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How Brokers Can Avoid a Market-Maker’s Tricks

In many ways, the Nasdaq is more efficient than the other major stock exchanges because it uses lightning-fast computer linkages, which are typically “open cry” floor models. However, the process associated with bidding for stock and executing a Nasdaq trade is far from perfect. In fact, in spite of the quick “fills,” Nasdaq is also known for giving market makers, who make their living trading Nasdaq stocks, ways to fool brokers and investors into thinking that they are truly getting the best execution price, when in fact they are not. For this reason, brokers need to ensure that they and their customers are being treated fairly by being aware of the tricks and gimmicks market makers use.

Trick #1: Giving Phony Sizes

When a trade is called into the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), it is immediately routed to a specialist in the stock, who often has limited interest in the individual trade. Because the specialist is being inundated by traders, he simply wants to find a buyer or a seller for your stock as soon as possible. Essentially, he’s an intermediary who sometimes takes positions in stock but is really there to function as a liquidity provider.

However, Nasdaq market makers, routinely take positions in stocks, both long and short, and then turn them around for a profit, or a loss, later in the day. They provide liquidity, but they are also more focused on capitalizing on your lot of stock by buying it for their own trading account and then flipping it to another buyer. In any case, market makers will sometimes post phony sizes in order to lure you into buying or selling a stock.

For example, market makers may post a bid and an offer that looks something like this:

This means that they will buy 7,500 (multiply 75×100) shares of your stock at $10 per share and they will sell 1,000 shares of stock at $10.25. They are obligated under Nasdaq rules to honor those sizes. However, there is a chance that the market maker already owns a position in the stock, and by posting a bid for 7,500 shares, he is merely looking to fool brokers and investors into thinking that there is big demand for the stock and that it is moving higher. (To read more on this subject, see “Markets Demystified.”)

Note on this subject: While actions such as this may be frowned upon by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), they are still fairly common in practice. Also, if someone tries to sell 7,500 shares to the market maker, he must buy them because his bid is posted.

So what happens? Most brokers will simply pay $10.25 for the stock just to get the trade done, but in reality, the purpose of posting a big bid was to sell the market maker’s 1,000 shares at $10.25 to the unsuspecting broker. The trick worked! Incidentally, the same trick can be used in reverse on the sell side of the equation. The market maker may show a big offer of say 10,000 shares. Brokers see this, think that the market maker is looking to unload a big block of stock, and quickly sell their shares at the bid price (which, using the above example, is $10). In this case, the trick works again because the market maker fools the broker into selling his shares at $10, precisely where he (the market maker) wanted to buy them.

How to Avoid this Trick: Watch a stock trade before buying or selling it. Learn the players in the stock. By watching the action on a “level 2” or “level 3” screen, you can tell who is accumulating shares or unloading them. With this knowledge, you’ll have a better idea of whether the sizes the market maker posts are real. (To learn more, read “Introduction to Level II Quotes.”)

Trick #2: The Ticket Switch

When a broker enters his order, he usually fills out an order ticket and then gives it to a clerk, who then (in theory) executes the order himself, or gives the order to a trader. In doing so, the clerk takes the broker’s ticket, time stamps it and attempts to execute the trade. (To continue reading on this subject, see “The Nitty-Gritty of Executing a Trade” and “Understanding Order Execution.”)

However, sometimes the market is moving when this process is going on. In other words, the stock is moving higher (from $10, to $10.12, to $10.25) from the time it takes the broker to get up from his desk and hand the ticket to the clerk. In this case, some clerks will take the ticket, see the stock moving higher and buy the stock at $10.12 for his own, or another broker’s, account, and then sell the stock at $10.25 to the broker who originally placed the order.

What happens if the stock goes down to $9.75 immediately after the clerk buys it for himself? Although the practice is illegal, the clerk could take the physical ticket, switch the account number on the bottom and tell the original broker he bought the stock at $10.12. Incidentally, market makers will pull this same trick, buying and selling the stock for their own account, using your trade as a cover.

