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How to identify Forex scams

Just like any other financial market, the Forex market has been a target of Forex scammers for a very long time. Unethical behaviour, promises of unusually large profits without any risk, and the advertisement of “holy grails” are all signs of a Forex scammer who wants to make a profit from naïve traders. Fortunately, there are easy ways you can identify a Forex scammer and protect yourself from their misleading promises. In this article, we’ll cover exactly that, and show you how Forex scammers operate.

How to identify a Forex scammer

Forex scammers may come in different forms, but they all share one thing in common: they’re non-transparent, unregulated, and promise trading results which sound too good to be true. Beginners may have a hard time identifying these characteristics due to their inexperience, which is the main reason why beginners are often targeted by Forex scammers. As you gain trading experience along the way, it will become significantly easier for you to spot these unethical practices and protect yourself from Forex frauds.

If a trader promises hundreds of pips per day without any risk, or tries to sell a trading robot which makes thousands of pips with the click of a mouse, you should be very cautious about that offer. If a trader really had an extremely profitable trading strategy or trading robot, they wouldn’t have to sell that system to other traders, right? They could simply make hundreds of pips with their system and wouldn’t waste their time advertising their product to other traders.

Regulation, or rather lack of it, is also a very important sign of a Forex fraud. Check whether the company which promises unusually high profits is regulated by scrolling through its website. Regulated companies always showcase their licence or regulatory authority on their website, and if you’re unable to find this information, you’re probably dealing with a fraud.

Here we’ve prepared a short checklist of the main points you need to look for to identify potential scammers:

  • Does the trader or company promise extremely high profits and doesn’t mention any risks associated with the strategy? If so, it’s probably a fraud.
  • Can you find information about the company’s regulation on its website? If not, be cautious when dealing with the company.
  • Can you find any additional background information about the trader or the company?
  • Does the trader have their trading results verified by a third party?

These signs, and more, will be discussed in more detail in the following lines.

Additional signs of Forex scams

There are many more ways of identifying Forex trading scams, such as trading results which are not verified, emails that ask for personal information, or the unavailability of background information.

  • Unverified trading results – This scam is very popular with Forex signal providers. A trader will claim that they are constantly profitable on the market, and post screenshots of their trading performance on social media. The trading results often show extreme profit, sometimes even without a single losing trade. Beginners without trading experience are especially attracted to these types of scams as they don’t know how much profit to expect when trading. Needless to say, you should be very cautious when someone makes their trading results publicly available. Ask the trader if the results are verified by a third-party provider, such as myfxbook. If the trader refuses to provide you with a link to their verified results, simply forget about that trader and choose another, as it is highly likely that they are a fraud.
  • Unprofessional emails – Unprofessional emails are another obvious sign of an online Forex trading scam. Email marketing is very common these days, but if the tone of the email sounds unprofessional or if the person asks for any personal information, it’s probably a scam. Forex scammers often use email lists bought on the dark web to send hundreds, or even thousands of emails to traders, offering various trading products. Again, make sure there is background information about the person sending the emails – or if it’s a company, check that it is regulated by browsing its website. If you are unable to find any of the above, and the emails ask for personal information to send you a “free e-book” or something similar, it’s probably a scam.
  • No background information – We’ve already mentioned the importance of checking for background information about a trader or company that promises extremely high profits or asks for your personal information. Scammers often change their identity and act under an imaginary name, so that their victims can’t track them on the Internet. It’s also common for scammers to use pictures of traders found on the internet, claiming that the person in the picture is them.

A simple Google search can help you out a lot. Search for the name of the trader or the company and see whether you can find any background information that proves the scammer’s claims. If you’re dealing with a serious company or trader, you may also be able to find reviews from other customers who have used their services. Always do your research to avoid falling for this type of scam.

Protect yourself against Forex scams

Now that we have covered the most important signs that identify a Forex scammer, it’s time to take a look at ways you can protect yourself. Being cautious about any offer is usually the best solution, but there are also some additional ways.

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  • If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a scam

Common sense helps a lot in these situations. If someone claims to make hundreds of pips per day without a single losing trade with their strategy, it’s probably too good to be true. Even professional traders have losing trades from time to time. If the results are not verified by an independent third-party service, you’re most likely dealing with a scam.

Nothing is more powerful than knowledge. Scammers usually target beginners who don’t have enough trading experience to identify what returns are realistic on the market. Education doesn’t come overnight, but with time you’ll find it way easier to spot Forex frauds even from a distance. Invest in your trading education and gain experience, and you won’t become an easy target for Forex scams.

