Review Shopglows is a Scam Shoe Store

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How To Avoid Online Shopping Scams

You probably think you know the score when it comes to online shopping, but you have to remember that scammers are usually one step ahead. They come up with something new every time their latest schemes get blown wide open. You have to be vigilant whenever you’re checking out a tempting offer or clicking an intriguing pop-up.

Here are solid rules of thumb on how to avoid online shopping scams.

Do Your Research

You are (generally) OK when you buy from established online retailers and from websites of well-known brands, but you might be tempted to stretch your dollar by buying from an unknown site offering similar products at much lower prices.

Before committing to anything, check out the website online, looking particularly for user reviews as well as badges from consumer protection agencies. Doing so allows you to check whether there have been any negative reports about the company or on the merchandise on offer.

Be on the alert for any reference to shoddy products, unauthorized charges on the credit card, poor after-sales services, and lengthy delivery times. Negative reviews may be just the belly aching of whiny customers with unrealistic expectations, but why take the chance? When in doubt, don’t buy. How badly do you want that pair of boots anyway?

Looking from a seller’s perspective, this is the exact same reason we want to maintain customer service of the highest caliber, and do everything possible to peaceably settle a customer complaint.

Buy Only From Secured Sites

When you do your online shopping, you’ll have to provide financial information; most likely this will come in the form of your credit card details. No matter how secure a site may be, it’s important to realize that putting credit card information on the internet is inherently risky. Therefore, it’s important to minimize that risk.

First off, make sure that the website you are shopping on has all the signs of being legitimate. The easiest is to check if the URL begins with an “https” because that means the website is a secured one. The “s” indicates an additional layer of security known as an SSL or Secured Socket Layer. If your e-commerce site doesn’t already have SSL implemented, you’re missing out on loads of cautious buyers. Find out how to implement SSL here.

Another way to determine the level of security on a website is to search the domain name on a domain search website to check the create date. Older websites tend to be more reliable than newly-formed ones, which can easily be fake online shopping sites that usually disappear after a short while.

You should also look for well-known security labels such as VeriSign and McAfee. For websites based in China, check for an ICP license number, usually located at the bottom of the main webpage. The website should have complete contact information, terms of use, and privacy policies.

Payment options should include third-party payment services such as Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. Beware of websites that only accept money orders or wire transfers; it’s a sure sign that you will not get what you pay for and that you will never get a refund even if you lodge a dispute to high heaven.

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Maximize Credit Card Protection Services

Even if you determine that the website is reliable, it does not mean your personal information is safe. One of the most insidious online shopping scams is when hackers get hold of your credit card information from secured sites. If your credit card company offers a unique credit card number that you can use for specific sites, you’d be wise to use it.

If somebody gets hold of your credit card information, they can’t use it anywhere. Check your credit card statements for any unusual or unauthorized charges and promptly report suspect findings to your credit card company. Many have insurance against consumer fraud, so you won’t be liable for fraudulent charges. If your credit card issuer doesn’t have that kind of protection, find one that does for online purchases.

Beware of Out-of-This-World Offers

If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. When a health supplement or weight loss product is making grandiose claims, or prescription drugs are being sold at ridiculously low prices, in all probability you are buying into a fake or expired product — one which will not only not work, but could possibly endanger your health.

Another recycled scam that never quite stops making the rounds is the get-rich-quick angle. This one usually involves investment opportunities. A good example is micro-cap stocks, where the pitch is low investment and huge returns. Micro-cap stocks are also known as over-the-counter (OTC) stocks. They are low-priced shares in publicly-traded companies with relatively low capitalization.

Unlike regular stocks traded in established stock markets, companies trading in micro-cap stocks do not have to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission. There are legitimate micro-cap stocks, but it can difficult for the inexperienced to distinguish between those and scams. If you are a newbie in buying stocks, steer clear of these offers.

Keep Your Personal Information Personal

No legitimate online shopping website will require information such as your mother’s maiden name or your Social Security number. Credit card companies also don’t ask for your password over the Internet or the phone. Unless you want to be the lead character in a “based on a true story” movie about identity theft, steer clear.