How to Avoid This Trick: Brokers should watch their order entry clerks place the order and wait near the order window to see if they “got a fill.” If the transaction is done electronically, correspond with the order clerk, and/or the market maker through your trusted order clerk immediately to see your execution price. Also watch how the stock moves and make sure that nobody is making money off your trade.

Trick #3: Jumping Ahead of Market Orders

When a broker places a market order for a stock, he or she is giving instructions to buy the shares at whatever the current price is. This can be a lucrative order for an unscrupulous market maker.

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Again, using the same example as before, suppose he is posting a quote that looks like this:

If that market maker is getting “hit” with orders, he may sell 1,000 shares at $10.25, then 500 at $10.30, and so on. But seeing your “market order” in his basket of orders to be filled, he knows that you are giving him a carte blanche – in other words, that you are essentially willing to pay any price to get into the stock. And you will.

In most cases, a market maker will make sure that you get filled at a high price (maybe $10.45 a share or higher), and you won’t even know it happened! Here’s how it works: You saw the stock moving higher and assumed you were last in line, but in reality, the market maker saw your order in the long line of orders and simply bumped up the offer price to accommodate your carte blanche. Working for you are the time-and-date stamps on the physical tickets, a running electronic tally of bids and offers that will help limit occurrences such as these. There’s the fact that all these actions are monitored internally at the firm and may be spot-checked by regulators. Despite these safeguards, however, in a stock with high volume, it is hard to prevent and/or prove.

How to Avoid This Trick: Do not place market orders. Use limit orders. In the example above, your order should sound like this: “I want to buy 1,000 shares of XYZ stock at $10.25 or better for the day.” This means that the maximum amount you will pay is $10.25, and that the order is good only for this trading day. This will give the market maker fewer opportunities to manipulate you and your client. However, it also means you might miss out on the order should the price rise above your limit.


In short, market makers are trying to make money. It is their job. It is also why you need to keep an eye on your order immediately after the trade is placed. In the long run, both you and your clients will be happy you did.

The Mind Trick Worked! My March Trading Results.

This will mean much more to you if you first watch the video I did in February about my frustrating month. You can watch this video in the link below. How did the following month’s results turn out after applying the jedi mind trick that I talked about? Although a bit more would have been nice, I was very happy with the month’s results given it was all done part-time and in roughly 90 minutes each morning.

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– For you longer time viewers of the channel, you know

that last month, I talked about a very frustrating February,

but in that video, I talked

about a little mind trick that I like to use.

So how did it all work out?

How did that mind trick translate into the month of March?

Let’s talk about it.

Now, if you did miss this video that I’m referring to,

I will put the link to it down below so you can check,

and I’d say watch that video first,

and this will mean and make a whole lot more sense

’cause there’s really not much to this video,

other than just updating what I talked about in that video

in regards to kind of the aftermath

of the mind trick that I use.

I try to kind of keep myself chill,

keep myself calm, and just kinda keep focused.

At the end of the day, that’s probably the best word,

so I just wanted to quickly go over the month of March

results that I had, and like I said,

watch that other video first,

but on the screen here, you can see my month of March.

And I cleared just over 6,000, so compared to February,

a good solid month, and a good recovery.

And by using that mind trick

and by just staying focused,

it was able to get my back into the swing of things

and, you know, back into the area where,

you know, I’m much happier.

Could I have made and want a little bit more?

Sure, I guess at the end of the day,

we would all want a little bit more, right?

But, worked out fine, so definitely use that mind trick.

It does a great job of keeping focus

where focus needs to be, not letting

numbers start to screw with you,

not letting the emotions that can come with trading

fool around with you.

It keeps you even-keeled, and it truly does work,

and I wanted to just show that yeah,

the results of that mind trick, at least for me,

I guess I can’t sit here and say

that it’s guaranteed to work for everybody,

but for me, I would say it’s at least worth trying.

Now, real quick, before, you know, I close things out,

not much to this video,

it you’re looking at the numbers,

and oh, dude, you suck.

I get it, there’s always gonna be people that say you suck

but a little context here, as I’ve said time and time again,

I am a part-time trader.

I run a business.

I run, which is a business.

I invest in real estate, and there’s other things going on,

and for me, six thousand dollars for maybe 90 minutes

every morning trading, maybe,

I’ll take that all day long, and before you go

and start in the comments section,

well, such and such had this much.