Never give out your personal information! Scammers may use it to steal your identity and to attract new victims under your name. Always ask yourself – why do they need my personal information? If there is no obvious answer to this question, don’t send any personal data and stop wasting your time with the company. It’s very important to know how to protect your personal information. Regulated companies have to store all of their clients’ personal information, such as ID cards and passport copies, in a safe place and can only use the data for their internal procedures.

Finally, if you’re unsure whether a company is regulated or not, your best bet would be to directly contact the regulatory body of the company’s jurisdiction. You’ll first need to find out the location of the company in order to reach out to the regulatory body of that country. Many regulatory authorities feature a database of regulated companies on their website, where you search and find additional information about the company’s license. Popular regulatory bodies in the Forex industry include the FCA in the United Kingdom, CySEC for Cyprus-based companies which offer their services in the European Union, and the CFTC and NFA in the United States.


There are scammers and unethical persons operating across all markets, and the Forex market is no exception. There are many signs of Forex trading investment scams that can be used to identify and uncover a scammer, such as promises of extremely high profits without verification, the absence of any industry regulation, unprofessional emails which ask for personal data, or the unavailability of background information. Always perform detailed research on these points before you buy a trading product. In addition, make sure to educate yourself about trading, since scammers usually target beginners who aren’t experienced enough to identify unrealistic trading results. If an email asks for personal info, never provide the information right away, but first check why the person or company needs your personal data. You should send copies of your ID cards or passports only if you’re sure that the company is legit. Performing a check on the regulatory body’s website to see whether the company is listed in the database is also a wise decision. To perform the check, first find out where the company is located and go to the website of the regulatory body which governs that jurisdiction. If the company is not listed in the database of regulated companies, it’s probably a scam.

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Your amazing brain

You carry around a three-pound mass of wrinkly material in your head that controls every single thing you will ever do. From enabling you to think, learn, create, and feel emotions to controlling every blink, breath, and heartbeat — this fantastic control center is your brain. It is a structure so amazing that in the foreword to Discovering the Brain, famous scientist James Watson wrote, “The brain is the most complex thing we have yet discovered in our universe. It contains hundreds of billions of cells interlinked through trillions of connections. The brain confuses the mind.” Obviously to understand brain function, we need to confront its complexity.
Imagine your kitten is on the kitchen counter. She’s about to step onto a stove. You have only seconds to act. Accessing the signals coming from your eyes, your brain quickly calculates when, where, and at what speed you will need to dive to intercept her. Then it orders your muscles to do so. Your timing is perfect and she’s safe. No computer can come close to your brain’s awesome ability to download, process, and react to the flood of information coming from your eyes, ears, and other sensory organs.
Your brain contains about 100 billion microscopic cells called neurons — so many it would take you over 3,000 years to count them all. Whenever you dream, laugh, think, see, or move, it’s because tiny chemical and electrical signals are racing between these neurons along billions of tiny neuron highways. Believe it or not, the activity in your brain never stops. Countless messages zip around inside it every second like a supercharged pinball machine. Your neurons create and send more messages than all the phones in the entire world. And while a single neuron generates only a tiny amount of electricity, all your neurons together can generate enough electricity to power a low-wattage bulb.
Neurons send information to your brain at more than 150 miles (241 kilometers) per hour. For example, a bee lands on your bare foot. Sensory neurons in your skin relay this information to your spinal cord and brain at a speed of more than 150 miles (241 kilometers) per hour. Your brain then uses motor neurons to transmit the message back through your spinal cord to your foot to shake the bee off quickly. Motor neurons can relay this information at more than 200 miles (322 kilometers) per hour.
Riding a bike seems impossible at first. But soon you master it. How? As you practice, your brain sends “bike riding” messages along certain pathways of neurons over and over, forming new connections. In fact, the structure of your brain changes every time you learn, as well as whenever you have a new thought or memory.
It is well known that any exercise that makes your heart beat faster, like running or playing basketball, is great for your body and can even help improve your mood. But large-scale efforts of scientists from a group of institutes from the National Institutes of Health have recently showed that for a period of time after you’ve exercised, your body produces a chemical that makes your brain more receptive for gaining new knowledge. So if you’re stuck on a homework problem, go out and play a game of soccer, then try the problem again. You just might discover that you’re able to solve it.

ВОПРОС 1: According to the text, the most distinctive characteristic of the brain is its
1) ability to control the body.
2) elaborateness.
3) size.
4) weight.

