Real Profits Systems Review

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XXL Forex Real Profit Review – Scam or Trusted?

XXL Forex Real Profit Review – Scam or Trusted?


Last Updated: Sep 4, 2020 @ 2:12 pm

XXL Forex Real Profit has created some chatter on the web since it was launched. Some blogs are even endorsing it just because it appears to be successful, thanks to the noise around it.

However, endorsing such a product is impossible for us because of the unverified claims made by this website whose domain can be accessed here —

XXL Forex Real Profit comes across as a game changer due to the hype that surrounds it. They’ve mounted an aggressive marketing campaign since June 2020.

And now the first thing that you will see on this website is that XXL Forex Real Profit can make you a millionaire.

We take those claims with a pinch of salt since it is not possible to change your life in such a short period of time.

In fact, most developers who sell expert advisors claim that they have the ability to change any their customers’ lives. And now am thinking: if that is the case, why can’t they change their lives first before helping someone else? It shows that these people are only interested in selling and selling some more.

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Indeed the website of XXL Forex Real Profit has ”proof” that this system works. They have posted their myfxbook and FX blue accounts for you and me to see and judge their system accordingly.

However, before we go there, we should be addressing some concerns first.

XXL Forex Real Profit Review: Genuine or just another hype?

Personally, I hate to see people coming up with Forex robots and using hype marketing to mislead would-be users of that product.

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Truth be told.. you cannot make a million dollar with this product in a short time. In fact, the reason why it is being hyped is because you can’t even make profits with it in the long run.

We will begin analyzing past and live performance shortly.

But before this happens, I’d like to state that the profit projection of XXL Forex Real Profit is kind of exaggerated. Sure, you may gamble and make abnormal profits in a short time. However, that does not mean that you will be consistently making money.

The one thing with trading is that you can’t always be sure that you will make and preserve that profit for your use. Many bogus Forex systems have a high draw down percentage.

This means that if you manage to make the alleged 86% return on investment during the first month, a big part of that money will be donated back to the market because of the huge draw down factor.

And sometimes you will end up wiping your account clean because the robot only gambles as opposed to making calculated trades.

Past and live performance of XXL Forex Real Profit

We’ve got both live and past performance data on myfxbook and fx Blue platforms.

Let’s start with myfxbook results first. As you can see from the chart below, the equity curve is plateauing after achieving a gain of +200%.

While we admit that this is outstanding performance, the period of testing is very short. What you’re seeing does not guarantee that XXL Forex Real Profit will perform the same way in the long run.

A testing period of less than 2 months is not sufficient enough to help us form an opinion on whether this robot is good or bad.

This is because it is impossible to say what will happen with this software 3 or 4 months down the line.

The same applies to the results which you’re seeing on FX Blue platform. This is a very short testing period. So if you buy XXL Forex Real Profit, you are actually gambling with your money since your decision is not based on long-term data and trend.

The equity curve on Myfxbook is kind of forming a plateau which could suggest that this developer has changed their trading strategy, or the robot is failing altogether. It is difficult to tell at this early stage. However, the fact that this equity curve stopped the aggressive climb is still a major concern.

Which strategy does XXL Forex Real Profit use?

What exactly is the trading strategy here? Unfortunately, the owner of XXL Forex Real Profit does not tell us anything.

This is a problem because all investors have a right to know what strategy this robot will be using on their account.

Traders are comfortable with various risk settings and levels. It is therefore not possible for all traders to be comfortable with one strategy.

However, we can attempt to figure it out by taking a look at the equity curve.

According to the myfxbook results above, this robot was able to yield a 74% return on investment. That’s not possible to maintain in the long run.

Secondly, it would suggest that XXL Forex Real Profit is a scalper that also takes huge risks to make more money quickly. It does not seem to trade conservatively — going by what we can see on the chart above.

So the truth is that this system’s reliability is questionable. You cannot trust a vendor just because they showed you their myfxbook results for 2 months. It’s the mistake that many traders make only to complain later that they were duped, despite being show myfxbook results prior to buying that product.


