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Signal Profits Review

Is Signal Profits a Scam?

First, welcome to my first medium post! The first question I asked myself was, ‘is this group a scam?’

If you follow people on twitter, most ‘paid groups’ get a really bad reputation.

I first joined Signal Profits 6 months ago and it has changed dramatically (for the better) since I joined with constant improvements and innovations including a brand new custom web application that automates all of the alerts for when a stop loss hits, a target has been reached, etc.

It actually started out as a simple telegram group, then they moved to discord and then they came out with their website that you see today.

Since joining, it’s my life much easier and I spend A LOT less time monitoring the markets and my trades. ( which made my wife very happy!)

The biggest reason I joined was because I watched Jacob Canfield on Youtube and I really resonated with his style of trading and the fact that he was not anonymous and was open to the public and responded to questions on his live streams and Twitter.

I then started following Mark Moss on his channel, who is the co-founder of Signal Profits and I really liked how they balanced each other out and came at the market from different angles.

I was on the fence about joining for a while as I was already a member of a few other groups (most of which are no longer around), and couldn’t find many reviews on Signal Profits (which is why I am writing this one), but decided to take advantage of the $14 day trial.

I would have to say, hands down, it has been one of the best investments I’ve made for myself since I got involved with crypto and this article will go over the main points of why I like the service so much.

What Is Signal Profits?

Signal Profits is an online service that helps you make better decisions around trading and investing in cryptocurrency.

You can find them online at

Their service encompasses three areas in crypto.

They offer trading, investing and education.

For this review, I’m going to touch on the investing and training, but mostly focus on the trading section.

With Signal Profits Trading, it allows you to copy the trades of real professional crypto traders. You’ll receive trading set-ups with entries and risk management strategies as well as targeted exits. Also included are daily market updates and ongoing trade updates.

The goal of Signal Profits is simple: the company wants to help anyone trade cryptocurrencies like a pro “without years of study and hours of technical analysis.”


PROFESSIONAL TEAM: As a member, you get access to our team of full time traders covering the market 24/7 to give you non-stop coverage of the cryptocurrency markets so you never miss a thing.

AUTOMATED ALERTS: Never miss a trade update with our custom built automated alert system on mobile and desktop for entries, exits and stop losses.

PROVEN TRADING SYSTEM: Plan the trade and trade the plan. This has never been more true and when it comes to trading. You always want to make sure that your plan is profitable. If you don’t have a plan, then you’re just gambling.

The Signal Profits team tracks the movement of 1300+ coins 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Instead of individually researching every coin on the market, you can let the professionals do the hard work for you.

Of course, Signal Profits isn’t the only crypto signal service out there. There are plenty of services that promise to make you rich quick by listening to their trading signals. Let’s take a closer look at how Signal Profits works — and whether or not they’re worth listening to.

I have been a member of Signal Profits for about 6 months and have been a member of 4–5 other groups, but I believe that Signal Profits is the best crypto signal group out there.

How Does Signal Profits Work?

Signal Profits has a team of 4 professional traders that watch the charts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The team is available in the private discord community as well to answer any and all questions in regards to starting out, trading, charting or insights into their analysis.

There is a lot that is included in a Signal Profits membership. The first is the website, as seen above that I’ll go through the different parts on the crypto trading service.


Every morning between 9am-10am (very consistent), you get a ‘State Of The Market’ update that includes a macro overview of the markets, risk levels and pieces of news that may have an adverse or positive effect on the markets and what we should be looking out for.

These are INVALUABLE in my opinion. Read below for an example of one of their state of the market updates given 2/17/2020

These market updates give you a good assessment of the markets without having to follow the markets all the time, unlike most signal services that just send out trade alerts and that’s it.

As a full time realtor and property manager, this is IDEAL for me and completely worth the value.


Next after the market update are the ‘Trade Updates.’ This is a list of all of our current open trades and notes about how to manage them.

This can include moving stop losses, being more patient with them, closing them if we see X happen, etc.

See below for an example of the daily trade updates.


The crypto trading signals are delivered to your phone or computer through e-mail or the discord service.

You receive the alerts and updates every day, 7 days a week.

The trade set-ups look like this one the website.

This is a closed trade and one of my best personal trades thanks to Signal Profits, but as you can see, it comes with a time frame, a risk, an ideal entry zone, take profit targets (depending on your trading style) and a stop loss for risk management.


  1. Time Frame
  2. Risk
  3. Ideal Entry Zone
  4. Take Profit Target
  5. Stop Loss

You can also click on the trade to see more details from the trade analyst as well as a chart with mark-ups.

Once you receive a trade set-up, you can choose to take the trade or not. I have been steadily getting more confident in my own trading abilities and will look at the chart myself before entering a trade. I recommend you do this as well.

The one issue that most members have with Signal Profits is they don’t give ‘short’ calls for the majors.

