Is Dukascopy a Scam

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Is Dukascopy a Scam?

Dukascopy Payments is a mobile payment system developed by the Swiss bank that allows you to make and receive money transfers globally to and from other users of the payment system. All you need to know to make money transfers within Dukascopy Payments is a mobile phone number. The service is available through Dukascopy Connect 911 mobile application and Dukascopy Payments web application.

Is it safe to use Dukascopy Payments?

Dukascopy Payments is highly safe and secure, as we use the SSL cryptographic protocol, which ensures full security and privacy of communication. Moreover, in order to guarantee additional safety, we use SMS verification method to ensure that only the account holder is able to use the service.

How much does it cost to create and maintain an account with Dukascopy Payments?

Multi-Currency Account can be opened remotely worldwide 24/7 (except for a list of non-serviced countries) through a short video call with the Bank employee.

All you need to do is to follow the link, download the Dukascopy Connect 911 application, fill in registration form, prepare passport/ID with machine-readable zone (MRZ) and pass video identification.

The bank account opening is usually completed within several business days. You will receive a corresponding notification via SMS and email.

My account

What do I need to open an account and access my account with Dukascopy Payments?

In order to use services of Dukascopy Payments you have to:

  • Download and install Dukascopy Connect 911 Android or iOS application, or use the web version;
  • Register and fill out the account opening form here.
  • Make and upload a photo/scan of:
    1. Your ID document (passport or identification card);
    2. Your self-portrait with your ID document;
    3. Proof of address such as a utility bill (not older than 3 months).

What if I forgot my password?

Please contact our Support Service: +371 67 399 001; [email protected]

How to change a password?

Click on your name in the upper right corner and choose Change password. Type in the current password and choose a new one in line with security requirements.

Account limits

How do I view or edit my account information?

Select the field you would like to change in your account and choose the ‘Edit account description” option.

Are there any limits for Multi-Currency Account?

Operations with Multi-Currency Account are regulated by two limits:

  • Incoming quarterly limit
  • Limit on total balance

What is the Incoming quarterly limit?

Incoming quarterly limit defines the maximum amount of funds that can be deposited on your Multi-Currency Account within a quarter. The limit is not applied to transfers between your accounts within Dukascopy Group.

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The size of the limit is determined at the stage of account opening based on two factors: (a) country of your residence and (b) your occupation status.

The limit is reset at the beginning of each new quarter: 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October.

Please note that the limit can be equally reached by one large transaction or by multiple small transactions.

What is the Limit on account balance?

Please contact our Support Service: +371 67 399 001; [email protected]

Can I delete an account in a certain currency?

No, you cannot delete an account once it was created.

How to increase account limits?

To increase one or both limits you need to send us a corresponding request via chat or email.

The incoming quarterly limit can be increased upon condition that you manage to prove your verified monthly income. In this case the size of the limit will be equal to 450% of your verified monthly income.

The limit on account balance can be increased upon condition that you manage to prove that you can place the requested sum on your account. In this case the size of the limit can be increased up to USD 100’000.

How to check account limits?

To do this you need to contact our Support Service: [email protected]

Please make sure that you log into your account at Dukascopy Bank, click on your name in the upper corner and near the “Payments” logo click on the “Connect” button. Then click on “Link existing account” and enter your account number in Dukascopy Payments.

Payment operations

What are the possible ways to fund my Dukascopy Payments account?

You can deposit funds to Dukascopy Payments account via payment card, linked card, Dukascopy prepaid card, bank transfer, e-money transfer service providers Skrill and Neteller, and RMB transfer.

Are there any restrictions on my first deposit to Dukascopy Payments?

Yes, the first deposit of any amount can be accepted only from a card or a bank account in your name.

How long does it take for funds to be deposited into my account with Dukascopy Payments?

If you use the “Bank Transfer” option, your deposit takes up to 3 business days to reach your Dukascopy Payments account, however, it might take longer depending on your bank location country. If your preferred deposit type is “Credit Card” or “Linked Card”, funds are deposited immediately.

In which currencies can I make deposits to an account?

Dukascopy Payments accepts deposits in the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, AUD, CAD, JPY, RUB, PLN through “Bank Transfer”, “Credit Card”, “Linked Card”, or CNH through “RMB Transfer”. However, if you make a deposit in other currency that is not listed, you can top-up your account only through Payment Card, though an additional conversion fee may be applied.

Internal transfers

Can I transfer funds to another person who does not have a Dukascopy Payments account?

Yes. A mobile phone number is all you need to make money transfers. However, the recipient will only be able to use these funds in case he/she opens an account with Dukascopy Payments within a 30-day period.

How to transfer funds to other Multi-Currency Account holder?

Please contact our Support Service: +371 67 399 001; [email protected]

How to transfer funds to my other accounts with Dukascopy Bank?

Currently, this option is available in web application only.

To transfer funds to your other accounts with Dukascopy Bank (e.g. trading, binary, current, etc.) you need to find Other accounts section at the bottom of the Home page. Then move your mouse to one of the accounts and click on Internal transfer. After that choose debit (from) and credit (to) accounts respectively.

How to transfer funds to trading account with Dukascopy Europe?

Transfers to trading account with Dukascopy Europe should be executed as an ordinary wire withdrawal.

In the opened Bank transfer form:

  • IBAN or Account number field should be filled with Dukascopy Europe’s IBAN
  • BIC/SWIFT field should be filled with Dukascopy Europe’s BIC/SWIFT
  • Personal/Billing information section should be filled with Dukascopy Europe’s name and address
  • Payment description field should be filled with your name, account and sub-account number (e.g. John Johnson, 1032256.0201USD)

How much does it cost to make a transfer to another person?

A commission of 1% (maximum 1 EUR) is applied to each money transfer from one Dukascopy Payments account to another Dukascopy Payments account.

