Duxa Capital Review 5 Reasons Why duxacapital.com is a Scam Forex

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Trade Capital broker review

Minimum deposit


Maximum leverage

Year founded


Trading platform

This is not a verified broker!

We do not recommend you trading with this broker. Its regulation and reputation is doubtful.

There are many FX, CFDs and crypto brokers available for the retail traders. While some of these brokers are fully legitimate, others are not. Recently we received a review from one of the ForexNewsNow contributing writers, and we have kept the review unchanged, it is available under “Trade Capital review by a contributor” heading. However, the placement of this review has quickly triggered a response by Trade Capital employees, asking for an immediate removal of the review. This is why we decided to go ahead and actually explore the brokerage in a much more detail. Continue reading this Trade Capital review to check all of the details about this company that we were able to find.

Trade Capital quick company analysis

Once you access tradecapital.com and navigate to the footer of the website, you will be able to see the following:

The first thing that strikes us is that the footer information can hardly be read. Well, let’s say that this is rather a User Experience issue. If you compare their website to the IQ Option‘s website, for example, you can clearly see that reputable brokers provide you with good User Experience. Why? Because good brokers have nothing to hide from you.

We see that the brokerage claims to be incorporated in Switzerland, the website says that the brokerage is located at 12, RUE DU MONT-BLANC, 1201 GENEVE. Let us quickly check google street view to see if there is an actual office building under this address.

Oops, it seems like Trade Capital has its head office in Bristol Hotel. This is the first sign that tells us that Trade Capital is a scam.

Now, we also tried looking up some information related to Trade Capital Investments Ltd…and we were not able to find anything about this company. It does look like this company simply does not exist. This is another sign of a scam.

Once you navigate to the legal page at TradeCapital.com scam website, you will see that the terms and conditions govern the relationship between the client and a company called Lozareo Group LP. Luckily, this company is a real one, registered at 101 Rose Street South Lane, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH2 3JG…just like 1509 more companies.

You may wonder, how 1510 companies can fit into a single building? Well, this is a registered office, and anyone can get an address there for as low as 29.99 GBP per annum. Currently, this company is headed by an Uzbekistanian citizen named Zafar Mavlyanov and its share capital is set at 100 GBP. This is certainly another hint that Trade Capital scam is a true statement.

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What is Lozareo Group?

Let’s explore Lozareo Group LP in a bit more detail. Unlike the website mentions, the company has only been formed at the end of 2020 by two entities: Monter Impex Ltd and Solter Management Ltd, both of these entities are located under the same address on Seychelles. In general, there is a whole boring story about different shelf companies forming new companies, so the roots of the real people behind such scams as Trade Capital are hidden very deep. However, we can clearly see from the Google search that both of these companies have been involved in various Ponzi schemes and real estate scams. Hence, Trade Capital reviews do not only suggest that this broker is a scam, but you can be sure that dealing with this company means that you will be connected to the criminals of the highest caliber.

It does not seem like Trade Capital is the first scam launched by these people. We were able to find a website called CryptoNash.com, and it seems to be operating exactly under the same model.

So, it seems like it is now pretty much clear that this broker is a scam. If you landed on this page looking for a proper brokerage – simply choose XM, an option trusted by millions of traders.

ForexNewsNow experience with Trade Capital

Recently we were approached and threatened by Trade Capital representatives. They were demanding us to remove this review immediately as they claim to be a fully legitimate company.

Obviously, an unregulated shelf company has nothing to do with the legitimacy and we feel that it is our duty to warn you about Trade Capital scam. By now we have stopped any communication with the company representatives as we were simply tired of seeing the threats from criminals.

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Trade Capital review by a contributor

Many traders have managed to make millions in the Forex market, just look at some traders like George Soros, who made $1 billion in a single trade. You too can make a lot of money, but only if you avoid working with companies like the Trade Capital scam. While there is no definitive number of Forex brokers in the world, it’s safe to assume there are hundreds or even thousands of them available online. Trade Capital is just one name among the many, but this Trade Capital review is going to show you why this is one company you need to avoid. Like any other industry, the Forex market is full of scammers too hoping to snare some innocent victims. We hope, however, that after you’re done reading this post, you will be better armed and ready to distinguish between legitimate brokers and the scammers. For any Forex trader, it is very important to know the difference because there are a lot of scam brokers and it can be easy to fall into their traps… unless you know what to look for.

Is Trade Capital legit or not?

