Binary Options For Beginners Mistakes To Avoid

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5 Forex Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

According to harsh statistics, only 10 – 15% of traders earn a stable income, while the rest often fail and lose their deposit. And the point is not that someone owns the secret of success and someone doesn’t.

It is just because some traders are aware of the dangers that await them, and try to avoid them, while others are irresponsible for trading. Want Forex trading to be profitable? Then remember what prevents the trader from achieving success. In this article, we have prepared the 5 most common mistakes of Forex traders that you should avoid in your trading.

1. Bad money management

The success of the trader is not only in the ability to increase the deposit. But also in the ability to save it. Money management is an important component of trading, and here are its basic rules:

  • the volume of each transaction should be no more than 2-3% of the deposit;
  • stop-loss and take-profit should always be set (if the strategy allows it);
  • to work with high-risk assets, allocate a small part of the trading account;
  • be able to take a break in time after a series of losing trades;
  • diversify funds and use different methods of earning (independent trading, algorithmic trading, investing, etc.).

2. Too big credit shoulder

Leverage is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it helps traders even with a small deposit to enter the global market and get more profit. On the other hand, leverage proportionally increases not only profit but also the failure of traders, so you need to be very careful.

For example, with leverage of 1:100, in case of success, you will receive 100 times more income on your transaction, but if the transaction turns out to be unprofitable, then the losses will be as many times larger. By the way, many professionals, knowing about such risks, prefer a leverage of 1:2, 1:5 or 1:10.

Another pitfall of leverage is the cost of opening positions. The larger the transaction volume, the higher the value of the point, so when you trade currency pairs with a large spread, then when opening a transaction, your costs can reach 5-6% of the total deposit.

What determines the choice of shoulder size?

Mostly, it is the margin – the deposit that the trader must provide to the broker as a security in case of a possible loss. This is a kind of insurance amount that the broker requires from the trader when it provides the trader with loan funds in the form of leverage. And if a trader begins to trade at a loss, reaching the margin level, the transactions are automatically closed to save the amount of insurance.

Each broker has its margin size, but on average for the leverage of 1:20, a margin of %5 out of the deposit is applied, for a leverage of 1: 50, the margin requirement is %2, and with a leverage of 1: 100, the margin is 1%.

Of course, all the errors listed are not a complete list of the “enemies” of a successful trader, but these are the most typical causes of failure. Successful Forex trading is available to anyone who is able to avoid these dangers and will confidently go to their goal.

3. Indiscipline

No matter how trite it is, but this is the main reason for most failed transactions. As soon as the trader loses self-control, gives in to emotions and allows himself to deviate from the rules of his own strategy, he immediately makes a mistake.

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The desire to recoup after failure, greed, rush, fear, excitement – these are the main enemies of the traded. Alas, there is no magic tool to trade without these harmful emotions. Only willpower, discipline and determination will help you with this.

4. No trading plan

A trading algorithm is a clear sequence of actions. A trader needs to draw up a plan that indicates a trading strategy, according to which he works, what assets he trades, what time, under what conditions he opens and closes deals.

The algorithm also needs to take into account the risks of Forex trading where stop orders are placed, what is the volume of each transaction such as the questions: “Where to place stop-loss?, What is the volume of each transaction?, What is the maximum drawdown per day or week?

Even an experienced trader (not to mention beginners) can find it difficult to compose an algorithm on their own, so you can and should use professional help.

5. Excessive emotionality and excitement.

Emotions in general and a healthy part of the excitement is what often drives a successful trader in principle. The instinct of a hunter, if you like. But everything has its reasonable limits and excessive emotionality is no less dangerous than its complete absence.

Forex trading is a game of numbers, which is often influenced by external factors. Traders have absolutely no control, for example, over governments. However, there are times when the market will work in favor, and sometimes you will lose.

In addition, keep in mind that there are many experienced professionals in the field of trading, and none of them will sit and watch you go with your money. So don’t let your emotions guide your decisions.

Instead, make logical choices based on variables that affect your trades. In other words, the only way to defeat professionals in their game is to do what they do. That is, make sure that you have and follow the trading strategy, and o not blindly enter the transaction.


In conclusion, I would like to say that it is natural to make mistakes, and you should not be afraid of them. You will never feel all the sharp corners of the trade until you by yourself would step on this rake. Making mistakes in trading, analyzing their causes and correcting them, you will turn from an inexperienced newcomer to the financial markets into a real professional trader who knows how to trade and make a profit.

“Everything that doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, which if transferred to trading, may mean that making mistakes you will get bumps that will give you tremendous experience and will teach you how to effectively trade in the financial markets.

