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Understanding Options Trading Margin Requirements For Naked Options

February 10, 2020

Get ready traders – in this blog we are going to look at understanding the trading margin requirements for naked options trading and option selling.

If you plan to sell options as part of your overall trading strategy, you need to understand how margin requirements work. In this blog, we will look in detail at what your broker will require for you to execute these types of trades.

Our Trading System Is Based On Selling Options

I base my trade strategies in option selling. This doesn’t mean we only sell options; we trade iron condors and credit spreads as well. But each of these strategies allows us to collect option premiums up front and put up margin for the trade.

We know just how frustrating it can be to buy a call or put on a stock that moves against you and loses you money. Much of the time, you are paying for time decay which is slowly eating away at your profits each day. As a result, the stock moves and yet the option expires with little or no value at expiration.

Understanding Margin Requirements

Just like trading commissions, brokers can have very different margin requirements. However, they must all adhere to the minimum required by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the option exchanges where the contract is traded.

For example, Charles Schwab’s margin requirements are much higher than the industry standard, while thinkorswim offers lower Portfolio Margin for higher account values.

At any rate, you should check the specific requirements of your broker to know which margin standards they will apply to your particular type of trading account.

Broker Clearance Levels For Options Trading

When you open your account with a broker, you should request options trading authorization. Some brokers will classify options trading clearance within different levels ranging from one to four.

Usually, to buy options you need the basic level or level one clearance. If you plan on selling naked puts (not calls) you more than likely need level two clearance. But the margin is much higher as you are still seen as a beginner trader by the broker. If you have the necessary experience, I highly recommend you try to obtain level three or higher approval as the margin requirements will be much lower and you will be able to buy and sell options at any time.

Sample Broker Margin Schedule

Below is a quick sample margin schedule from our broker thinkorswim. Margin schedules are great to help you quickly calculate and determine if you are going to have enough buying power for a particular position or strategy. (Click to enlarge).

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How Do Brokers Calculate Margin?

We are going to assume for now that you have level three clearance which has slightly lower margin requirements than lower levels. For those of you who are math wizards, you are going to love this stuff. Everyone else, you are just going to have to take us at our word on these calculations.

Here’s the basic calculation:

(25% of the underlying stock’s market value + the option ask price – any out-of-the money amount) x 100 (per contract) x the number of contracts

The value of the above equation must be greater than:

* (The option ask price + 10% of the stock’s current trading price) x 100 (per contract) x the number of contracts, or

* The number of contracts x $500 per contract.

If either of these two calculations yield a higher margin amount, then the highest value is used.

We want to point out at this point that having margin clearance within your broker does not mean you will be forced into a “margin call” should your trade go bad. If you have enough cash or stock holdings within your account to cover the margin requirements, then a trade will not trigger the activation of the margin (borrowing capacity) that is available to you.

Ways To Reduce Your Margin

There are some strategies you can take to reduce your margin and we have created a short video looking at a couple of ways we can reduce our margin requirements on trades.

This is an excellent video, not only for people who have larger accounts but if you’re trading an IRA account and you want to mimic some of the undefined risk traits that we do here. Or that anybody does, basically your straddles and strangles and ratio spreads, it’s going to be hard to do that because those trades usually require a lot of cash up front for your IRA or your retirement account.

We look at some simple ways that you can reduce or cut your margin requirements and also increase your return. Again, with larger accounts, you’ll want to trade slightly more undefined risk trades. These give us the biggest PNL, dollar-wise, at the end of the year, but, of course, they tie up a lot of capital margin.

In the video, we talk about reducing those market exposures on selected strategies. This helps not only reduce overall risk in the portfolio, but also increases return on capital which can dramatically help with our overall profit, and use of funds.

We also have a second video which shows you how to free up more margin and cash to help you continue trading regularly.

If you have any other questions about understanding margin requirements for options trading, please feel free to add the into the comment box below, and we will answer them for you.

What You Need to Know About Options Trading

With the rise of the internet came many online money making opportunities. Financial brokers set up online platforms that made it easy for traders to invest in different financial instruments.

Traders could now easily buy and sell forex, CFDs, indices and commodities among other assets from the comfort of their homes or offices. Then, brokers introduced options.

This new form of financial instrument was adopted fast by traders all over the world. However, some financial authorities banned options brokers from operating within their jurisdictions.


Many claimed that it’s a form of gambling.

But is this really true?

Is iq option gambling?

This guide will discuss what options trading is all about.

Overview of options

Options are a type of derivative security. That means that their value is linked to the value of the underlying asset. Therefore, as an options trader, you’re not buying or claiming ownership of the underlying asset. Rather, you’re speculating on whether the asset’s price will rise or fall over a fixed period of time.

When trading options on the IQ Option platform, your primary objective is determining whether the price of the underlying asset will rise or fall within a certain time.

Let’s take a look at how this works.

Trading options on IQ Option

Start by clicking on the plus (+) button at the top of your IQ options trading account and select options. Choose your preferred asset. In this example, I’m using the EUR/USD currency pair. I’m also using 5 minute interval candles.

Next, select the trade expiry time.

Next, enter the amount to trade.

Finally, based on your analysis, select either higher or lower.

Is options trading a form of gambling?

Like gambling, options trading can make you money or not.

Many people argue that options trading is similar to gambling. All you need is luck to make a winning trade. But options trading is much more than deciding whether to press the higher or lower button.

As an options trader, you’ll still need to apply the skills used by other traders participating in other financial markets. You’ll need to be adept at technical analysis as well as reading the price charts. Proper money management and emotional control are also essential to become a successful options trader.

Others will argue that options trading is prone to broker manipulations. That is, the broker works behind the scenes changing prices at will to their advantage. This is highly unlikely because the price charts used by options traders are the same charts used by traders investing in other financial instruments.

Options trading unmasked

When trading other financial instruments such as fx or stocks, you can only buy an asset if there’s someone on the other side selling. Conversely, you can only sell an asset if there’s someone on the other side buying.

Options are a bit different. You are essentially speculating on whether the price of an asset will rise or fall over a specified period of time. So if you buy an option, the seller is essentially your broker – not another trader. The broker therefore has the right to set the return on your winning trades. This ensures that the broker still makes money even if your trades are winners.

As such, brokers will rarely manipulate prices to ensure that all traders have losing trades.

Many new options traders think that this is a quick way to make money. However, just like trading in other markets, options traders need to equip themselves with knowledge. They must acquire price chart reading skills as well as proper money management and emotional control. Without this, options trading simply becomes a form of gambling.

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