Risk Management in Binary options trading

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Risks accompanying beginner in binary options trading

Risks of binary options — the first thing that every beginner trader should foresee. Building your own system of risk management in binary options by its importance is not inferior to the correct choice of broker or trading system. In case of improper assessment of the risks, the deposit is lost in just a few minutes and the blame for this lies solely on the trader. What risks may await novice traders, how to minimize them and how to build your own system of risk management, read more.

Types of risks in binary options

The use of risky strategies (example — “Ladder”) is one of the most common causes of the “drain” of the deposit. In an effort to earn more and in a short time, novice traders don’t care about testing, use of risk indicators, and after the first failure become disappointed and hang labels on binary trade. Binary options trading is a profession that you need to master more than one month. Though we can not calculate all the risks in binary options trading, but to minimize them. It is the search for an optimal balance between potential risks and earnings and is one of the main tasks.

Trading risks

These are the risks of binary options that accompany the trader throughout his trading:

  • discrepancy of forecast according to the news the fact. Even positive news may be perceived by the market negatively, if the result was worse than expected. Often the market at a time of fundamental bursts shows a greater volatility and only professionals are able to make profit on it;
  • informational force majeure. Strike, act of terrorism, the discovery of new deposits — all this can instantly raise or bring down the trend;
  • wrong interpretation of the signal. Error indicator or lack of clarity of the figure can cause a premature entrance. You may reduce the likelihood of inaccurate signal by the supporting tools, but then the number of entry signals into the market will also be reduced.

To avoid fundamental mistakes is possible only by constant analysis of the market situation, quick response and decisiveness, experience.

Technical risks

These are the risks that arise in the application of technical analysis tools, strategies, platforms:

  • slippage and re-quotes. Entry into the market doesn’t happens at the price at which the trader expects. There are many reasons: problems with the trading platform or the Internet, no company interested in the price level, the delay in processing the order, etc. All these interferes with making money, so the likelihood of slippage should be taken into account when preparing the strategy;
  • price noise. Occurs in short time frames which like to use turbooptions for quick money. Due to the price noise, the signals to enter the market appear inaccurate;
  • failure of the platform. There are no perfect programs. The MT4 should be cleaned periodically with a script or manually from the temporary file, which lead to the braking of the platform. The percentage of profit you can lose only because the platform didn’t work in time;
  • fraud on the part of the broker. Problem with money withdrawal, cancellation of orders, artificially controlling prices etc.

Management of technical risks is an effective way to increase profit. But understanding how to do it correctly, only comes with experience.

Psychological risks

The task of brokers is to increase their profits, and this can be done by honest obtaining trader’s deposit or by increasing its trading volumes. The first way choose “kitchen”, which percentage is large enough:

  • bonuses. A welcome addition to the deposit, but very risky. Free money push to increase the position size, but in case of loss the real money is lost first. And at a time when the trader wants to withdraw the balance of the deposit, he learns that the rest are bonuses that cannot be withdrawn because the conditions of the rendering is not done;
  • leverage. It is more important for Forex, but it is worth mentioning: leverage in several times increases the risk of loss of deposit;
  • opinions of other traders.

It is possible exclude these issues with one simple rule: you replenish a deposit – and earn with it. Do not participate in any promotions and reward programs, do not listen to other traders. The opinion of professionals is important, but there are not many of them, You yourself are a professional, learn from your mistakes and just listen to yourself.

Behavioural risks

I have identified these risks in a separate group because psychological errors can be done by everyone, and behavioral are dependent on psycho-type of a person. There are people for whom making of deals are contraindicated because of their moral and emotional state. Examples:

  • inability to stop in time. The desire to win after a series of losses or Vice versa, the desire to earn more and more after the success, increasing rates — all the way to loss of money. No wonder many brokers impose new traders martingale, but professionals avoid this strategy;
  • excessive emotionality. The perception of lesions close to the heart or the euphoria of victory change the focus of the thinking process. That moment when you need to analyze the market, look for points of entry into the market, think how to earn, the trader is engaged in self-flagellation or relaxes from success. Loss of concentration leads to the reduction of the capital.