Linked cards

In which currency can I withdraw money from my account?

You can withdraw money from Dukascopy Payments account in the following currencies: EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, PLN or RUB.

How long does it take for Dukascopy Payments to process my withdrawal?

If you use web application, select Cards and press on Connect new card.

If you use the Swiss Bank mobile application, go to Cards, tap on Linked and then press on plus sign in the upper right corner.

If you use the Dukascopy Connect 911 mobile application, click on Bank, press on plus sign in the bottom left corner, select Card operations and choose Link card.

Fill in the card’s details in the mandatory fields and click Proceed.

How to withdraw from Dukascopy Payments to a trading account?

After you have added the card to your Multi-Currency Account, it needs to be verified. In other words, Dukascopy needs to make sure that you are the genuine cardholder.

To prove that you need to access your card issuer’s e-bank, open bank statement and find a reservation made by Dukascopy. After that you need to return to web or mobile application, select the corresponding card and enter charged amount or the five-digit code. The charge will be refunded to your bank account.

Once this is done (provided that the card has also passed additional internal verification conducted by the compliance department) the status of your card will be changed to Active and it will be ready for use.

For each money withdrawal from an account to an international Bank account, Dukascopy Payments charges 2.5 EUR (SEPA) and 21 EUR (non-SEPA); 20.5 USD; 2.5 CHF (16 CHF non-SIX); 15.5 GBP; 2625 JPY; 32 AUD; 32 CAD; 84 PLN; 1890 RUB.

What if my withdrawal is denied?

Please make sure you have enough money in your account or payment card, otherwise contact our Support Service: +371 67 399 001; [email protected] to resolve this issue.

Dukascopy cards

Dukascopy card is a virtual and plastic Visa / Mastercard contactless card available for order in one of four major currencies – American Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, and Swiss Francs.

How to order Dukascopy card?

If you use web application, go to Cards section and press on Issue old prepaid card.

If you use Dukascopy Connect mobile application, press on Bank, then press on plus sign in the lower left corner, select Card operations and choose Order card.

If you use Swiss Bank mobile application, go to Cards section and press on plus sign in the upper right corner.

Are there any geographical limitations on card order and delivery?

No, the card can be ordered by any Multi-Currency Account holder except for residents of the following countries:

Afghanistan, American Samoa, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Canada, Central African Republic, Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Democratic Republic of Yemen, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guam, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Heard & McDonald Islands, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Japan, Lebanon, Liberia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nauru, Niue Islands, Norfolk Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Pakistan, Palestine, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, Samoa, San Marino, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Vatican, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Uganda, United States of America, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

How long the card delivery would take?

After a successful verification, the card may be held on for an internal review. In this case, we suggest you to contact our client support team at [email protected] and clarify the reason.

No, it’s prohibited.

Can I add third person’s card to my Dukascopy Payments account (relative’s or friend’s)?

No, you cannot add third person’s card to your Dukascopy Payments account. You may only add your personal card issued by a financial institution (bank).

Can I order card delivery by a courier?

Our charge on withdrawal to your card is 1.5 EUR + 2.5% or equivalent in other currencies. Please proceed to the following link for more information:

Please be informed that not all card issuers support this type of transaction. In case of unsuccessful transaction the commission will not be charged.

Where can I see the tracking number?

The maximum withdrawal value in a single transaction is 2,200 USD (or currency equivalent).

Dukascopy Card
Plastic and Virtual

What is the difference between plastic and virtual cards?

The main difference between plastic and virtual card is that with plastic card you are able to pay for goods and services in a physical shop and initiate ATM operations (e.g. money withdrawal, balance inquiry). All other operations are absolutely the same for both cards

Where can I use Dukascopy plastic or virtual card?

You can use your Dukascopy card anywhere Debit MasterCard cards are accepted. That’s millions of locations worldwide from retail stores to online, mail, and phone orders. You can also use your card to pay bills online.

How many cards can I have and in which currencies?

You can have only one plastic/virtual card of a single currency (e.g. one card in EUR, one card in USD, etc.). Dukascopy Payments works with the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF and RUB.

Do I need to activate and/or register my card before using it?

For plastic cards, please go to the “Cards” section, choose the desired card and then press the “ACTIVATE CARD” option. Please enter a 4-digit activation code (digits 9-12 on your card). For virtual cards, no activation is required.

Card Issues

What if I do not receive my card at all?

If you do not receive your card, please contact our Support Service: +371 67 399 001; [email protected]

How can I top up my Dukascopy card?

In order to top up your card, please go to the “Cards” section, choose the desired card and then press the “TOP UP CARD” option.

Where can I check my balance?

You can check your balance in Dukascopy web/mobile application by proceeding to the “Cards” section, or check it using an ATM for your plastic cards.

Can I see my transaction history?

Yes, you can check your transaction history by selecting the “History” section in Dukascopy web/mobile application.

Where can I find my Dukascopy card’s PIN code?

You can find your PIN code in the envelope upon receiving your plastic card. If you failed to find the PIN code, please contact our Support Service: +371 67 399 001; [email protected]

Is there any possibility to change the PIN code for the plastic card?

No, it is not possible to change your card’s PIN code.

What is the expiration date of a plastic card?

Both Dukascopy plastic card and Dukascopy virtual card are valid for 2 years.

What if my card is not accepted?

If you fail to do a POS or an Online payment, please check your balance and limits or contact our Support Service: +371 67 399 001; [email protected] .

Can I block/close a plastic or a virtual card myself?

Yes, you can block your virtual card through Dukascopy web/mobile application. To do so, please select the “Cards” section, choose the desired card and then select the “BLOCK CARD” option. Mind that the card reactivation is not possible. You will have to order a new card.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

To protect your funds against unauthorised actions, please go to Dukascopy Web or Dukascopy Connect 911 mobile application, log in to your account, select the “Cards” section, choose the desired card and then select the “BLOCK CARD” option. If you fail to block your card, please contact our Support Service: +371 67 399 001; [email protected] .