Read the Fine Print

Always read the fine print in any transaction. Many people develop a blind spot for text that appears to be legalese or in a font size smaller than 12 points, but you need to read the terms and conditions because they contain important information that can impact on your rights as a consumer.

A good example would be the case of JustFab, an online shoe store that offers low-priced items if you sign up for their VIP membership at checkout. The fine print clearly explains that if you don’t skip or cancel the membership, the site will charge a monthly fee on your credit card. Unless you plan to buy regularly from the site, just skip the membership and pay the higher price for your peace of mind.

Buyers Can Be Scammers, Too

You should also be aware that sellers aren’t the least bit immune to online shopping scams. In auction sites such as eBay, you may encounter a buyer who pays for an item with a credit card or through Paypal, and then requests a charge back when the item has been delivered. Such buyers will usually claim your item is damaged, not as described, or that it never arrived.

As a seller, always provide a complete description of the item, down to the last scratch and dent, and provide clear photographs. Use a shipper that will provide a tracking number and proof of delivery, and deliver only to the verified address. Never ship to an unconfirmed address or P.O. box as these are not covered under seller protection.

There you have it: solid ways to avoid being cheated out of your hard-earned money when transacting online. Follow these rules and you will enjoy your online shopping experience.

Have you ever been the victim of an online shopping scam? Share your experience in the comments, so no one else has to suffer the same fate.

Wish Review – Legit Shopping App or Scam? [2020]

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Don’t you wish things weren’t so expensive?

Come on…a phone for $800? Who can afford that? Wouldn’t you rather spend $30 on a phone?

Well, you’re in luck.

Wish is an app and website where you can find super cheap items for sale. (And yes, I mean cheap in both senses of the word.)

Wish has been popular for awhile now, and isn’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon. So, I decided to write up a review of Wish to help summarize the pros and cons of the app and investigate into whether this company is a scam or completely legitimate.

Wish Review – Everything You Should Know Before Using Wish

Let me start by saying this:

With Wish, you get what you pay for.

Found a nice winter coat for $7? Well, it will feel like a $7 coat.

For some people, this is perfectly fine and Wish is a no-brainer. But if you want quality products that will last you a long time, look elsewhere.

With that said, there are some products that are probably worth buying on Wish because quality doesn’t matter so much. Things like party decorations, certain accessories, and even light-use tools.

Wish Pricing – Don’t Believe the Hype

On most of the items for sale on Wish, you’ll see a slashed out price that’s supposed to indicate what that product normally costs.

But this number actually has no meaning. Sellers are allowed to put any number there.

Also, some of the items for sale are, believe it or not, more expensive than name-brand items you could find for sale somewhere else, like at Walmart. So before you buy anything from Wish, verify that you really are getting a good deal by comparing the price with prices for the same product on Amazon and other merchants.

Also be aware that some inexpensive items have expensive shipping – kinda defeating the purpose. Make sure you check the total price before checking out!

Shipping Times – You Might be Waiting a While

One of the biggest complaints about Wish is that it takes forever for the products you ordered to arrive.

Some people have had to wait months. Sometimes the product never even makes it to you. I guess this is another of the many trade-offs for getting such good deals on certain products.

That said, some products are marked express shipping and these typically get delivered within a week, sometimes quicker. So if you need something soon, make sure it’s marked express shipping. Otherwise you could be waiting for quite some time.

Is Wish Legit? – Is it Safe to Shop on Wish?

There seem to be some mixed opinions as to whether Wish is legit or a scam.

It’s legit if you get what you ordered and don’t have to worry about any kind of fraud.

It’s a scam if you ordered something and it never arrived, and you can’t get your money back. Something many people have had problems with.

But this generally has more to do with the sellers, not so much with Wish itself. Certain sellers may be shady, others completely legit. Sellers have feedback and ratings for good reason.

So, my best advice would be to use Wish wisely. Only buy items from reputable sellers, and understand that there are always risks to shopping online – no matter from what website or app.