ВОПРОС 2: The claims that the brain is better than any computer because it
1) processes more information.
2) works faster.
3) can download information from different sources.
4) reacts to information more adequately.

ВОПРОС 3: According to the text, the work of brain neurons influences
1) electricity production.
2) our dreams.
3) everything we do.
4) character of messages we send.

ВОПРОС 4: The narrator compares the work of neurons to a pinball machine to
1) show the character of brain work.
2) raise the awareness of the brain’s nature.
3) stress the amount of information that the brain processes.
4) illustrate the shape of the neuron highways.

ВОПРОС 5: Comparing sensory and motor neurons, we can make a conclusion that
1) motor neurons transmit information faster.
2) there are more motor neurons.
3) sensory neurons transmit information faster.
4) there are more sensory neurons.

ВОПРОС 6: The structure of brain changes when
1) our memory fails.
2) new neurons appear.
3) we are riding a bike.
4) we acquire new knowledge.

ВОПРОС 7: Physical exercises proved to be good for …
1) the production of brain chemicals.
2) solving homework problems.
3) giving the brain a rest.
4) maintaining a good mood.

ВОПРОС 1: – 2
ВОПРОС 2: – 1
ВОПРОС 3: – 3
ВОПРОС 4: – 1
ВОПРОС 5: – 1
ВОПРОС 6: – 4
ВОПРОС 7: – 1

Is Writers.Work A Scam?[New Ugly March-2020 Reviews!]

Are you interested in joining But you’re still in the fence because you are not sure if it is:

  • A scam.
  • Whether it’s worth the money or not.
  • If they will actually help you make money doing freelance writing.

This is a BRUTALLY honest & NOT affiliated review.

I’m not promoting (later you will know why) so you can expect to learn all the good and the ugly reality about this program…

Without wasting time, let’s get into it!

Writers.Work Summary Review

Name: Writers Work

Founder: Unknown

Price: $47 for a lifetime membership or $15/month

Recommended? No

Summary: does offer many good tools and training for writers, it’s not as trustworthy as you will read in this review as there are so many complaints and tons of alarming red flags.

Rating: 2/5

Recommended? No!

What is Writers.Work? is a website that offers you an all-in-one suite where you can find everything you need to become a freelance writer.

If you’re a person that wants to start a freelaance writing career and work from home claims to give you all the tools that will both make you a more efficient freelance writer and also help you promote your work and find clients. has its in-house features that are going to make any writer’s life easier, I’m going to talk about all the features available later in this review.

To be honest, I came across the affiliate program and I was planning to write a review about this program with the intent to promote it and earn some affiliate commissions by recommending it to people.

But I quickly changed my mind because I personally only promote stuff that won’t rip off people, I’m not saying now that is a ripoff but I have found SO many red flags that are just too much for my likings.

So below I am going to explain everything in details and give you the truth exactly like it is, I’m not promoting this, so you’re probably reading the only honest review about available online.

How Does Writers.Work work?

Update December 2020!

I’m getting more emails and comments on my review from people that are thanking me because this website was shady and people are happy that they did not waste their money.

You can learn more by reading the comments at the end of this article. looks like a professional and very legit site, at least that’s what I have assumed first, but now I’m very suspicious about it after what I have found.

To get started you need to buy a membership (more details about the prices in a second) there is no way you can get a sneak peek, a trial or something like that.

After you pay you will get access to a lot of tools, like their own distraction-free editor, their online portfolio feature and more.

They also offer training for new writers, once you finish the training and feel like you can start writing for other people will give you lists of websites and writing jobs that are ready to hire you.

So in a few words, is not a jobs board site only it offers you the tools and the training to become a better and more efficient writer too.

Does Writers.Work Cost Money? is not free which means yes it does cost money.

A lot of people are shocked when they hear this because they assume a website that offers you a job cannot charge you money.

How Much Does Writers.Work Cost?

There are two membership options.

  • 1) The Lifetime Membership

The lifetime membership costs $47, this will give you access to the platform forever without paying anything in the future.

In their checkout page, they say that $47 is the early bird price and soon it may change to $94. This is a scarcity tactic to put you into pressure and make you hurry up to make a decision.

  • 2)The Monthly Membership

The monthly membership costs $15/month and it will give you access to everything as well.

In my opinion, it’s pretty strange that they have a lifetime membership for $47 and a monthly membership with the exact same features. does offer refunds on both memberships within 30 days but if you buy any add-ons like:

  • The coaching add-on
  • The tool kit bundle
  • The premium video courses
  • Or the other freelancers’ toolkit

You’re NOT going to get refunds on these upsells because they are not refundable but you get to keep them as they are separated from the membership.

