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Daweda Exchange Review 2020 – Is Dawedafx.com Scam or Legit?

Name Daweda Exchange Review 2020 – Is Dawedafx.com Scam or Legit?
Founded 2020
Legal Entity Daweda Exhange LTD
Turnover up to 100%
Minimum deposit $100
Bonus No
Full Address Cyprus, Egkomi, 1, 28th October str, Porfyriou Dikaiou, Makedonitissa, 2414
Phone +357 2227 5000
Regulation CySEC
E-mail [email protected]
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First Impressions

It is all about the trader at Daweda Exchange, the trading platform is entirely web based with no need to download or install software. For those traders who want to trade on the go, Daweda also offers a mobile App for Android and iOS, available from the respective App stores.

Daweda offers options trading via an exchange platform and they have made it incredibly easy for traders to understand how to trade the ‘Daweda Exchange way’. There is a comprehensive ‘How to Trade’ section that features a detailed glossary, an extensive FAQs section, a platform guide as well as an illustration of their innovative Order Book. Additionally, there is also the mark of safety – a verified badge that confirms Daweda Exchange is fully regulated by the well-respected Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Daweda Exchange Trading Platform

Daweda Exchange uses its own proprietary trading platform that makes options trading simple, but is packed with many advanced features and an excellent user experience. As an exchange, the Daweda platform matches traders against each other simultaneously and seamlessly to ensure excellent execution speeds.

Auto trading system

The platform is easy to navigate and offers traders a variety of possibilities. There is an auto trading system (ATS) that can easily be activated with a single click. This will allow placing of trades in your account by Daweda Exchange’s tested and proven free Auto Trading System. Could there be a conflict of interest? Absolutely not! This is because, as stated earlier, Daweda Exchange is not your regular brokerage firm, but an exchange. Daweda only makes money from trading activity, and not on losing trades. Daweda Exchange traders earn 100% returns on successful trades, by paying only the standard $0.50 per contract.

There is a short range of assets available on the Daweda Exchange platform, but traders can build their own portfolio watch list by listing their preferred assets on the Favorites tab. This can make it easy to enjoy the benefits of one of Daweda Exchange’s most innovative features – the Order Book.

Order Book

Updated in real time, the Order Book helps traders to get a picture of other traders’ activity in the market in relation to particular assets. In addition, a trader can load their desired trade into the Order Book as well as review a list of all the available contracts and their respective price levels. The book is well organized, consisting of 2 parts, which include the Call orders and Put orders that are available for purchase. A trader can simply select their desired price level and they then have full control of all their trades and the positions they have entered. If an order remains unmatched, no fees will be charged. To top it off, if an order is not filled at the desired level, or if the asset’s price changes, the contract will automatically be returned to the Order Book until it is matched.


An effective strategy available at Daweda Exchange is hedging, which occurs when a trader opens a position in the opposite direction to an existing open position. This is done in order to protect the initial trade in case it ends unsuccessfully. Since traders are negotiating contracts directly with other traders on the Daweda exchange, hedging positions can be negotiated at any time, to match a trader’s strategy and risk appetite. Opening a hedging position on the platform can be achieved by simply clicking on the “Hedge” button on the platform, setting your desired level and then waiting for the hedged positioned to be matched by another trader. A simple, yet highly effective trading tool!

Daweda Exchange Bonus

Daweda Exchange does not offer the conventional welcome bonuses that many brokerages offer due to the unique exchange structure. However, they do offer numerous benefits to compensate traders; first and foremost: 100% returns for in-the-money trades. Daweda also rewards traders with their monthly cashback, where the more you trade, the more you are reimbursed, irrespective of whether your trades ended in or out of the money.

Deposit Methods

Daweda Exchange traders can fund their trading accounts using a variety of safe, secure and convenient payment methods. Deposits can be made using a choice of debit/credit cards, Skrill, WebMoney and bank wire transfers. Traders can begin trading as soon as the simple deposit process is completed and the minimum deposit amount is $/£/€ 100.

Customer Support

At Daweda Exchange, the customer comes first. Everything is designed to ensure traders have the best possible environment for their trading success. There are comprehensive ‘About’ and ‘FAQs’ sections; but if traders wish to speak to Daweda Exchange agents directly, their customer staff is on hand to handle all their inquiries, 24/7. The staff is very professional, warm, and highly responsive. They can be contacted anytime via live chat, email, phone or SMS.

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On the Daweda Exchange platform, traders can trade a quite a short range of asset classes (around 25) that include forex pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD and even Bitcoins; commodities, such as gold and oil; indices, such as Dow Jones and DAX Future; as well as stocks, such as Barclays and Apple.

Final Thoughts

Daweda Exchange has a truly unique offering that is convenient and easy to use, yet boasts a selection of advanced features to meet the needs of even seasoned professional traders. All of this backed by the fact that Daweda is regulated that gives traders the confidence and peace of mind they have a partner that truly cares for their trading success.


  • Transparent trading
  • Up to 100% Payouts
  • Free Automated Trading
  • Monthly Rebates
  • CySEC regulation
  • 24/7 Trading

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Real reviews of Daweda Exchange 2020

Daweda broker seems interesting to me, however I am still thinking about placing my hard-earned money)) Many positive reviews, but this company is still a new one for me.