One of the most important things to look out for in a Forex broker is the company’s background itself. This is the same criteria you use to do anything really, after all, you don’t just buy a product from the supermarket unless you’re sure about the manufacturer. The same criteria should be used when choosing a Forex broker, and you should not give your money to a company unless you knew who they really were. After a Trade Capital website review, however, there was very little information provided about the broker that could help you determine the background of the company. The only information made available was that Trade Capital Investments Ltd. is the parent company behind the broker.

This is not enough information as it is nearly impossible to find out more about them. On their website, Trade Capital Investments Ltd. is based in Switzerland, but there is no information to back it up. Even a look at Trade Capital reviews did not yield any additional information. In fact, most of the reviews we could find pointed to the many failures of the company, with many of their previous clients complaining about a loss of their funds. They are able to do this because the company is not registered with any financial regulator. You would think that being based in Switzerland, Trade Capital would have a license from FINMA, but they don’t. Such a license could have given them more credit, but they do not have any license from them or any other financial regulator at all.

All of this led us to believe that Trade Capital is really just a shell company without any actual physical location. They simply run a virtual brokerage where they do not even provide the products they advertise on their website. Speaking of products, there is hardly a clue of the products they provide, which is even more evidence of the Trade Capital scam. On their homepage, it would appear that they provide trading services for cryptocurrencies, Forex pairs, and indices. However, there is no link to download a trading platform to test any of this out. Basically, this means that you have to first open an account and make a deposit before you can be able to do so. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to make that deposit, no matter how small, because the signs already point to a company that doesn’t solicit any trust whatsoever.

Trade Capital Scam

Finally, it is time to answer the topic question, is Trade Capital a scam? Given all the evidence we could gather, there is no doubt this is a scam. We have done many broker reviews, and this Trade Capital review is typical of a scam broker that has nothing to offer but air. Next time you run into such a company, you know what signs to look out for to determine their legitimacy so that you’re not a victim like many other traders.

This is not a verified broker!

We do not recommend you trading with this broker. Its regulation and reputation is doubtful.

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This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.

ETX Capital review

ETX Capital

Leverage: 30:1

Regulation: FCA

Min. Deposit: 100 GBP


Platforms: TraderPro, MT4

Found in: 1965

ETX Capital Licenses

  • Monecor (London) Ltd – authorized by FCA (UK) registration no. 124721
  • Our Review
  • ETX Capital review User Reviews
  • ETX Capital review News

Here is ETX Capital Review for your consideration, with all the necessary trading information and the most important question if you can trust this broker or not.

What is ETX Capital?

ETX Capital is a quite old company with history dates back to 1965, that acts as a global provider of online trading innovative technology and giving an opportunity to access up to 6000 markets, supported by the strong customer service team and enhanced opportunities through FCA regulated guidelines.

It is true that the ETX primary business is heading more to institutional traders or clients, yet as the retail trading and volume growing daily, ETX Capital expanded its offering to the global traders as well. Even though online trading offering is active for the last 15 years, it now became one of the competitive trading solutions, and what is more important reliable solutions.

Therefore, by choosing ETX Capital as a broker you will get not only an alternative of different tradable markets, worldwide financial indices, numerous equities, 50+ Forex pairs, a considerable number of commodities, CFD products or spread betting available for UK residents only. You will also find numerous powerful features that were previously available for institutional clients only.

The ETX Capital follows the strategy of tight spreads, since as tighter spread the smaller is the distance that the market in question has to move in, so you can benefit and enjoy truly competitive pricing.

In addition, the broker undertakes to ensure that new traders are properly educated and ready to start trading. For that reason, Demo account is available for opening at any time, as well as the detailed and various levels of trading education that considered to be on a very high level comparing to its peers. And of course, you would be trading with constant customer support services that are available and responds by phone or email, or an international number for non UK traders.

Overall, for its strives and achievements, ETX Capital has gained various awards and gained international recognition, which ensures quality of ETX trading services, not only from the reputable issuers but at the traders’ community as well.

UK Forex Awards | Best Forex Trading Tools & Software

Shares Awards | Winner Best Futures Options Broker

Investment Frauds | Winner Value for money

However, you should always check carefully the most important information that the broker’s offering consists of. With this purpose, in this review we cover the following highlights:

Is ETX Capital safe or a scam?

ETX Capital is an online trading name of Monecor (London) Limited, the firm headquartered in London and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, as well as the active member of the London Stock Exchange.

In fact, being an established firm under the strict rules of FCA, which actually is one of the strongest and most sharp regulators in the industry, means ETX Capital has appointed each and every rule to their procedures that ensure broker’s reliability. These set of authorized controls including the most important thing to keep customer money secure that including but not limited to daily security checks for sufficient regulatory capitals, separation of the client’s funds which are also kept in investment-grade rated UK banks, participation in schemes that covers traders in case of insolvency and many more.