How do I withdraw money from a card that has been blocked?

You have two options to withdraw your money:

  • Card withdrawal
    You have to order a new plastic/virtual card and write an inquiry to [email protected], stating that you want to transfer money to a new card (this operation is free of charge).
  • Account withdrawal
    You have to write an inquiry to [email protected] that you want to transfer money to your account. Please note that a fee of 2% will be applied to this operation.

Is it possible to unblock a card that was recently blocked?

No it is not possible. You have to order a new plastic or virtual card.

Cards’ Fees

What is the monthly service fee?

There is no monthly service fee for both plastic and virtual cards; however, a dormancy fee of 0.85 EUR will be applied in case the card is inactive for the period of one month.

What is the card order fee?

The plastic card order fee equals to: EUR 7.00; USD 8.50; 6.50 GBP; 500 RUB. The fee applies to plastic cards only. There is no card order fee for virtual cards.

What is the load fee?

The load fee is applied to each money top-up to Dukascopy Payments card from Dukascopy Payments account. The load fee is 1% for both plastic and virtual cards.

What is the ATM withdrawal fee?

For each cash withdrawal, Dukascopy Payments charges: 2.50 EUR per single transaction below 500 EUR (or currency equivalent); 4 EUR per single transaction above 500 EUR (or currency equivalent).

(Surcharges of local ATM may be applied)

What is the FX mark-up fee?

The FX mark-up fee is a commission taken by a bank if a transaction is performed in a currency different from the currency available on the card. Dukascopy Payments FX mark-up is 2.5% per transaction.

Partner accounts

Can Multi-Currency Account holders acquire crypto assets?

Apart from the acquisition of CFD contracts on the most popular cryptocurrencies, Multi-Currency Account holders have an opportunity to purchase blockchain-based crypto assets on several recognized crypto exchanges that have passed due diligence and integrated with Dukascopy Bank.

The main benefit is that during operations with cryptoassets the fiat funds will be always held in the safe custody of a regulated Swiss bank, i.e. your Multi-Currency Account.

What is the list of recognized crypto exchanges?

Swiss Crypto Exchange (“SCX”) is a regulated exchange platform for crypto currencies and blockchain products, based in Zurich, Switzerland. SCX offers the trading of Bitcoin, Ether and selected payment and utility tokens. The platform is SRO/VQF regulated and aims to provide safe, high quality and transparent access to these products. SCX contributes to standardization, legitimacy and transparency in accordance with Swiss quality and safety criteria.

ZBX is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Malta, operating out of a regulated environment for individual and institutional traders. expands its European operation with ZBX exchange. has been a world top three exchange with $300-700M in traded volume per 24 hours. will ensure the security with its technology and know-how experience of running one of the world largest crypto currency exchanges. The exchange is currently applying for a license to be able to list Security Tokens. The founding team of ZBX has broad and intensive experiences in traditional financial services, IT and the cryptocurrency sector. ZBX’s core team is located in Malta, Switzerland, Sweden, and China.

How to start operating on crypto exchanges?

To start trading you need to open a Multi-Currency Account with Dukascopy Bank and an account with one of the recognized crypto exchanges.

Once this is done, you need to link your account with a partner crypto exchange with your Multi-Currency Account:

  • Visit the partner exchanges website, sign-up and approve your account
  • Log in to the exchange’s platform and choose to link your Dukascopy account
  • Authorize with your Dukascopy credentials
  • Sign the Power of Attorney agreement

After that two new (EUR and CHF) sub-accounts will be added to your Multi-Currency Account. You can find them on Home page under the Partner Accounts section.

These sub-accounts will be used solely for buying and selling cryptoassets on the exchange.

Payment service providers


What is CurrencyCloud and what are its advantages?

What determines the size of the commission?

The size of the commission depends on three factors: (a) withdrawn amount, (b) currency and (c) country of destination.

Commission is calculated in GBP and then, if needed, gets converted into other currencies at the interbank rate.

For money transfer in EUR fixed commission is applied (regardless of the size of the withdrawn amount).

How can I calculate the exact commission?

Skrill and Neteller

What are Skrill and Neteller?

Skrill is a payment and money transfer system with a focus on low-cost international money transfers.

Neteller is also a payment system mainly used to transfer money to and from merchants.

Are there any restrictions and limitations for Skrill and Neteller?

In order to allow transferring funds between Multi-Currency Account and Skrill / Neteller, Dukascopy needs to be sure that both accounts belong to the same person. In case some data do not match, Dukascopy will contact you via email and ask for additional clarifications. Until Dukascopy finishes verification, transfers between Multi-Currency Account and Skrill / Neteller will be temporary disabled.

Dukascopy allows transferring funds only to one verified Skrill / Neteller account. In case you entered the wrong email address, please contact our support team.

Operations with other Payments Systems

In order to link your Dukascopy Payments plastic or virtual card, please:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account;
  2. Click “Account” at the top of the page;
  3. Click the “Link a card” option;
  4. Fill in your personal details and follow the on-screen instructions to add the card.

Account statement

What are the fees for using Dukascopy Payments?

You can find withdrawal, load and other limits in the “Fees Limits” section on the Dukascopy Payments website.

What is the difference between account statement and history?

You can find withdrawal, load and other limits in the“Fees Limits” section on the Dukascopy Payments website.

What is the limit for funds withdrawal from a Dukascopy card?

You can find withdrawal, load and other limits in the “Fees Limits” section on the Dukascopy Payments website.

Dukascopy Connect 911


What is Dukascopy Connect 911?