To minimize these problems is possible only through self-control. Obviously not worth it to tune in to victory or defeat, you need to try to find the positive side and be approached philosophically. If you do not belong to level-headed people, you have a sense of excitement, you are emotional, trade binary options needs to be very careful. More detailed the behavioral factors I described in an article about gambling.

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How to minimize risks in binary options trading

Trade without creating of your own system of risk management is strictly prohibited.

Rules of personal risk management:

  • diversification of assets and strategies. Trade must be conducted on the opposite tools and multiple strategies. The loss of a single asset or strategy will be covered by profits from another. Professional traders work with several brokers, to avoid problems due to differences in quotes or slippage;
  • the rate should be no more than 2% of the deposit. Beginners are recommended one percent, professionals — up to 3-5%;
  • the amount of open trades should not exceed 15-20% of the deposit;
  • before starting the system on a real account test it on a large time interval. If on a real account a series of losing trades exceed the statistical, change the strategy, asset, or take a break;
  • follow economic calendar. At the time of the release of important news the market becomes volatile;

And finally, a few tips on how to make trading less risky:

  • start trading with a demo account. As long as on at least 50 transactions you will not achieve at least 80% of profitable trades, go to real account;
  • it is difficult to warn the fraud on the part of the broker, but possible. Go through the verification immediately before making a deposit, after the first success, try to withdraw your profit, take the time to use bonus programs;
  • do not try to earn more. The profitable binary option — ladder, but the probability of success is minimal. Perform steady trading with simple options minimizing risks. The yield of 20% per annum is a good income. And only then, when you feel like a professional, you can go to the option “Touch” “Pairs” and “Stairs”;
  • any outcome must be analyzed. Profit does not mean the effectiveness of the strategy, you could just get lucky. And remember that in real account the profit will be less than in the “hothouse” conditions for the demo;
  • avoid the trade “for good luck”. Intuition in trading is important, but strategy should be based on more powerful tools;
  • use the hedging strategy, it will help to reduce losses in case of sudden trend reversal;
  • invest in binary options the only money that you can part with virtually no problems. In any case, do not work with borrowed money.

Summary. Risk management — the first thing you need to focus, making the first step in binary options trading. Risk minimization should consist of the following stages:

  • choose a reliable broker and the platform. In long-term strategies VPS server will not be superfluous;
  • create a personalized system of money and risk management;
  • development of methods of testing of a trading system;
  • working on yourself: education composure, judgment, self-confidence, inner peace and comfort;
  • constant self-education and the control over the trade situation.

If you know other options how to reduce risk in binary options, I propose to discuss them in the comments after the article!

7 Binary Options

Next to be discussed is risk free binary options trading, but before you jump up and down too much at the thought of this, be aware that no type of market trading is ever 100% risk free. When the term risk free is used at is pertains to binary options trading, it really means that risk is reduced as much as possible. Let’s take a look at this a little closer.

So how exactly does a trader make a trade as risk free as possible? This is accomplished by placing one or more trades on the same asset that allow for several different outcomes.

When it comes to making this multi-faceted trade, a trader will buy options on an asset in option+ mode in two different directions, as the asset trends one way then the trader will then sell call options at different times to bolster the trade. If the trader calls it right, then they will minimize losses and that should lead to the overall trade being profitable. Does it happen all the time? No, but it does happen a majority of the time and certainly gives you a chance at getting at least a little money back. That is why trading this way is called risk free trading.

The drawback to this type of so called risk free trading is that you have to constantly monitor your computer screen to know when to sell an option before it expires.

Just in case you did not know or remember; as pertains to normal binary options rules, when you make a trade the option will expire at a predetermined time. As a result of this, a risk free trading strategy will only be able to take place in the Option+ mode of an online broker that offers it.

The trade is initiated by buying a call option and then immediately placing a put option after it. Once that is done, then you will monitor the assets trend until it becomes clear that it’s definitely trending in one direction or the other. At this point you must quickly sell the option that is not trending in the current price direction; the faster you do this, the less you will lose. This quick sell off normally keeps losses less than 25%.

Since you are making profit on the properly trending trade, it will normally offset those losses and more. In order to get the maximum profit you will have to let the trade reach its expiration.

For those that might not have realized that you can sell an option before it expires, it’s what is called Early Closure. On rare occasions you can use this technique to actually make profit on both options.