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25 Runners Share the Biggest Mistakes They Made as Beginners

Running seems easy enough: Just grab a pair of sneakers and put one foot in front of the other, right? Well, anyone who’s struggled to get through a mile or even the first five minutes (yep, we’ve been there) knows it’s not quite that simple. The concept of running for fun or even a social activity can be mysterious. And setting a personal record in a race? That seems like it’s just for the pros.

If you’ve ever considered joining the sweaty, endorphin-fueled tribe of runners but are even the tiniest bit intimidated at the thought of running a 5K or figuring out what the heck a fartlek is, we’re here to help. We asked now-seasoned runners to confess the biggest mistakes they made as newbies to the sport, so you can avoid them as you begin pounding the pavement.

1. Only Running

During my first two months of marathon prep, I didn’t incorporate any other form of training besides running. My legs were constantly sore, and I started to hate running. I realized I needed to run less and incorporate more cross-training into my schedule. —Alyssa Arnold, marathon finisher

2. Not Moving Post Workout

My biggest regret was plopping down on the couch and not moving after my first 10K. My legs got so stiff I could barely walk for a few days, and stairs were torture. I’ve learned to keep the blood flowing by walking, gentle stretching, and foam rolling in the hours after a hard run. It’s really helped my recovery! —Jen Batista, avid 5K and 10K runner training to conquer the half-marathon

3. Eating New Foods Before a Run

I tried a new breakfast the morning of a long run. I forgot to buy bananas for my usual bagel, peanut butter, and banana breakfast, so I improvised. I was cramping after the first 45 minutes and vomited later on. —Christopher Lopez, multiple marathon finisher and co-leader of The Rise NYC

4. Being Too Ambitious

I got excited and signed up for a half-marathon with a few more-experienced runner friends, but I wasn’t adequately prepared and didn’t train efficiently. I ended up with blisters the size of small children on my feet. I couldn’t wear shoes for two days! —Cali Lavey, recreational runner

5. Forgetting to Take Rest Days

Training too much and not resting enough zapped me for months. I was exhausted, and my stoke levels for running were at an all-time low. I’ve since learned to run, rest, and be patient more than being dramatic and drastic. —Dominic Grossman, professional runner for Injinji

6. Ignoring Your Form

I didn’t do enough form work and strength training until I got a few injuries. Now I actively do a lot of form drills and strengthening of the hips and glutes to balance out my natural tendency to overpronate. —Marnie Kunz, CEO of Runstreet and run coach

7. Trying to Race Every Run

When I first started running, I tried to PR [run a personal record] every time I stepped out the door and do speed work on the treadmill as often as possible. It worked great for a couple of weeks—until I got a stress fracture. —Ron, runner for 14 years

8. Skipping Leg (or Hip) Day

I had IT Band syndrome all through training because I didn’t do any hip strengthening. When I tried to keep running with my weak hips, I eventually ended up with a stress fracture in my back. On top of good form, strength training is crucial. —Meredith Harclerode, two-time marathon finisher

9. Believing Your Sneakers Are Immortal

I only bought one pair of sneakers to train for my first marathon, thinking their shape deteriorated based on how long you owned them, not how many miles you run in them. On my final 20-mile training run, I had so much swelling and pain in my feet I had to stop. After a doctor-ordered MRI, I discovered my sneakers had been “dead” for over a month. I then had a choice: to run the marathon on dead shoes or buy brand new ones. I opted for new shoes, but next time I train for a marathon, I will have a couple of shoes in rotation! —Kate Barry, four-time half-marathon finisher, one-time marathon finisher

10. Refusing to Stop

After weeks of barely being able to run due to IT band pain, I lined up for the San Diego marathon. When I found myself hobbling at a 20-minute per mile slog, I still refused to stop. I thought, “Runners don’t quit; we push through!” As a result of my “powering through” to the finish, I couldn’t run for six months. Now I know that one race or run isn’t worth months of frustration. —Amanda Brooks, eight-time marathon finisher, personal trainer, and author of Run to the Finish

11. Not Fueling Carefully

I ran a military-style race and brought a goo packet along for fuel. It exploded when I opened it mid-race, which made everything sticky and smelling like a sour apple for five miles. Gross. —Lavey

12. Waiting to Get Pain Checked Out

I’ve always been athletic and I’ve never been badly injured, but one day I felt a slight pain in my knee. I ignored it for a month until I realized I was having a hard time putting weight on my right leg. I finally went to a doctor and found out I had an IT band issue. It took four months of weekly physical therapy to heal. I shouldn’t have waited so long to get it checked out. I put a damper on my training, and it ended up taking longer to heal. —Arnold

