Crunch Tech Honest Review – Real Binary Trading App

Best Binary Options Brokers 2021:
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  • NS Broker
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  • Binarium

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  • Binomo

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Broker Review: Robinhood Trading App

Let’s take a look at Robinhood. I’ll give you the good and the bad of the app. Yes, they have free commissions, but does that mean they are still a quality broker and someone you should be using to trade and/or invest with? Here are my thoughts.

The Company

Are they legit?

There are all kinds of “companies” out there that are total scams and are just looking to take your money, Robinhood is not one of these. Robinhood is backed by FINRA and SIPC, they are federally registered and monitored. You should have no hesitations when it comes to investing your money with Robinhood from a reliability standpoint.

Commissions and Fees

Robinhood’s main selling point is, “No Commissions!” and they stand by this 100%. At the time of this writing they have $0 trade commissions as well as no hidden fees. Some brokers try to nickel and dime you with extra charges, but when it comes to Robinhood they are straight forward and upfront about the fees they charge. You can view their complete fee schedule here.

Easy Sign Up

Signing up for Robinhood is a breeze. Within about 5 minutes I was able to sign up for Robinhood, on my phone, while sitting in the airport. The forms are simple and straight forward and took no time at all to get approved.

Customer Service

With customer service comes my first “knock” against Robinhood, but in reality “you get what you pay for”. With Robinhood you are getting no fee commissions, because of that they are going to have a smaller staff. They aren’t going to be there to “hold your hand” through every step, but that’s the tradeoff for no commissions.

We have reached out to them several ways and had varying levels of success. We contacted them via phone, our call was answered right away by someone who appeared to be based in the US. The problem was the support agent was unable to answer our questions and gave us a contact to email. We have sent out several emails and have yet to receive a response.

The Platform

Their platform, or really their app, is 100% phone based. You must have an iOS or Android device and they do not offer any desktop or online software. This may be good or bad, that really depends on your strategy and how you plan to trade, we will get more into that later on.


Right off the bat you are given real-time quotes and data from the app. No need to fund your account or contact support like many other brokers require. No delayed data at all. Just login and you are getting up to the second, real time, data.

The only downfall of this real time data is it’s quite limited. There are no Level 2’s, and while they provide charts, they are simple line charts. Once again, this may or may not be an issue depending on your strategy.

Equity Types

At the time of this writing Robinhood is stocks only. They do not allow trading of any other equities or securities like options or futures.

Order Entry

When it comes time to actually place an order to enter a trade Robinhood does a good job. The software is very intuitive and has a good amount of order entry types for buying a stock. The one downfall is there are no conditional order entry types. If you want complex orders, this is not the place for you.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2021:
  • EvoTrade

    #1 Broker! 15 000 welcome bonus!

  • NS Broker
    NS Broker

    2nd place! Good choice!

  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
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  • Binomo

    Good Broker For Experienced Traders!

Is Robinhood for Me?

The real question that you probably want answered, should you use Robinhood? That question isn’t quite black and white, let me explain why.

Your Strategy

First off what is your strategy, ie what is your method of determining the price direction of a stock?

  • Technical Analysis? If you are looking to trade using charts and technical analysis, then Robinhood may not be the best solution for you. This goes back to their charts. For technical analysis you need candlestick charts with the ability to add indicators and studies. You could still use Robinhood for you order entry while using a 3rd party service for you charts and studies, however this can get a little tricky switching between platforms on a phone. Not saying impossible, but tricky.
  • Fundamental Analysis? Maybe Fundamental Analysis is your bread and butter. You are all about Earnings and P/E ratios. If that’s the case Robinhood will work just fine for you as all of that information is freely available online anyway.
  • Social Media? Are you going to the likes of Facebook, StockTwits, Twitter, or iHub for your strategy? Let’s be honest, that’s not a strategy at all and you should head back to the drawing board.

Your Trading Style

Now that you have your strategy figured out, what is your style of trading? Are you a trader or an investor? How many trades do you make a month/week/day? Need definitions of what a trader or investor is? Click here.