After trying my hand at Bitmex and blowing my account, I think this is the right strategy.

It’s a lot harder to make money with a ‘long’ only approach, but Jacob explains that most traders in crypto are so new that he would never recommend trading on margin to a group of people that don’t have at least a year experience trading themselves.

I can wholeheartedly agree with this and one of the first groups I signed up with was a Bitmex signal group and I lost 2 BTC trying to trade with it.

For me, I follow the trades they recommend and take a few of my own trades that I found outside of the group.

I did this before and I got absolutely rekt, but since being in the group, I can now determine what makes up a good trade and what makes a bad trade and how to manage my risk better.

Signal Profits Discord Community

The discord channel alone is worth the $300/month value. You have access to full time professional traders to help you with learning how to trade as well as keep you in check on your risk management, timing of trades and a lot of other side benefits.

They’ve also done a great job at ‘super star guests’ as well with some of the biggest traders on Twitter and Youtube stopping in from time to time to give their thoughts on the market.

They also have a section for ‘margin traders’ to interact as well as auto charting software and dedicated sections for each one of the analysts on the team.

Signal Profits Training

In addition to offering daily trading signals and their investment newsletter, Signal Profits also offered ‘education’ to get the most out of their service.

For those brand new to trading crypto, there is a basic section to answer all the questions like ‘how to buy,’ ‘how to sell’ and ‘how to set a stop loss.’

Those tutorials explain how to launch a buy order on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

They also explain how to implement stop limit orders and other options. If you want all of this information condensed into an easy-to-read way, then the company has issued a downloadable eBook called the Signal Profits User Guide.

They have also been releasing more advanced trading information including a 35 minute video guide called ‘the art of setting stop losses’ which I found absolutely mind blowing.

This was given free to members and there is a planned release of much more advanced materials in the near future as they pivot towards education for newer people in the space.

Signal Profits Pricing

Signal Profits offers three different subscription options for Signal Profits Trading, including trial packages. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 14 Day Trial ($7)
  • Monthly Subscription ($297 Per Month)
  • 6 Month Subscription ($197 Per Month)

If you subscribe to the 14 day trial, then you can choose to pay in crypto or in USD to upgrade your membership after. This was a huge bonus for me as I like to pay my membership out of my crypto profits (to justify the cost to myself.)

The 14 day trial for me was really helpful so that I could see everything first before I decided to commit to the monthly membership or upgrade to the 6 month plan.

That means on the 14th day of your trial, your credit card will automatically be charged $297, and you will continue to be charged $297 every month thereafter.

With all subscriptions, you can cancel at any time. The subscriptions do not differ in any way aside from price: you get the same features with each subscription option, including daily trades delivered to your account 7 days a week.

How Much Money Can You Expect To Make From Signal Profits Trading?

Obviously, what I will tell you is that it completely depends on the market.

These guys are incredible when the market is trending at finding coins that move the hardest.

I’ve had a lot of trades that hit for over 50% profit.

The biggest success factor is the conservative approach they take when the market is slow/sideways or uncertain.

Some members complained that they weren’t getting enough trades during some months, but then the market would drop 30–40% and it shut them up pretty quick.

One thing I like is that they tell you straight up to expect to lose trades. No trader is perfect and they are no different.

From my humble beginnings of getting rekt, I can tell you that risk management is absolutely essential and this is one thing that keeps me in this group.

Most of their trades have a 2:1 Risk/Reward ratio that really helps to keep you profitable even with a low winning percentage of trades.

Some months have been around 50–60% win rates and other months have had over 80% win rates.

What I will tell you is that the hot months will more than make up for the losing months, so it’s important to remain consistent.

When I first joined, I was risking way too much (like 30% of my portfolio) on each trade.

Luckily, I joined during a very hot month and managed to triple my account very quickly.

As time has gone on though, I take a much more conservative approach to trading and focus on not losing money.

Signal Profits Investing Review

I have been a member of the investing side for two months and it is a VERY DIFFERENT approach to the market than the trading side.

From what I’ve learned, they’ve been running this investment newsletter since mid 2020.

The following information about their service was taken directly from their website:

With a proven track record from 2020–2020 and over 20 years of investing experience, we give you complete access to our team of cryptocurrency research experts. Our investing reports focus around answering the one question that everybody in this new asset class is asking, “What Coin Should I Buy?”

INVESTMENT REPORTS: Every month, you’ll receive a complete investment break down on which project to invest in price to buy it at, as well as what percentage of your portfolio should go into it.

PORTFOLIO UPDATES: These markets move faster than any other market in history and instead of relying on a passive investment thesis, we adapt to the market place to keep our members at the forefront of where ‘smart’ money is moving.

