Bilz Venture Reviews is a Scam or Should I Invest

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Is World Ventures a Scam Or a Great Opportunity to Make Money While Traveling?

Update: 8/8/2020

Check out my updated video review of World Ventures below.

In the video, I also teach how you can make money with World Ventures or with any other company by following the proven 4-step strategy.

Today we are going to take a closer look at World Ventures as a money-making opportunity. The company and their representatives advertise it as a wonderful opportunity to make money while living the life of your dreams. You could travel all around and earn money at the same time. Is World Ventures a Scam or are they talking the truth?

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Is it really possible to earn big amounts of money while traveling? Give me 1-2 minutes to let you explain the answer to that question.

World Ventures Review

Name: World Ventures
Founded: In 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcure
Field: MLM-Programs

Overall Rank: 50 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is World Ventures?

World Ventures is a multi-level marketing program that has been founded already in 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcure. It has been spread to around 30 different countries and there are more than 120,000 representatives all around the world. So, we are talking about a very big thing.

They are selling travel packages that you could then sell forward to make money. Their slogan is, “Make a living… Living!” It means that you don’t need to compromise your life while working for money. Studies show that 80% of Americans don’t like their job. Many of them live for the weekend or wait that they could retire. Then the life would start for them. But is that kind of life worth it? I don’t think so.

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That’s why World Ventures sound like an interesting opportunity. But does it really work?

This is how they advertise World Ventures Opportunity

How Does World Venture Work?

Let’s keep things simple here.

1.You join their program and pay $99 one-time fee or $10,99 monthly payment.

2.You start selling their products to other people and earn commissions.

3.If you make at least 4 sales within 30 days, you can continue. If you failed to get 4 sales, you will be kicked out.

4.Repeat the process. BUT

5.The real money is made when you recruit new people to join. Then you will earn commissions from your downlines and you can earn passive income. It means that then you could even work when you are not working.

Okay, the process is very simple but did you know that probably 99% of people fail to earn money with this opportunity? Let’s dig down deeper.

Here is a video that explains thoroughly their compensation plan.

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WARNING: The video may include some marketing for World Ventures. Be careful but take the information that you need.

World Ventures Products

In order to succeed with World Ventures, you need to SELL. Okay, you can call it also helping people but I think it’s more like selling. Why? Because products that they provide are not something that I would probably like to recommend for somebody.

They have 3 different kinds of memberships: Their price varies between $30-$99/month. There is also a possibility to pay a higher one-time fee to get in.

World Ventures memberships

They offer benefits for having a membership and discounts for trips and vacations. Then you can earn points for each trip and the more points you have, the more benefits you will get.

Here is one example of their trips. It’s called Discover Paris, the City of Love:

7 days in Paris, $899/per person or $1,323/2 persons with their membership. (Doesn’t include flights)

As you can see, with their membership, you will get $475 savings. However, I still don’t think it would be very cheap. I was once traveling in Paris for one month. All of my costs were around $890 including return flights from Finland and a weekend trip to Belgium. Maybe you should consider a “travel agent Roope” instead of World Ventures! ��

But for sure this Paris trip, for example, can be appealing for many people. That’s why there is a real opportunity to earn money by selling their products. But let me know what will happen to 99% of people who join World Ventures.

99% of World Venture Members Don’t Earn Money Because…

There are thousands of MLM-programs in the world. Herbalife, Mary Kay, Thirty-One Gifts, ACN and so on.

The cold fact is that much more than 90% of those who join will never make profits of those systems. Let me know the main reasons:

1.You need to pay money to join the system. This is natural but sometimes you could earn money without paying membership fees on MLMs. For example, with this wonderful opportunity.

2.You have to reach their targets. If you don’t make enough sales in the required time, you will be kicked out. That forces many people to buy products themselves to maintain in the system.

3.Products are overpriced. This makes it hard for two reasons: A. People don’t like buying overpriced MLM-products and B. Who would like to sell overpriced products?

4.It requires lots of persistence and hard work to succeed. Anything worthwhile in life requires hard work and effort. But I know that many people just want to have a comfortable paycheck coming for their work. In most 9-5 jobs you can just easily earn some money that makes you the living. But is it enough to fulfill your purpose in life?

5.The system is good if you joined in the beginning but now it may be too late. As we know, the once who join the pyramid first will earn the most of the money. But those who join the last will pay for other people’s dreams.