  • Trader
    We are going to break the “trader” category into two groups. First is going to be the active trader.
    Ill classify an active trader as someone who makes more than 3 trades in a week. If you fall into this category, then Robinhood probably isn’t for you. You are going to be much better served with a computer based platform that will allow you to have multiple windows open simultaneously
    The second group I’ll call passive traders, or swing traders. This group would be comprised of anyone who is not an investor and makes less than 3 trades a week. In this case Robinhood might be a great fit for you. This group will be trading at a little slower pace than the active traders and will benefit more from the no commission trades that Robinhood offers.
  • Investor
    If you are an investor, then Robinhood could be a good fit for you. The big knock here is they currently do not offer any retirement vehicles, like and IRA, for use when investing. Because of that you will end up paying more taxes on long term investments that will more than offset your savings with zero commissions.
    One note, regardless of your style of trading, if you have less than $25k in your account you will be subject to the Pattern Day Trading rule, learn more about that here.


When it comes down to it, you need a trading platform that fits within your style of trading. If you are trying to drive your round peg of a strategy through the square hole that is Robinhood, you are going to have issues. The right platform truly does make all the difference. The missed opportunities or errors caused by trying to use the wrong platform will cost you much more than the few dollars you saved in commissions.

Crunch Technology Software Is Not Scam? Think Again.

UPDATE JULY 2020 – Latest Trading Videos At the end of this post!

DON’T INVEST money before reading this scam review first! Usually we are here to do reviews of binary options trading scams, but that is not always so. There are a ton of scams to cover that we should inform you of and to be fair most of the automated binary options trading programs out there are scam, yet Crunch technology aka is truly different. Is crunch-tech a scam binary options autotrading software or is it a legitimate trading bot?

Could the Crunch technology Software app be actually a good way to make a decent income unlike all of those other scams out there? Continue reading this new up to date Crunch Technology scam review to find out all about it, its gonna be worth it.

Crunch Technology Honest Scam Review

This program is very new and has only been around for roughly one week, but it is so popular and extremely successful that it has taken the public by storm with people signing up & registering left, right, and center. We are here to tell you that Crunch technology Trader can be trusted no doubt and if you are looking for a good way to make an income this is the thing to invest in.

Keep reading our Crunch technology Software review to find out all of the details so you can make a well informed investment for the future. We’re going to go over all of the basics including who made this trading app, how crunch tech system works, and how much money it can really generate, plus a whole lot more too.

How Crunch Technology Trading Software Works?

Crunch technology Software is really neat, mainly because people claim that this system really works and has decent ITM win rate performance. This automated program utilizes the latest in both financial predictions as well as weather prediction software to make binary trades that are for the most part profitable. Crunch technology Software app uses GPS and satellites to accurately predict weather. The weather predictions then get inserted into the specialized trading algorithm in order to automatically generate a list of binary trades that will be profitable.

The weather is really important when it comes to binary options or Forex trading, especially so in the case of natural and agricultural commodities. This is because for anything that grows in nature like wheat, corn, hemp, potatoes, tomatoes, and any other food, plant, or fiber produced for human consumption is greatly affected by changing weather. The effects weather has on naturally growing products also has effects on the price levels of these commodities and that is of course where binary trading comes in.

You can make money in binary trading either when prices go up or down, which is obviously an advantage over the general market because you can make money even when prices plummet, but you do have to be able to predict in which direction the prices are going in order to profit.

Well the weather predictions that Crunch technology software makes helps to inform the computer algorithms as to which commodities are going in which direction in terms of their prices and thus make accurate and highly profitable trades. Crunch technology trading system really is the perfect software because it is highly reliable. For example if there is a big hurricane coming that will wipe out rice paddies around the World, Crunch technology Software can see that coming.

The software will recognize that the destruction of say 75% percent of the world’s rice paddies will result in dramatic rises in the price of rice; of course this is basic supply and demand. Anyway Crunch technology autotrader will be able to predict that the prices are going to rise and thus make a good trade. The weather is everything when it comes to commodity trading and Crunch technology autotrader has that on lock down. Did we mention that Crunch technology trading app can actually predict the weather up to 6 months in advance with incredible accuracy?