Wish Pros and Cons


  • Inexpensive products
  • Fun and addictive (I guess that’s a pro. )


  • Most products are low quality
  • Slow shipping times
  • Shipping costs can be astronomical
  • Sometimes products are never even delivered
  • Some people are having their refund requests refused
  • The free refund or replacement policy lasts 30 days – often expiring before the product even arrives
  • Products may not always be as pictured
  • Slow and unhelpful customer support

Wish User Reviews – Here’s What People are Saying

At some point it became popular for YouTubers to share their thoughts on Wish, and share their “Wish Hauls”.

After watching several of these, you’ll have a good idea about the quality of products Wish sells and know whether it’s worth using or not.

This first one by Good Mythical Morning shows Rhett and Link guessing whether certain products are name-brand or knockoffs from Wish:

And here are a few more videos with YouTubers reviewing some products they bought:

And there are plenty more you can watch if you’d like. Basically, the sentiment is the same – the quality is terrible, but now and then a product will really surprise you.

Conclusion – Is Wish Worth Using?

I would say it’s at least worth giving Wish a try. Maybe spend just a couple bucks, or whatever amount you can afford to lose. If you’re satisfied, by all means use it to your heart’s content.

Just keep in mind the negative aspects (like all the cons listed above) and don’t set your expectations too high.

You may be delighted with Wish, or you may get burned.

It’s your choice, but I hope this review at least helped to make it a more informed choice.

Have you ever used Wish? What do you think of it? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

Тема Shopping по английскому языку с переводом

Предложенная тема Shopping дается с переводом на русский. Учителя часто задают сочинение по английскому на тему шопинг, данный топик поможет справиться с этой задачей. Топик на тему шопинг, предложенный ниже – не сложный, хотя и длинный. Данное сочинение о походе в магазин будет полезным для учеников 6-11 классов. Его можно использовать для составления собственного устного высказывания на тему «Магазины. Поход по магазинам». Вероятно, Вам также будут полезны диалоги по теме Shopping.

Топик шопинг подойдет для уровня intermediate.

Тема SHOPPING по-английски.

Shopping is an opportunity to buy everything what we need, from food to clothes. When we do the shopping we get to know a lot of information about different goods, their prices, quality. We learn to choose products, to spend money rationally. Someone will say that shopping is an original way of spending free time. Someone will say that it’s a forced waste of money. Today, shopping is a means of our existence and living.

It’s a so called exchange of money for any kinds of goods (from pins to vehicles). Thus, if you want to live in this world shopping is a real necessity for you. Everyone does the shopping: from the poor to a millionaire.

By the way, shopping is a great entertainment too. If you want to relax, shopping is for you. Many girls enjoy shopping and spend the whole day visiting shops and buying things. For them the process of shopping is more important than purchasing. While shopping we talk, with, other people, get experience, get to know many interesting things. But, of course, shopping depends not only on our mood but on our money, too. If you have a lot of money -you can choose what you want if you don’t have — you are to be very economical and buy only the things which are essential.

Nowadays there are different ways of shopping. Years ago people went to the shops and bought everything they needed. With the development of progress shopping began to change and now you can purchase things on the Internet. To attract customers shops provide various services: free home delivery and installation of some gadgets, money-back guarantee, buy and win coupons, repair services. They sell their goods on credit and what not. How inventive people may be in their thirst to get to somebody else’s money!

While speaking about shopping I can’t but mention a very specific phenomenon of our life -advertising. We have to listen to ads and watch commercials at least hundred times a day. It penetrates to our minds and makes us wear some kind of clothes and shoes, it insists on our chewing all the time, cleaning our teeth with Colgate after we drink Coffee Nescafe.

As there are many different goods, so there are many shops which sell this or that kind of products. Here’s a short guide of different kinds of shops. Department stores have many different departments: haberdashery, headwear, perfumery, stationеry, leather goods, sports goods, china and glass, fabrics, linen, readymade men’s and ladies’ departments. In the ladies’ clothing department you can choose dresses, skirts, blouses, coats, underwear. In the men’s clothing department one can buy suits, sweaters, cardigans, pullovers, trousers and woolen jackets. We go to the dairy shop to buy milk, cream, cheese. Tinned fish, caviar, crabs, lobsters, and different sorts of fish — carp, cod, salmon, trout, mackerel — can be found at the fishmonger’s. Sugar, semolina, buckwheat, rice, coffee, spaghetti, noodles are sold at the grocer’s. At the greengrocer’s we can find all sorts of vegetables and fruit. Well, all this stuff you may buy at a market place and very often it is cheaper and of better quality. There are also big supermarkets where you can buy everything. Such shops are very universal and well-stocked. Moreover, we can order goods by telephone and with the help of different catalogues and fashion magazines.

