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10-Minute Millionaire Pro Reviews

About 10-Minute Millionaire Pro

10-Minute Millionaire Pro is a financial newsletter available from Money Map Press which promises to provide people with “the comfortable retirement they have always dreamed of.”

How Does It Work?

According to the creator of the 10-Minute Millionaire Pro, D.R. Barton, there is an investment method that gives people a way to set up a series of simple trades in just ten minutes each week which will result in thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars each month in extra income.

This method is called “the Hooke Pattern” and Barton says that this method is about using a small stake to set yourself up for a chance at a constant stream of cash for your bank account. Barton has taken this Hooke Pattern strategy and integrated it into an investment service that he has decided to call The 10-Minute Millionaire Pro.

Easy Retired Millionaire Review Scam or Legit? The Truth​ Exposed (2020)

Published by Greg on September 22, 2020 September 22, 2020

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Are you curious if the Easy Retirement Millionaire Program can make you millions? Retire early as they claim? Do you want to know if it’s a scam or legit? How about that $278.34 the video says is already in your account? All you have to do is give them $47 and you’re good to go. What?

My review of Easy Retired Millionaire will be detailed out in the following sections:

  • What Is Easy Retired Millionaire?
  • How Easy Retired Millionaire Really Works
  • Is Easy Retired Millionaire a Scam or Legit?
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What Is Easy Retired Millionaire?

  • Product Name: Easy Retired Millionaire
  • Website:
  • Owner: Chirs (unknown last name) – Show a video of him and his wife. (but it’s a stock video from Shutterstock)
  • Price at time of this review: $47.00
  • Upsells: YES
  • Red Flags: Many including FAKE testimonials and stock video from Shutterstock.
  • Do they offer an affiliate program? YES
  • Am I an affiliate. NO
  • Do I Recommend This? NO – My #1 Recommendation IS HERE

The Claim: FREE Videos Reveal How To Earn Money Online Proven For September 2020

  • How I earn $35k per month autopilot in an UNTAPPED area.
  • How an “evergreen” source can earn truly easy cash within 60 minutes.
  • Discover my SECRET 3-Step Trick that no one else knows.

None of the above was answered in the video

There are some ridiculously bold claims here saying that everything is on autopilot. Hopefully, you’re not even reading this review because you already recognized all the red flags. But if you are here, let me show you some of them and give you a free way to start making money online today.

What if $600 was added to your bank account in five minutes? This is the first question they ask. Are you serious?

How Easy Retired Millionaire Really Works?

How does the Easy Retired Millionaire program really work? Who knows? They say everything is automated and it’s all done for you and that there’s $278.34 waiting in your account and there is a very limited amount of accounts available. Only 15 at the present time of that watching the video so you better hurry up.

Stop. Not so fast this is obviously a scam designed to steal your $47.

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Is Easy Retired Millionaire A Scam?

Yes. This is a big scam. They even use the same marketing video as Wiseball Secret Society.

Other red flags include the outrageous claims that they make. And that you don’t have to do anything. It’s already set up for you.

The big kicker is the fake testimonials. I went to and did a search for product reviews and this guy showed up (photo below). He does product reviews and he’s in the testimonial section of Easy Retired Millionaire video.

He was obviously paid to do this FAKE testimonial.

This is the stock video from Shutterstock. He claims this is him and his wife. SCAM!

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Secret Millionaire’s Club Review: Trading Scam or Legit?

March 30, 2020 By // by John 1 Comment

Welcome to my Secret Millionaire’s Club review.

Not to be confused with Warren Buffet’s book that was published years ago or but the one that can be found at

The one that will show you how to make $1,135,659 in just 6 months.

There is so much presented to you within their simple sales page that some of you might be confused on what to do and/or who to trust.

Don’t worry, I was once in your shoes.

I gave into the marketing and I paid for the free deal that they offered.

So much for being free but I will cover that a little later in this review.

At least now you don’t have to do it and I will explain why.

I’m just the kind of person that “has to try things out” before I call scam, even if I know it most likely is.

Please don’t do that.

It doesn’t help one bit.

For the most part, “if it sounds too good to be true” is all you really need to know, especially when it comes to ANY make money online kind of program.

And if you don’t believe me, I’m sure the information in this review will help.

Now for those of you who are flat out tired of being scammed, you can always see how real money is made online and how a legitimate make money from home program looks like.

There aren’t many but that is one that I know works.

Besides that, let’s see what is all about.

Table of Contents

Secret Millionaire’s Club Review – Product Overview

Name: Secret Millionaire’s Club

Owner: Unknown

Price: $200

Overall Rating: 1/5 stars

Secret Millionaire’s Club is not your golden ticket to financial freedom. This is a binary options trading scam that will have the brokers trying to pull money out of your account rather than making you a millionaire. If you want to make real money online, it is not going to happen with something like this or anything else like it.

What is Secret Millionaire’s Club?

The Secret Millionaire’s Club is a trading software that promises to help you win more trades, trading in the binary options market.

They claim to offer their software for free and have some pretty insane earnings that will have you drooling.

You don’t have to pay a single penny to use the software and there are only a limited amount of spots (50 to be exact).

By joining the Secret Millionaire’s Club, you can make millions of dollars and live a life that most will only dream of.

Now obviously this is too good to be true, and that is why I have all the information you will need to help you understand what it is that you are really getting yourself into.

So before you go making any crazy decisions, let me show you what the Secret Millionaire’s Club is really about.

How it Works

Everything starts with marketing.

They get your eyes to come out of their sockets through their little video, offer a “free” software that will make you win most of your trades, and voila!

That’s the idea but that’s not how it really works.

The enticing video is what they get you with and then add a timer so you can take action.

Once you signup, you will then be sent to one of their recommended brokers.

