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Gemini 2 is a SCAM, Fake Reviews Alert

Lets start by confirming the fact that the Gemini 2 options trading software by Brandon Lewis is an investment SCAM. We have proven this is our previous Gemini2 review and there is no disputing this fact. So, when searching the internet looking for an honest recommendation about this fake app and auto-trader please remember to be extra cautious and critical concerning any form of hyped up claims, false or misleading information, fake testimonials, and the use of inflated bank accounts. All of these are the signatures of a SCAM auto-trader, and our investigation has already reached the conclusion that this system is a bona fide ripoff. So, how is it possible that there are so many favorable reviews about Gemini2? The answer is clear, there are greedy affiliates who are not interested in their readers’ welfare and care only about the profit margin and getting paid to promote fraudulent software. In this follow up review we will show you how to spot these fallacious cheating articles, and skip to legit ones that don’t mince words and provide factual and authentic information designed to properly educate and advise the average day trader looking to make a buck trading binary options online.

Official SCAM Website and Login Page:

Typical Fake Review
Ferdinand de Saussure was a leading linguist and pioneered the study of semiotics which is basically the human interpretation of signs. In this context, certain people will interpret the Gemini2 software as a positive one, while others will take a negative or neutral approach. But it’s our responsibility as professional bloggers and site owners to peel the layers of deception mounted on these atrocious schemes (in this case Gemini2), and in this way empower readers and allow them to make a more realistic and factual interpretation of the signs and information presented to them.

Industry-leading sites and portals are bound by a social contract and have a responsibility to shed light and expose lies. While this may seem a bit outlandish or detached from reality in times where money places a heavy hand on our lives, this is exactly when readers pass judgement and decide if a review is fake or legit. The staff and management at Binary Scam Alerts has made a decision to be extra vigilant and look out for our viewers best interest. Whenever our staff endorses a product, we usually take additional precautionary measures and don’t only check the software’s performance. We talk to the owners, have some kind of guarantees, and make sure to follow up and revise our reviews if and when the level or intensity of complaints rise.

Gemini 2 Software Review Recap
This tall tale begins when Brandon Lewis (Alias and paid actor) explains how he was a Google Engineer in Silicon Valley when he accidentally developed this software which empowers the “little man” and makes him millions of dollars trading binary options on auto-pilot. Now, he is offering a hand-full of Beta Testers free access to this superb no-loss software, but time is limited so you have to make haste and sign up for his program now.

In reality, this is rehashed software cosmetically souped up and made to look more believable. The graphics were changed but this is a rehash of an older scam system called Amissio Formula and this has already been proven, verified, and confirmed in our earlier review.

What Are My Chances of Winning Here?
You will achieve a winning ITM ratio of 100% as advertised when donkeys fly and pigs sing Ava Maria at the Vienna Opera House.

How Much Will This Cost Me?
It’s gonna be around $250 minimum to get started and this money will be charged to your credit card by their crummy brokers who could care less about your win ratio and will skin you alive and eat your corpse like dirty vultures out to get their prey.

Similar Viral Scams
You absolutely have to watch out for Quantum Code, Terabit Trader, Drexel Code, and Brooks Blueprint.

Signals or Auto-traders?
That is a recurring question and with good reason. Signals offer you more control over your trades, something which appeals more to this writer. Auto-traders are hands-off trading machines that allow you to conduct your life without having to manually intervene. We showcase the best, most accurate, and consistent performers in our recommended section.

Review Conclusions and Summary
The Gemini 2 Software and Brandon Lewis is a SCAM. The amount of fake reviews peddling this repugnant piece of trash code is growing exponentially, and so is the danger. We implore you to reconsider your options and avoid the Gemini2 app since we have examined it and it miserably failed every aspect of our credibility tests. We have found it to be not only deceptive and misleading, we believe this system was designed with the pure intent of stealing your money and then splitting the profits with rogue brokers. The affiliate marketers behind this ruse do not care about business ethics or legitimate practices. They will do everything in their power to get you signed up and depositing through their software. It is for this reason we have BLACKLISTED this fake app and are warning all our members and subscribers to seek alternative investment avenues and more genuine apps. To learn more join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
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Capital Markets Elite Group Review – An In-Depth Look

Posted by Dave | Jul 19, 2020 | Broker Reviews | 5

Capital Markets Elite Group Review
  • Commissions and Fees


If you’re in the market for an online trading brokerage then you may have stumbled upon Capital Markets Elite Group. CMEG is an offshore, online trading brokerage that has the industry buzzing. Does Capital Markets Elite Group have what you need? Read our in-depth review to find out what you need to know.