I really wonder why the price of such a ”good” Forex robot is $50 per month. XXL Forex Real Profit comes in two versions — Light version and Power version. All of them cost the same amount.

That’s the cheapest Forex robot that we’ve ever encountered on the web. Always remember that cheap is expensive. Traders who love cheap Forex products have always suffered losses.

On the other hand, those who have selected genuine Forex products at whatever budget have always reported good results.

Personally, I wouldn’t invest my money on a cheap Forex product because it would certainly blow my account at one point.

Other things worth taking note of

It seems the vendor is recommending that traders should use XXL Forex Real Profit on a $1,000 account. What if you can’t afford that amount? Probably you will get bad results. It seems.

The bottom line is that XXL Forex Real Profit is risky to trade with. After reviewing and analyzing the strategy (It was tested on a Forex account leveraged to 500:1), I can conclude that the results you will get won’t be sustainable in the long run.

Also, since XXL Forex Real Profit is very new, the vendor will have to undergo something that is akin to a learning phase, where they will update the software as mistakes emerge. It is better to invest in an established Forex robot which has already been tested several times (based on user feedback).

Our best advice for you

When someone makes claims that they have a system that can make you a millionaire, you need to question them first.

It is not enough to see myfxbook results and form an opinion about the product. Instead, a number of things should go into evaluating the product to find out its efficacy.

Therefore, I can only state that XXL Forex Real Profit is not a stable FX trading robot. The promise that this robot makes people millionaires just knocked out a number of points off this product.

Forex Real Profit EA

This article is obsolete and no longer maintained.
I must admit I am not a huge fan of scalpers in general and I’m even less attracted to pre-Asian session scalpers due to the liquidity problems that can be observed during that time of the day, problems that are often reflected into widened spread, slippage and requotes. I guess my adversity is mostly caused by the current state of the EA market: all over the globe there were a lot of really bad floods lately and it sure seems like the EA scene is trying to keep up by getting flooded with scalpers. Most of these are clones of Megadroid or Fapturbo and instead of buying one of them, you’re probably better off trading blindfolded by touching the chart to establish direction. However, every now and then an original scalper shows up and I believe Forex Real Profit EA to fall into this category.

By now you must have figured out that it’s a pre-Asian session scalper: the EA is supposed to trade between 21 and 23 GMT depending on the US DST but more details on that later. As a parenthesis, if you were wondering, US DST is in effect between the second Sunday of March and the first Sunday of November.

The robot comes equipped with set files for trading EURUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, EURCHF, EURGBP, GBPCHF and EURCAD on the M15 timeframe, the main differences between the pairs being the trend filter usage, the take profit target and the allowed maximum spread. The manual also mentions CADCHF as a profitable symbol but because I received no set file for that and because Dukascopy does not have tick data for it (not to mention that many brokers don’t carry it) I decided to skip backtesting this particular currency pair.


It lurks in the market, patiently waiting for its trading time and it silently weaves a channel out of several Bollinger bands and some other arcane wizardry… When its trading session arrives, signals are calculated based on the current channel and the trigger is pulled one way or the other; pretty much like many other scalpers, the major difference being that the whole shebang comes out rather profitable.

As security measures, Forex Real Profit EA has some basic built-in news avoidance in the form of hardcoded future dates with news releases of major importance and it also has the aforementioned trend filter that is supposed to weed out trades against the underlying trend.

The stop loss is set at 100 pips for all the pairs it runs on, but the take profit setting is varied, ranging from 9 on USDCHF and EURCHF to as high as 30 pips on EURCAD. This gives a calculated risk:reward ratio that ranges from around 11:1 to around 3:1 depending on the currency you’re running it on. However, most of the time, the EA will close its positions a lot before they reach the stop loss if the market is going against it, resulting in a risk:reward ratio observed on live accounts of around 3:1.