This is real trading.

What do I mean by real trading?

It is not where I run a chatroom and we focus on low-float

stocks and I get into a stock and then alert everybody

in the chatroom and then they follow in after me,

pushing up the price so I can dump on everybody else.

I’m not gonna name any names,

but if you have half a brain,

then you can kind of start to connect the dots

on some of these people out there that are talking

about all their big gains and this, that, and the other,

and then you look at the stocks they trade.

Then you look at the chatroom

and their whole business model,

and yeah, trust me, I could easily do that too

if I wanted to load up on a low-float stock

and then tell the chatroom that this is great,

this is what I’m playing, and then it pushes it up.

So yeah, it may not be big as some of the other people

out there, but this is trading big board stocks.

This is trading without needing to dump on any members.

This is trading without needing to pump anything

or just anything like that.

So before you comment on that,

just realize what’s going on out there

with some of these other people,

and again, I’m not naming any names,

but if something maybe springs in your mind,

hey, maybe the light bulb just went off for you

on how they’re able to generate all those crazy gains

when they also conveniently run a chatroom

and trade certain types of stocks.

So with that being said, watch that video down below

so you can learn about this mind trick,

and is it gonna work for you?

Like I said earlier, I guess I can’t sit here and say

that it’s guaranteed to work for you

from a psychological standpoint, but for me, it works,

and I think it’s at least worth you giving a try.

So check out that video, give it a try,

and see if it helps keep you focused,

even after months where you’re kind of frustrated

and feeling a little angry at yourself.

So give it a watch, and yeah,

let me know your comments down below

if you’ve tried it and how it helps,

or, better yet, if you have any other sort of mind tricks

that you like to use for yourself that can help take

kind of a frustrating month and then get you back on track.

I always like to see the comments

and learn about what other people out there are doing.

So thanks for watching, and I will see you back next week.

If you are interested in trading alongside me

and other traders, then I do offer a private

trading community known as the inner circle.

So the two images that you see on the screen,

the one image, if you click on it,

it will take you to the inner circle page

and give you all the details about it.

The other is going to be a behind-the-scenes tour

that I personally give so you can see

exactly what you are gonna get with the subscription.

So if that sounds like something that could add value

to you as a trader, then go ahead, check it out,

and by all means, let me know if you have any questions.

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Cryptocurrencies are one of the newest additions to world’s monetary system. Some of the authorities consider such developments as illegal and uncontrolled because they have no “real” value behind them. The facts remain such: cryptocurrencies are one of the mediums of exchange nowadays.

But, what can you do with cryptocurrencies? Since Bitcoins are the main existing digital currency, you have access to do nearly anything you set your mind too. The possibilities start with buying goods and services and go all the way to Bitcoin gambling and trading. If you want to know whether you should choose BTC trading or gambling and whether there are any reliable BTC gambling bonuses you can find it out below! Continue Reading →

Get bonus trading guide

Are forex bonuses good or bad? The truth is, the bonus is just a tool. All depends on how you use it.

When you begin to trade FX, there are many brokers luring you to open an account by offering attractive bonuses. Are they safe? Not always! Find out what differentiates a good bonus from a scam. Get ultimate bonus trading strategies and receive the best bonus offers available!

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A guide to the best Forex No Deposit Bonus 2020

The year 2020 is going to be kind to the Forex trader, and if you ever wanted evidence of that, you only have to look as far as all of the best Forex no deposit bonus offers made this year. The list of these offers is incredibly long, as the number of brokers is higher than ever and the number of traders seems to be the same way. The growth of the Forex industry is prompting promotions to become more frequent and more generous, but not all of these promotions are worth your time, especially if you are just about now looking to start trading Forex. We are now going to be discussing only the best of the best no deposit bonuses since that is what you are here for.

There are many things that need to be considered when you are looking for a decent no deposit bonus 2020. Things such as where the bonus offer is coming from, how much is being offered, what is being offered, how you will be able to claim it and how much work you will have to put into actually becoming eligible to withdraw the bonus. The details are numerous and the details are important. This is why we have prepped a short list of things for you to consider and pay attention to when you try to pick out the perfect no deposit bonus for yourself. Although, even though the list is comprehensive, it might be missing details that you might discover if you did a bit of research on your own, so never say no to doing your own research.