Going shopping in my city is a wonderful and instant way of participating in everyday life here. Most shops in my place open at 9 a. m. and close at 8 p.m., they are opened from Monday to Sunday. Most grocery shops are opened also on Sunday. Actually, there are many big and small shops in my district. The largest department store is situated near my house and it houses everything from bags to household gadgets and bed-linen. On the ground floor of it there is a spectacular food hall decorated with tiles, which has splendid displays of fish, cheese , meat and other products; other departments include china and glass, electronics and kitchenware. This department store is well-stocked and has a gorgeous selection of different goods.

In my city there are some markets with an amazing range of goods. If you want to visit the biggest market you need a strong pair of legs, comfy shoes and lots of time to wander around. The market sells everything imaginable from tiny tin openers to massive TV sets, providing a diverse and extraordinary range of shopping services. So, in the city there are many places where you can buy food, presents, clothes and other things.

If you want to do the shopping you should know some rules. First of all, you should pay for everything you buy. It is important to spend money rationally. If you are queuing up at the cash-desk you need to wait for your turn. You should check your money before and after paying. It is important to think over your choice and to buy only good things. These are the main rules of shopping. Knowing the rules helps to get real bargains.

I like shopping. I like to buy different things, especially presents. If I want to buy something special I visit the market with someone who will advise me and help me to buy it. I often do the shopping with my Mum because she has a good taste and knows what will fit me. Shopping can change my mood, especially if it is a bargain. I usually buy foodstuffs, it is my household duty. I usually buy bread, milk, eggs, cheese. Once a week my Mum buys meat and fish for a week. When it comes to buying some serious things such as clothing, home appliances, footwear we usually go shopping together. Shopping is a very interesting way to spend your time. It helps to get everything you want. It can make our dreams come true.

Тема Шопинг / поход по магазинам – перевод на русский.

Поход по магазинам – это возможность купить все, что нам нужно, от продуктов питания до одежды. Когда мы делаем покупки, мы узнаем много информации о разных товарах, их ценах и качестве. Мы учимся выбирать продукты и тратить деньги рационально. Кто-то скажет, что шопинг – это оригинальный способ провождения свободного времени. Кто-то скажет, что это – вынужденная трата денег. Сегодня шопинг – это средство нашего существования.

Это так называемый обмен денег на любые виды товаров (от булавок до автомобилей). Таким образом, если вы хотите жить в этом мире, покупки в магазинах – это реальная необходимость. Каждый делает покупки: от бедных до миллионеров.

Кстати, шоппинг – это также и отличное развлечение. Если вы хотите отдохнуть, пройдитесь по магазинам. Многие девочки наслаждаются шоппингом и могут провести целый день, посещая магазины и покупая вещи. Для них процесс покупки является более важным, чем приобретенная вещь. Во время шопинга мы общаемся с людьми, получаем опыт, узнать много интересного. Но, конечно, наши покупки зависят не только от нашего настроения, но и от наших финансовых возможностей. Если у вас много денег – вы можете выбирать все, что вы хотите, если вы небогаты – вы должны быть очень экономны и покупать только те вещи, которые необходимы.

В настоящее время существуют различные способы совершения покупок. Раньше люди ходили в магазины и покупали всё необходимое. С развитием прогресса торговля начала меняться – и теперь вы можете приобрести вещи в Интернете. Для привлечения клиентов магазины предоставляют различные услуги: бесплатная доставка на дом и установка некоторых гаджетов, гарантия возврата денег, купоны «купи и выиграй» и ремонтные услуги. Они продают свои товары в кредит и предоставляют многие другие услуги. Насколько изобретательными могут быть люди в своей жажде добраться до чьих-либо денег!