The expert advisor has no issues with the NFA rules because it doesn’t open more than one trade at once for each currency pair, so it’s very broker friendly from this point of view but it’s quite sensitive to spread (and consequently to slippage and requotes) as you will be able to see from the backtests. The author recommends running it on an ECN broker and for good reason.

It’s worth mentioning that the EA has a short trade duration, the majority of trades closing in less than 2 hours.


Once again, we are facing a product website that is rather simple, without any of the marketing bullshit that you probably got used to, such as “live” videos, fake testimonials and the like. There seems to be a trend in this sense: most profitable EAs that I reviewed lately have sites without a lot of marketing crap.

I have to confess: the simple, friendly website and the live results are the main factors that ultimately determined me to write the review, with a focus on its proven live performance. Speaking of which, there are two live accounts featured there and I am going to take the liberty to add their widgets here.

First, we have an Alpari UK account that’s running for a bit longer than one year at the time of this writing (it’s active since early February 2020) with a total return of almost 80% and a drawdown a bit over 6%, having a risk/reward ratio of 3.2:1 and a profit factor of 1.56:

Second, we have an MB Trading account running Forex Real Profit EA since 18.05.2020, which must have been running something else before the starting date of the forward test, resulting in an “incomplete statement” message on mt4i if you check out the details. It’s worth noting that since it’s an MB Trading account, it’s running with the maximum allowed leverage of 1:50. This one has a banked return of over 90% in two thirds of the time that the first needed to get to 80%, but it also has an increased drawdown of 16.8% to go with that:

Aside from these, there are a few 2000-2020 backtests (well, 2007-2020 for EURCAD and 2003-2020 for GBPCHF) and a demo version of the robot which can be downloaded by registering on the forum.


There’s a bunch of time settings that allow you to configure the trading session of the EA with a minute resolution as well as an auto GMT feature. If you want to experiment with optimization, you have everything you need: the stop loss distance, the take profit target and the time settings. You can, of course, change the lot size manually or configure a risk and enable money management. By default, the EA set files are configured with risk 3, which is a rather sensible value that I will use on the live forward test account.

Even though it’s not recommended, you can disable the “hard” SL & TP and let the EA use its internal dynamically calculated values. You can also play with the maximum allowed spread and slippage but I wouldn’t set those any higher than they are.

There’s an InvisibleMode setting that lets you run the EA with the SL & TP controlled fully on the client side, which you should only enable if your broker seems shady.

As I mentioned in the strategy description, there’s also a trend filter that can be enabled or disabled, but what’s really interesting is that even though it is already NFA-compliant, the EA has an NFA option that allows running it with other EAs on a broker that implements the NFA restrictions in the client. If you enable this setting, the EA will not attempt to open positions that would hedge existing trades controlled by other EAs.

The last of the interesting parameters is a setting for the account free margin protection. This configures a threshold and Forex Real Profit EA will not open any additional trades if margin usage gets there. I imagine this setting can get really handy with 1:50 leverage. It defaults to 75% so the EA should be quite safe regardless of your broker.


Outside the USA DST (so during the winter), the author recommends running it on two charts, one using 21-22 GMT as its trade interval and the other 22-23 GMT. To this end, two set files with different magic numbers are supplied for each pair. During the USA DST (summertime, starting mid-March and ending early November), the author recommends running it on a single chart with double risk, between 21 and 22 GMT.

Naturally, I ran into some difficulties with backtesting this one because of the whole DST thing. I asked the author and the recommendation was to run it on the 21-22 interval all around the year assuming DST is enabled, which I’m pretty sure it is for history center data, so that was the first thing I did: I ran some 10 year backtests with the 21-22 GMT setting file to get a vague first impression. Call me Doubting Thomas if you will, but I did not stop there: I also ran the same backtests with the 22-23 GMT set file and finally ended up running all kinds of backtests with all the set files and you’re going to see the results below. Be prepared to add a lot of wear and tear to your mousewheel while scrolling down through this article. If you didn’t get a coffee, now’s the time to go for it. Also get a snack while you’re at it.