Dukascopy Connect 911 is a messenger that enables numerous people around the world to chat, make calls, ask each other questions and participate in various challenges from their friends.

Where can I download Dukascopy Connect 911?

You can download the app from the App store and Google play.

How to proceed with Dukascopy Connect 911?

Once you have authorized yourself in the app we recommend you to open a Multi-Currency Account, where you will receive rewards for participation in challenges and answers to questions from other users.

To open Multi-Currency Account click on the Bank section and follow instructions (complete registration form and pass video-identification).

What to do if my Multi-Currency Account is still not opened?

In order to start using a Multi-Currency Account, you need to get an SMS and email with the activation link. The SMS and email are sent once the compliance department verifies your data and approves an account opening.

The verification (from the moment you passed video-identification) usually takes several business days.

Please do not repeatedly fill the registration form.

Where to find Dukascopy Connect 911 terms of use?

To read General terms and terms of use, select Chat section, press on 911 in the top right corner and then click on the ⓘ button. Alternatively, you can follow a direct link.

Where to get promo code to earn 5 DUK+?

To find your promo code go to Settings and click on Referral Program. Copy the referral code and start sharing it with your friends.

If you wish to participate in contests, you can get a promo code directly from social media where the person announcing the contest publishes it.

Please note that promo code will become available only if you open a Multi-Currency Account.

More information can be found here.

Where to enter the promo code?

The promo code should be entered in a pop-up window that will appear during the first authorization in the application.

Please note that this window will appear only in case if the app was downloaded to the device for the first time.

How to get a reward for inviting a friend?

In order to receive a referral program reward, the referred person needs to enter a referral code during first authorization in the app.

However, in order to access the earned reward both referrer and referred person must open a Multi-Currency Account.

What is questions & answers service?

Dukascopy Connect 911 offers its users an opportunity to ask original questions on any topic of interest and receive creative and funny answers from the community.

How to ask a question?

In order to ask a question select Chat section, click on 911 button in the top right corner, press on Ask new question and follow instructions.

What if I do not see the 911 button?

At first, go to Settings section and make sure that the Social button is enabled. If the problem still persists, logout from the application, close it and then log in again.

What is the difference between private and public questions?

Private question allows you to receive up to seven different answers while the number of answers for public questions is unlimited. However, the latter option obliges you to offer a monetary reward that will be charged from your Multi-Currency Account.

How can I collect reward for answering questions?

If you have not opened a Multi-Currency Account yet, the earned reward will be accumulating in the app. Once you open the Multi-Currency Account, the accrued reward will be transferred there and become available for use.

All subsequent payments for questions will be made once a week. Rewards may be paid out in parts, according to the community rules.

I did not receive remuneration for my answers. What should I do?

If you did not receive the earned reward within one week, send us the corresponding request via chat or email.

Please, note that all rewards for correct answers and referral programs are processed only after administration’s verification.

What is rating?

The rating is an indicator of how active and successful in answering questions user is. Initially, each user gets the rating of CHF 0.2. Based on a user`s activity the rating can be increased.

In case of uniform, rude or inappropriate answers, which do not comply with community rules, moderators of the app reserves the right to lower a user`s rating or block his account.

Where can I see my rating?

To see your rating, first, go to Settings section and make sure that the Show rating button is enabled. The rating will be shown around your avatar in the form of stars.

If minimum rating is CHF 0.2, why do I receive CHF 0.04?

If you answer a user`s question who has already asked more than 20 questions, you will receive only one-fifth of your rating as a reward, as Dukascopy sponsors only first 20 questions (all new users can be distinguished by the icon NEW located next to their avatars).

I wanted to know other users’ opinion about my picture in social media. Unfortunately, moderators lowered my rating. Why?

According to the community rules, any self-promotion is prohibited. As a result, users who share links to external sources could be penalized or banned.


What does the crown on avatar mean?

If you see a user with a red crown on his avatar, it simply means that this person is Miss Dukascopy 2020 contest participant. If you wish to join the contest with a prize fund of EUR 300,000, following the link.

What does the toad on avatar mean?

If somebody has complained about you for spam or inappropriate answer, there will be a toad in your avatar during the next hour. After that, it will be automatically removed. Each new complaint will be reflected in your statistics.

How to send other users to jail?

The app gives you an opportunity to send other users to jail for one day for EUR 1. In order to do that, simply click on user`s avatar and press on Send to jail.

Please note that the potential detainee needs to have a Multi-Currency Account.

How to quit from jail?

If you find yourself in the jail, you will have two options available: either to bail out for 1 EUR and get free or wait until the end of the sentence, i.e. one day.

In order to bail yourself out, you need to have a Multi-Currency Account.

If I changed my mind, can I cancel sending other user to prison?

Unfortunately, this is impossible. Dukascopy is not responsible for premature decisions made by users and does not make refunds.

Moderators blocked my account. What should I do?

If moderators blocked your account, it means you have violated some of the community rules. If you do not agree with moderators` decision, send us a complaint via chat or email.

Please note that the ultimate decision is up to the Dukascopy Bank. In case the bank sees in your action serious violation of the community rules, it might permanently block the account and close a Multi-Currency Account.

How to get rid of account in Dukascopy Connect 911?

If you want to get rid of your account, you simply need to delete the app. After 30 days, your account will be deactivated. During this period, you have an opportunity to restore your account by downloading the app again.

How to close Multi-Currency Account?

To close your Multi-Currency Account, please send us the corresponding request via chat or email.

Are there geographical limitations for the use of application?

Due to regulatory restrictions, customers from Brazil, Korea, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are offered an alternative version of the application that does not contain social features, such as referral program, paid questions and others.

I found an error in the app.


What basic security rules do I need to know?

Please make a request at [email protected] .

