Review Is BoostPaid Scam or Legit Our Review will Reveal The Truth

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Boost Reviews

4,809 • Great

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 4,809

handy and efficient service

They are truly shocking company

They are truly shocking company. We moved in to a new property two weeks ago with is supplied by boost unable to top up either electric or gas. Customer service are ruse and unhelpful. Send engineers out at 11pm to install a prepaid meter i cant even get a top up card for ( might add we were suppose to have three engineers before this that never turnt up . Boost are extremely expensive costing us £50-£60 a week in electric for two adults who at work full time. Dont join boost

Great Company

This company have been great from the start. I can keep an eye on what i use and at times when i have been short of funds they have a system where you can borrow from them. Then you pay it back a few pennies a day until you can afford to pay it. Any questions are dealt with quickly. Very happy

I’m just reading the replies from Amy.

I’m just reading the replies from Amy.
Why must people always refer to bloody Facebook to resolve a problem? Many of us aren’t interested in that rubbish!!

Would like to say a big thank you to…

Would like to say a big thank you to boost customer service for excellent customer service I rang this morning for help and they were fantastic definitely recommend boost to friends and family

Avoid at all cost

Avoid at all cost. We are paying in excess of £210 a month (bare in mind we also have solar panels fitted) please people dont make the same mistake as iv done. Its starts off cheap at start, yet increases very slowly. Genuine con. Avoid please everyone

I’m sorry to hear you feel this way, Kaji.

Our rates are competitive and inline with the government price cap. We believe in fair pricing, so we only offer one tariff to our Pay As You Go customers.

It’s worth mentioning that what we cost compared to other suppliers will come down to the unit rates – what you pay per kWh of gas and electricity.

More info on how to save on energy costs here:

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
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  • Binomo

    Good Broker For Experienced Traders!

Useless company

Please dont bother with this company. No customer service whatsoever! They dont answer calls , say you can have call back, no response to emails. Last month I put £233.00 on my payment meter. Smart meter balance doesn’t tally with top up history. Stated at the beginning I was a vulnerable customer.. never received a grant. Online form doesn’t work always says try later and nobody to contact! This is all before Corona virus so NO EXCUSE!

We aim to respond to all emails within 3 working days, I’m sorry if there has been a delay. I’ll feedback that you didn’t received a call back to the team, this isn’t good to hear.

I’m not too sure what grant you’re referring to, but if you’d like to pop the team a message on Facebook:, they’ll be able to take a look into this.

Very helpful thanks

Wouldn’t go any ware else thay…

Wouldn’t go any ware else thay fantastic boost energy really out to help utiliter whants closing down

OVO Boost Energy (PAYE) meters

I am self-employed and have no income what-so-ever for the foreseeable future, so I was worried about putting any money at all on my meters.

So I called OVO and quite expected not to get through because of all the other people who are struggling while the country is on lock-down; to my surprise I was given the option for them to call me back when my call reached the front of the que.

The lady who I spoke with was called Stephany and she gave me a code for my electricity meter to redeem at Tesco Express for £30 which was suck a relief and she was very friendly so I stopped panicking.

I think you can only really find out about a company when things go wrong and you need them.
So I would happily recommend OVO Boost after the way they have looked after me.

Can’t wait to leave

worst customer service ever

I have been with boost for a few years. They have some good features but unfortunately their customer service has let them down hence 1 star. I receive the warn home discount and have received an e mail saying I was accepted.
I have been e mailing them since December asking when I would receive the payment only to be told it would be in 6 weeks time over and over again. Here we are in April and still no payment. I must have e mailed them st least 10 times and telephoned even more just to be told the same lie over and over again. I WOULD DEFINETLY AVOID THEM they are ok when everything is going smooth but as soon as you have a problem their customer service is appalling. I am going to change supplier asap

they are only taking emergency rescue…

they are only taking emergency rescue calls only. The woman on the phone spend 6 min arguing with me when i just ask her to remind my email address. What a stupid lot.

Don’t even bother to sign up with them .

I’m sorry to read that you didn’t have the best experience when you called in, Ashton.

Our team are working really hard to help our most vulnerable customers during this uncertain time.

If there’s an outstanding issue, we’ll be happy to help resolve this for you. Pop us a message here-

Very expensive .The only good thing i…

Very expensive .The only good thing i can say about Boost is that there is up to #30 emergency credit when needed.

It’s great to hear you like our Emergency Boost feature, we’re always wanting to help customers as best we can with the technology we have.

Our prices are competitive and in line with the price cap set by the government, hopefully during the summer you’ll see your costs come down.

The reason I switch to boost is because…

The reason I switch to boost is because of a comparison website compare the market. And boost is the worst utility provider there is. The reason you get one star is to actually send a review. But overall spend is min £5 a day. They are like the black cabs your spend just keep rising. They change your meter for one that actually eats your money. You can’t see your balance on the meter. Which makes it a rather deceiving company. I can’t believe I’m actually scared of turning on my cooker, tele or my appliances. Im going back to British Gas. I’m not saving with Boost. The name says it all. Boost spend off your electric with a boost. Very disappointing with this company. Trust me all this review your customers left they all saying the same thing. The ombudsman needs to investigate this.

It’s a shame to hear you feel this way about us, Willix.

As you’ve got smart meters you’ll be charged accurately for the energy you’re using, take a look at this web page for more info on why you may be spending more:

You can check your balance on the app, if you haven’t already you can set a password and login here:

I’d recommend comparing our rates with British Gas to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

You can’t go wrong with boost

You can’t go wrong with boost. 100% bang
On company. Give them a go.thank you
Boost for your help when my power supply
Ran out.
Thank you Paul Mc

Awful customer service

Awful customer service, during the pandemic they have turned off my gas and electric twice for no reason, they explained both times it was accidental!! Obviously this has cause me ALOT of financial loss I.e freezers and fridge going off, not to mention having no energy for 8 hours. I was passed around 11 different people to try and sort the problem over a 6hour phone call and it is stil not resolved as the gas has gone off again. Will be moving as quick as possible, most awful experience don’t do it to yourselves.