Who Created Crunch technology Software?

Knowing who created the program that is going to be handling your money is pretty important so let’s talk about the 2 brains behind this binary invention. The creators and owners of this amazing financial trading tool called Crunch technology Software was created by two experts that decided to combine their efforts in the financial and weather world in order to make themselves and anyone else who uses Crunch technology Software very profitable.

One of these guys is named David Avery. Avery works in the financial field and is currently a guru in trading futures and options as well as algorithmic trading. David has a long history of working in the investment field and trading on the stock market, a very successful history mind you. He is also a big time computer programming expert who graduated from Stanford at the top of his class. Obviously he uses these computer programming skills to create killer binary trading programs! He knew that the weather greatly affected the price levels of commodities so he also knew that he needed somebody with knowledge in weather to help him.

The other man behind this master trading plan is named Rick Paulson. Rick is a big weather guru with decades of experience in studying weather, climate patterns, and their combined effect on the price levels of commodities on the market. Paulson also has years of experience creating some of the most advanced GPS systems and satellite trackers which monitor and accurately predict future weather patterns, systems and trackers which can get more than ten times the weather information than other prediction tools.

Together they used their computer programming skills and their vast knowledge of weather and the financial world to create a revolutionary new program that can actually make and generate some good profits just from predicting whether this year’s strawberries will be harvested in time or if they will freeze in a frost; it really is amazing!

Crunch technology Software Is Not A Scam ?

There are always some tell tale signs when a binary options trading program is a scam, but luckily for Crunch technology Software they show none of these signs, quite the opposite actually. One of the signs that we are talking about when looking for a scam is the classic “sign up now”, “limited time”, or “only X amounts of spots available” ploy. These are methods used by desperate online criminals who want you sign up for their bologna and invest your money as quickly as possible without ever thinking about it. They hope that your overwhelming urge to make money is going to outweigh your common sense and thus cause you to blindly fork over your hard earned cash. These marketing ploys make you think that you are going to miss an opportunity to make money if you don’t jump aboard immediately. Thankfully we are glad to say that Crunch technology Software does not try to use any of these horribly fake marketing tactics.

Another way we can tell that Crunch technology Software is not a scam is because the people behind it are real and legitimate. All binary trading scams use fake personas and horrible paid actors to portray people that know something about binary trading. Of course they do this because if their scam is discovered and their identities are found out they could very well spend some time behind bars.

Once again we are glad to announce that both David Avery and Rick Paulson check out 100%. They have a good social media presence and you can actually find out info about them. Plus we looked into their credentials and these guys are definitely the real deal.

On that same not we also know that none of the testimonials at the Crunch technology Software website are fake. Most of them are overwhelmingly positive and we can actually find who wrote them on various social media sites. Crunch technology Software definitely has real and genuine testimonials so that is another good sign.

Also unlike the scams out there this software checks out in terms of its registration, licensing, verification and registration too. There are no fake claims of having made money for years when the program and website domain were only registered a few days ago. It’s not often that we find a binary trading program that checks out and Crunch technology Software service is definitely one of the few that is 100% percent legit.

We also trust the fact that your money is safe when it gets deposited in the Crunch technology Software trading account because we checked it out for ourselves. We were able to deposit money, make quick trades, and were able to click on “withdrawal” manly because Crunch Tech is synchronized to legitimate brokers. We made a little bit of money, but that’s beside the point. Binary trading scams will never let you withdraw your money, that of course being because they steal it. Crunch technology Software however does no such thing and if you want to empty your account you can do so without a problem. Plus we also checked into the brokers to use and they all check out in terms of legitimacy, regulations, and accessibility.

Crunch Technology Summary

We’re also happy with the fact that we aren’t bombarded by any slick looking goons that tell us how much money we can make and that we’ll be driving Ferraris and living in mansions within months of using the trading program. In other words they don’t make any ridiculous claims as to how much money we can make. They are completely honest with us and tell us straight up that we can only make so much money with Crunch technology Software app. Sure we can still make a decent income, but it’s not going to be a record breaking fortune, it’s going to be more like a secondary or supplemental income.