RATIONAL EXIT STRATEGIES: One thing you can’t buy, is experience. Knowing when to take profits was the biggest lesson learned for many people in 2020. Our investors were able to secure profit and lock in their gains with sound and rational exit strategies built around real world experience from the real estate market crash and the dot com bubble.

You will like our investing system if you believe in this technology, but you don’t have enough time to trade and only want to get your money into the highest quality projects available.

It is much slower paced and is exactly what it sounds like, an investing service.

This is a long term, fundamental approach to the market that focuses on 1–2 projects per month that are worth investing for the long run.

Each month you get a comprehensive 10–20 page report on a project with an ‘actionable’ alert on what to buy it for.

Each report covers the idea, the team, the problem they’re solving and long term speculation about their potential value.

What I really like about their service is a lot of the reports come with an interview with the founder that asks a lot of the tough questions.

I haven’t seen any other service that has something like that.

Looking at some of their earlier recommendations, you would have easily been a millionaire if you had started with them in 2020. (Antshares at $.20, Ethereum at $5, Ripple at $.08, Dash at $20.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t join then, lol.

I think the investing service is a good addition to the signal service in that you get to dig a lot deeper into the fundamentals of a project that helps you to know what coins to hold on to for the trading side.

As they explain it, you want to have both a long term portfolio as well as a trading portfolio so that you can get exposure to different projects without having to spend time to manage all of the positions.

Who’s Behind Signal Profits?

Signal Profits provides is being lead by Jacob Canfield (a #1 rank Trading View Author) and Mark Moss (a 20 year investor and host of Market Distuptors, a popular Youtube Investment Channel).

You can read more about them on their website here:

Together, they combine technical analysis and fundamental analysis of projects in the cryptocurrency space.

They also have other full time analysts that are part of the team that are available to chat with in the discord section.

I asked Jacob personally about where the traders come from and what their criteria for being hired are.

He explained that he finds traders with a high strike rate and offers them positions, but first tracks all of their trades with his data guy.

If their win expectancy rate is higher than 65% for two months, then they can be hired as an analyst.

The inverse is also true though. If their win rates start to drop and stay low for 2–3 months, then they are usually replaced with another trader.

I’ve seen two analysts come and go so far since I’ve been with Signal Profits.

Signal Profits Referrals

They also have a built in referral program that you can use to share the link with friends or family and earn 10% on their memberships.

I think this is really cool as it helps to earn a little extra if you really like the service and want to recommend it.

As you can see, I haven’t used mine yet and I was debating on whether or not I wanted to put affiliate links in this article, but I wanted to remain 100% unbiased and objective for you guys so I decided to not share it.


I’ve been a part of a lot of groups, from Bitcoin Bravado, Wolfpack, and a few others.

I’ve found the most success being a part of Signal Profits and I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for an honest place that won’t exit scam you and that helps you to manage your risk in any type of market.

I think having the training is essential to on board new traders on how to manage risk and how to set stop losses appropriately and I like the fact that they also have an investing section to combine the fundamentals of the space with the technical.

If you are on the fence, I would recommend signing up for the 14 day trial and giving it a shot and make sure you get active in the Discord community.

This is where you can get all your questions answered and really get the most value out of the group.

To learn more about Signal Profits and decide if it’s worth a purchase, visit online today at

Let me know what you think of my first post and thanks for reading guys!

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    How to find out better signal for copy trade?

    In the forex community, everybody knows about copy trades. So, I am not giving any explanation about copy trades. If you like to know about how to do copy trades, you can visit this link to read the details.

    I am trying to highlight some important points / tips for all traders who is interested about copy trades. Last few months personally I had observed some signals and got some clear idea about this system. Some signal providers are really very serious, professional and sincere. On the other hand few providers are here who is playing games with subscribers fund. I saw some signals, where few traders subscribes and lost big amount. Why this is happening? If you are a subscriber, you should know very well that, you are putting your money to other person’s pocket. You have the best love for your money but other person will not take care about it as like you. So, before subscribe, see the background, see the history, see the reviews, try to understand, is that person is reliable or not? Let me come to the main points now. Before subscribe to any signal, see the below suggestions.

    1. Initial deposit: You must see the initial deposit in the signal providers account. I saw some signal, initial deposit is less than 100$ but subscribers put there 10K+ amount for copy trades. Just think, if the provider lost his capital, that is only 100$ but what about you? So, if you plan to deposit for copy trade, please see the signal providers initial deposit status.
    1. Re-Deposit: This is a very important point. Just think about this, if the signal providers start his trading with initial deposit and run smoothly, why should he increased his deposit amount in the next time? He knows very well, copy trades volume will be automatically calculated for the subscribers. If any subscriber join with him with big investment, that is not a problem for volume calculation, so why should he need re deposit? Here we can think, during trading, he maybe faced unexpected draw down or tried to avoid large draw down or tried to safe his account from margin calls. Different can be happened but as a subscriber we should think this way.
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