Daweda Exchange is not the best choice, believe me. Their conditions are not much to work with, they always delay payouts… I mean they pay, but it takes them 4-5 days=((

Daweda Exchange broker is regulated by CySEC, so I don’t worry about my money and I am sure that this company will fulfill all obligations. But it’s not only about regulation. Daweda broker proposes very trading conditions and platform. I’ve already tried several strategies and succeeded.


Broker review Daweda Exchange

This company is added to the Blaсklist of brokers

Brokerage company Daweda Exchange offers its clients exchange trade in contracts. Trading on a broker platform allows to trade with other traders. Representatives of the broker have no right to participate in the formation of prices, because the profit of the platform is a fixed fee of $0.50 for the transaction.

The Daweda Exchange company provides the opportunity to trade binary contracts, which, unlike options, allow a seller and a buyer to mutually choose the amount of bargaining and the amount they intend to invest. You can also hedge your own investment to protect it, which was appreciated by the clients in their reviews about Daweda Exchange.

Daweda Exchange offers the following conditions:

  • Trade between traders without a brokerage company
  • Possibility to receive up to 100% of profit from transactions
  • Possibility to receive refunds in money equivalent
  • The minimum deposit amount is $100
  • Automated Trading System (ATS)
  • 24-hour trading
  • The broker’s activity is regulated by CySEC, which guarantees the security of trading operations.

The automated trading system (ATS) creates transactions, and then translates them directly to the Daweda Exchange terminal. Usage of the service is free, and in addition, ATS provides a high speed of opening and processing transactions, which can’t be achieved in manual mode. The ATS-system can select the optimal prices for each position.

Daweda Exchange — первый брокер по бинарным опционам с фиксированной выплатой в 95%!

Брокер прекратил свою работу. Обзор остался исключительно для истории!

Думаю многие из вас сталкивались с проблемой выплат и адекватной торговли у брокера бинарных опционов. Так оно и есть: проблема кроется в самой системе бинарных брокеров. Ведь все они работают против вас и их заработок — это ваши потери. Более детально этот вопрос рассматривался в этой статье.

Возможен ли другой вариант? Вариант, где контрагентом будет выступать не брокер, а другой человек — такой же трейдер как и вы? Ведь в таком случае мы бы исключили «подкручивание котировок, менеджеров» и другие не совсем честные варианты в работе брокера? В таком случае компании будет все равно, зарабатываете вы или нет, ведь они бы брали комиссии с каждой сделки и все!

И да скажу я вам, этот вариант возможен! И в этой статье я вам его предоставлю! Речь пойдет о концептуально новом брокере Daweda. Брокере, где нет бонусов, «подкручивания» котировок и навязчивых менеджеров на телефоне. Брокере новой формации, обзор которого мне и хотелось бы сделать!

Daweda общая информация

Выше я уже писал о проблеме устройства нынешних брокеров БО. Наглядно это показано на видео:

Как видим, Daweda не выступает контрагентом в сделках. Она просто посредник между человеком желающим продать опцион и человеком, желающим купить его. А берет она с этого 5% со сделки. Таким образом основный торговые условия брокера следующие:

  • Минимальный депозит — 100$
  • Минимальная сумма контракта: 1 контракт (10$)
  • Выплата фиксированная — 95% (100% — 5% комиссия биржи)
  • Способы пополнения:Webmoney, Credit card, Wire transfer
  • Возможность автоторговли при депозите от 500$
  • Регуляция — Cysec (EC)

Daweda видео обзор

По традиции портала, видео обзор платформы. Он длинный, т.к. разобраться здесь со всем возможно не сразу.

Daweda торговая платформа

Сама торговая платформа выглядит следующим образом:

На ней вы можете выбрать актив для торговли и направление сделки. Особое внимание обратите на сроки экспирации: на момент написания статьи они здесь либо от 5 минут до 0 либо от 60 минут до 0.Что я имею ввиду? Каждый 5 минут (60 минут) ведется обратный отсчет до нуля. И вот это и есть срок экспирации:

Daweda авто торговля и кешбек

У брокера при наличии депозита в 500$ и выше доступна функция автоторговли. Что это значит? вы выбираете стратегию торгов (например торговля по тренду либо разворот) и актив. И система автоматически открывает сделки:

Шаг 1: Выберите количество контрактов, по которым вы ходить провести торги (максимальный риск на сделку)

Шаг 2: Выберите лимит количества сделок в день (максимальный риск в день)

Шаг 3: Выберите торговую стратегию

Шаг 4: Выберите активы для торговли

Шаг 5: Активируйте ATS

При помощи авто торговли вы можете создавать своих торговых роботов и зарабатывать на автопилоте!

Также у брокера есть система кешбека: чем больше вы торгуете, тем больше срдеств возвращается вам обратно на счет.

Daweda резюме

Брокер однозначно интересный, если не сказать, что революционный. По идее он должен стать первым в своем роде и положить тенденцию «обеления» индустрии. Ведь здесь нет бонусов, которые необходимо отрабатывать, навязчивых телефонных менеджеров. И самое главное — брокер не заинтересован в вашей потере, т.к. ему все равно. Торгуете вы — зарабатывает он.

А процент по выплатах в 95% является дополнительным плюсом, чтобы остановиться на этом брокере надолго.

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