Things to pay attention to when looking for a Forex no deposit bonus 2020

The funds being offered

This is an often overlooked issue that many seem to forget does a good job of characterizing the bonus and the broker very well. If the amount is too small, there is no point in trying to get it. If it is too high, it is suspicious. The golden area is around $30.

Terms for qualification

Most of the welcome bonus 2020 offers will only require a user to register with the broker, as expected. Some will ask you to verify your account, which is justified. But if a company asks for more than that in order to qualify for the bonus, there might be something shady happenings.

Terms for withdrawal

There are of course certain requirements you need to fulfill before you are able to withdraw a bonus, but sometimes a requirement may be a tad too hard to fulfill or a bit too strange. If the broker does not want you to withdraw your profits and deposits, then it might not be all that good.

Broker background

One of the most important details in determining whether you should be trading with the broker or not is whether the broker has had a good track record as a reliable broker. This means knowing the history of the broker, the way the broker deals with their clients, what kind of complaints they have had about them, if any, as well as if the broker is licensed by a reputable regulatory body or not.

Top 10 2020 no deposit bonus offers

Now, while we did provide you with a short introduction on how to understand whether you might want to trade with a broker or not and whether you want to take them. Since the guide is so short, we have also decided to dive in deeper into some of the brokers we find to be actually good, or interesting, and into their offers. The no deposit bonuses offered by the brokers are going to remain available throughout most of 2020, but we are not going to stop here. There will be occasional updates to the list and additions or subtractions. This will result from regular checks on the validity of the companies, the offers they are providing to their users, as well as whether we still believe that the companies are trustworthy enough. So don’t forget to check back, regularly, on this list of best no deposit bonus 2020 offers. Something new might come up, something that you might like better than what you have at the moment.

XM is one of the top Forex brokers operating in the industry today. With more than two million registered accounts, these guys have established themselves in the world of Forex trading as one of the most important and reliable retail brokers. It is not easy to achieve such kind of recognition, and can only be done effectively only if the broker does their best to retain a respectable status. In order to do so, the broker has to be able to offer reliable service in terms of trading and customer support, but also be able to offer unique opportunities. In the case of XM, one of these opportunities is their welcome bonus of $30, a promotion that seems to have been going on forever, without any sign of stopping.

When it comes to the most reliably stubborn and persistently existing no deposit bonus Forex 2020 offers, the XM one seems to be the most impressive one. The offer is simple – create an account with XM, verify it, and you will have a nice and round thirty US dollars deposited into your account immediately. The users will have to fulfill certain requirements, such as the need to trade the $30 within a certain time frame, as well as having to deal with certain withdrawal limits. Although these terms seem to be rather lax, as compared to some of the other bonus offers made around the world, so many a trader will enjoy having this opportunity open to them. Forex Bonus 2020 is a relatively well-known broker that has operations all around the world. These guys have been known for many things, some of them less favorable than others, but this comes with the territory and the size. After all, has been operating for long enough to have had hundreds of thousands of users over the years. And out of all of those users, not everyone will have been satisfied with the service. Despite this, we find the company has also proven over the years that it is committed to bettering the services it offers. This can easily be seen through the increasing number of positive reviews about the company over the past few years. But it can also be easily noticed in the offers they make to users, new or old and specifically in the offer of bonus no deposit 2020 they have created.

The users are being offered a chance to register with with a legitimate retail account, which will allow them to trade real funds on the real market. The reward is $25 deposited to their account, the moment the account is verified. The users will have 90 days to work with the bonus, and any of the profits they make will be rather easy to claim, once the users comply with the requirements of course. The terms and conditions are not too stringent, but they should still be complied with in order to be able to claim the rewards of the no deposit bonus.