Not a great read, Sophie.

We appreciate this is a strange and unsettling time we find ourselves in, which is why we’re doing the upmost we can to help our customers. For all info on what we can do for support, please check this link:

It’s very upsetting to hear the length of time you say you’ve been on calls and without energy before your issue was resolved.

If you find you’ve been made out of pocket due to any fault caused by us, especially if you say you’ve been disconnected accidentally, then we can look at some form of compensation. This is not a usual experience our customers face, so we’d need to fully investigate the situation.

If you’ve not already raised this issue with the Boost team, please reach out to them via their email address at [email protected], or via their Facebook page here:

I do hope this helps,

Boost the boost but not your wallet!

Overall the app is easy to use and easy to top up.
In March our 2 bedroom flat 3 people had to pay £120, in December it was £80. as we stayed less time at home.
In June/July it was £40-£45
I am really thinking of changing the supplier as it seems too expensive.
£4-£5 a day.

It’s a shame you’re thinking of switching away, Ugene. I’d recommend comparing our rates with other suppliers to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Top up almost gone in 2 days

Had about £3 left on the gas so topped up £10 2 days ago. I now have £2.59 left, and that doesn’t include the last 7hrs. That’s the equivalent to £35 a week! We only put the heating on when it’s really cold and i wash up once a day. Plus quick showers as I’m always worried the money is going to go. Why is your gas so expensive. I can’t afford to keep topping up and I have a partner who is diabetic and 2 young children.

This wasn’t good to read, Emma.

Our unit rates and prices are in line with the price cap set by the government. Review: Is BoostPaid Scam or Legit? Our Review will Reveal The Truth

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2nd Apr 2020, 06:21 AM #1
2nd Apr 2020, 10:50 AM #2
2nd Apr 2020, 12:06 PM #3

I think you are here to get the forum members into scam products.

Everyonme check all his post.

They are all similar scams. If you say otherwise, show us your account or, I can register and if It proves spam, you refund me my money.

I dont think these claims are true.

The link you showed in youtube is still you. making one review.

Please stop spamming the forum

5th Apr 2020, 03:13 PM #4

It’s totally a BS. The people who trades on your behalf in Auto Income Bot are not experts at all.​ I deposited $250 in their recommended brokers & I lost $100 within 24 hours of depositing my $250 & THEY were trading on my behalf. When I checked what they traded on my behalf. I was shocked to see that he traded 30 seconds options 4 times for $25 on Vodafone & lost all of those 4 trades. (It forces me to think that these guys are Indian & trading on their local companies etc.) Anyway! Then I immediately contacted broker & asked for refund. They asked for few documents, I sent them & they have refund me my balance $150. Oh guys forget to mention, Don’t EVER accept the bonus, it’s a TRAP on ALL the binary options platforms to make you STUCK in their system. Because when you accept their bonus, you signed an agreement that I will go for that many trades or there will be some restrictions to withdraw money etc. This is my 2nd time for a very bad experience of binary options. Few months back, I lost $2500 trusting on guys. They told me today is the best day to trade, as your money will be double. So, I went for all $2500, they manipulated their own system & I lost all of my money within 15 minutes. Binary options trading niche is full of BS, if you want to get in. Just learn how to trade yourself & only invest the money that you can afford to lose. Just like I am researching & learning myself now & is developing my own trading strategy, that’s very powerful.

BTW! I requested for refund for their $29.99 discounted AIB software they didn’t even reply me and it’s more than 4/5 days. And you know what? Their software is nothing more than a settings in your AIB account where you can insert how much money should have triggered to trade on your behalf (when they trade, your SET money will be trig for that same trade).

26th Apr 2020, 06:58 AM #5
6th May 2020, 04:27 AM #6
9th May 2020, 08:17 AM #7

RachX also promotes

After listening and clicking through the eMobileCode system video, one can easily spend about $550 in cc charges (which isn’t easy as most cc’s won’t accept foreign payments in Chinese currency with a receipt from ClickSure – first tip-off). You can then easily be sucked into the freebie which can then end up being another $327 with HostZilla to get the “Bonus 5 Free Websites” segment running. After that, the video by Commission Consultants to actually get set up is very confusing and requires codes from other providers that one signs up with at a few hundred more dollars then a few others, and so on and so on. It will become clear YOU are the customer making all of these companies money rather than the other way around. If you don’t cancel your cc immediately afterwards then you end up in ClickSure refund hell. At least HostZilla is OK with refunds. What a nightmare if it’s not unraveled by you quickly. HostZilla is a part of the problem as the weird 5 Free Websites video comes from someone at HostZilla. ClickSure may give you back a refund or may not – they may be waiting for your 60 day trial period to expire first to cover themselves.

This product has been creating a big buzz for the unwary to make $$ quickly so been trying to investigate and warn people how it works. Seems like there is money to be made – they are the novice audience which is their prey for upsells like never seen before. They’re using a group out of Idaho (area code 208) to try to sell the training on the product for $3,900. Acting like a novice to see how they work it – they’ll convince a lot of people to pay them via a term like “leveraged capital” – essentially they ask you questions about your personal credit cards to pay them as much as you have on your credit card and they’ll finance the remainder. The vulnerable or desperate click happy novice with little to their name seem to be the ones that gets the short end of the stick. The novice could become an (unscrupulous) affiliate, give up and lose their initial investment or spend further and never get enough $$ to offset the costs.

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17th May 2020, 02:06 AM #8