The Profits To Be Expected From Crunch technology Software

Like we said before the guys at Crunch technology Software don’t make any hyped up statements or ludicrous claims about being able to make millions of dollars. On the other hand they do tell us that we can make up to 89 dollars per hour and up too as much as 1,000 dollars per week. As you can see the money isn’t great and it might not even be enough to comfortably live off of, but on the flip side of the coin making a cool thousand bucks per week simply by turning on an automated program is pretty great!

There is one small drawback and disadvantage and that would be that Crunch technology Software is only free to use for a 90 day trial period before you have to pay for a monthly license. The license costs just under 800 dollars per month so if you account for the 4,000 dollar gain minus the 800 dollar monthly cost, you’re still looking at a free 3,200 dollars per month. We’d say that while the money isn’t fantastic, it is still decent amount of profits and you will actually see those profits unlike with countless other trading scams out there.

We were so impressed with the look of Crunch technology Software that we decided to try it for ourselves and to our surprise the results were pretty darn close to what was promised by the creators. Our subscribers however managed to make close to 85 bucks per hour. People claim they traded for around 5 hours per day and made somewhere near 420 dollars every day. This program actually does work and we’re not scared of giving you guys a green light on this one.

Crunch technology Software Review Conclusion

In this Crunch technology Software review we covered all of the bases to make sure that you have all of the info you need to make a good investment. Our opinion obviously being that this trading app is completely legitimate and quite effective too. No you won’t become a millionaire, but you will be able to earn some decent money indeed, enough to rent an apartment, buy, food, pay for cable TV, and a little more too. David Avery and Rick Paulson are two legit guys who have come out with a fantastic piece of trading software. There are zero signs that would indicate any kind of scamming or criminal activity, everything checks out, and we even made some money ourselves. Crunch Tech has been also positively endorsed by top blogs in the industry such as:, ObjectivebinaryOptions,, and many more. So if you’re thinking of investing some money in binary options Crunch technology Software then please let us know your ITM win rate performance. We will publish live trading videos on YouTube regarding Crunch Technology autotrader and we will showcase responses we received from our subscribers as well.

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List of the 11 Best Binary Options Brokers – Review 2020

The choice of a good Broker is undeniably one of the hardest steps to successfully trade as a beginner. My Binary Options Broker list and comparison can be very helpful here because the selection of brokers on the internet is quite large and therefore the chance to find a good broker. Find your suitable broker in a few moments in this honest review.

Best Platform
Highest Yield 100%+
Best Support

Broker: Review: Regulation: Min. Deposit: Yield: Advantages: Open Account:
1. IQ Option (5 / 5)
Read Review
CySEC (EU) 10$ up to 100%+
2. Olymp Trade (4.8 / 5)
Read Review IFC 10$ 92%+

Huge range of assets
High Yield 92%
Bonus Program 3. Expert Option (4.8 / 5)
Read Review VFSC, FMRRC 50$ 90%+

Good Platform
Account Types
Good Education 4. (4.8 / 5)
Read Review MGA, FSC, VFSC 5$ up to 100%+

Highest yield
Clear platforms
Automatic trading 5. Binomo (4.7 / 5)
Read Review IFC 10$ 87%+

Clear Platform
High Yield 87%
VIP Program 6. Finmax (4.6 / 5)
Read Review FMRRC 250$ 70 – 90%

Account Types
Bonus Program
Webinars, Coachings 7. BinaryCent (4.3 / 5)
Read Review ✘ 250$ 80 – 95%+

Support 24/7
High Yield 95%
Trade with cents 8. Binarium (4.1 / 5)
Read Review ✘ 10$ 70 – 85%+

Clear Platform
Fast execution
Huge range of assets 9. Pocket Option (4 / 5)
Read Review FMRRC 50$ 80 – 90%+

Innovative Platform
Bonus Program 10. RaceOption (4 / 5)
Read Review ✘ 250$ 70 – 90%

Support 24/7
Bonus Program 11. Ayrex (4 / 5)
Read Review ✘ 5$ 70 – 85%

Good Platform
Bonus Program

Binary Options is a financial instrument to trade worldwide assets with the possibility of a high return on investment. It is like betting on rising or falling markets. There are only 2 options, that is why it is called “binary”. You can win a high return of 75 – 95% in a selected time horizon or you lose the amount of your investment. It is so popular because it is a way to trade the markets very fast (5 minutes or less) and easy. I have to mention here you can trade it longterm too.