I bought minimalist shoes without knowing what minimalist even was; I just knew people liked the shoes. What happened? You guessed it: I ended up injured. —User TheRunningTroll on

14. Letting Your Playlist Get Stale

Music helps set the pace of your run and makes it more enjoyable. For every race or tough run, I learned I need to update my playlist so I can look forward to new songs that help push me to the finish. Whenever I forget, I can noticeably see my pace and attitude decline. —Arnold

15. Not Hydrating Properly

I decided to go out for a run during the hottest part of the day. At the time, I told myself that it would be refreshing to sweat a little, but I didn’t bring adequate hydration. I returned feeling completely rundown, dehydrated, and fatigued. If you must go out on a run during unfavorable weather, wear proper attire and bring enough water to keep you feeling strong. —Sarah Robertson, Marketing Education Coordinator at Precor and recreational runner

16. Failing to Switch It Up

It took me six years to realize that I actually got better at running when I was running longer distances. I started out running shorter distances and wasted a couple years trying to conquer the mile. —User X Trackster on RunningAhead

17. Using the Same Shoes for Every Run

I ran my first and only road marathon in a pair of very structured, overbuilt, and cushioned trail shoes. I had no idea what I was doing, but I thought I needed the extra protection to save my knees. In retrospect, I realize why I felt slow and sluggish! —Joe Grant, Buff USA Ultrarunner

18. Thinking Resting Is Enough

You Might Like<>After experiencing some pain in my right knee during a half-marathon, I took off for a couple of weeks. When I started long-distance training again, I had the same issue. I realized I couldn’t fix it by just resting. Now that I know how to stretch properly, most of my IT troubles are fading away. —Mary Rose, recreational runner and triathlete-in-training

19. Not Familiarizing Yourself With the Route

I have gotten lost and misled more times than I can recall, so if something sounds off or looks wrong—especially on trails—go back to where things looked right and start again. —Michael Wardian, runner for Injinji

20. Treating Running Like Other Sports

My biggest mistake was treating running like soccer practice: If I wasn’t exhausted by the end of practice, I felt as though I didn’t work hard enough. I’d run all of my runs at 80 percent effort, or the equivalent of what I now call tempo runs. I wasn’t warming up to the pace or cooling down effectively. —User stadjack at RunningAhead

21. Failing to Take Advantage of PR Opportunities

I did not strike when the iron was hot. I was at my peak fitness during a period, and now I regret deeply not trying to PR across the board. —Seth Ariel Green, former Division III collegiate runner

22. Not Valuing Recovery Runs

Recovery runs should be done at an easy, moderate pace. My biggest mistake in my early years of running was doing too many fast workouts and letting individual runs turn into mini races themselves. —X Trackster

23. Forgetting Anti-Chafe Cream

…..especially “down there.” During the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc ultramarathon, I had to use mud in my nether regions. —Wardian

24. Overlooking Safety Measures

I forgot to change the batteries in my head lamp before a race that required me to run in the dark. It cost me a lot of time. —Michele Yates, Ultimate Direction run ambassador

25. Not Having an Exit Plan

I did a long run without a subway card or money and ended up getting stuck in the rain with no way to get home. I had to sit and wait until the rain let up enough to see. Another time, I got lost and ended up running an extra eight miles(!) because I forgot my subway card. —Kunz

Top mistakes in trading binary options

All types of trading, including binary options trading, have a lot of common ground. Whether it’s ordinary trading or forex trading. Everyone, who has been involved in any of the types of trading, knows about the risks that each market participant will bear. But without mistakes, a trader can not get valuable experience and develop his winning strategy. In spite of that, there are still a lot of accompanying factors that will influence your trading. To reduce the damage from trading binary options, check out our top of the most common mistakes that traders make. After reading this information, review your trading methods.

Avoid mistakes in trading is almost impossible, because they are an invaluable experience. The more experience you have, the easier it will be for you to trade in binary options world.

But there are many, so-called, typical mistakes that traders make in the process of trading. They need to be minimized. And trading binary options will be much better.

Our hit parade consists of the most common mistakes:

Making big deals or waiting for a miracle

Almost all novice binary option traders make this mistake. Some of them try to break a big jackpot after a series of winning trades. Others, on the contrary, want to return the lost money. All these operations, as a rule, go beyond the scope of their trading account. In trading binary options, you always need to follow the plan of your actions. Long-term planning of your trading operations, skillful management of your risks and capital will give you a much better result. Avoid transactions that carry greater risks and amounts of money that go beyond your trading strategy and account. The probability of success in such transactions is extremely small. To prevent loss of capital, study management methods. Risk management, hedging, also, no one has been canceled.