Говоря о покупках, не могу не отметить очень специфический феномен в нашей жизни – рекламу. Нам приходится слушать объявления и смотреть рекламу по крайней мере сто раз в день. Она проникает в наше сознание и заставляет нас носить определенную одежду и обувь, она принуждает нас постоянно жевать жвачку, чистить зубы только Colgate и пить кофе Nescafé.

Так как существует большое количество разных товаров, то есть и много магазинов, которые продают тот или иной вид продукции. Вот краткий список различных видов магазинов. В универмагах есть много разных отделов: галантерея, головные уборы, парфюмерия, канцтовары, кожгалантерея, спортивные товары, фарфор и стекло, ткани, белье, отделы мужской и женской одежды. В отделе женской одежды можно выбрать платья, юбки, блузки, пальто, нижнее белье. В отделе мужской одежды можно купить костюмы, свитеры, кардиганы, пуловеры, брюки и шерстяные куртки. Мы идем в молочный магазин, чтобы купить молоко, сливки, сыр. Рыбные консервы, икра, крабы, лобстеры, и различные виды рыб — карп, треска, лосось, форель, скумбрия – можно приобрести в рыбном отделе. Сахар, манная крупа, гречка, рис, кофе, спагетти, лапша продаются у бакалейщика. В овощном магазине можно найти всевозможные овощи и фрукты. Все эти продукты вы можете купить и на рынке – часто дешевле и лучшего качества. Есть также большие супермаркеты, где можно купить все и сразу. Такие магазины универсальны и хорошо укомплектованы. Более того, мы можем заказывать товары по телефону и с помощью различных каталогов и модных журналов.

В моем городе поход по магазинам – способ поучаствовать в повседневной жизни города. Большинство магазинов здесь открывается в 9 утра и закрываются в 8 часов вечера. Работают они с понедельника по воскресенье. Большинство продуктовых магазинов открыты и в воскресенье. В моем районе есть много больших и малых магазинов. Крупнейший универмаг расположен рядом с моим домом и в нем есть все: от пакетов до бытовой техники и постельного белья. На первом этаже находится впечатляющий торговый зал, выложенный плиткой. В зале множество полок с рыбой, сырами, мясом и другими продуктами. Есть и другие отделы – стекло, электроника и посуда. Наш универмаг имеет хороший ассортимент и шикарный выбор различных товаров.

В моем городе есть несколько рынков с удивительным ассортиментом товаров. Если вы хотите посетить самый большой рынок, вам нужны крепкие ноги, удобная обувь и много времени. На рынке продается все, что только можно вообразить, от крошечных открывашек до телевизоров, здесь также предоставлен разнообразный спектр торговых услуг. Так, в городе есть много мест, где можно купить еду, подарки, одежду и другие вещи.

Если вы хотите сделать покупки, вы должны знать некоторые правила. Прежде всего, вы должны заплатить за все, что вы покупаете. Важно тратить деньги рационально. Если вы находитесь в очереди в кассу, вы должны ждать своей очереди. Вам нужно пересчитать деньги до и после оплаты. Важно продумать свой выбор и покупать только качественные вещи. Таковы основные правила покупок. Знание правил помогает сделать удачные покупки.

Мне нравится ходить по магазинам. Мне нравится покупать разные вещи, особенно подарки. Если я хочу купить что-то особенное, я хожу на рынок с кем-то, кто может консультировать меня и помочь мне с выбором. Я часто хожу за покупками с моей мамой, потому что она обладает хорошим вкусом и знает, что мне идет. Шопинг может изменить мое настроение, особенно если можно поторговаться. Я обычно покупаю продукты – это моя обязанность. Я обычно покупаю хлеб, молоко, яйца, сыр. Раз в неделю мама покупает мясо и рыбу на всю неделю. Когда речь заходит о покупке каких-то серьезных вещей, таких как одежда, бытовая техника, обувь, мы обычно ходим по магазинам вместе. Шоппинг – это очень интересный способ провести время. Покупки помогают получить то, что вы хотите. Походы по магазинам помогают мечтам сбываться.

Надеюсь, тема шопинг была Вам полезной.

Понравилось? Сохраните на будущее и поделитесь с друзьями!

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