For more information about the financial product and how it works read the article: “How are Binary Options are working?”

The criteria of the Binary Option Broker Review 2020

If you looking for a good broker, you should following the next steps when you check the company. Sometimes traders get scammed by a bad and criminal broker. With this review and comparison, we try to prevent it. Furthermore, Binary Options are very risky. You only should invest money, which you can afford to lose. You can check the following criteria for finding the best company.

Criteria for a good and reliable Binary Options Broker:

  • The official physical address of the broker
  • Regulation or license
  • Free Demo Account
  • Experience in the markets
  • Good support and service
  • High asset profit and fast execution
  • User-friendly trading platform
  • A platform for mobile trading

Reliability of a broker and safety for traders

It is important to look at how long the broker has been on the market. I easy checked it on the homepage from the financial companies. A good broker provides you with all the information which you want to know. Some companies got an international regulation or license. Also, this is good for reliability. In addition to that, I checked the address of the brokers in this review. As a trader, you want to see clearly an official address of the company. At latest a trader should trust a broker. If you are not sure, just invest a less amount of money first and check the platform by yourself.

Official regulation and license are very important

High payout and asset return of investment for Binary Options

One of the most important point to consider is the asset profit. The average of the payout in this review is 75-95% for each Binary Options trade. There are differences between the brokers. Every trader wants to make a high profit in trading. If one broker got less asset profit like – 5%, this can be a huge restriction to you possible profits.

Moreover, every time the payout depends on the traded asset. Normally the broker provides the highest payout on the most traded asset. In addition, the payout can dependent on the expiration time too.

Which broker provides the highest profit?

Free and unlimited Demo Accounts are necessary for every trader

The broker should provide you with a free demo account. This is an account with virtual money. It is made to practice the financial product and to test the trading platform. You can trade Binary Options without any risk with this virtual money. It is completely free to use. Also, traders can develop new strategies or improve their trading skills. Advanced traders or beginners try to trade new assets for the best success with this account.

Open your free demo account now.

On the other hand, sometimes the broker gives its traders trading tips for analysis or strategies. The demo account is perfect for practicing that new knowledge. Trading is very complex and often it is not easy to find the right way. This is the main reason for using a demo account. Most traders gain experience first before they invest real money. With own experience, it is possible to get a high profit with trading in the right direction.

How to open your real account

The opening of a real account should be as easy as the opening of a demo account. In most cases, it is very easy and fast. The broker requires some additional documents and data of the trader to proof their personality. Upload a picture/copy of your passport. Sometimes they require a utility bill. The broker will check the documents and verify your account in less than 24 hours. Important information: The broker only withdraws full verified accounts. (Not every broker requires this documents)

What do you need:

  • Data: Full name, address, birthday, phone number
  • Picture/copy of your passport
  • Sometimes picture/copy of a utility bill

Review of the Binary Options Brokers support and Service for traders

As a trader, you need good support and service. Most brokers are showing experience and knowledge in Binary Options. The Binary Options Brokers in this review give you the best and fastest support. According to that, they give traders sometimes a good education with webinars, videos or strategies. For beginners, it is important to learn theoretically about Binary Options. It is a risky financial product.

You can learn the basics and advanced trading knowledge in webinars with experts. The most brokers first show you the basics like functions of candlesticks and the use of technical indicators. Usually, a trading platform offers more than 30 different indicators. Sometimes it is hard to find a good working strategy with them. In addition, they give you some advanced knowledge and information to rule the markets. Most brokers offer you a better education if your deposit is higher (see account types).