Объективный обзор

Участвует в таких рейтингах (в скобках указанно место занимаемое в рейтинге):


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Сайт Dukascopy переведен на шестнадцать языков, включая русский и английский. Найти необходимую информацию по всем направлениям деятельность компании не составит особых сложностей, но на это потребуется время. Помимо подробного описания торговых условий, на сайте есть разделы с различными аналитическими сервисами, и даже свое онлайн-телевидение.


Для регистрации личного кабинета в Dukascopy необходимо определиться, в какой именно компании вы хотите открыть счет. Интерес, в первую очередь, вызывают швейцарская и европейская компании. Разница в предоставляемом кредитном плече и минимальном размере депозита. Для регистрации необходимо ввести в форму достоверные личные и контактные данные, после чего на электронную почту придут инструкции по дальнейшим действиям. Нужно будет распечатать полученные документы, подписать и отправить их в Dukascopy по почте. Процесс верификации клиентов в компании обязателен – без этого оформить заявку на вывод денежных средств невозможно. Для верификации необходимо загрузить сканы документа, подтверждающего личность и адрес проживания. В некоторых случаях необходимо пройти видео-индентификацию, загрузив приложение “Dukascopy Connect” на смартфон. После одобрения документов в течении 1-7 дней будет открыт торговый счет.

Пополнение и вывод

Операции ввода-вывода денежных средств в Dukascopy возможны банковским переводом либо с помощью платежных карт. Важно: платежи от третьих лиц не принимаются. Для крипто-счетов возможны операции с биткоинами. Серьезные клиенты с депозитами от $100 000 могут предоставить банковскую гарантию, для этого клиент и банк, выдающий гарантию, должны будут связаться с менеджером счета в Dukascopy для дальнейшего обсуждения. Cчета могут быть открыты в следующих базовых валютах: USD, CHF, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, CZK, DKK, HKD, HUF, ILS, JPY, MXN, NOK, NZD, PLN, RON, RUB, CNH, SEK, SGD, TRY, XAU и ZAR.

Торговые условия

В силу различных требований финансовых регуляторов, торговые условия в швейцарской и европейской компаниях заметно отличаются. Максимальное кредитное плечо, предоставляемое швейцарским Dukascopy Bank SA, составляет 1:200 (минимальный депозит $1000), в европейском Dukascopy Europe IBS AS максимальное кредитное плечо – 1:30 на мажорах и 1:10 на минорных кроссах (минимальный депозит $100). Для торговли клиентам Dukascopy доступно больше 40 валютных пар, CFD на нефть, газ, медь, 5 сельскохозяйственных сырьевых товаров, 18 фондовых индексов, 2 типа облигаций и самые ликвидные CFD акции основных мировых финансовых рынков. Dukascopy Bank предлагает торговлю бинарными опционами для 18 валютных пар FX на торговой площадке SWFX и CFD на BTC и ETH.

Спреды в Dukascopy достаточно привлекательные. Так, например, средний спред на пары EUR/USD и GBP/USD составляют 0.3 пункта и 0.94 пункта соответственно. Следует учитывать, что c клиентов Dukascopy взымается комиссия за торговые операции, размер которой зависит от размера депозита, капитала и торгового оборота.

Торговые платформы

Клиентам Dukascopy доступна торговля с использованием платформы JForex 3 и терминала МТ4. Есть веб-версии терминалов для торговли в браузере, а также приложения для операционных систем Mac, Apple iOS и Android. Мы протестировали демо-счет, платформа JForex 3 обеспечивала устойчивое соединение с сервером и мгновенное открытие ордеров. Для любителей торговых роботов возможно предоставление доступа через API с возможностью торговли через индивидуальные приложения на языке Java. Для управляющих в Dukascopy есть усовершенствованная среда PAMM-счетов с большими возможностями по контролю за рисками. При этом из-за жестких требований со стороны финансовых регуляторов к доверительным управляющим в Dukascopy нет публичного рейтинга ПАММ-счетов.


Все компании бренда Dukascopy являются регулируемыми и обязаны соблюдать жесткие требования национальных регуляторов. Депозиты клиентов Dukascopy Bank SA застрахованы правительством Швейцарии в размере 100 000 швейцарских франков для каждого клиента. В Dukascopy Europe IBS AS клиенту гарантируется компенсация в размере 90% от утерянной стоимости финансовых инструментов или убытков, причинённых неисполнением инвестиционных услуг, но не более 20 000 EUR для каждого клиента.

Служба поддержки

Со службой поддержки клиент компании может связаться в онлайн-чате, по телефону (есть возможность заказать обратный звонок) или через электронную почту. Техническая поддержка работает круглосуточно пять дней в неделю, операторы в онлайн-чате отвечают достаточно оперативно.


Компании Dukascopy, безусловно, заслуживают доверия, и неторговые риски для клиентов практически исключены. Перед открытием счета необходимо понимать, что брокер является участником автоматического обмена налоговой информацией (AEOI), и все ваши данные будут переданы в Федеральную Налоговую Администрацию Швейцарии (FTA). Если ваша страна является участником AEOI, FTA, компаня, в свою очередь, передаст их в налоговый орган вашей страны. Если подобная прозрачность вас не пугает и у вас есть желание иметь счет в компании мирового уровня, на Dukascopy стоит обратить внимание.


  • Адрес: Switzerland, ICC, Entrance H, Route de Pré-Bois 20, 1215 Geneva 15
  • Телефон: +41 22 799 4888

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  • Сортировка

Не могу рекомендовать данного брокера по итогам моей с ним работы около 6 лет назад. Точнее говоря после попытки общения с их технической поддержкой во время работы. Пишешь сообщение, ждешь ответа, ответа нет, потом пишешь по новой, ждем некоторое время и получаем формальную отписку . В теории да, это именно банк да еще со швейцарской лицензией, то есть всё надежно. Но на рынке форекс привыкли как-то к большей клиентоориентированности. Говорят с тех пор многое изменилось и банк стал более дружелюбным к клиентам, хотелось бы в это верить. Добавились наконец способы пополнения счёта в криптовалюте и с помощью электронных платежных систем, чат на сайт. В общем развиваются.