These are just some reasons why almost all people fail in MLMs. I am sure that you can succeed with them but it really requires hard work. I am sure that this program would help you to succeed.

World Ventures Popularity

Many MLMs come… And then they go. But World Ventures has already been there for more than 12 years. But as you can see in Google Trends in the picture below, its popularity is going down.

World Ventures Popularity

World Ventures Popularity reached its peak in March 2020 when lots of people were interested in joining their program. I don’t know if their system will totally disappear or will it make a strong comeback. Who knows?

Is It Possible to Make Money While Traveling the World?

Many people are dreaming of the lifestyle that would allow them to live wherever they want, work whenever they want and still earn a good amount of income at the same time. It would give lots of freedom for life. Actually, I am on my way to that lifestyle.

I know tens of people who are living so-called “laptop lifestyle”. They make their living online and spend the rest of the day in the way to want. Most of them are running their online business on autopilot. It means that they need to work anymore 30 minutes or less per day to keep things running and money flows to their bank account.

Now we are not talking about $100/month but $10,000/month. In the beginning, it requires much more work than 30 minutes per day but you have established your business, then things become much easier. I had a walk today with my friend and when I came home, I had made money with my online business. It’s a great feeling.

If you want to learn how you could achieve that “laptop lifestyle” I recommend taking a closer look at this step-by-step training.

Pros & Cons


  • They give an option for the 9-5 lifestyle
  • Their trips look very luxurious


  • Their products are overpriced in my opinion
  • It’s quite challenging to make money with this kind of opportunity
  • You need to pay a fee for joining
  • Most people spend much more money on travels than actually make money from them

Conclusion – Is World Ventures a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. They have already been around for more than 12 years and still are there. Their popularity is going down little by little but I haven’t seen signs of vanishing totally. Of course, the competition on travel business is very tough today.

If you would be interested in making good money while traveling the world, I recommend taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate. They offer 20 interactive video lessons for free. You have nothing to lose but everything to win. What do you think?

World Ventures at a Glance…

Name: World Ventures
Founded: In 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcure
Field: MLM-Programs

Overall Rank: 50 Out of 100

Have you ever thought of breaking free of 9 to 5 lifestyle?

Do you already know how to earn money online? Would you like me to help you?

Let me know in the comments below! ��

I love to hear questions and comments from our visitors. That’s why I promise to reply to every single comment personally (usually within 24 hours). Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Eco Venture — обзор и отзывы о (HYIP SCAM)

1. Eco Venture — общая информация

По легенде hyip проекта, Eco Venture — это частная кредитная компания, специализирующаяся на предоставлении займов экологически ориентированному бизнесу.

  • Период работы проекта: 16.08.18 г. — 30.05.19 г.
  • Официальный сайт проекта:
  • Доходность: от 15% в месяц (21% — с учетом бонусов от нашего портала)
  • Оптимальный инвестиционный план: 0,5% ежедневно сроком на 5 дней
  • Депозит: возвращается в конце срока инвестирования
  • Выплаты: инстант (мгновенные)
  • Доступные ПС: PerfectMoney
  • Min. депозит: 10 USD
    Max. депозит: 500 USD
    Min. вывод: не установлен
  • Мультирегистрации: запрещены
  • Кол-во активных депозитов на одного инвестора: не более 1 активного депозита одновременно
  • Публичная статистика: нет
  • Каналы связи с администрацией: форма обратной связи
  • Технические характеристики: домен — NameCheap, Inc., 2020-08-15 — 2020-08-15, хостинг — CWIE LLC, SSL-сертификат — COMODO CA Limited, valid: 15 Aug 2020 — 13 Nov 2020, DDOS-защита — CWIE LLC, скрипт — Gold Coders (лицензия), дизайн — стандартный шаблонный
  • География распространения: Россия, Украина и др.
  • Рабочие языки проекта: английский
  • Бонус (рефбэк) от портала: +1% от суммы каждого вклада
  • Статус: СКАМ (НЕ ПЛАТИТ)

2. Eco Venture — инвестиционные планы

Eco Venture предлагает 2 инвестплана на выбор:

— 0,5% ежедневно сроком на 5 календарных дней (мин. вклад — $10, макс. вклад — $300);

— 0,6% ежедневно на 5 календарных дней (мин. вклад — $301, макс. вклад — $500).