Another option of service is account types. For big traders with high deposits and high trading volume, some brokers offer different account types. As a trader, you can get great advantages. They offer you higher yields, better support, bonus or a cashback program. This is a way to get more profit in trading. For example, the broker offers you a higher asset profit of 5%. That can be very helpful.

The companies in this review offer you:

  • Chat support
  • Telephone support
  • Email support
  • Education centers
  • Webinars, videos, strategies
  • Account types
  • Account managers

Diversity of assets and test of the Binary Options trading platform

I tested the trading platforms of the Binary Options Broker Review. In conclusion, they are very good and innovative. They give you a very good reaction rate which is important for short-term trading. You can use them for your computer or as an app for your mobile phone. In addition to that, they are very flexible and customizable. Use different indicators for the best strategies. As you see in the picture below I am using Bollinger Bands and the RSI. They are very popular.

First of all the trading dashboard is the most important point of the trading platform. You should be able to switch very fast between different expiry times and create new trades. Some strategies are designed to have multiple trades open at the same time. The brokers in my review provide you the fastest execution time. Secondly social trading very popular. In some trading platforms, you can copy the best traders of the broker and make an automatic profit. They show you transparently what they are trading and you can start copying them.

Another important point is the flexibility of the platform. An app should be available for mobile trading. On most platforms, you can customize the chart very easy. Thanks to the digitization, platforms are getting better and the brokers always try to improve them. Use free indicators and technical tools for your analysis. Moreover, you can use the newsfeed to trade exactly high volatility. Market news occurs every day – Why not use them to make money?

Facts of the Broker Review:

  • Fast execution for your trades
  • Customizable
  • Use indicators and more
  • Apps for mobile phone
  • More than 50 different assets

On the most trading platforms, you can trade Binary Options with forex, stocks, cryptos, and commodities. There is a big diversity of assets for you. The yields depend on the category of the asset. More often than not the most traded asset gives you the highest yield. You can easily see that on the platform.

Weekend Trading (OTC) and Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and more)

Each broker in this list provides the service to trade on the weekend. The platforms are open 24/7. Weekend trading is allowed and advocated. On the weekend you can trade Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Forex OTC charts. Cryptocurrencies are traded decentralized and the stock market is open 24/7 for them.

Especially attention should be paid to the OTC Forex charts. Normally the stock exchanges are closed on the weekend but the international internal bank market is working. The volatility is much less than in the normal working days Monday – Friday.

The first steps for your Binary Options success:

  1. Learn the Binary Options basics. Information for trading Binary is available at the broker platform or the internet. For questions, there are certain forums available.
  2. Develop a successful strategy. Most brokers will help you to find a way to trade successfully.
  3. Use the Demo account. It is an account with virtual money. So you trade without risk the markets.

You should ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want to achieve with the trading of Binary Options?
  • How much I want to invest?
  • Where, on which market I want to trade?
  • How do I react to losses?
  • What are the chances of winning?

Deposit and withdrawal by a Binary Options Broker

Nowadays the deposit is easy like the withdrawal. Most brokers only need a small amount of money to open your real account and give you access to the market. Capitalize your account in few seconds with a credit card, bank wire, cryptocurrencies or other e-wallets. Today it is very simple. The withdrawal systems are working very good too. Sometimes it is fully automatic. Most companies payout in less than 24 hours. In addition in a lot of cases, there are not any fees for you. Another important fact is brokers only withdrawal verified accounts. So get your account full verified with the right documents as mentioned before.

Bonus Programs and conditions for traders

Bonuses are very popular in the section of Binary Options Brokers. Most companies offer a deposit or a no-deposit bonus. There are a huge diversity of promotions for traders. Mostly the bonus depends on the deposit amount or you can choose it manually. For example, some brokers offer a bonus of more than 200%.

It is a good way to top up your trading account balance and earn more money. You can trade with more risk and grow faster your account, but you should not forget the bonus conditions. Every time there are requirements for the bonus. For example, you do a deposit of 5000$ to your broker and trade with sensible money management of 1% of the account balance per trade. That means you invest 50$. Now you activate a bonus of 100% and additionally you get extra 5000$ and your account balance is 10.000$ now. At the moment you can trade with sensible money management with an amount of 100$ per trade. That sounds good and you grow your account faster as without bonus.