About Capital Markets Elite Group (CMEG) is an offshore online trading brokerage that provides access to over 100 global markets in 24 countries and financial trading instruments from stocks, options, bonds, futures, CFDs, and forex. Since the broker is licensed by the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission as a broker-dealer and investment advisor, the PDT rule doesn’t apply. This means that traders with accounts as small as $500 can trade with margin up to 6-to-1 for accounts above $2,500 USD. They also offer managed portfolios, personal investment advisors, and trader/investor education.

CMEG Commissions and Fees

CMEG has so many products that it can be overwhelming at first. Keep in mind there are three types of accounts : Standard, Active, and Fund Management:

The Standard Account is suited for self-directed and active investors provider full access to research, analysis, education, and Traders Elite Terminal trading platform, which is basically the Interactive Broker’s Trader Work Station (TWS) whiteboard. Minimum deposit is $2,500 USD. Standard Account commissions for U.S. equities are $8.95-per trade and $0.0075-per share.

The Active Account is suited for active traders with direct access routing and up to 6-to-1 margin intra-day for accounts over $2,500 USD and 2-to-1 overnight margin. A $500 minimum deposit is required. Traders get access to multiple platform choices, including Traders Elite Pro with DAS Trader and Sterling Trader interfaces. Active account commissions start at $3.95 per-trade and $0.007-per share on monthly volume up to 350,000 shares and drop to $1.95-per trade and $0.0035-per share on monthly volume over one-million shares. There are also ECN rebates and pass-through fees for direct-routing to consider. This account is “not

Intended for U.S. citizens or residents”. It’s also important to pay attention to the maintenance margin requirements, which range from 100% for accounts under $500 to 16% for accounts above $2,500.

The Fund Management Account is a personalized portfolio management service where an experienced portfolio manager constructs ETF Asset Allocation Model Portfolios for clients. The investments have a two-year time horizon, but clients have full access, transparency, and control to manage the account as there are no lock-in periods or penalties. There is a $5,000 minimum investment and a 2.5% annual management fee.

HTB Short-Sell Locates and Fees

Active accounts can short-sell stocks but must meet margin policy rules. Stocks that are hard-to-borrow (HTB) incur a per-share locate fee (IE: 0.05-per share locate on 200 shares incurs a $10-fee) in addition to a $25 service charge. Overnight shorts incur a Short Position Overnight Fee of 0.5% of the value of the position. CMEG doesn’t offer margin or short stocks under $5-per share.

Software and Exchange Data Fees

The Traders Elite Trading terminal platform is $25-per month. However, real-time quotes and exchange fees are extra depending on the exchanges you select. For intra-day traders, these can also include Nasdaq Total View and NYSE Open Book for deep level 2 data. Combinations and packages are available. Users can also suspend accounts, so they don’t incur data fees when they are inactive. Expect to pay at least $30-to-$60 in exchange and data fees with an Active trading account just for U.S. equities alone. Traders Elite Pro powered by DAS Trader software is $115-per month, and Traders Elite Pro powered by Sterling Pro is $99-per month. Software rebates kick in when generating at least $500 in monthly commissions for Sterling Pro and $650 in commission for DAS Trader. DAS Trader provides a free mobile app while Sterling’s mobile app is an additional $25-per month.

Demo accounts come with each platform, and users can easily switch between them through the order entry window.

Pre-Market and Post-Market Trading Hours

It’s important to remember specific times when using CMEG. The pre-market trading starts at 7:30 AM EST. Unlike mainstream brokers that end the post-market trading session at 8:00 PM EST, CMEG ends post-market trading at 5:30 PM EST. It’s imperative not to overlook the post-market end time since unclosed positions will be taken overnight afterward and can incur overnight position fees on short positions.

Platform Features and Tools

CMEG’s Traders Elite Trading (TET) terminal platform is basically a version of the Interactive Brokers (IB) TWS platform . DAS Trader and Sterling Trader Pro can be connected to TET since they tend to have better charting functionality. Most of the features of IB TWS are available on TET.


All the Traders Elite Trading platforms have solid charting capabilities with bar, candlestick, and line charts with intervals ranging from 1-minute to months. The trading indicators, including moving averages to stochastic oscillators and Bollinger Bands are standard. Personally, I prefer the DAS Trader platform charting, but Sterling layouts are very comprehensive with detachable windows.

Level 2 and Direct Routing

DAS Trader and Sterling both include level 2 trading data with the monthly subscription fees. However, quote data and exchange fees are required for options data, and any other order books and asset classes. Direct order routing through level 2 window is my preferred method of execution. To speed things up, I like to use and configure hot-keys, especially for open order cancellations.