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4 strategies for managing money and risks in binary options trading

There are few strategies for managing money and risks in binary options, but even they will help you improve your trading results with this tool. Approaching trading wisely is never superfluous.

In binary options trading, like any other asset (currency, stocks, Futures and so on.) considerable attention should be paid money management. Binary options, in spite of all its ease of use, they remain a speculative tool, work with which requires cash investments, therefore money management can not do without.

Important Binary Options Articles

Money Management Tactics in Binary Options Trading

If you are not familiar with this definition, then in a nutshell, money management is strategies for portioned investment in transactions and increasing trading volumes with capital gains. Besides, in money management includes tactics for protecting funds through investments in various tools, portfolio investment issues and other options for how to properly manage your deposit.

Due to the fact that BO as a whole is a rather simplified tool for trading, which involves only two options for closing a deal – profit or loss – which a trader can no longer influence after signing a contract, there are a limited number of money management tactics for binary options. Let’s go over them.

1. On a binary contract no more than 5%

As with other stock trading instruments, ForTrader.org recommends use no more than 3-5% of capital in one transaction. That is, having a deposit of $ 1000, you can conclude a contract for only $ 30-50. If the minimum contract amount for your binary options broker is $ 5, then your minimum deposit should be at least 100-170 $$. What is it for? To wait out a series of losses, while having a margin to continue trading. It is rare when a series of losing trades is more than 8. At the same time, during this time, the trader has all the options to correct the strategy and understand the cause of errors. Therefore, you should not go to all-in, even if you are very confident in success.

2. Use your profit wisely!

From the previous money management rule in binary options the second follows: increase the volume of the transaction gradually. With each profitable transaction, your deposit grows, which means that the amount of the contract should also grow, because we calculate it as a percentage. A smart trader never increases his trading deposit by the entire amount of profit. It leaves about 50% for withdrawal or in case of protracted losses.

Consider an example: you have a deposit of $ 1000, trading at 3%. For 10 profitable trades, you made a profit of $ 255 ($ 30 * 85% * 10) in your account. It’s quite reasonable to withdraw or postpone $ 125 of them, add $ 130 to the total amount of the deposit and open transactions not further for $ 30, but for $ 34 (1130 * 3%). Keep in mind that it is best to increase the trading deposit by the amount of profit after a series of successful transactions, when the amount of profit is already sufficient to feel the difference.

This rule of working with binary options (as, incidentally, with other tools for trading) will help you to feel self-confidence and will give you the opportunity to see the results of work, as well as teach you not to stand still and develop yourself and capital.

3. Loss risk management in binary options

Continuing the theme of money management and risk management in binary options trading, we would like to remind you about “Stop Levels”. Frankly, this item is more suitable for the topic of the psychology of trade, but nevertheless, in many ways it is connected with capital.

Determine for yourself the number of consecutive losses and the amount of loss, after which you will need to reconsider your trading strategy!

Sometimes, getting into a rage and wanting to recoup, we make many rash transactions. In order not to lose capital thoughtlessly, pause if you feel that the trade is out of your control. This will help you save your nerves and money.

4. Hedging and diversification as a money management strategy in binary options

Well, the last point is hedging and diversification. We combined these items because they are largely borrowed from other markets. Putting them into practice as a money management strategy for binary options will be quite difficult.

Hedging involves the search for assets with a high correlation (with a very similar movement of quotes) and the acquisition of two reverse contracts for them. Then the minus in one transaction should overlap with the plus in another. But, since the profit on binary options as a percentage is always less than the loss, this tactic is a failure in advance. therefore hedging of binary options is possible only with simultaneous trading of the main asset, i.e. currency pairs or stocks. We talked about this in two previous articles. In this case, hedging is next to diversification, because you use several markets for a common strategy.

This is not to say that this is a very simple activity – hedging and diversification of binary options, – but with a serious approach it can bring a good profit. Therefore, ForTrader.org recommends paying special attention to this item.

Conclusions: Despite its simplicity, binary options remain a risky asset for investments. Therefore, do not relax in advance. There are few strategies for managing money and risks in binary options, but even they will help you improve your trading results with this tool. Approaching trading wisely is never superfluous.

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