The deposit bonus is a good way to increase your account balance and to trader with more risk.

As mentioned before there are conditions of the bonus. Simply there is the requirement of turnover of the bonus amount. Sometimes you have to do a turnover of x20 and sometimes you have to do a turnover x50. It is important to read the bonus requirements. If you got any questions, you can ask the support. In most cases, you will see the requirements transparent on the platform.

  • Deposit bonus: Get additional money to your account balance.
  • No deposit bonus: You will get a small amount of money for free, but you have to do a huge turnover before you can payout the profit.

Welcome Bonus for beginners

The no deposit bonus is named welcome bonus. There are different ways to get a welcome bonus. One way is to win a free demo contest (read more below) without any risk. You compete to other traders on the platform. The rules are easy to understand: Just try to get the highest account balance versus your competitors. If you win, the broker pays a high prize. It is like a welcome bonus because you do not invest real money.

On the other hand, as mentioned before the no deposit bonus is like a welcome bonus. There are a few brokers who offer this bonus. Just create your real account and activate the welcome bonus. The company gifts you any amount of money to your account balance but you can not withdraw the money. You have to do a high turnover of the welcome bonus like 30x or 40x. Recommend broker for a welcome bonus is Pocket Option.

Binary Options Tournaments

In addition, most brokers offer tournaments or demo contests for beginners and advanced traders. You must pay a fee to participate in a contest with a huge prize fund. The rules are very simple: You get a separated demo account where you have to get the biggest balance as possible. You will compete against other traders of the broker. Sometimes there is a prize fund of 100.000$ or more. Furthermore, it is not easy to win the contest because there are a lot of competitors.

The demo contest is a tournament without participation fee. That meant that the prize fund is much smaller than the paid tournaments. But it is a good way to earn money with a small amount of money (participation fee). If you are a successful trader, you can easily win these contests.

Countries for traders

Binary Options are not allowed in every country of the world. In addition, some countries forbid trades to use foreign brokers. Most brokers accept international traders, but there are restrictions for forbidden countries. You can not generalize it because the broker decides which customer he accepts.

Nowadays Binary Options become more and more popular for traders. It is a simple and efficient financial product. It is possible to generate a high payout in a short time horizon. Asian and Africa are growing very fast and people like the function of trading. The brokers in this review try to improve their service in this region of the world because the demand is very high. They improve their customer support with different languages and other services.

The fastest growing countries:

Are Binary Options legal?

Sometimes there are some restrictions to this financial product that depends on a particular country. Personally, I only know one area where Binary Options are forbidden. It is the European Union but some offshore and international brokers accept EU traders. It is like gambling on rising or falling markets and easy to understand. The EU tries to protect its citizens because there are a lot of scam brokers. To prevent a scam, use the best brokers of this review.

Find the best Binary Options Broker 2020 – Conclusion of my review

On this site, I showed you the idea of finding a reliable Binary Options Broker. In the list, you see the best companies in 2020. For successful trading a good broker is necessary. The company should allow you your own strategy of trading and give you good support and service. On most platforms, you can learn via education videos how Binary Options are working.

Also important is the execution of your trades. It should be very fast and with no delay. Usually, every broker does that. Nowadays as a trader, you can start with a small amount of money to trade Binary Options (10$ or less). It is possible to turn it in a high amount with the right strategy. In conclusion on this site, you can find the best and proofed Binay Options Brokers 2020.

Read more about them in my reviews:

I recommend this article if you can not choose between the most known brokers: “IQ Option vs. Olymp Trade vs. Binomo”

Best Binary Options Brokers 2021:
  • EvoTrade

    #1 Broker! 15 000 welcome bonus!

  • NS Broker
    NS Broker

    2nd place! Good choice!

  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Get Your Sign-up Bonus Now!

  • Binomo

    Good Broker For Experienced Traders!

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