Bitcoin Crashes! Is The New Rally Already Over

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Bitcoin CRASHED $1,000 In 24 Hours! Bitcoin Rally Over?

Bitcoin tanked by over 12.5% in one day. In this video, we’ll discuss this Bitcoin crash, and what caused the crash. We then discuss the Bitcoin rally that Bitcoin …

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Buy bitcoin and toiletpaper and be quit

Bitcoin is swindel of the banks. If you transfer your money from one bank to another then your money will be transferred with a car from one bank to another. If you buy bitcoint your money remains in the bank. ��

We have 100% confirmation that one person with 74 million can torpedo this entire market. Too scary and untrustworthy atm. Every minor bull run is nothing more than priming the pump only to scoop the mess in between

Btc trading @ 24000 in Iran just saying

The shorts spiked after the crash? Thoughts?

Poo poo went down the hoooole����

Looks like a nice correlation between BTC fall as USD has a year long rally. People moving out of crypto into JUNK Fiat…lol.
I still think we will be testing the 6000 and lower over the short time…next 6 weeks or so…just my thoughts.
No way Jamie Demon and Goldman have that much influence on the crypto market…trading desk off….so what no one like you Jamie D. Jebb…Keep up the good work and thank you for the videos and always replying to the comments.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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What happened guys��

I get excited when Bitcoin rallies or crashes.. Been in Crypto since 2020 and you can make a fortune on buying the crashes and not the dips..

Thanks for the videos, Jebb – I always find something useful/helpful in them. One comment I have about your BTC chart is that you MUST use log charts, else your trendlines will be meaningless. Look at the descending trendline in a log chart and you’ll see that price hit the trendline at

7300, slightly exceeded it and then turned around & crashed. So it’s still within the descending triangle.

Btw if price drops goes to around $5000 I heard there could be a quick violent uptrend shortly after

What is bitcoin diamond and where do I get it?

Suppoman had some pretty good explanations of possible manipulations today.

Sad day today I’m out of this shit I lost so much already I give up. Should of just kept my car I had sold.

There is nothing good about this. These people are killing chances of adoption. Great! The shorts made their cut, but are screwing up long term. I pulled 75% of my holdings OUT COMPLETELY. Done for at least a year. Fuck this

thank you it was interesting, see what happens tomorrow)

Great Content Jebb!! HODL guys until the end of december!

bitcoin will go to $100 soon ! speed is ” up 10% down50% “

Doesnt matter what bitcoin does. Learn to make money in both markets

Bitcoin diamond is a scam coin!

so you think btc will keep dropping next couple of days. thax

We will be breaking 6k this time around the rsi on the daily isn’t even oversold yet lmao.

Technical analysis alone cannot explain this drop. Yes BTC was trading in a upward channel recently between 6800 and 7500. A correction was due inside this channel as Bitcoin was trading in the upper range of the channel. But the large drop had another trigger. 2 days before the drop 10K BTC were moved to exchange. In the minutes before the Goldman Sachs news big volumes started to sell, price dropped, close to perfect timing with the news most people found only afterwards looking for a reasons. No other event so far smells like planned manipulation. Here is how it can be done: It has to do with the current setup of the market. 75% of the BTC volume is traded OTC, only 25% on exchanges. The price however is determined as an average of the exchanges. You can buy 10K BTC OTC without impact on the price. Move them to an exchange and sell them. The price will drop. Afterwards you buy an even higher amount at lower price OTC again. This way big players can buy BTC cheaper at the cost of retail investors. Manipulation. Having enough volume, this how I would do it. Why is the price manipulated? The institutional players are not ready yet. BTC price was moving up, no bull run but healthy price movement. This trend was shut down recently, price will be manipulated down until the big players are ready. That the news and the drop was timed with BTC coming close to a correction is probably also not just coincidence. So way the real reasons are at least partly covered buy “technical analysis reading”.

Rally can’t be over, I mean I never even got my Lambo ��

And 2 days ago you were advocating people to buy bitcoin when we were at the precipice of overbought on the chart?

Again, thank you for pushing these videos out early. If I can’t catch it before work, i’ll watch during lunch.

Jebb the rally is over already. Stoch needs to come down way more and also the rsi..
This is the 4th lower low and testing the bottom the 5th time soon..chances of that succeeding is less than 20%

Respectfully, I wonder how much we can learn from TA in a market where, like the stock market, it’s subject to quite a lot of manipulation. Notice a few days ago, we hear about all the BTC shorts? Then, what do you know, the price falls. Wow, I see a pattern! Time for a privacy coin to replace BTC.

If I sign up to your silver patron, do you share each of your trades?

Rally? All I saw was a long drawn out dead cat bounce. As long as the dollar rallies and futures allow shorting, rich whales can pump and dump the price at their leisure. I really don’t understand the confusion. Also, in our guts, we all as altcoin investors deepdown know that the majority of these “solutions looking for problems” really aren’t achieving any goals that truly necessitate the value they hold. It’s speculation and soon even the most hardcore “hodlers” will give up.