Возможно если буду выбирать сейчас, то может и выберу Дукаскопи.

Один из лучших брокеров, что можно найти.
Тот случай – если вам нужна надежность, а не брокер зарегистрированный на островах, если вы боитесь левых котировок и непонятных поставщиков ликвидности.
Можно написать очень много, но подробно лучше изучать все на сайте, обозначу лишь несколько направлений. По сути это целая экосистема – тут и телевидение и новости, и своя соц сеть, вплоть до проведения конкурсов “мисс дукасскопи” и т.д. На сайте очень много информации прямо в столбик, так, что даже имея опыт – теряешься. Но все рекомендую прочитать и ознакомиться – не пренебрегайте. Очень подробно расписано, вплоть до состава компании и количества сотрудников.
Брокер сам является поставщиком ликвидности (подробнее можно почитать про SWFX), никакого манипулирования ценами, все сделано скурпулезно . Если сказано, что максимальный лот 50 – значит это то, что брокер может позволить себе, та же история с кредитным плечом. Собственный капитал компании в размере 22 млн во франках, не то что бы много, но и не мало. Имеется и защита вкладов. Отчеты по торговому счету, которые можно использовать для декларирования в налоговой.
Кредитное плечо по дефолту – 1:100, безсвоповых счетов нет. Как всегда (если это не юрисдикция островов) – регистрация не без боли. Если не путаю со Swissquote – то тут идет оформление именно счета в банке, а потом доступ к торговле.
Если нужен входной порог поменьше, регистрация попроще – есть Dukascopy Europe – дочерняя компания Dukascopy Bank в ЕC. Там минимальный вход 100$, все делается через интернет.

Настоятельно рекомендую внимательно ознакомиться с условиями и комиссиями. Трейдерам которые еще в пути или начале, стоит взвесить свои решения. По сути это банк, здесь все им пропитано, и есть платное обслуживание. А так как Швейцария страна богатая, тут и комиссии с размахом . Как пример:
За каждое сообщение SMS взимается плата в 0.07 евро. Плата за обслуживание, если ни на одном счете не было телодвижений 182 дня – макс. 100 CHF. Выписка по счету/банковское подтверждение 150 CHF. Так же при закрытии счета нужно все делать правильно, иначе комиссия на обслуживание остатков. Отдельно смотрите комиссии за хранение в Bitcoin (комиссия без активности по депозиту еженедельная) и золоте. Если вы не активный трейдер или торгуете время от времени или просто забывчивый человек, лучше найти и брокера попроще. Тут нужно постоянно следить за ситуацией.
Большое количество инструментов – акции, облигации, сырьевые товары, индексы, крипта. Банковские счета, карты, хранение в крипте и золоте.
По самой торговле, спредам и комиссиям, думаю нет смысла повторяться, это один из лучших брокеров, но не стоит его переоценивать. Внимательно пройдитесь по условиям счетов на JForex – они отличаются от мт4, например пункт о сокращении кредитного плеча в конце недели. Для приверженцев мт4 – тоже появилась радость – теперь он официально присутствует в оружейной брокера. Раньше был API в помощь, к которому опять же можно прикручивать и свои наработки, если имеются.

Из фишек – это конечно платформа JForex. Тут и встроенные синтетические графики, и история котировок, которую раньше мы выкачивали и конвертировали в формат мт4 для тестирования. Если имеются уникальные индикаторы – можно их переписать под Jforex.
Был момент – когда MQL обновили – и очень много индикаторов перестало работать. Все переписывали, правили, перекомпилировали. Столько головной боли и потери времени. Страховка лишней не будет, не считая возможностей тестирования и конструирования новых стратегий. Для визуального конструирования имеется Visual Jforex.
Кому рекомендую – если вы скальпер, если вам очень захотелось на JForex, любите тестировать, программировать, ищете альтернативу регистрации Белиз/Виргинские острова и т.п. Если вы хотите торговать без претензий и заморочек, то есть конторы и попроще. Тот случай – когда стоит ознакомиться с брокером со справки и демки.

Торгуйте на рынке

Спред EUR/USD от 0.1 пипса для всех счетов

Идеи для торговли


Dukascopy TV – Швейцарское финансовое телевидение

SWFX – швейцарская торговая площадка FX & CFD

Sessions: European US Asian

Информация о рынках

Новости компании

Market behavior and market movements have dramatically changed in the course of the spread of COVID-19 global pandemic in the past weeks. Actions of governments have become unpredictable and Central Banks aim to fight expected bankruptcies and rising unemployment.
This all causes reduction of liquidity from market participants and ongoing increased daily volatility.

These are the reasons for Dukascopy to reduce leverage for commodities, indexes and precious metals to 1:30. The leverage policy for other trading instruments remains unchanged.
The change will come in force as of today at 18:00 GMT (time of usual over-the weekend leverage reduction) and stay in force until further notice.

Dukascopy Bank SA is proud to announce that the bank has reached the finals in two categories in the Technical Analyst Awards 2020.

The bank competes among the global leaders in two categories: Best Forex Research and Best Technical Analysis Platform. Dukascopy bank’s JForex 3 aims at winning the reward for best Technical Analysis platform. Meanwhile, Dukascopy Analytics articles compete for the Best Forex Research award.

The final results of the 2020 awards are expected to be announced on April 30.

More detailed information can be found on corresponding website.

Clocks will be advanced by 1 hour this Sunday, March 29 th , in many European countries.