Moving on, I used the default settings, disabling AutoGMT and adjusting the operating hours to accommodate the broker GMT offset. The FXT files were created and performed in a GO Markets terminal. For the spreads, I used the GO Markets averages for the Asian session for the last couple of weeks, not only because that’s where I opened the live forward test account that runs Forex Real Profit EA but also because it suits the purpose: the spreads are good, although a bit higher than ECN spreads, which is perfect since there’s no commission in these history center backtests.

Just as a note, due to the large amount of backtests in this article, I will refrain from commenting each of them individually.








Seeing the charts next to each other like that, it quickly becomes apparent that the 22-23 interval performs way better than 21-22, with the small exception of GBPCHF where it brought a little less profit. However, that exception just goes to confirm the rule: it had an overall smoother balance curve. But let’s not jump to any conclusions yet; the above backtests were performed using Metaquotes history center data which is of a rather poor quality.

The drawdown was very low in all backtests, but it can be seen that everywhere (except the GBPCHF backtests again) the relative drawdown resulted from running Forex Real Profit EA on the 21-22 GMT interval is higher than the drawdown on the 22-23 interval. The maximum observed was 7.32% on EURUSD 21-22 versus 4.77% on EURUSD 22-23.

My next step would naturally be backtesting on tick data and here’s where I ran into a problem: there’s no DST for the Dukascopy historical data. So, to be able to properly do this, I proceeded to add DST capabilities to the script that exports the FXT files, resulting in an update that is now available for download on the tick data page. If you were wondering earlier how come I know exactly when does the US DST start and end, you have your answer now: it’s because I had to do some research for this whole thing. The result is that the script now supports enabling DST in the FXT file by the US convention or alternatively by the European rules.

Since it’s recommended to run Forex Real Profit EA on an ECN broker, I attempted to reproduce the ECN conditions as closely as possible. So, in addition to enabling DST, this meant creating the FXT files with a commission that I set to 0.8 pips and with the normalized max spread found on the ECN server of FxOpen throughout the Asian session during the past couple of weeks. Please note that I used the normalized maximum spread, not the average, so the tests running with fixed spread and commission are really some kind of a worst case scenario. If you’re wondering how I got the spread info, it’s related to another project of mine which I will likely unveil sometime during the following couple of months.

In addition to the backtests with commission and fixed spread, I also ran the same backtests with the GO Markets average session spreads and without commission to see what the difference would be between ECN and non-ECN. If that’s not enough, I also ran the backtests with 0.8 pips commission and real spread data. All of these are both on the 21-22 GMT interval as well as on the 22-23 GMT interval.

The tick data backtests were ran with AutoGMT set to false and with the default trading hours, the GMT offset of the data being 0 (well, except for DST when the data had an offset of UTC+1 to ensure a correct operation of the EA).

I will try to group the trades by pair and time interval so you can easily compare the results.















The first thing that I looked for and confirmed is that the 22-23 GMT backtests are indeed yielding much better results than their 21-22 GMT counterparts. This time even the GBPCHF one is better. In light of these tests, I believe 22-23 GMT to be easily the better time interval to run the EA.

Important edit 10.05.2020: According to the users (see comments below) and the author, in light of the recent changes (there were several new versions since I wrote the article) the 21-22 GMT interval is now better for the EA. I have changed the hourly interval of my forward test and I will let it trade using its default time interval for the time being, at least until I get a chance to do some more backtests of my own with the latest version.

Let’s take a look at the differences between the simulated ECN backtests (lower spread with 0.8 pips commission) and the STP backtests (higher spread, no commission). In many cases, the STP backtests came out better. Why? Because for pairs with low spread such as EURUSD, the 0.8 pips commission brings the cost per trade above the costs per trade for an STP broker. One thing to keep in mind when performing this comparison is that the spreads I used for the ECN broker were normalized maximum values while for the NDD/STP broker they were average. We are comparing the worst ECN case to the average STP case, so more or less peanuts and apples, but in the end, if we were performing the same procedure on average versus average I believe STP would come in not far behind. The question that naturally follows is: seeing these differences, is it really worth to run it on an ECN broker? And my answer would be: yes, as long as you have a high enough balance to afford using money management with a lotsize increment of 0.1.

