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How to Invest in Your Future

Who doesn’t want to have a good future? It’s something everyone desires. But, for that, you must first accept that your future is your responsibility. The one who determines whether or not you have a good future is you. Don’t expect the circumstances or someone else to take care of it for you. It’s you who must take action.

With that understood, what should we do to have a good future?

I believe that one important thing you should do is investing in your future. Investing in your future means making some sacrifices in the present to reap rewards later. It means investing your time and money in something that might not give you immediate return, but which could give you tremendous value later. It also means preparing for the uncertainties of the future.

Sadly, many people don’t do it. They only think about the present. Therefore, when something unexpected happens, they aren’t ready and get into a difficult situation. For example, many people just do the same job with the same skills all the time. They don’t improve themselves and prepare for future changes. They neither learn new skills nor expand their knowledge. Then, when the situation changes, their skills are no longer relevant and they lose their job.

Two Essential Principles

Before looking at ways to invest in your future, let’s see two essential principles of it:

1. Start early

Don’t wait until something bad happens. Don’t wait until you lose your job. Start now while the situation is still good. Why? Because it takes time to build something.

Let’s say you want to build an alternative income stream that you can rely on. You can’t build that overnight. Doing that takes time and persistence. If you don’t start early, it might not have been ready by the time you need it.

2. Be willing to spend your time and money

It could be difficult to spend your time and money on something that doesn’t give you immediate return. But it’s important that you do that. If you don’t, your progress will be slow and you wouldn’t be ready in time.

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Three Ways to Invest in Your Future

Now that we’ve learned the two principles of investing in your future, here are three ways to do it:

1. Expand your knowledge

Expanding your knowledge is useful for two reasons:

  • It helps you see new opportunities
    I’m sure you’ve heard the advice “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” It’s good advice, but how can you apply it if you know only one basket? By expanding your knowledge, you will know what possibilities there are so that you can find new opportunities.
  • It helps you see things in a new perspective
    Perhaps you already know something for a long time. But expanding your knowledge can help you see it in a different light. You can see it from a new perspective. That, in turn, will help you take a fresh approach that puts you ahead of the pack.

Overall, expanding your knowledge improves your ability to make good decisions.

2. Build a side business

Building a side business is one of the best ways to invest in your future. In fact, it’s a favorite of mine. Not only can it help you prepare for unexpected job loss (and provide you with an alternative income source), but also it teaches you a lot in the process. You will learn much because you deal with the real world.

3. Build your network

Your network of friends and acquaintances is one of the best assets you could have. It can inform you of new opportunities. It can also help you find the resources you need (for example, someone with a specific skill for your business). By building your network, you are preparing for a time in the future when you might need help from it.

But build your network with the right motivation. Don’t build it with the motivation to get something from it. The rule here is to give before you receive, so build your network by genuinely helping people.

Top 8 Benefits of Mutual Funds

What Are the Advantages of Investing in Mutual Funds?

Whether you are a beginner and want to know why mutual funds can be a good fit for your investment needs, or if you are an advanced investor and need a reminder of why mutual funds may be best-suited for your financial goals and lifestyle, here are some of the many benefits you need to know.

1. Simplicity: Mutual Funds Are Easy to Understand

Because of their simplicity, mutual funds require no experience or knowledge of economics, financial statements, or financial markets to be a successful investor.

For beginners, here is a simple definition of mutual fund: A mutual fund is an investment security type that enables investors to pool their money together into one professionally managed investment. Mutual funds can invest in stocks, bonds, cash and/or other assets. These underlying security types, called holdings combine to form one mutual fund, also called a portfolio   .

For a simple definition, mutual funds can be considered baskets of investments. Each basket holds dozens or hundreds of security types, such as stocks or bonds. Therefore, when an investor buys a mutual fund, they are buying a basket of investment securities. Simple!

Yes, there are many things to know about mutual funds but compared to the broad world of financial products, mutual funds are quite easy to use and understand.

2. Accessibility: Mutual Funds Are Easy to Buy

Mutual funds are offered at brokerage firms, discount brokers online, mutual fund companies, banks, and insurance companies. Even beginning investors can easily open an account at a no-load mutual fund company, such as Vanguard Investments, and open an account within minutes   .