Please be aware that Trading Summer time will be applied for EU CFDs.

Please beware of the overnight swap rates update.

Due to increased market turbulence the overnight swap rates became wider and are frequently updated without prior notice to reflect the current interbank rates. Please consider merging hedged positions to avoid risks associated with excessive swap costs. We recommend consulting the swap rates page on a regular basis.

For more detailed information on swap rates, see the following pages:
Overnight Policy for JForex
Overnight Policy for MT4

Due to considerable market turbulence and the resulting probability of high volatility, periods of low liquidity and risk of price gaps, Dukascopy is decreasing the maximum exposure limit on 11 instruments. The updated limit values (in contracts) are:
• XAU/USD – 3000
• USA500.IDX/USD – 1000
• USA30.IDX/USD – 100
• USSC2000.IDX/USD – 2000
• FRA.IDX/EUR – 500
• CHI.IDX/USD – 200
• DOLLAR.IDX/USD – 25000
• BUND.TR/EUR – 10000
• USTBOND.TR/USD – 10000
• UKGILT.TR/GBP – 10000

The limitation will enter into force as of this weekend, 14-15 March 2020 and remain in force until further notice. Dukascopy reserves the right to reconsider special trading conditions for other instruments if found necessary.

Please be aware of temporary lack or full absence of liquidity on all CFD instruments especially on US Indices and Stocks.

Underlying Futures Markets may experience hitting a limit down price (being close to 5% circuit breakers) which triggers temporary absence of quotes.

Please beware of CFD Monthly Adjustment procedure update.

In order to reduce trading breaks and standardize CFD Monthly adjustments procedure across all the instruments following changes have been made for Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe clients’.

Fixing time is determined at 13:50 GMT summer time / 14:50 GMT winter time for all instruments with futures underlying.

Trading break time is reduced to 20 minutes before regular trading break starts.

More detailed information can be found on corresponding website section

Considering the general concerns about the financial situation of the market participants after the recent oil and stocks price drops as well as high volatility on the currency markets, Dukascopy Bank is reporting the following:
1. The YTD profit 2020 of Dukascopy Bank has hit a historical record (above 8 million CHF),
2. Eighty (80) negative accounts have appeared on the 9 th of March 2020, totalling 340k USD which is in line with the Bank’s risk appetite.

Dukascopy Bank will clear those negative accounts, at its expense, without asking any compensation from clients.

All risk mitigation measures in place have proved to be effective and adequate to ensure the stability of the Bank during current and previous extraordinary market events (abandon of the EUR/CHF peg, BREXIT, Trump election, etc.). Such measures are regularly reassessed and adjusted by the Bank.

The Bank would like to reassure its clients and other business partners that Dukascopy Bank, Dukascopy Europe and Dukascopy Japan continue to be reliable and stable trading counterparties.

Clocks will be advanced by 1 hour this Sunday, March 8 th , in the US. The FX trading day ending at 5pm NY time and Dukascopy Market opening and settlement time will be changed from 22:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT effectively this Sunday 8 March 2020.

Please be aware that Trading Summer time will be applied for CFDs and metals from the list below:
US Stocks and ETFs

28 th of February, 2020 Dukascopy Bank SA is proud to celebrate the first anniversary of the Dukascoin project. One year ago, we have officially launched the first payment crypto coin issued for public use by a licensed and regulated Swiss bank. Today it’s time to look back and observe the way the project evolved during the first year.

Dukascopy Bank changes the trading leverage on EUR/PLN, USD/PLN, USD/MXN and the maximum net exposure limit on XAU/USD, EUR/PLN, USD/PLN, USD/MXN, EUR/RUB, USD/RUB, HKD/JPY, CAD/HKD, EUR/HKD, USD/HKD, USD/CNH, EUR/DKK, and USD/DKK starting from 10:00 GMT on March 5, 2020.

For more detailed information about trading conditions, see the following pages:

Please mind that contrary to the fraudulent allegations of Rogerfin, Rogerfin is not in collaboration or ownership relation with Dukascopy Bank or with any other entity of Dukascopy Group.

Rogerfin is fraudulently using Dukascopy’s name for attracting clients/investors, without permission of Dukascopy Group entities. We are taking action against this dishonest organisation.

We advise extreme caution toward such an organization basing its promotion on a lie.

Dukascopy Bank extends the list of available instruments in MetaTrader 4 by launching CFDs on indices, bonds, commodities and introducing new exotic FX pairs. New instruments are now available on demo accounts while the live launch is expected in the coming weeks. With this update, the total number of instruments in MetaTrader 4 will increase from 41 to 95 instruments. The full list of instruments which includes 500+ instruments including FX, Metals, CFDs on commodities, indices, single stocks and bonds remain available in our proprietary JForex3 trading platform.

Development is underway to make new instruments available to Dukascopy Europe, Dukascopy Japan and other White Label partners.

Please beware of special trading breaks for CFD’s and Bullion on Monday February 17th, Washington’s Birthday holiday.