Does Writers.Work Work? How Much Money Can You Make? claims that you can sign up and start earning right away.

They even claim that you can start earning up to $60 per hour which sounds very unrealistic.

To get paid around $60 per hour writing you need a lot of experience which you probably don’t have.

Claims like this make very questionable but in this review, we continue investigating this program so keep reading. Features

So is a paid program, but with it there are lots of tools and services that are supposed to make your writing life easier.

I’ll go through the best tools that offers after that I’m going to share with you things I liked and things that did not.

1-’s Magical Job Finder

Looking for writing jobs online is definitely not a walk in the park, it takes hours of research and lots of energy to find a handful of jobs with reasonable pay rates.

The writing gigs scout or as they call it “Magical Job Finder” is a tool that will show you all the job listings available online in one dashboard.

Nothing exclusive here though. Most if not all the writing jobs that shows you can be found on most free job boards available online like Problogger, Craiglist & Indeed.

However, this tool will undoubtedly save you a lot of time as there are filters that allow you to find freelance writing jobs based on rates, type of job and other things.

Another benefit is you can be notified whenever the magical job finder finds jobs that meet your own criteria.

Again nothing groundbreaking here, not that magical I think but it’s a good tool that saves time and you can find it in one dashboard along with other tools which I will list below.

2- Instant Submission Finder

There are many websites out there that are looking for writers, but some of them are either so picky or they don’t want writers temporarily.

Normally you have to send your pitch to as many websites as possible to higher your chances of being hired by many companies.

But what if you could avoid all the sites where your pitch will be 100% ignored? Why waste time and energy and not focus on the sites that pay well and are not picky about writers?

That’s where the Instant submission finder comes in, this tool gives you a list of websites that will give you higher chances of getting hired.

I don’t know if the Instant submission finder database will be updated but I think this feature is really good.

3- Deep Focus Text Editor also offers you a text editor where you can write all your articles, but this is not a basic editor that counts your words, it’s better than that.

This text editor comes with many great features, besides your article it will show the live word count that gets updated as you type, a readability score and the grade reading level.

There is also a spell & grammar checker to make your writing even better. You can even listen to some calm audio files that will make you focus more and stay free from any external noises.

Once you finish your post on the text editor, you will be able to export it as a PDF or even publish it on your WordPress blog or medium.

4- Project Organization System

This feature allows you to organize all your work in one place, this is really useful for writers because you will see each project deadline from a bird’s view and be able to be more creative and organized with your work.

This tool will become useful for writers that are starting to get more work and they want to organize it so they don’t get confused.

I think this tool is very important, because as a writer if you don’t get organized you will just spread your efforts thin!

5- Online Portfolio

A writing portfolio allows you to showcase your writing skills and your development over the years.

Having a killer portfolio helps you market yourself better and make you stand out from other freelance writers with basic portfolios. allows you to create your own writer portfolio within the platform, however, this portfolio is pretty basic and you can build a better-looking one by using Canva which is 100% free.

6- The – Career Training Videos

These are lessons that focus on new writers, you will get training here that will cover the important things and skills any writer should possess.

You will learn about the basics of writing, copywriting, how to market yourself and more.

Within this course you will find text-based training but a lot of videos.

7- Habit Builder Tool

The last feature but not the list is the habit builder tool which is a word counter tool that will count the words of all your articles and show your words record and motivates you to beat it.

This tool can help you build up the habit of writing longer posts which are going to make you more money for sure.

Honestly, I was expecting more from this feature and as for now, it’s pretty limited to words counting.

What I like About

1- is an All-in-One Stop for Writers

I like the idea of having “LITERALLY” everything you will ever need in one place, you can learn how to write, you’re given a text editor where you can do all your work, you can even find jobs within the platform.

That’s very good and obviously better than splitting your mind into many tabs and confusing dashboards, this will surely increase your creativity and reduce the stress of writing!

2- They Welcome All Writers – Newbies & Experienced

Another good thing about is it’s good for both newbies and experienced writers.

The experienced writers will benefit from all the good tools available in the platform while newbies will find very useful the career training because there they will learn everything even how to do the taxes or how much to charge the clients.

What I Don’t Like

1- There are So Many Negative Reviews

I have read so many negative reviews about, most complaints are about refunds and about the upsells but on their help page they clearly say that the add-ons are not refundable.

There are also complaints about the training and the tools, some say that the training is weak and there is no guidance while some say the jobs are expired and hard as they require journalism degree to get accepted.