3. Diversification: Mutual Funds Have Broad Market Exposure

One mutual fund can invest in dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of different investment securities, making it possible to achieve diversification by investing in just one fund. However, it is smart to diversify into several different mutual funds   .

4. Variety: Mutual Funds Come In Many Different Categories and Types

As you grow your portfolio of mutual funds, you will want to diversify into various mutual fund categories and types. You can invest in mutual funds that cover the main asset classes (stocks, bonds, cash) and various sub-categories or you can even venture into specialized areas, such as sector funds or precious metals funds.

5. Affordability: Mutual Funds Have Low Minimums

Most mutual funds have minimum initial investment requirements of $3,000 or less. In many cases, if the investor initiates a systematic investment program, the initial investment may be much lower. Some minimums can be as low as $100. Subsequent investments may be lower than $100. If you invest through a 401(k) plan or other employer-sponsored retirement plan, there is no minimum to get started   .

6. Low Expense: Mutual Funds Can Cost Less to Manage Than Other Portfolio Types

Costs as a percentage of assets in the portfolio may be lower for an actively-managed mutual fund when compared to an actively-managed portfolio of individual securities. When you add up transaction costs, annual fees paid to a brokerage firm, and the cost for research tools or investment advice, mutual funds are often less expensive than the typical portfolio of stocks.

Impact on Costs of Investing in Mutual Funds

Several variables may influence the cost of managing a portfolio of mutual funds, such as the fund’s expenses, the amount of trading activity, the size of transaction, and taxes.

7. Professional Management: Mutual Funds Have a Team of Professionals Researching and Analyzing Investments So You Don’t Have To!

Perhaps the greatest benefit of mutual funds is that investors can save countless hours of time, energy and frustration involved with the research and analysis required to find quality investments to hold in a portfolio. That’s not to speak of the skill, desire and patience required to do a job well in any professional pursuit. Mutual funds enable investors to do more of the things in life they enjoy rather than spending time and energy on investment matters   .

8. Flexibility: Mutual Funds Have Several Uses and Applications

All of the above benefits of mutual funds overlap into simplicity and flexibility. You can invest in just one fund or invest in a wide variety. Automatic deposit, systematic withdrawal, 401(k) plans, annuity sub-accounts, dividends, short-term savings, long-term savings, and nearly limitless investment strategies make mutual funds the best overall investment type for both beginners and advanced investors.

Bottom Line on Buying Mutual Funds

Since mutual funds are easy to understand and a smart investment choice for almost all types of savers and investors, these security types are the standard investments in 401(k) plans and IRAs. However, although mutual funds are relatively simple to use, they are not for everyone and investors should be careful to select the best funds that align with their goals and tolerance for risk.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided for discussion purposes only, and should not be misconstrued as investment advice. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities.

Take the time to invest in yourself. Your future depends on it.

A young boy aiming to become a painter will spend countless hours studying, practicing and implementing new techniques in order for him to one day produce a master piece.

Just as well, a young musician aiming to one day perform on a grand stage will take the time to learn the music theory, chord progressions and many more numerous musical techniques that will improve his/her overall skills in order for them to release a piece of music that many will sing and play along to.

Whether they know it or not, in both examples, these individuals are doing one thing that will prove to be the most valuable thing they may very well ever do for themselves in their careers.

They are investing in themselves.

Where you will stand and what new things you will be capable of doing tomorrow will largely depend on what you do to improve yourself today.

Without working on ourselves and improving ourselves every day, it would be unrealistic for us to expect a much different future from the one we have right now, it would also be unrealistic for us to perform better in the future, because we will be no different tomorrow from the person we are today.

That is why YOU are the most important thing you can place your time and money on.

An investment in yourself is a great example of self-love, and may very well be the most profitable investment you will ever make.

The worst thing you can do that will self-sabotage the ‘future’ you is continuing to do the same thing and assuming that you will automatically improve and advance to where you wish to be. That is definitely wishful thinking.

No improvement in our lives will happen automatically without us working on them. If we want to get better then we have to work on it.

And no one is exempt from this fact.

Whether you are a powerful CEO wanting to expand his company and build his legacy or an employee at the lowest point in the corporate ladder wishing to climb it faster, self-investment, therefore making yourself become more valuable to others around you is what will make you achieve those objectives.

When you are bold enough to take steps that will improve your performance and overall well-being, the universe will respond by granting you amazing results.

