How to Stay Clear of a Trading Yo-Yo

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How To Play The Yo-Yo Like A Real Pro With 6 Easy Basic Tricks

Lady Rain works as a daytime stock trader and writes about crafts and hobbies. She likes travelling and making papercraft models.

A Bit of Yo-Yo History

The yo-yo is one of the oldest toys around and it dates back to 500BC. It was found to have existed in Ancient Greece based on archeological evidences found on vase paintings. The first yo-yos were made of terra cotta disks.

Yo-yos made from rocks were used as hunting weapons in the Philippines during the 16th century. The hunters hunt from trees by throwing rock yo-yos at wild animals that walk beneath the trees.

One of the first toys to be brought into space was the yo-yo. One lucky yellow yo-yo went on the space shuttle Discovery in 1985 when the crew members went on their space mission that year. Astronaut David Griggs was the first man to play the yo-yo in outer space and demonstrated the effects of weighlessness on a swinging yo-yo.

In 1928, a Filipino immigrant in the United States, Pedro Flores opened a yo-yo manufacturing factory in California and started making yo-yo toys. The business expanded rapidly and was bought over by entrepreneur Donald Duncan a year later. In 1968, Flambeau Inc. took over the yo-yo business and as of 2020, Flambeau still owns the yo-yo company.

The yo-yo toys were not only sold in the United States but worldwide as well. The toys became a fad in the mid-1980s and later in the 1990s. Yo-yo contests and championships were held in many countries for yo-yo players and enthusiasts to show off their skills and tricks at yo-yo playing.

The Imperial Yo-yo is said to be the original yo-yo shape. Other variations like the Modified and Butterfly were two of the more popular shapes of the yo-yo. There are several other shapes available but they were not so popular among expert yo-yo players.

How to Play the Yo-Yo

Yo-Yo Rules

Here are some of the basic rules and tricks on how to play with the yo-yo.

Before you start playing with your yo-yo, you must check the area around you and make sure you have plenty of space. Stay clear of windows and other breakable objects. Be careful your yo-yo does not hit anybody’s head otherwise you will be in a lot of trouble.

Tying the Slipknot

The yo-yo string comes with a small loop on one end. Before playing the yo-yo, you need to make a slip knot on the string so that it attaches securely on your finger. Pull the main part of the string through the small loop to make another bigger loop. Put your finger through the bigger loop and tighten the slip knot around you finger.

How to Hold the Yo-yo

Put the yo-yo in the centre of your palm. Your palm should be facing up and the string on the yo-yo should be coming from the top of your yo-yo.

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1. The Sleeper

Snap your wrist and arm downwards so that the yo-yo falls towards the floor. Keep your arm above your waist.

When the yo-yo reaches the other end of the string, turn your palm so that it faces downwards.The yo-yo should spin at the bottom of the string. This is called The Sleeper.

Give the string a tug and the yo-yo will come back up into your hand.

Practise The Sleeper a few more times before you go on to the other tricks. You can also watch the video below on how to do The Sleeper with the yo-yo.

Watch The Sleeper Trick Here

2. Gravity Pull

Hold the yo-yo in your hand with your palm facing down. Flick your wrist and arm downwards and release the yo-yo so that the yo-yo falls vertically towards the floor. The yo-yo should not do The Sleeper with this trick. Just give the string a tug as soon as the yo-yo reaches the bottom and the yo-yo will return to your hand. This technique is called the Gravity Pull.

3. Power Throw

The Power Throw is an essential trick of yo-yo playing. It requires a more powerful snap of the wrist and arm. When the yo-yo reaches the end of the string, give the string a tug and the yo-yo will come back into your hand.

4. Forward Pass

With your arm by your side, hold the yo-yo with your palm facing behind you. Swing your arm forward and release the yo-yo. The yo-yo will extend away from you horizontally. When it reaches the other end of the string, give the string a tug and the yo-yo will return.

Practise this technique several times and you should be able to master throwing the yo-yo forward but make sure you do not hit anyone with your yo-yo.

5. Walk the Dog

Apply The Sleeper technique and gently let your yo-yo touch the floor. The spinning yo-yo will pull it along the floor. Give the string a tug before the yo-yo stops spinning and it will return. Practise this trick on the carpet so that you will not damage your yo-yo.

Walk The Dog Yo-yo

6. Around the World

To execute this trick, you have to use The Sleeper and Forward Pass techniques you have learnt. Release your yo-yo with the Forward Pass technique, let it do The Sleeper at the other end of the string. While your yo-yo is spinning, swing the yo-yo over your shoulder and behind your back until it goes around 360 degrees, then give the string a tug and the yo-yo will come home.

Yo-yo Goes Around the World

Once you have mastered the basic skills and have full control of the movements of your yo-yo, you will be able to play your yo-yo like a real pro. You can also learn more advanced tricks with your yo-yo or perhaps create your own yo-yo tricks.

Happy Yo-yo-ing!

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lady rain

8 years ago from Australia

I didn’t have a lot of toys when I was little. My cousin gave me a butterfly yo-yo and it was really special to me :)

Thank you for stopping by and telling me about your yo-yo experience. Have a great day.


8 years ago from Sunny Art Deco Napier, New Zealand.

Hi I was skipping through the hubs and found this one. great. Cool artwork!

I used to play with yo-yos but they were cheap ones. Some fell apart on the way ‘down’ and I was always winding the string back up. That was the days when they came in cereal. Bad yo-yo experience. lol

lady rain

8 years ago from Australia

will345davis, thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. If the yo-yo fad comes back, I will buy one and play with it again.