Regular trading hours

• Trading stops at 18:00 GMT on Monday 17 February
Markets re-open at 23:00 GMT on Monday 17 February

• Trading stops at 18:00 GMT on Monday 17 February for
Markets re-open at 23:00 GMT on Monday 17 February

• Trading stops at 18:00 GMT on Monday 17 February for DOLLAR.IDX/USD
Markets re-open at 1:00 GMT on Tuesday 18 February

• Trading stops at 21:00 GMT on Friday 14 February for US stocks and US ETFs
Markets re-open at 14:30 GMT on Tuesday 18 February

• Trading stops at 18:00 GMT on Monday 17 February for LIGHT.CMD/USD, GAS.CMD/USD
Markets re-open at 23:00 GMT on Monday 17 February
• Trading stops at 18:30 GMT on Friday 14 February for COCOA.CMD/USD
Markets re-open at 9:45 GMT on Tuesday 18 February
• Trading stops at 18:30 GMT on Friday 14 February for COFFEE.CMD/USX
Markets re-open at 9:15 GMT on Tuesday 18 February
• Trading stops at 19:20 GMT on Friday 14 February for COTTON.CMD/USX and SOYBEAN.CMD/USX
Markets re-open at 2:00 GMT on Tuesday 18 February
• Trading stops at 19:00 GMT on Friday 14 February for OJUICE.CMD/USX
Markets re-open at 2:00 GMT on Tuesday 18 February
• Trading stops at 17:00 GMT on Monday 17 February for SUGAR.CMD/USD
Markets re-open at 8:45 GMT on Tuesday 18 February

• Trading stops at 22:00 GMT on Friday 14 February for USTBOND.TR/USD
Markets re-open at 23:00 GMT on Monday 17 February

Recently, Dukascopy Bank has noticed the appearance in the Internet of a number of articles containing erroneous/misleading information regarding the development of the Dukascash project of Dukascopy Bank.

In this regard, Dukascopy Bank would like to clarify that no Dukascash tokens have been issued and put in circulation by the Bank so far and that the date of launch of Dukascash cannot be determined at the current stage.

This date will be announced separately in an official communication from the Bank.

For further information you may write to [email protected]

Dukascopy Bank continues adding new services related to its crypto eco-system. The Bank’s infrastracture already allows clients to fund their trading accounts using BTC, exchange its own cryptocurrency Dukascoin on the internal marketplace and trade CFDs on BTC/USD and ETH/USD with leverage of up to 1:3.

Dukascopy keeps developing and extending its list of traded cryptocurrency instruments by adding new CFD on Litecoin to US Dollar (LTC/USD) with leverage of 1:3. Please note that the maximum exposure for instrument is limited to 30’000 USD.

For detailed information on SWAP rates and other trading conditions, please visit our website.

Further steps related to crypto are already in development. Stay tuned.

Please beware of special trading breaks for CFD’s and Bullion on the coming Monday 20th January due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The detailed market closures can be found here.

On November 22 nd 2020 at 15:19 GMT a historical event took place. The first physical embodiment of a virtual cryptocurrency had been launched into Space. The crypto-currency which dared such a feat was the Dukascoin: the first cryptocurrency ever issued by a regulated bank – Dukascopy Bank SA. With a speed of 5.5 Mach, the batch of 65 exclusive silver coins minted from 999 Pure Silver had reached a height of 301304 feet. It was launched from Spaceport America, located in New Mexico, USA. Later that same day, the space capsule with 65 silver coins returned to Earth. The video report is available here.

Today, Dukascopy Bank is proud to announce that the silver Dukascoins which were launched into space and successfully returned to Earth are available for order. The buyer will benefit from a rare numismatic value and the opportunity to receive a significant Gratification bonus of 250 DUK+. Each Silver Dukascoin Set will consist of the silver Dukascoin with a unique number and a Certificate of Origin containing the same unique number, signed by the CEO of Dukascopy Bank. You can take a look at the photo gallery here . The intrinsic value of the Silver Dukascoin lies in the fact that it is the physical proof of the right to receive the Gratification bonus under the conditions of the Silver Dukascoin Bonus Program. Please read the conditions on the dedicated website

2 series of the Silver Dukascoin were minted in a limited number of 1000 pieces for both series. The first 65 Silver Dukascoins belong to the special SPACE series minted from 999 Pure Silver and launched into Space. This is a series of rare coins which have been seasoned by uncovered Solar winds and which offer a substantial Gratification bonus of 250 DUK+.

In addition to the SPACE series, the Bank minted 935 silver Dukascoins of the SKY series. These Dukascoins are minted from 925 Fine Silver to memorialize a historical event which happened on February 28th 2020, when a regulated Swiss bank was the first Bank in the world to issue a cryptocurrency. The Gratification bonus for the SKY series Silver Dukascoin holders is 50 DUK+.

The Bank is offering the Silver Dukascoin while respecting the Reference price. The formula of the Reference price is the following:

  1. For the SPACE series: 100 EUR (cost of production) + 300 EUR (cost of launch to space) + current market price of 250 Dukascoins quoted on the Dukascopy marketplace (BID+ASK divided by two).
  2. For the SKY series: 100 EUR (cost of production) + current market price of 50 Dukascoins quoted on the Dukascopy marketplace (BID+ASK divided by two).

Clients willing to buy the Silver Dukascoin of the SPACE series should have more than 10000 Dukascoins on their multi-currency account (deposits included) with Dukascopy Bank at the moment of the purchase request. As well 10 000 and more Dukascoins may be allocated on the any blockchain account and/or on the account with partnering cryptoexchange. For the SKY series, there is no minimum required amount.

Dukascopy Bank created the following key features intended to protect the Silver Dukascoin holder’s rights and assist them in transfers of those rights to other persons:

  1. The Bank maintains a register of legitimate Silver Dukascoin holders for all series. Transfer of the Silver Dukascoin from person to person will be reflected in the Public Register.
  2. Dukascopy Bank can offer a safekeeping service to the Silver Dukascoin owner who is a multi-currency account holder. The coin can be safely stored in the vault located on the Bank’s premises. In case of transfer of ownership (sale) of such a coin to another multi-currency account holder, the Bank can secure the deal for both parties.

Clients can book the silver Dukascoin with a particular number from the “Available in the Bank” section by sending a written request.

Dukascopy Bank invites readers to get acquainted with details of the offer and complete the order form on

The Silver Dukascoin Set is available for order starting from now. The delivery of the set to clients will start in January, 2020.

High-resolution images of the Silver Dukascoin Set and the video of the space launch are available in the Dukascoin media-kit.

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