Moving on, let’s compare the real spread backtests against the fixed spread backtests. In every single case, things were quite a lot worse and I’m asking myself: how come? Like I mentioned in the EURClimber review, it is known that the Dukascopy historical data spreads are wider than the current spreads of the ECN brokers, since the Dukascopy data is quite old and the spreads back in 2007 were not what they are today. Yet I wanted to see what is the average spread that’s causing this to happen so I ended up writing a small EA for this. When backtested, this EA calculates a dynamic spread average for a selected time period and keeps spamming the log with it. Just in case anyone needs it, it’s available for download.

I’ll create a small spread table with all the spreads I used and the values resulted from backtesting the AverageSpread EA mentioned above on the FXT files using Dukascopy spreads. Once more, the ECN spreads are the FxOpen normalized maximal spreads from the Asian session, while the STP spreads are the GO Markets average spreads for the Asian session.

Pair Time interval ECN spread STP spread Dukascopy average Dukascopy normalized max
EURUSD 21-22 1.0 1.4 1.4 2.1
EURUSD 22-23 1.0 1.4 2.3 3.0
USDCHF 21-22 1.8 2.4 2.3 3.1
USDCHF 22-23 1.8 2.4 3.8 4.8
USDCAD 21-22 2.3 2.6 3.2 4.1
USDCAD 22-23 2.3 2.6 4.9 6.0
EURCHF 21-22 2.9 3.9 2.9 3.7
EURCHF 22-23 2.9 3.9 4.4 5.5
GBPCHF 21-22 4.1 5.6 6.0 7.5
GBPCHF 22-23 4.1 5.6 9.3 11.5
EURGBP 21-22 2.0 2.6 2.0 2.5
EURGBP 22-23 2.0 2.6 3.3 4.0
EURCAD 21-22 3.8 4.7 6.2 7.7
EURCAD 22-23 3.8 4.7 9.3 11.3

It’s easily visible that in the very best case the average Dukascopy spread was as big as the normalized ECN max spread for the whole session, not just that interval. Moreover, this was the better case: the 21-22 interval. The spreads for the 22-23 interval are so much higher, it’s scary. As it seems, unfortunately, the real Dukascopy spreads are not very useful to us since that’s definitely not the spreads that we are trading today. It’s only natural since some of the data is almost 4 years old already, but from now on I will think twice before backtesting an EA using historical spread data, simply because the trading conditions nowadays are so much better. In conclusion, we might as well ignore the real spreads backtests I ran.

I wasn’t going to stop here, though. What, you thought backtest-fest was over? Nope, you’re not getting away that easily. Since it has taken me a long time to write this, it should also take a long time to read it. Speaking of which, I’m cooking this article for about 2 weeks already and I ran over 100 backtests in total.

So, as you might remember, before the throng of backtests I mentioned that the author recommends running both the setting file for 21-22 GMT and the setting file for 22-23 on two different charts outside DST (so during wintertime). And here I was, facing a new problem: how do I selectively backtest an EA on a certain period of the year? For some reason, it didn’t occur to me immediately that I can simply omit the tick data for the DST period of the year when generating the FXT, but once I came up with this solution, all it took was a small modification to the scripts and I was able to export some gimped FXT files and perform the backtests only on the desired period of the year. Of course, once again I proceeded to backtest both the 21-22 set and the 22-23 set to compare the results a bit. I only ran these on ECN data because, after all, I just want to compare the two time intervals against each other.