I used to love yo-yos. Reading this hub was like a nice throwback to my childhood. Good job

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How to Make a Yo Yo

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What Happens to Your Body When You Yo-Yo Diet

Up, Down, and . Ouch!

It goes something like this: “Summer’s coming! Time to slim down.” Then, “Dessert? Yummy!” Followed by, “I can’t fit in my pants! Gotta cut back.” This is yo-yo dieting, when your weight has more ups and downs than a hotel elevator. It catches women and men, the young and the old. And it’s not just your waistline that takes a hit. It may hurt your long-term health, too.

Fruitless Chase

Atkins. Paleo. Whole360. Fruitarian. Skip gluten on Wednesdays unless it’s a full moon. No matter which diet your try, the data is in. And the message is clear: Diets don’t work. At least not in the long run. Sure, you can lose weight, but after a year, at least 1 in 3 of us gain it back. After 5 years? Almost no one keeps it off.

Your Hunger on Overdrive

Your fat cells make a hormone called leptin. It tells your brain when you have enough fat stored up. As you lose weight, less fat means less leptin. That makes you hungry. Plus, your body slows things down to save energy. So once you quit the diet, you have an oversized appetite but you burn fewer calories. That’s partly why after several cycles of yo-yo diets, you might weigh more than when you started.

More Fat, Less Muscle

When you drop pounds from your body, you lose both fat and muscle. When you gain it back, fat gets the fast lane and builds up first. But your appetite stays in high gear until your muscle returns, which means you keep adding fat, too. Oddly, this seems more of a problem for lean people than those who are overweight. Repeat the cycle over and over, and you get the triple whammy of more weight and fat and less muscle.

Deep Changes Inside Your Body

Just a few extra pounds can set off huge changes in your body. You get more inflammation, which normally helps you fight disease. And it can harm your heart and make you more resistant to insulin. Genes that can lead to an enlarged heart get switched on, too. Lose the weight, and you mostly erase these changes. But you don’t totally reset, and the long-term health effects are unclear.

Dieting isn’t easy. Every episode of weight gain and weight loss can toy with your mind. That alone might raise your level of cortisol, the stress hormone. And when you cut your calories? That does it, too. That’s a problem because high cortisol means you’re more likely to add fat around your belly, which raises your risk for problems like diabetes and heart disease.

A Path to Binge Eating

Not everyone who yo-yo diets ends up bingeing, but it can set you up for it. It’s like stretching a rubber band too tight. When you finally let go of all the tension around short-term, gotta-lose-weight-now thinking, it’s a perfect storm to let loose. And it’s very harmful for young people, especially girls. Teens and preteens who call themselves dieters are more likely to binge eat and become overweight.

Scientists aren’t yet sure what yo-yo diets do to your heart over time. But the results so far don’t look good. In the short term, regaining weight stresses your heart and blood vessels. A large study showed that the more your weight goes up and down, the more you’re likely to have problems like angina, heart attack, and stroke. And the bigger the swings, the bigger the risk.

You’ve heard of kidney stones. Well, your gallbladder can get stones, too. Being overweight can make you get them. Tricky thing is, so can losing weight too quickly, like on a crash diet. As you repeat the weight gain-loss cycle, your chances for having a gallstone keep going up. And the odds rise higher the more weight you lose and regain.

Messes With Gut Bacteria

Your gut’s loaded with germs. Don’t cringe. They help you digest food. And it turns out that yo-yo dieting can change the number and types of bacteria hanging out inside you. Since they play a role in everything from heart health to depression, that could affect your overall health, too.

Variety Is Your Friend

Skip fats. Never mind. Skip carbs. Go high in proteins? When you swing from one fad to the next, your body’s going to feel like a, well, yo-yo. And the more extreme you get, the more problems might arise. Food is a necessity, but it can start to feel like the enemy. If you don’t eat a healthy assortment, you may not get all the nutrients you need. And that can lead to serious health issues.В

Give Yo-Yo a Shove

Scientists are divided on what yo-yo dieting means for your long-term health. Some say it’s not an issue. Others say that it affects everything from your bones to your risk for diabetes and cancer. The upshot? It’s complicated. We do know this. If you’re stuck in a yo-yo pattern, something isn’t working. And if it might harm you to boot, it’s time for a different path to a healthy weight.

Shift Your Mindset

Diets suck you into short-term thinking, and they can mess with your feelings around food. So it helps to step back and reset. Why do you diet? If you want to be healthier, it’s really about changing how you eat for the long term. You’ll also need to exercise regularly to keep the pounds off. So ditch the idea of a quick fix and think about how to make changes that can really work for you.

Set Realistic Goals

To get healthy, you need a plan that fits your life. Set goals that are small, clear, and doable. Instead of aiming to lose 20 pounds, maybe start with a pound a week. Or practice mindful eating for a week. Notice when you feel hungry or full, chew with attention, and savor your food. Start small and add more goals as you go along. It’s easier to stay motivated when you set yourself up for success.

Get Team Support

It’s not a matter of willpower. Your body doesn’t want to shed the weight, and it’s got all kinds of ways to hang on to it. That means you, too, need to pull hard. Gather up a team. Talk to your doctor and a dietitian. Get friends and family involved, or find an online community. You’ll need them. And tap into technology, like apps that help you track what you eat and how much exercise you get.

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