Tickmill is one of the biggest retail Forex brokers in the UK market, and they are also one of the most reliable brokers in the industry. These guys are regulated by the UK FCA, the financial regulatory body with the highest standards for the operation of their users. Tickmill has earned itself the name of one of the best known and most worked with retail brokers in the UK, and they have managed to do so successfully and successively over the past few years. Their users report them to be a highly reliable broker, with a support team that provides an amicable service with fast results. What is impressive though is their commitment this year to provide new users with an opportunity to start trading with a large capital than before. Some might feel a little despondent because of the fact that they will not be able to claim this Forex no deposit bonus without verification, but when the funds offered are observed by stiff regulation, it is not something that we should concern ourselves by.

The clients interested in the promotion will be able to receive a $30 no deposit bonus. They will be able to use this money to make a good profit for themselves, but in order to claim that profit, they will have to comply with certain requirements. One of the requirements is the need to deposit at least $100 into their account, in order to be able to claim the bonus and the profits made from the bonus. IF not done, the users will not be able to claim their bonus profits.


ForexChief is one of the few brokers on this list who we are not entirely sure about. They have provided one of the best sounding offers that are available on the market today. The no deposit bonus forex $100 2020 that they are offering is quite generous. There are not that many companies out there offering this amount of money, basically for free, to all users who find them to be useful to them. There are no specific requirements that you need to fulfill in order to qualify for this promotion, but the withdrawal conditions are what makes it a little strange to us. In order to withdraw the profits you make from this promotion, you will have to have traded at least 6 lots with the broker, which is a whole lot of trading that needs to be done. While they do say that every order or trade you make counts as two, it is still a lot of trading that needs to be done before you are able to withdraw the profits from the trades you make with the specified amount.

Moreover, ForexChief does not have the best reputation among all of the users they have had and among the professional reviewers who have worked on finding out about them. This leaves us a little suspicious of this promotion, which is why we do not recommend jumping on the opportunity. Still, we are going to keep it here until we have specific proof that it is not to be taken as a legitimate offer.

FBS welcome bonus Forex 2020

It seems that FBS, a relatively young and lesser-known broker, have decided to do their best in order to establish a name for themselves in the international Forex industry. This year, they are offering potential users a slew of options and chances to start trading with them, without ever depositing a single cent. All of these are opportunities to start trading Forex with no money, also known as no deposit bonuses. Out of the ones we are aware of one is an offer of a $50 no deposit bonus, one is of $88.8 no deposit bonus, one is of $100 no deposit bonus and one more is of a $123 no deposit bonus. The number of these bonus options is high, and the terms for each one of them are different, requiring users to fulfill different levels of requirements in order to be able to withdraw their funds, eventually. The greatest advantage is that it is Forex no deposit bonus without verification 2020.

While we are more than happy to see such a large number of offers provided to potential users by such a Forex broker, we are also a cautious group of people. We are not well versed in FBS and their history, but there have been reports of the company not acting in the best interests of their traders. Their customer support is not necessarily something to be envious of, so we are not entirely sure whether taking these bonuses is a good idea. Still, the high number of offers and the relatively good reviews we have seen of them online result in FBS joining the list of some of the best no deposit bonus offers of 2020.


SuperForex has existed for almost half a decade now, and in this time, they have managed to become a relatively well-known brokerage. But we all know that being relatively well know is not as good as being extremely well known, so this year they have decided to step up their bonus without deposit game. They decided to do so by introducing a new promotion, which would allow traders who had not previously traded with the company, to start trading with them with a nice and safe capital of $50, without ever making a deposit. The offer seems to be rather attractive and has the potential to turn out rather lucrative.

There are certain issues that we do have with this offer though. The company itself has had a rocky history, not always providing a reliable service across the world. So, despite the fact that their EU clients might be safe, there are countries out there that less attention may be paid to by the company. This is why we would like to caution you against getting this promotion, without checking what kind of reputation the company has in your area. Other than that, the bonus is rather easy to get – all you have to do is simply open a retail account with the company and verify it. Then you will receive the $50 on your account and will be able to start trading immediately.


FxOpen is a highly established Forex broker, well known in the industry as one of the oldest companies around. Since their foundation in 2003, they have managed to create a relatively loyal base of traders. Still, the company has not managed to produce as much growth in the number of their traders as they would have wanted or found important, which is why they are still offering the same no deposit bonus Forex 2020 this time around. The promotion is not much in terms of generosity, but the steady rate of its existence and the reliability of the broker offering it makes the promotion worth talking about.