EURUSD – outside DST

USDCHF – outside DST

USDCAD – outside DST

EURCHF – outside DST

GBPCHF – outside DST

EURGBP – outside DST

EURCAD – outside DST

And now it’s settled. With the notable exception of EURCAD, all other pairs performed visibly better on the 22-23 GMT time interval even when running exclusively outside DST.

Since it would be completely redundant to run the EA twice with the same settings, I ended up with a decision: even though I go with the officially recommended settings for most of the EAs I review, I will use my own settings in this case. I will run Forex Real Profit EA on a single chart, using the 22-23 GMT time interval all around the year. As for the risk, I will use 3 as supplied in the original setting files; it’s a very sensible value although the gains will likely not be spectacular.

To finally bring an end to the backtesting section and to give you some form of results that is easily digestible, I proceeded to merge the strategy reports for all 7 pairs for the 22-23 time interval (once again, we’ve determined that this one yields far better results) from the simulated ECN backtests into a single statement.

Real profit EA 5.11, aggregated ECN simulated backtests 2007-2020, time interval 22-23 GMT


I take pride into being sincere, so once more I’ll be totally honest with you: I’ve had my doubts about Forex Real Profit EA due to the performance in the backtests using tick data with real spread. In spite of spending a very long time writing code for this article and backtesting, I was somewhat unsure whether I should write a review or not, at least until I measured the real spreads in the backtests and found out that they’re much higher than the spreads offered by brokers nowadays. On top of that, all my doubts were gone with the wind as soon as I’ve taken one more look at the live account statements featured on the product website. On Alpari, it has over one year, over 1000 trades and over 1000 pips – now that’s a truly impressive performance.

Still, it’s obviously a very picky robot when it comes to spreads, so if you decide to buy it, you should be very careful where you run it. Another thing that is to be expected is different performance from broker to broker. Even the author’s live forward tests are exhibiting very different trades, so this will be the norm rather than the exception.

The EA is sold as a yearly subscription priced at $199. While this may seem somewhat steep at the first glance, it’s relatively low when compared to the almost $40 per month that you have to cough up for KangarooEA or EURClimber. The refund policy for Forex Real Profit EA is 30 days no questions asked. Coupled with the yearly subscription model, this makes me think that the author is in for the long run.

Forward test

As for my other recent reviews, I am attaching a live forward test account to this article. Even though it’s definitely going to be eclipsed by the author’s live accounts, I believe it’s important to have an independent live forward test. This time, since the EA is very spread-sensitive, I used a GO Markets L-Plate account. For now, it’s running v5.11 with risk 3 and with the set files that enable operation between 22 and 23 GMT. The forward test was started on 23.02.2020 and any updates to its configuration will be posted on the forward tests page

Edit 25.02.2020: This is actually an older account that I used for forward testing a different EA some 1 year ago. I now configured myfxbook to correctly start analyzing starting from the date when Forex Real Profit EA was started on it. If you’ve seen a weird balance curve with a lot of trades, that was the reason.

Version used in backtesting: 5.11 demo
Timeframe: M15
Forex Real Profit EA homepage
Buy Forex Real Profit EA

Real Profits Online – Scam or Legit Way To Make $500 Per Day Online?

Real Profits Online is a new site that claims you can make $500 per day online, at the push of a button. Which certainly sounds exciting.

Since you’re reading this review though, you might be wondering if it’s really just another scam. If so, I don’t blame you. There are a LOT of scams online, so it pays to do your homework.

Here’s what you need to know before buying…

Real Profits Online Review

I was surfing the web today when I stumbled across a news article about an “Amazon work from home job”…

The moment I saw this page I knew it was sketchy though, because I’ve seen this SAME “news article” before. Except running under different names such as Amazon Cash Websites…

As you can see, these are the same sites but with a different name.

If you read the above review, you will see that this is a FAKE article promoting a FAKE work from home job. And it is absolutely a scam.

So as you can imagine, I was immediately skeptical of Real Profits Online. But I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and click through to the sales page to see what it was all about.

