoor and linkedIn. These tasks are usually easy. You will need a figure8 account for the Mini Jobs.

4) Surveys

If you enjoy doing surveys, you can continue with this part at Neobux.

5) Games

If you enjoy games then you can play them and earn money on Neobux. You can earn around $0.10 a day for playing 2 minutes games. There are a few rules that you can read in the games section of your Neobux account.

6) Offers

You can also complete offers from SuperRewards, OfferToro, Persona.ly, AdscendMedia, AdGateMedia and RevenueUniverse to earn money. The offers are usually quizzes and more surveys.

For answers of quizzes, you can refer MyNeobuxPortal

7) Direct Referrals

If you refer your friends to the website then you will receive commissions for lifetime and this is the part where you are getting money for doing nothing except referring someone. So see if any of your friends are interested in online earning and then let them sign up from their laptops/PC

8) Rented Referrals

This is the final way of earning money from Neobux. It is strategic and you need to learn to manage your referrals. It is really risky so avoid attempting it if you are new in neobux. Although you can learn over time with loss and gains to play the game of rented referrals. You can download the Rented Referral Management Software to manage your referrals easily instead of using excel sheets.

So sign up on Neobux and begin your exciting journey now!

Vova Review: Is It A Legit Online Store or Scam?

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If you’ve ever lost money on the internet, then you know better than to just shop anywhere willy nilly. So that’s probably why you make be skeptical about shopping at Vova.com and it’s why you are checking out a couple of Vova Reviews.

Well, we have everything you need to know. So if you want to know the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you’ll want to read this shocking Vova review now. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

What is Vova?

Vova found online at www.Vova.com is an online fashion store that sells women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing including dresses, tops, trousers, shirts, jumpsuits, swimwear, jewelry and other fashion apparel. They also sell electronics and home improvement items. We couldn’t find information about the owner nor when they opened shop. But they say they are located in Hong Kong, China, specifically Rm 901 Yip Fung Building 2-12 D’aguilar St Central HK. They also have an Android and iOS Vova app that functions more or less the same as the site.

Vova Prices

There are all sorts of offers, coupons and discounts going on at Vova, but let’s look at a few examples.

Women’s clothing including dresses, tops and coats average $30 a piece, with prices going as low as $5 and as high as $50. Same goes for kimonos, jumpsuits and outer wear in general. Women’s jewelry including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc sell for anywhere between $3 and $10, but they barely surpass the $10 mark.

Men’s clothing including shirts, trousers and coats average $25 a piece with some going for as low as $5. Fashion accessories on the site average $15 while kids’ clothing and accessories cap at $50. Electronics and home improvement items are discounted, mostly within the 10 to 20% bracket but you’ll hardly find anything priced surprisingly cheaper or more expensive than what you would expect elsewhere.

Vova Refund & Return Policy

Let’s face it, crap happens, and when it does you would better be in the know. Here’s what you need to know in case you don’t like what they sent.

At the time of this review, Vova allows a 30 day window for returns and refunds. You just have to make sure they can restock what you’re returning to the next customer, meaning the item has to be unworn, unwashed with all labels intact.

They don’t specify what doesn’t qualify for exchanges or refunds, but they say they indicate each item’s refund or returns situation before you pay for it.

If you have a problem with your order, all you have to do is go to your “my orders” page and request for a refund. You’ll then get your money within 14 days. You can read all about that here.

Vova Shipping

Vova ships for free worldwide. All they need from you is your most convenient shipping address. They say it takes 3-5 days to ship, and they’ll tell you how long shipping is likely to take before you check out.

Depending on what you’re actually buying, they say most orders take 15-30 days to arrive, but it may be faster if you’re ordering from Asia. I’ll be damned! Well, did you know you can order from Amazon and get FREE guaranteed 1-2 day Amazon Prime Delivery? Well, now you know.

Vova Customer Service

There are a couple of ways you can reach out to Vova if you need something sorted out. You can email them on [email protected] or contact them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages using the handle @vovashop. They don’t have an onsite live chat though.

Vova Coupons or Promo Codes

You can find Vova promo codes and coupons on their website and other sources online. But if you are all about saving money, check out sites like JoinHoney.com , Ebay.com , Ebates.com & Amazon.com for some of the best deals online. Some sites like Swagbucks.com also allows you to earn free cash, gift cards and coupons by doing the things you already do online like shopping, watching videos and searching online. You can then use the cash and gift cards you earn to shop on Vova or any online stores. Pretty sweet, right?

Do You Want This Or Any Product For FREE?

Coupon, Discount and Promo codes are cool to save some money when you shop. But FREE is way better. Click here to learn how you can get this and all products for FREE online and offline. Why pay anything at all if you don’t have to? Don’t worry this doesn’t involve doing anything shady. This shopping hack uses a company that is listed with the Better Business Bureau. So it’s totally legit. Check it out here.

What We Like About Vova

Free shipping

Vova ships worldwide for free if you choose standard shipping. It seems the cost of shipping is included in the overall price of the item so you know exactly how much you’re paying for even before you add it to your cart.

Vova Complaints

Everything sounds easy breezy so far. But if what actual customers are saying is true, chances Vova is not everything they claim to be. So let’s check out what the complaints against Vova are at this time.

Where’s My Sh*t?

Apparently when you order on Vova there’s no guarantee you’ll get your item. Some customers have had to wait for months to get their issues sorted out. Based on the number of similar cases, it’s safe to say you may never get what you ordered eventually.

What You See Is Not What You Get

Here’s a heads up. Those photos you see on the website don’t represent the actual thing. Feed your eyes all you want, but chances are you’ll not be happy with what you’ll unwrap at the end of the day. That seems to be the norm with cheap clothing. So tough luck if you’re into cheap stuff, there’s a price to pay either way.

Good luck With Your Refund…

So here’s the deal. Suppose you buy something and it turns out you don’t like it, Vova makes it a hell of a lot harder to get a refund or something close to that by wriggling you around the refunds process.

Who owns this thing anyway?

Compared to most online stores we have reviewed before, Vova doesn’t do a great job of making themselves sound legit. We neither know who the owner is, nor when they started. All we know is that they have offices in Hong Kong.

No BBB Rating

At the time of writing this review, Vova doesn’t have an entry with the Better Business Bureau, probably confirming the complaints we’ve just mentioned.

Vova Alternatives

So if anything above makes you uncomfortable, it’s fine. There are other alternatives like Ebay.com , Ebates.com or Amazon.com that offers FREE guaranteed 1-2 day Amazon Prime Delivery. You can even shop at SwagBucks.com and enjoy rebates, deals and coupons all the while earning real money.

Is Vova Safe?

Vova is not safe. Here’s why. You’ll hardly find someone with something positive to say about them on social media and around the web. Actually, most of them appear to have lost money one way or another. We also don’t know who owns the damn site, and they also don’t have an entry with the Better Business Bureau.

So you are probably better off shopping on trusted sites like Amazon where you get FREE guaranteed 1-2 day Amazon Prime Delivery. Their products are always of high quality and you don’t have to settle if you are not happy with your order. No matter where you decide to shop you should definitely use the free Honey Browser App to help you save money by finding you the coupons and promo codes that actually work.

Well, that’s all from me today. Do you have an online shopping experience with Vova or any other online store? We would love to hear from you. Leave us a comment or question in the comments section below! And if you still have questions about the site, check out their FAQs page.

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