Оба плана являются рабочими, но мы рекомендуем первый как наиболее оптимальный. В обоих тарифах «тело» депозита возвращается в конце срока инвестирования), а начисления и выплаты процентов — ежедневные.

Инвестиции в первый план гарантированно принесут вам 15% чистой прибыли в месяц, а при условии инвестирования в проект по нашей партнерской ссылке — целых 21%. И это позволит вам, инвестируя в низкодоходный хайп, получать прибыль как в среднедоходном.

Обращаем внимание, что вы можете иметь в проекте не более одного активного депозита одновременно.

3. Eco Venture — регистрация, внесение депозита и вывод прибыли

Сайт Eco Venture — стандартный «партизанский». Администрация не стремится увлечь инвестора красивым дизайном и модными вывесками, а работает исключительно на репутацию и рейтинг.

Есть только одна версия — англоязычная. Но сайт — крайне прост и интуитивен в использовании. Для регистрации необходимо перейти на главную страницу сайта проекта —, нажать кнопку «Register«, далее заполнить поля регистрационной формы и подтвердить регистрацию.

Обращаем внимание, что администрация строго запрещает мультирегистрации и блокирует аккаунты в случае, если клиент пытается создать два и более аккаунтов. Это сделано с целью ограничения ввода средств и поддержания стабильности работы системы.

Для того, чтобы внести депозит, заходим в свой аккаунт на сайте проекта, в колонке меню слева переходим на вкладку «Make Deposit», вводим желаемую сумму пополнения (в зависимости от этого система автоматически выберет соответствующий сумме депозита тариф) и жмем кнопку «Spend».

Для вывода средств достаточно перейти во вкладку «Withdraw», ввести сумму вывода и подтвердить операцию. Все просто!

4. Eco Venture — преимущества и недостатки

  • предлагает работоспособный маркетинг с адекватным уровнем доходности и более чем адекватным (особенно для низкодоходного хайпа) сроком инвестиционного периода
  • платит инстантом, что хорошо для любого хайп проекта, а для хайпа партизана, тем более низкопроцентного хайпа — плюс и большая редкость
  • имеет демократичный порог входа — минимальная инвестиция всего от $10
  • ограничивает «потолок» максимальной инвестиции суммой в $500, а также количество активных депозитов на одного инвестора, что служит двойным предохранителем от «перезакидона» и обеспечивает стабильность работы системы
  • стартовал еще 16.08.18 г., то есть успешно работает и стабильно платит уже десятый месяц подряд, что является более чем убедительной заявкой администрации на долгосрочную работу. На самом деле с таким маркетингом при желании администрации проект может стабильно работать еще очень долго!

Кроме того, за каждый вклад в Eco Venture, если вы зарегистрировались в проекте по нашей партнерской ссылке, мы выплачиваем вам бонус +1% к вашему депозиту.

Динамика вкладов и статусы на мониторах: ISP

Series A, B, C Funding: How It Works

A startup with a brilliant business idea is aiming to get its operations up and running. From humble beginnings, the company proves the worthiness of its model and products, steadily growing thanks to the generosity of friends, family, and the founders’ own financial resources. Over time, its customer base begins to grow, and the business begins to expand its operations and its aims. Before long, the company has risen through the ranks of its competitors to become highly valued, opening the possibilities for future expansion to include new offices, employees, and even an initial public offering (IPO).

If the early stages of the hypothetical business detailed above seem too good to be true, it’s because they generally are. While there are a very small number of fortunate companies that grow according to the model described above (and with little or no “outside” help), the large majority of successful startups have engaged in many efforts to raise capital through rounds of external funding. These funding rounds provide outside investors the opportunity to invest cash in a growing company in exchange for equity, or partial ownership of that company. When you hear discussions of Series A, Series B, and Series C funding rounds, these terms are referring to this process of growing a business through outside investment.

There are other types of funding rounds available to startups, depending upon the industry and the level of interest among potential investors. It’s not uncommon for startups to engage in what is known as “seed” funding or angel investor funding at the outset. Next, these funding rounds can be followed by Series A, B, and C funding rounds, as well as additional efforts to earn capital as well, if appropriate. Series A, B, and C are necessary ingredients for a business that decides “bootstrapping,” or merely surviving off of the generosity of friends, family, and the depth of their own pockets, will not suffice.

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