Users who register with the company, and verify their phone number, will be able to receive an extra $10 on their account, which they will be able to apply towards any of the trades they would like to make. Those who wish to use these funds will have a long time to do so, but will only be able to withdraw the profits they make form these funds after they have traded two standard lots with the broker. Two lots are quite a lot of trading, so we would advise you to consider whether the $10 are worth it to you or not.


FXGiants are offering their potential users an opportunity to start trading with them with an already inflated capital, which they do not require a single deposit for. The no deposit bonus Forex broker is offering is quite generous, giving a chance to new users to start trading with a nice bonus $35 on their accounts. This offer lies in the range of average for the entire industry, with a whole slew of brokers offering this kind of promotion. In the case of FXGiants, we would like to emphasize the ease with which they will be able to receive these funds. All the users have to do is register with the company. In order to be able to withdraw the funds, users will have to complete trades of 4 turn lots, which is quite a lot of trading, and to some traders, this might not be worth the trouble of going through with all the trades. Still, it is a nice bonus to be aware of, even if the broker is not something you have heard too much of previously. An extra $35 deposit for free into your account might be the difference between making a whole lot of money in trading and stopping to trade because you don’t have enough capital to trade anymore.


FortFS has been on the markets since 2020 and has managed to create a base of traders that are dedicated to the platform as much as the broker is dedicated to the traders. Because of this, the broker makes it onto the list of some of the best Forex welcome bonus 2020 promotions, other than the whole great no deposit bonus opportunity they are providing to their users. Those users who register with the company and then go on to verify the account through whatever means possible will receive a $35 no deposit bonus deposited into their account, as long as they request the bonus of course. There are certain issues we find with the promotion though. Specifically, the fact that the broker makes it amply clear that you will have to do a whole lot of trading before you are able to claim any kind of profits resulting from the no deposit bonus. 20 standard lots is a lot! Still, the reliable nature of the broker makes us believe that this might be a good promotion to get your hands on, even if you just want to try out how well the company actually works.


The RoBoForex way of doing no deposit bonus promotions is very different from what you usually get from brokers around the world. These guys are willing to provide you with a very nice $30 free no deposit bonus 2020, but you will have to jump through a couple of hoops before you get to it. The first hoop is the registration and verification of an account, which is a relatively easy thing to do. But there is more to it – in order to receive the no deposit bonus, you will have to deposit $10, which you will then be able to withdraw. This is a way for them to make sure that you are a reliable trader and actually are registering with them in order to trade. You will, of course, have to trade a required amount of lots before you are able to withdraw the bonus and the profits, which against is another hoop to jump through in order to receive your profits. Still, 30 dollars is 30 dollars, and you might just need that much money to make your trading profitable.

For now, these are all the no deposit promotions that we can think of that seem interesting. But don’t forget to check back soon, in order to see if there are any new forex no deposit bonus 2020 offers out there.

What is Forex no deposit bonus?

A Forex no deposit bonus is basically a way for a Forex broker to convince a potential user, who might be considering to join their platform, to actually join. It is an offer of “free money” deposited onto the account of the user, as long as they register with the platform. It is a sort of an incentivizing solution directed at users who want to start trading, but are either not entirely sure, do not want to invest their own money from the get-go, are not entirely confident of their skill or are somehow on the verge, but still not taking the final step. Many users will find the bonus, depending on how much it is offering, to be the final piece they need in order to start trading with the company. Many beginners find no deposit bonuses to be useful for the purpose of learning how to use a real trading account and some even end up making a profit from such promotions. Most, if not all forex no deposit bonus 2020 offers, are intended by the brokers as a way to attract these new users to their platforms and grow their trader base, in order to be able to produce better results for themselves and their traders alike.