I have found some reviews on Reddit that assume is a scam just because they charge money without a free trial.

However, at Trustpilot all the reviews are positive but I am a bit skeptical because it’s easy to fake reviews there and to me, the commenter’s photos look fake.

2- There is NO Free Trial!

This is a red flag to me because usually products especially work from home products that are scam can’t afford to give out free trials because if they did people will run away immediately.

What they do instead, is they let you in for a fee, promise you a refund and then you’re locked in or they pretend to give you a refund but they keep charging your credit card without your consent.

I’m not saying that this is the case with but the chances of being so are high.

3- No About Page! Who is Behind

Didn’t you notice that in the website there is ABSOLUTELY no about page! Who created this website? Who is behind it? Where is the physical address?

On their BBB page, they say they are based in Austin, Texas but a complaint from a user said that they were actually based in Arizona.

There is something wrong with this website for sure, this is a HUGE red flag in my eyes, it’s VERY uncommon for a website to not have an about page or no info about the founders unless it’s a big scam.

I review scams regularly on my site and guess what’s common between the scam websites? The founder is always hidden or it’s a fake one.

4- Writers.Work Owners Are Behind Another Scam!

After doing some intense research I found out something very worrying, the owners of are the same people behind a confirmed scam called Writing Master Jobs.

Here’s a video of Master Writing Jobs I did a long time ago when I was just starting out with my Youtube channel.

Please excuse my English as I am not a native English speaker and this video was literally the second video I uploaded on Youtube.

Coming back to our topic, and Master Writing Jobs share the same owner and I have read other reviews and complaints that confirm that.

If you want to learn more about Master Writing Jobs just watch the video above or click on the orange link above which will take you to the full review where you can read the comments left by the scammed members.

5- Very Misleading Advertising! advertising is very misleading, on their Facebook page they usually market themselves as an easy way for writers to make money they even promise newbies to start making money fast which is nothing but hype.

Even the negative reviews I shared with you above confirm this misleading advertising because most complaints say that it’s hard to land a job with

This is another red flag in my book because it’s obvious that a legit company would NOT need to mislead members to get them in.

If you have anything to add, maybe your experiences with don’t be shy to drop your comments in the comments section.

6- The have an “F” rating at BBB.

BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a company that reviews businesses and work at home websites. Many people use BBB to check the ratings of a company they are interested in. Watch this video below to learn more about BBB.

As I am writing this, has an F Rating at BBB and that’s the worst rating you can get, there are also 4 complaints and 0 positive reviews that you can check out by clicking the orange link above.

Is Worth the Money?

$47 for a lifetime membership does not sound like a lot of money, and they offer good tools, at this point, I think it’s worth it.

But after reading the negative reviews and the people complaining about not getting refunds then I would not invest in it.

That’s my personal opinion only.

I’m curious to know your opinion about this especially if you have bought the membership, your opinion will definitely help other people make a better decision. Alternatives

To me does not look like a safe opportunity especially after learning about all those red flags!

Don’t worry though as there are so many legit and 100% safe alternatives which I am going to share with you below.

Is A Scam? is not a scam but it’s borderline, to be honest, there many good things about but WAY so many complaints and alarming red flags to be considered a legit opportunity..

At this point, it’s up to you to decide, I have shared with you my honest take on this and you be the judge. Again I will really appreciate it if you add your feedback it will be VERY useful for anyone that wants to buy

As I said earlier in this review, I was planning to promote this as they have an affiliate program but because of the red flags I shared with you I stepped back and decided not to promote it and instead write an HONEST review for anyone without being bias.

With that said, if you want to join it and give it a try I do have My affiliate link but just remember I don’t recommend it �� I only recommend stuff I like and blindly trust.

Below you will learn more about what I actually recommend for newbies.

There are different ways to make money writing but in my opinion, the most profitable and reliable way to earn from your writing is to write for yourself and your own website or business!

People pay you to write because they are making you build their websites and get them more profitable. The articles you write for others are going to make them money FOREVER.

Why not make your writing make you money forever by starting your own money-making site instead of working for other people?

I used to be interested in writing for other people but I have decided to start my own website because it’s a lot more profitable.

Now I write articles or reviews and make money when people check out my recommendations.

I’ve been doing this for 2 years and I am already making a full-time income and I even pay writers to write for me!

You can start your own site even if you’re a newbie if you check out the same training platform I have used if you want to start your own site and build a full-time income too then Check out My Recommended Training for Newbies .

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