The effort you put into consistently investing in yourself will also play a large role in determining the quality of your life now and in the future.

What areas in your personal life can you do well to invest in? Consider the following.

Invest in your creativity

Creativity is responsible for a lot of things in our lives. It allows us to have fun, it inspires us and may very be what will change our life.

Do you remember how you were almost never bored, even when you were on your own, when you were just a young child? That is because you had your creative mind to keep you company. Well that does not have to change.

Our creativity doesn’t have to diminish as we get older.

We can constantly set out time to deliberately work on creating something new. Spend an hour a day coming up with a business idea, improving an area in you work life or improving your relationships and over time your creativity will be at its all-time peak.

Usually our best ideas don’t come while sited in one place, so take a walk or a hike and enjoy new sceneries; this will be a good investment in boosting your creative prowess.

Invest in your self-confidence

Confidence in yourself will take you places.

Self- confidence will determine whether you stand up for yourself or not. It will determine whether you find the courage to leave a dysfunctional relationship or continue staying in one. It will make you act on your business plan or not. And it will mostly be the determining factor in whether you succeed or not.

So find the time to invest in building your self-confidence. Learn to have the courage to speak your truth. The more you love yourself and own the value that you offer, the more confident you will become in sharing it with others.

Investing in your personal confidence is a great investment that will even inspire others to do the same.

Invest in your knowledge

The more we learn, the more we realize that we have a lot more to learn.

Educating yourself and gaining knowledge on a variety of things will empower you with tools that will make you and others become better.

Brandi L Bates, an Author has this to say about knowledge:

“Wrote my way out of the hood…thought my way out of poverty! Don’t tell me that knowledge isn’t power. Education changes everything.”

Invest time in acquiring knowledge and then making use of the knowledge you will gain, this is what will make you stand apart from mediocrity.

So read books, listen to podcast and watch videos that add value to you as much as you can for as long as you can. These are great resources that you can use to build your knowledge and expertise in any area.

Invest in your health

We can work for and get anything we want but if we don’t live long enough to see it and healthy enough to enjoy it, then it was of no use to us.

Every day we grow older and with each passing day we have a chance to either build or break our health. Eat right each day, fueling your body with nutrients. When you focus on eating organic and healthier choices, you will feel better and have more energy.

Invest in personal exercise every day. This might not feel like it is that important when you’re young and energetic but your future body will thank you for the effort you put in now. So do something every day to get moving and get your heart rate up, even, if it’s just walking the dog.

Exercise will also give you the energy to take on the day with confidence because of how it makes you look and feel.

Investing in your health will be an important investment for your personal gain.

Invest in your finances

A lot of people say that money won’t bring you any happiness, and that may very well be true, but you can’t ignore the fact that being financially independent will give you the freedom to do the things you love a lot more.

And that definitely does bring a measure of fulfillment and happiness.

It does pay to be financially independent, that is why you must invest time in maintaining and managing your finances wisely.

As many financial planners will tell you, building wealth is a process made of many small actions that add up over time. So if you want to see your bank account grow over the next year, adopting new money and lifestyle habits now is a smart way to start.

So learn how to save more, read on and talk to the people who are successful financially and devote 10 minutes a day to building a new financial skill. This will be of great value to you through your entire lifetime.

Invest in your relationships

One thing we can’t use an ‘instant results’ business model on and expect it to flourish is ‘our personal relationships’.

Relationships add more value to who we are and they take time to build. Your priceless most valuable relationships won’t take one day to build; they will take years and years. But they are also not built automatically without us putting in any effort.

We need to work on building them all the time otherwise they will slowly fade and die off.

This applies to business relationships as well.

The benefits reaped from building our relationships can be measured and seen over their lifetime value. The more they grow, the more value they will have and the more valuable benefits you will see.

Final thoughts…

One of the most important rules in life is for you to “Invest in yourself”. If you don’t, who else will? You and only you have to be proactive enough to take that responsibility.

Be yourself, and do what you can to make yourself the best you can be.

And investing in yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially, will allow you to become the best version of yourself. The extent to which you invest in yourself, not only shapes the way you interact with the outside world, it often reflects the opinion you have of yourself and this will affect your chances of success in the future.

So invest in yourself, because your future depends on it.

What are areas of life one can do well to invest in? What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment and share your thoughts in the section below.

Thanks for Reading :)

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