There are of course those who do not use the no deposit bonuses the same way as a beginner would. Some traders, especially experienced ones, find them to be a good way to find out how the broker operates before they commit to working with them fully. Others find these no deposit bonuses as a useful tool in their quest to come up with new strategies for trading. However you decide you will end up using the no deposit bonus, it is always a good idea to make sure that you are working with a respectable broker with a good promotion. This is why we have created the above list of no deposit bonuses 2020, to make the search easier for you.

Are there Forex no deposit bonuses without verification?

In order to find a Forex no deposit bonus without verification 2020 offer that is actually legitimate, you will have to spend a lot of time exploring all of the possible promotions available online. It is not an easy thing to find an offer that does not actually require verification and is actually going to be useful to a trader and produce the kind of profit that they desire. The point of verification is to make sure that the person registering with the broker and receiving the no deposit bonus does not do so multiple times in order to cheat and somehow receive additional benefits that they wouldn’t be able to if they had a single account. This is why the majority of brokers that offer no verification no deposit bonuses are possibly scammers: they are not afraid of their users cheating as they will not be paying out any amounts to the users at all. This is why the search for a Forex no deposit bonus 2020 without verification is such a complicated task requiring so much work. You need to be sure that the broker you are going to be opening an account with is actually legitimate, otherwise, you are simply entering one kind of trap or another.

In order to make sure that the broker is legitimate, you will have to explore their background and understand the general consensus about them in the industry. User reviews and professional broker reviews will assist you in doing that. But you will have to go a step further with a number of them and explore their pages, their licenses and understand whether they are trustworthy or not. In the end, it will be up to you to make the decision and protect yourself.

How to find legitimate Forex no deposit bonus brokers?

The best way to go about finding a legitimate Forex broker is not a complicated one. It requires you to have knowledge of three things about the broker and the offer they are making, and you will be able to identify the best and the worst brokers and offers with ease. First, you will have to understand how much money the broker is offering. Some brokers will offer too little, while others will offer exorbitant amounts. The golden mean is what you are looking for as either extreme is just a bad sign. Why? Too little might not be a good enough investment of your time and effort, while also not bringing you any kind of significant profit to use. Too much is most probably a lie, and the broker offering that money should be avoided at all costs. The golden mean for a no deposit bonus offer is around $30. So if you see a no deposit bonus forex 200$, you might want to reconsider whether you will be working with them.

You also need to consider what kind of terms an conditions the bonus has. The withdrawal conditions of a no deposit bonus define whether you will be able to get the money you make off of the bonus at all. If the terms and conditions specify that you have to make crazy amounts of trades in a very short amount of time you probably want to avoid that specific broker.

Finally, the broker’s background. If a broker has been known to be reliable over the years, then you know you have the chance to get a bonus that is actually worth your time. A broker that has a history of a cheater and a scammer is someone you want to stay away from no matter what. Otherwise, you might get scammed through the promotion.

Is Forex no deposit bonus withdrawable?

In order to get the Forex no deposit bonus withdraw profit 2020, you will have to jump through several hoops. Usually, there will be certain trading limit requirements imposed upon the money that you will be making a profit through the no deposit bonus you have received. There are a number of traditional requirements and limits that you will have to comply with. The first one to deal with is the amount of time you have to make a profit with the no deposit offer money. Usually, this is around a month. If you are able to trade with the money in this timeline and make a profit, you will be eligible to withdraw it. The second requirement you will have to face, in order to withdraw the money, are the trading volume requirements. Usually, these can range anywhere from 2 lots to 20 lots, depending on the broker and how much they want you to have the profit from the bonus. There might be other requirements associated with withdrawing the money from your no deposit bonus, but these are usually highly specific yo brokers and need to be researched on your own, per individual case.

Are there Forex no deposit bonus offers in the UK?

There are, of course, Forex no deposit bonus offers in the UK. There are more than one, actually, as there are many Forex brokers registered and licensed to work in the UK. Some of these are available in the list we have provided above: companies such as Tickmill and XM offer their services and their no deposit bonus promotions in the UK, as well as the majority of the rest of the world. Unfortunately, not all brokers are able to offer these services in the UK, as they are not licensed to operate on such a scale within the borders of the commonwealth. So, if a broker that you wanted a promotional bonus from did not offer a Forex no deposit bonus withdraw profit 2020 offer, they will not be able to do so in 2020 either (unless their licensed was changed).