Traders can toggle between real cash trading accounts and the demo accounts on all platforms. Direct order routing is available with DAS and Sterling platforms. I like how Sterling lets traders’ toggle between demo and live accounts through the level 2 order entry. I find it very useful to toggle, especially when hitting a performance slump. It’s a good way to work out the kinks without drilling a hole in your account.

News Feeds

Standard streaming headline newsfeeds are available on all platforms. Data is pulled from various free sources. Add-on services to Benzinga, Briefing, and are available through the individual platforms.


All platforms have configurable scanners. I personally prefer DAS Trader default Hi/Lo Hit List, which immediately streams stocks that are getting the action and hitting screens. Pre-market Gappers are very useful to help plan out your morning watch list. As for configuring exotic scans, Sterling has the edge with that.

The Global Financial Traders Academy

CMEG regularly provides trading and investment educational training content through its Global Financial Traders Academy (GFTA). These are composed of self-paced courses, archived, and live webinars with on-demand education. Some of the features include Zacks-powered stock screener, economic news and calendar, and analysts-on-demand.

Watch Lists

Watch lists enable you to optimize your time by selectively tracking stocks you’re familiar with. All platforms have watch list capabilities. It’s all a matter of how much screen real estate you have. I highly recommend having at least two-monitors to get a macro and micro view of the markets.

CMEG Platform Differentiators

There’s more depth to CMEG than many other offshore online brokers thanks to their partnership and integration of Interactive Brokers framework. The most distinguishing aspect is the ability to open accounts with minimum balances starting at $500 and having up to 6-to-1 margin leverage.

What Type of Trader CMEG Is Best For

This is where it gets tricky. The small minimum account balance requirements are ideal for newbie traders, but the increased leverage and smaller bankroll can vaporize newbies quickly. It’s too easy to blow right through the small balances as there is no room for error either from margin calls or fees. I would say CMEG is best suited for experienced traders that are looking for leverage without PDT restrictions.

ACY Capital Review

ACY Capital

Leverage: 1:500

Regulation: ASIC

Min. Deposit: 100 US$

HQ: Australia

Platforms: MT4, MT5

Found in: 2020

ACY Capital Licenses

  • ACY Securities Pty Ltd – authorized by ASIC (Australia) registration no. ABN: 80 150 565 781 AFSL: 403863

Top 3 Forex Brokers

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  • Our Review
  • ACY Capital User Reviews
  • ACY Capital News

While reviewing thousands of brokers and trading offerings, it is at paramount priority to select the brokerage firm that suits your trading needs and propose the best applicable solutions along with safe trading environment. For this reason, we assist in choices by reviewing brokers, providing detailed information and support in selection among offering, and here is ACY Capital Review among others.

What is ACY Capital?

ACY Capital is a Sydney, Australia based Forex and CFD trading provider which along with main purpose offering education on a range of trading techniques and strategies developed for both novice traders or experienced ones, retail or corporate.

The company brings trading service solutions with an aim to support those who would like to be successful in the market, by the open access to everything that is needed. Since the beginning of their operation, ACY is in cooperation with OANDA as a provider of educational services, which is one of the biggest world Forex broker. However, due to the company expanding, ACY serves an additional office in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China, which brings an efficient service to customers even further.

The ACY Capital provides execution through No Dealing Desk model, performed with no dealer intervention with no requotes through streamed real time prices presented with tight forex spreads, high speeds and low latency.

Margin trading including Forex with 40+ currency pairs, Gold and Silver CFDs with commission free super tight spreads, Index CFDs and Oil or Gas CFDs. Through their established ECN/ STP execution model you will get at truly competitive costs with an averaged spread EUR/USD 0.8 pips, Gold 0.20$ and Oil 0.025.

In addition, the broker supports its clients with the full range of services that includes a huge educational department that was timely rewarded by awards. The daily market analysis videos and reviews, market news, customizable courses and a variety of advanced educational tools.

Nevertheless, to understand offering in a detail you should always check the most important information of the broker’s proposal. In this purpose this review covers the following highlights:

Is ACY Capital safe or a scam?

To trade through a safe trading environment is a crucial factor for any investor, thus choosing a regulated broker with a license from reputable authority is the first step. ACY Capital is an ASIC (Australia) authorized broker which complies with the requested regulations, learn more why trade with ASIC regulated brokers by the link.

In accordance with regulatory requirements, all client funds are kept in segregated accounts of the tier-one bank that ensures that the funds can’t be used for any other purpose. Also, the broker complies with strict policies in regards to operation, payments and all provided transactions ensuring trustable operation. Yet, ACY went even further while provides Professional Indemnity Insurance for up to 2.5M$ in any claim.