I landed on a site with a video presented by a guy named “Mark”. Who says he’s showing people how to make $500 or more per day (over $15k per month) at the push of a button. Apparently, he’s giving 250 people a free site that will start making instant money.

I’ve honestly seen enough at this point to know this is complete and utter BS.

Because making money online with ANY website is not that easy, and it doesn’t start making you money that quickly. I earn a full-time income doing affiliate marketing with a website, which is what Mark is pitching here.

So I KNOW first hand that this is complete nonsense.

How Does Real Profits Online Work?

Real Profits Online works by luring in unsuspecting people to a fake news article, about a fake work from home Amazon job.

If you click through to the next page you will land on what is called a ‘squeeze page’. This page is designed to get your name, email and phone number. So that even if you don’t buy, they can repeatedly contact you to convince you to buy. It also allows them to sell your info to other marketers for a profit.

Anyway, if you submit your information you will be taken to the next page in this ‘funnel’. Which is another video, but a much longer video that puts a lot more effort into selling you the program.

In short, Mark claims to have been a broke struggling newbie. Who met a guy named Tim, that showed him how to create a “money making website” in a couple minutes, and with just a few of clicks of the mouse.

Now he’s rich and wants to share the same system with you.

And that’s what most of the video is- a fictional story.

It was very difficult to find ANY tangible information on how this “secret system” actually works. But after continuing to sit through that pitch, I learned that it’s about becoming an Amazon affiliate.

Which as I explained earlier, is nowhere near as simple as he is making out.

Anyway, the website is NOT free like he claims at the outset either. To gain access to this ‘system’ you need to pay $47. There is absolutely NOTHING free about this whatsoever.

And the moment you buy you are hit with a $197 upsell. Which is apparently going to give you “20x your results” with 20 websites in total. All in all there are 3 major upsells and they come in at just under $700.

I know this because I found the YouTube account where all the sales and upsell videos are located:

In any case, the initial $47 is just to get you in the door. It is through this aggressive upselling that these people really make their money off of you. And it is how you end up losing your money, because NONE of this actually helps you build a real online business.

It is just a way to make more money off of you.

Are The Testimonials Real? Nope!

One thing that unfortunately sucks a lot of people in, are the testimonials on these sites.

When you see a bunch of everyday people making big money with the system, you naturally assume you will too. Which might true if the testimonials were real- but in this case they are NOT.

I don’t expect you to just take my word for it though, so i intend on showing you proof.

Here’s a random selection of 3 Real Profits Online testimonials:

Now here’s the same folks over on a site called Fiverr- selling their ACTING services:

As you can see, these are just paid actors who give fake testimonials for a living. Which is unfortunately very common among scam sites, because real people are not making money with the system at all. So they need to hire people who pretend they are crushing it.

Verdict – Is Real Profits Online a Scam?

Yes, Real Profits Online is a scam in my opinion.

I say this because the entire charade starts with a fake news article, which is extremely misleading in and of itself. Which then leads into a misleading sales funnel. One that has you believe you will simply “push a few buttons” and start making $500 per day. Like it’s some sort of magic trick.

This is simply NOT the reality of how real online business works.

And it most certainly is not the reality of making money with affiliate marketing. I know this because I do affiliate marketing with a website myself, so I know what it takes to get results.

It takes hard work and effort over a consistent period of time.

There is no “secret” or “weird trick” to building a profitable online business. This is something scammers say to make money off of unsuspecting people, who are just trying to figure out a real way to get started online.

What you decide to do is up to you, but there’s no way I could recommend this to you in good conscience.

You may not know this… but the truth is most people fail to make money online.

So the odds are seriously stacked against you.

I don’t mean to be negative, but that’s the cold hard truth. And I believe it’s mostly because of all the fake “gurus” out there, selling their overhyped “systems” that simply don’t work.

The good news is.. it IS possible for the average person to create real success online, I know because I’ve done it myself. Here’s how I went from zero to 6 figures online (4-step formula).

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