Carrying out trading operations through unverified brokers

To start successful trading binary options, each trader faces a choice of a broker. But not everyone pays enough attention to this. How to check the broker. First, you need to see if this broker has a license to carry out its activities in your country. But the broker may lose the license, so this factor should be taken into account together with others. One of the most important is the age of the broker. The longer the broker in the market, the safer it is to deal with it. You have to read a lot of reviews about the broker you are interested in. You have to trade on a demo account, check the level of support. Do not immediately rush to invest your money. Test everything before you get started.

Promotions and bonuses

Market counts a lot of brokers who provide bonuses or additional insurance for your investment. Most often this type of insurance is applied from a certain amount of the transaction. All these tasty things should encourage you to start trading. Often this is the main case to hurry up and immediately start trading. First of all You need to focus on the process of trading. To begin with, you will need to learn the basic things in this branch. For such purposes, it is best to use a demo account. So you can save the broker’s bonuses and extract from them the maximum benefit with real trading.

By focusing on getting bonuses you will have the risk of losing your initial deposit. That’s how to appear another disgruntled man trading binary options, which will run to write an angry response, feedback or comment.

Lack of concentration

Many traders in pursuit of money try to master all the strategies in one day. And then they run to apply them in practice. As you probably already understand, it is unlikely that they will succeed. Haste in this matter is not needed. The key aspect of trading binary options is the definition of specialization. To do this, you need to stay on your favorite asset, learn about it all the necessary information and become an expert on this asset. Only in this case can continue to study other assets, strategies and other training materials.

Remember always, in trading with binary options you do not need to hurry. You will have plenty of time to try all the strategies and types of assets.

Trading on emotions

Self-control is one of the most important qualities of a trader. But sometimes everyone is inclined to make emotional decisions. And, as you understand, this will be badly damaged by the result of your binary options trading. If you notice that you have got into excitement or have opened a position in the hope of seeing a miracle, then you will not see a miracle. Moreover, often so traders spend all their invested money. Remember, trading binary options is not a casino. Here luck accompanies those who are able to make decisions with a cold head. The market does not understand the language of emotions. To succeed in trading, always keep them away. This will give a chance to trade much better. Also you can avoid unnecessary losses in the process of trading.

Trading to the last cent

The feeling of excitement of many traders contributes to their rapid failure. Since many of them consider it a matter of principle to bring the trading process to the end. A large percentage of traders do this on emotions. Many of them do this under the influence of Martingale’s strategy. But this strategy is not appropriate using it for gambling on the part of the trader. Apply this strategy, like all others, with the mind. Many binary options traders also begin to trade until the last after a series of successful deals. Because they think that they will be lucky this time too. This kind of trading sooner or later will lead to the ruin of the trader’s trading account.

The lack of a logical structure of the trade process

Set up the logical structure of trading at first glance is not difficult. But the trader will face many difficulties, namely the emotional side of each person. Reactions to positive and negative results affect the course of trading, as they affect the emotional makeup of each person. To adjust your plan to the trader, you will need to perceive the trading process as a job that he must learn to perform perfectly. And as we know – all our mistakes are nothing else but an experience. Building a logical structure will make our trading even more profitable.

Insufficient market analysis

To obtain a stable profit at a high level, you need to constantly analyze the market. The best way to analyze it will be daily market reviews. This will help you always be aware of what is happening with your assets. Actively follow the latest news on the analysis of the markets you need. This daily “communication” will give you the opportunity to acquire a lot of ideas, and discipline and patience will help you to succeed in trading with binary options.

Chaotic actions

Money loves silence. Everyone knows this proverb. In trading, the same rule applies. To bring bright thoughts and images into your head, you need to surround yourself with an atmosphere of tranquility. This will give you the opportunity to take action according to the plan by which you are bidding. In this case, you will not have to wait long for the profit.

The use of questionable strategies

Strategies for trading binary options are quite a lot now. It is difficult for a novice trader to choose the right one for himself. Many traders actively use independently developed strategies. Some of the traders willingly share and exchange them. It is necessary to understand the moment that those strategies that work for some traders may not work for others. Since each trader has his own strategy. Ideally, you will need to learn and test strategies in order to build on their basis a successful and profitable strategy.

Be ready to work hard. Do not be in a hurry to get upset after the first failure. Remember that all strategies behave differently with a certain type of assets and in a particular market.


There is no limit to perfection. Trader binary options need to work well before finding a good strategy. It takes a lot of time for traders to find and improve trading strategies for binary options. All beginners need to remember that there are no ideal strategies. We need to constantly work on them, so that strategists are always relevant. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, this is an experience that in the future will bring you money. Revise your binary options trading process after reading our top of the most common mistakes. Preventing them will help you succeed in trading binary options much faster.

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