This is also where free turns into you paying some money.

However, this money goes to the broker and you gain access to the software just for signing up with that broker.

From there, the software should do its job and you are now on your way to making millions of dollars.

This leads to the big question.

Will it Work?

You will trade like you normally would in the binary options market and get the same odds as you would without the software.

Once you get in, the real owners of the Secret Millionaire’s Club will have accomplished what they wanted to do and you my friend, are on your own.

Forget about trying to get in contact of some kind of support and forget about getting the software to work.

They got their money and you are stuck with some brokers that will piss you off more than anything.

The Brokers

As soon as you pay for the brokers, you can bet that the owner of the Secret Millionaire’s Club will disappear from the face of the Earth.

You will have no one to contact and that same software that you thought would make you rich will perform at a very low level.

Let’s just say that you are better off trading by yourself because you are not going to win anything.

If you’ve ever flipped a coin, that is about as good of a chance as you have at winning.

Now here’s the real problem.

Once these brokers have your information, you can expect a call from them with stupid questions like…

“How much money do you want to make?”

“How much are you willing to invest?”

I thought we signed up to make money in the first place and now you’re telling me I need more money to invest?

Do not fall for that nonsense.

And what’s even worse is that these scammers will be rude and try to tell you that you don’t want to make money.

They aren’t from the US, so you can tell why they are able to act the way they act.

Do not give into these scam brokers and don’t think that the software is going to work either.

More Red Flags

There are many tall tell signs that prove that this is a scam but for most, it won’t be obvious.

Well, when it comes to money, we are naturally drawn into it and it will take a lot to prove that something does not work.

This is how it is for gullible people like myself and that’s just how it is.

However, if you really pay attention to just the site’s sales page, you will learn a lot.

Not just about this but about any other program you come across in the future.

1. Crazy Figures

Not just crazy figures but figures that show exact amounts.

As a newb to figuring out how to make money online, I saw nothing but dollar signs.

Now, I laugh when I see something like $1,13,659.

You might as well put the cents!

So first you have an insane amount of cash, which I’m sure you will not make.

And then they have it all the way down to the exact dollar amount.

What’s wrong with saying a million dollars?

Or even $1.1 will do.

These fools simply want to show the digits so your eyes can pop out of your sockets, having you think you can do it to.

This is the biggest sign that this is a scam, so don’t let them fool you.

2. It’s “Free”

Nothing in life is free and especially when it comes to something that is going to show you how to make money.

If it was free, why would they want to share it?

Or why would they share it without charging you a penny?

That is simply because they will make money.

I will cover this a little later in the review but I did want to show you one of the things you need to look out for.

Secret Millionaire’s Club is not free and they will get their money if you do decide to join.

3. Fake Testimonials

This is my most favorite part about this scam.

Sarah N and Mark T make $100k/month and so do Tony S and Barry H.

These people all started with $200 or $250 and are all now millionaires.

Please do not believe this garbage.

No one is making that much money and these guys are not making anything with this system.

As a matter of fact, they aren’t even involved with this site.

They are nothing but stock photos that can be found online.

These testimonials are fake and so is every other form of “proof on this site.

4. 30 Spots?

So there’s an elite group of people that are going to join this thing.

But, they’re only allowing 50.

50 people to join the “Secret Millionaire’s Club” and they’re offering it for free.

If that does not ring any bells, now is the time to wake up.

The Secret Millionaire’s Club does not have any limit as to how many people they will take in and I’m sure they want as many as they can.

This is nothing but a marketing strategy and one that I am not a fan of.

As a matter of fact, I’m not a fan of marketing.

At least when it comes to making money online.

5. Lies

If there’s one thing I can’t stand with these kinds of sites it has to be the crap talking about the real ways to make money online.

This Steven dude tries to pretend he tried online marketing, blogging, PPC, and even some Forex trading.

He then tries to act like it didn’t work for him but this is nothing but a bate and switch marketing tactic.

Tell you this method doesn’t work and then try to sell you on what they’re trying to promote.

Every single method that he pretends to try is really all that will work these days and most especially blogging.

Do not believe any of the garbage they mention because the only way to lose money is by purchasing the free nonsense they have to offer.

So is Secret Millionaire’s Club a Scam?

Let’s just say that these guys know a little more than the average scammer and they are nothing like the Kids Earn Cash phishing scam.

They take the affiliate marketing business model and that’s how they make their money.

Everything they use on their site is misleading and not even close to true.

These guys know exactly how to take your money without you even knowing it.

The Secret Millionaire’s Club is a scam and you need to avoid it at all costs.

Everyone wants to make extra money and everyone wants to be rich.

The problem is that no one wants to put in the work.

If you for once think that you are going to make a lot of money by using this software, then by all means give it a try.

I will not tell you that this thing works just so I can make money either as these guys also have their very own affiliate program.

So if you see anyone promoting this by creating a positive review, please ignore that too.

It might sound like it works but just trust me.

My Recommendation

Get with the program.

Understand that making money online is not magic and there is no cheating software out there.

There are entirely way too many scams that the legitimate opportunities are covered and that is why you don’t see them.

And when you have scams like this trying to talk bad about the real ways to make money online, what did you really expect.

Personally, I think you need to checkout my top recommended program.

That is how you are going to make money online but you are also going to need to put in the work.

Other than that, I hope this Secret Millionaire’s Club review has given you more than enough information for you to make a wiser decision.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

About John

I hope you enjoyed that post. I’m John and I am the owner of this site. I like to think I’m a normal dude just like everyone else but that wouldn’t make me unique. I do have 4 kids and I have gone through the hardest of times, most especially financially. With some learning and growing, I have managed to get back on my feet and live the laptop lifestyle most people only dream of. With that knowledge, I hope to align you with a real and legit way to make money online.

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