What is the difference between Forex welcome bonus and no deposit bonus?

Most (if not all) no deposit bonuses in Forex are welcome bonuses, but not all welcome bonuses are no deposit bonuses. Some welcome bonuses might be more related to deposit matching, where they will match however money you deposit with the company at a rate of either 50%, 100% or whatever another possible promotional rate they are offering at the time. There is a whole range of different kinds of welcome bonuses available in the industry, and listing them all would be pretty much impossible. But in the general, any bonus offered for starting to trade with a broker, whether it be a matching bonus, a no deposit bonus, some kind of special service bonus or any other kind of free goods offer would be considered a welcome bonus.

No Deposit Bonus Check List

Forex No Deposit Bonus is an aggressive ways for the brokers to attract customers. Usually brokerage houses offer a relatively small amount of real money to open an account with them and the profit and/or initial balance can be taken out upon trading a certain volume.

Brokers make such generous offers so you can check:

  • live spreads
  • speed of execution
  • other trading conditions

Some brokers exchange No Deposit Bonus for an SMS verified phone or uploaded documents. Sometimes this bonus is not withdraw-able and only the profit is. In other cases you need to complete a certain volume before you can withdraw any profit or initial balance.

Read below to find out what is No Deposit Forex Bonus and how to cash it out!

Forex Rebates Explanation

Many traders are looking for forex rebates. Read this article to find out what are forex trading rebates and how to benefit from them.

What are forex trading rebates?

Forex Rebates have always been a way of brokers to compensate the traders their spread and commission expenses. In other words, it is a simple commission sharing scheme between your broker and yourself. When trading 1 lot on EUR/USD with the spread of 3 pips, you end up paying a sum of 30 USD to the broker. While many brokers keep the funds to themselves, there are some brokers that give a share of this commission back to you as a part of loyalty program or a forex rebates bonus promotion.

The Forex Bonus Hedging Strategy

Before we begin explaining this bonus trading strategy, we would like to warn you that this article is mainly for informational purposes. We do not encourage you to participate in any illegal activities, act not in a good faith and violate terms of services and forex bonus promotions.

Having said this, we are still sure you will enjoy the article and find it interesting. If the bonus terms of the broker allow The Forex Bonus Hedging Trading Strategy, you will also be able to monetize ton his knowledge too.

What is Forex Bonus Hedging Trading Strategy?

It is a very simple trading strategy, which just works and brings money. The Idea of The Forex Bonus Hedging is to create 2 positions (Rail One and Rail Two), each of them on the same instrument, same time, same volume, but different directions. The Forex Bonus Hedge is as simple as executing a 1 lot BUY EUR/USD order and 1 lot SELL EUR/USD order in the same time.

Forex Demo Contest Strategy

Forex Demo Contests are great tools for having fun and practicing trading. As with any sport, forex contests have their code of conduct and you should apply to it. Failure to do so will not put you in unfair situation compared to other participants. Also you could be penalized by an organizer. Forex Contest Strategy plays an important role.

This article will not tell you how to win a forex demo contest. Luck plays important role, and cannot be neglected. This article will focus on explaining the best forex demo contest strategy, it will also explain best demo contest practices and show a few tricks for an extended participation.

Forex Bonus Strategy Basic: Less is More

Forex Bonuses are great, but as forex trading, forex bonuses requite substantial knowledge to be beneficial for you. Below you can read a simple forex bonus strategy. This is not a forex bonus strategy that explains you how to trade and make money. This bonus trading strategy will focus on selecting the most appropriate bonus when depositing.

Learn Bonus Trading Best Practices

Now encountering a deposit bonus offer with a forex broker is as easy as never before. You see a lot of flashing ads telling you about 30% Bonus everywhere and in many cases 30% is just a lower limit. Some brokers may even offer a bonus up to 200%.

As the largest forex brokers hardly offer any bonuses, people tend to think that bonuses are only offered by the market makers. This is not necessarily too. In fact, this is not true at all. There are some agency model brokers offering you bonuses, as well as there are some market makers that won’t give you a deposit bonus on your forex trading account.

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