ACY Capital Trading Platforms

As a majority of technological forex companies, the ACY Capital chooses to mainstay at industry leader MetaTrader4. MT4 offers one of the best possible experience in the trading through one-click trading option, automatic trading systems that are performed with the support of EAs, risk controls and a variety of powerful functions. The platform provides real-time experience through the powerful charts feature, which MT4 is famous for along with built-in free technical indicators to support various trading tactics with real-time requotes.

You may also use different versions of platform that are suited for each one needs via desktop or web versions, along with mobile applications. Moreover, ACY Capital support newer version MT5 too, which bring even more sophisticated possibilities on trading performance and offering truly competitive conditions for various strategies.

The last, but not the least is a range of contests and competitions that ACY Capital held on a regular basis allowing you to learn and polish skills with interesting opportunities and even gain very valuable prices. Tack the most recent contests through the official website to engage into one of them.

ACY Capital Costs and Fees

Further on, ACY developed three account types which makes you a choice between an account with spreads only through stpECN account or with a commission by zeroECN and pureECN accounts. Account types are not defined only by the technology they use and more competitive pricing according to the trading size, but also with a deposit and qualification requirements.

ACY Capital spreads as mentioned presented by the account type you trade with, as an example you may refer to the table below for averaged spread offering, which is starting from 0 pip spread. There is no commission for stpECN Account, while zeroECN Account includes the commission fee of $6 USD per lot and pureECN Account charges fee of $5 USD per lot.

Also, always consider rollover or overnight fee as a cost, which is charged on the positions held longer than a day. As well you may compare fees to another popular broker Pepperstone.

For corporate clients or managers, ACY developed a range of MAM or PAMM accounts, that brings a unique solution for traders who are managing multiple accounts simultaneously that makes management an easy process. The accounts comply with an MT4 platform through flexible distribution and trading performance managed through an intelligent allocation model.

ACY Capital Leverage

While trading with ACY Capital you are able to operate with powerful tool leverage, which increases your potential gains through its possibility to multiple initial accounts. Yet, learn how to use leverage correctly, as leverage may increase your potential loses as well.

While trading with ACY Capital you are able to use high leverage levels like 1:200, 1:400 or 1:500 for professional proved traders, since Australian regulation ASIC still allows these ratios to be used.

ACY Capital Deposits and Withdrawals

What is also great, ACY made the account management easier by its developed CLOUDHUB, which is a client portal with a variety of services to both retail and corporate clients. The HUB allows to monitors the account performance, conduct transaction and view the statistical data.

For the funding methods themselves, there are various payment options which accept Credit/debit card, Fasapay/Duko Wallet, Skrill, China Union Pay and Bank Transfers (incl. Internet Banking Transfer)

As for the minimum deposit amount, it does depend on the account type you are planning to trade with. However, the first grade standard account requires only 100$ at the beginning.

The client can withdraw capital by submitting a withdrawal request at any time. Also, ACY Capital don’t charge you for funding trading account by bank transfer. However, if you’re based outside of Australia your bank may charge you to make an international payment, this amount will vary from bank to bank and is solely your responsibility. For withdrawals, International Transfer (Your receiving bank account is ouside of Australia) will incur $25 USD service charge per withdrawal, Skrill – 3% merchant fee per withdrawal, yet free withdrawal allowed for Australia local bank transfer up to three times per month.

Conclusion on ACY Capital

The ACY Capital review concludes a brokerage firm as a customer-centric online trading provider, which is committed to fair trading conditions and best available solutions in terms of technology, pricing and support. As long as the ACY is an ASIC regulated broker, there are no doubts about their compliance with the laws and reliability.

Furthermore, the company provides an extensive educational solution that is developed to the trader’s need, while the level of expertise is counted, which also excellently serves for some Forex Industry leaders as an educational platform. Apart from that, the company delivers STP trading access that conducts offering through the competitive, the most common markets and allowance to use any suitable strategy through a quite low spread. Nevertheless, we would be glad to know your personal opinion about ACY Capital, so share your experience in the comment area below, or ask us for some additional information.

No review found.

ACY Securities has announced that it will support The Inter-university Table Tennis Association (ITTA) as a major sponsor for their upcoming 2020 flagship event. ITTA is a not-for-profit student run organisation with the aim of promoting the sport of table tennis across Australia and beyond. Justin Pooni, Head of Marketing & Communications said that ACY.

At the press conference that was hosted on the 31st of October, the Australia China Future Forum (ACFF) has formally announced the upcoming annual ACFF event which will celebrate the 5th year anniversary of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. During this media-addressing panel the first elected Chinese Australian Member of Parliament and co-founder of ACFF.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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