Do you think that could be a big head and shoulders pattern and bitcoin could go to

$4500-$5000? You probably don’t or you would have mentioned it. Ok nevermind then.

Hoffman Line just below $6000 or $100 billion fiduciary market cap still solid! Already BTC moving up again!

Not one fuck is given about this pull back.

I just think this is bts’s normal correction right before our increase that happens every year about this time i know thata not very technical but history shows us this happens every year , the price is crazy up and down and always falls which it will continue to do before our big rally right before Christmas and into January where we’ll have our new all time high!

To me this was either a very early adopter of BTC who for some reason has not sold their coins to this point and finally said eff it, it’s time to retire or it was somebody super wealthy cashing out or even an exchange(binance, coin base or tether) or a coordinated sell off by a few people. It’s pretty remarkable how fast this sell off was. Especially the first wave.

It’s not over,, It’s just getting started!! BUY the DIP!

So much for a bull run and buying bitcoin towards the top of resistance right?
LOL, just admit already, you don’t know shit about what you’re talking about. I feel bad for all the suckers who take your advice serious

Alt coins are pretty much dead; only ETH, EOS, DGB, XMR, and DASH will remain.

I’m feeling im my guts that this is bullish

Consecutive lower high, be safe!

Some big news is coming up a good one…

Lets face it most of us expected a correction and it may fall further, I still think we will be testing 6000 or lower before the real bull rally begins. Lets just get it over with.


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26 февраля 2020


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Bulltard :
a person who is overly “bullish” in the market even in the presence of bearish indicators.

Where Bitcoin Goes Next After This Week’s Stunning Rally

Many analysts believe that bitcoin has already bottomed out. The bullish price action is prompting traders to call for a run-up to $14,000.

Bitcoin jumped above $8,500 this week. Where does it go next? | Source: Primakov/

  • Many crypto analysts believe that bitcoin has already bottomed out.
  • Bitcoin’s bullish price action is giving some traders the ammunition to predict a run-up to $14,000.
  • Other analysts warn that investors should taper their expectations.

Bitcoin is starting the year with a bang. The top cryptocurrency is up by over 17% year-to-date, and we’re just two weeks into 2020.

The impressive run has caught the attention of analysts. Some are already claiming that the bear market bottom is in.

While a pullback might be in order to consolidate gains, these analysts say there’s a strong possibility that the downtrend is a thing of the past. One trader predicts that bitcoin could soon rally over 65%.

Bitcoin May Have Just Ended a Six-Month Downtrend

Bitcoin has succumbed to a sharp run of profit-taking over the past six months.

After printing a 2020 high of $13,880, the cryptocurrency fell more than 50% to $6,430 in December. The bearish trend may have ended on Monday when BTC surged back above $8,000.

Widely-followed technical analyst CryptoBirb notes that the cryptocurrency finally closed above a six-month-long downtrend line.

The breakout has enormous bullish implications. Based on CryptoBirb’s chart, the bitcoin price appears to have broken out of a large bull pennant on the weekly chart. This is a continuation pattern suggesting the resumption of the uptrend.

That indicator may have prompted trader Beastlorion to predict that bitcoin would rally as much as 65% before hitting resistance at $14,000.

Why the Bitcoin Rally Could Already Over

Not everyone is quite that optimistic.

Majin, “Crypto Twitter’s biggest bull,” believes that BTC may be running out of steam. He thinks it may be an opportune time to short the cryptocurrency.

Nick Hellman, vice president of LearnCrypto, said that the bitcoin price might have a bit of near-term upside. But it’s not going to $14,000 anytime soon.

Hellman told CCN,

The most bullish case calls for [bitcoin trading around] $9,200 before a correction.

In other words, Hellman expects bitcoin to suffer at least one more pullback before the cryptocurrency targets greater heights.

Mati Greenspan, founder of Quantum Economics, thinks it’s best to taper one’s expectations. He said,

We’ve seen so many of these rallies build up and fade away. For the moment, I’d be content with only modest gains that are more easily defendable.

Alex Kruger also chimed in on the possibility of bitcoin trading at $14,000. The economist told CCN,

I don’t think that will happen in 2020. [It is] always possible. Great if it happens. It would offer great trading opportunities.

Bitcoin may be showing signs of life, but thinking that it will shoot straight up and go parabolic is just wishful thinking.

Volatility is the name of bitcoin’s game, so expect a lot of wild swings as bulls and bears slug it out. A rally to $14,000 is certainly possible – but it’s far from guaranteed.

Disclaimer: The above should not be considered trading advice from CCN. The writer owns bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

This article was edited by Josiah Wilmoth.

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Last modified: January 22, 2020 11:38 PM UTC

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