ETX Capital Trading Platforms

To simplify the account opening process, ETX Capital provides its clients with one standard trading account, while the only choice goes to the platform that offers three different elaborated platforms, allowing to select the one that suits the best.

ETX Capital brings trading opportunity with access to 5,000 markets and spread betting round-the-clock with a variety of tailored price alerts through email or texts, customized chart and indicators, limits, drag and drop stops, as well educational and analysis support. The tools are available on both platforms that ETX Capital stays on and includes proprietary ETX TraderPro, a truly powerful, fully customizable software, yet with intuitive design and advanced charting. ETX TraderPro featuring flexible graphs options and is a platform with the highest grade professional tools, bringing highly interactive trading with a chance to embrace significant risk in the ambition of significant returns.

Likewise, you still have a choice to use an industry leading MetaTrader4 that is famous for its charting package, selection of automating capabilities or ability to bring own EA’s to automate orders. MT4 is a global platform with around worlds presence, highest implemented security and execution offers, that gained highest rankings and it is smart enough from ETX Capital to propose both platforms to your convenience.

Moreover, ETX Capital offers all of its platforms in mobile format, meaning that you can access your TraderPro platform on your Apple or Android phone or tablet. Nowadays, most traders executing positions wherever they are, that’s why ETX trading allows you to move around freely while you trade.

ETX Capital fees

As for the ETX’s spreads tariffs, since the broker has access to the institutional greed of pricing, the ETX Capital trading fees are built into the spread. As you can see below, the ETX spread is a very competitive offering among the market, as Forex spreads start at 0.7 pips for EUR/USD, Equities – 0.08 indicative spreads for some stocks, Commodities– minimum spreads starting from 3 pips, Indices– minimum spreads starting from 1 pip for certain major indices.

“Typical” spreads for noted pairs represent the median and are tracked during a specified time frame, however, Spreads may vary based on market conditions, including volatility, available liquidity, and other factors, for most recent quotes check official ETX Capital website or platform.

Asset/ Pair ETX Capital Spread
Crude Oil WTI 0.03
Gold 0.4

ETX Capital Spread

While the ETX Capital trading fees, which are built into the ETX Capital spread, considered to be on a very competitive level among the market offering. Check out and compare ETX Capital fees to IC Markets.

ETX Capital leverage

ETX Capital tries to offer a potentially appropriate opportunity to their traders since increased leverage may also increase trading risk. Hence, ETX Capital leverage rates are set to a 100:1 for most of the products and 200:1 on some MT4 products. Although you should always note that potentially favorable opportunity of trading leverage should be used smartly on various products in order not to face not predicted loses. In addition, the recent European regulatory updates lead by ESMA, with a purpose to protect clients from negative impact, mandated to decrease leverage to a maximum of 30:1 on Forex instruments and even lower for other assets.

ETX Capital Deposits and Withdrawals

ETX Capital offers a range of popular ways to deposit money into the trading account that allows you to choose among major Credit and Debit Cards except for AMEX, Wire Transfers, Online Bank Transfers, as well several forms of e-payment UnionPay, Skrill, Sofort, giropay and Neteller.

ETX Capital minimum deposit

A very pleasant addition is that the ETX does not charge fees for making deposits, while the minimum deposit amount set to a £100 or the currency equivalent.

ETX Capital withdrawal fee

For withdrawals, ETX Capital also applied competitive proposal, as supplies each trading account by five withdrawals over USD 100 within each month without a processing fee or withdrawal fee. Further on, in case you wish to withdraw more funds than it will incur a charge of 25$ per transaction.

Conclusion on ETX Capital

In short ETX Capital has everything to prove the reliability and excellent reputation. Years of experience and long operation history of the ETX Capital parent company still keeps a broker at a strong position among institutional providers as well as maintain competitive offering to the traders.

Nevertheless the broker work with vast institutional clients, the retail traders will find ETX Capital expanded approaches too. Among the ETX Capital benefits, we have to admit their platform solutions, as well comprehensive and well-built educational system with a range of free materials available to traders of a different experience. Therefore, ETX Capital is an ideal solution for a beginning trader or seasoned ones to enjoy and use powerful trading features. Overall, ETX Capital’s proposals feature a convenient way to trade and cooperate, hence the firm definitely has to be considered while choosing the broker for you to start trading or by the next trading step.

Yet, it will be good to know your personal opinion about ETX Capital, which you may share in the comment area below.

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