6iTrade Review Is 6iTrade a Scam or Legit Broker

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6iTrade Review: 6itrade.com Bandit Forex Scam

6iTrade Review: 6itrade.com Bandit Forex Scam


Last Updated: Jan 29, 2020 @ 1:40 pm

6iTrade (6itrade.com) is another brutal and cunning CFDs and Crypto broker with the intent of stealing funds. 6i Trade is claiming to be an innovative, impressive, international, and inspirational broker. After checking out their claims and promises, we decided to investigate this broker. Complaints sent by members have also played a huge factor in conducting a research on this broker. Read this detailed and eye opening 6ITRADE review for more.

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6iTrade Review

Some of the members who have lost money with this broker are angry for a reason. At some point, they asked to withdraw funds and the broker did not grant this request. What ensued was a long battle which ended with members losing their entire deposits. How can a broker refuse users to withdraw their funds? It seems 6iTrade is simply filling their pockets with investors’ funds. A broker such as this is nothing but an online scam platform. Want to know more about the tricks used? Read this honest and point blank review to get the full description of this broker.

After visiting their homepage, it’s clear why users are falling for this broker. With a website which is well designed, newbie investors will easily fall for it. Scam artists ensure they create a compelling website which is easily enticing to the eye. Their main aim is to make sure visitors easily believe what the website is selling. After going through their website, there’s disturbing details we found on the website. Want to know how scam artists tricks unsuspecting online in investors?

About 6iTrade Review

In order to understand the depth of which this broker has gone to scam artists, there’s no mentioning of names. Who are the real owners of this brokerage site? Can users get to know the founding members of this platform? Is it possible to get the details of the company which owns this website? These are some of the shocking details we found out with this broker. There’s simply too much anonymity for us to trust this broker. Anonymity is a dangerous tool in any online investment opportunity.

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Disclaimer at the footer of the homepage claims this platform is owned and operated by 6iTrade Group Ltd. After sieving through different company registrars, no details produced results of this company. It means 6iTrade is operating under a false pretense and under a false name. Why would a real broker have no tangible address? Only scam artists have the audacity to create a platform with no real address. What they are hoping is no one notices this flaw. Luckily, we did!

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6iTrade License and Registration

A real and true broker will post their licensing and registration details for all to see. Why has this broker failed to post their licensing details? Disclaimer at the footer of the homepage is where licensing details are usually posted. Another place to look for their licensing details is on the legal document’s page. They are claiming to be licensed by the Vanuatu Financial service commission. Is this claim true? By checking with this regulatory body no details emerged regarding 6iTrade.

These scam artists have posted a fake license number which is not new. Scam artists will do or say anything to make sure their products and services appear legit. Problem with this broker is how they didn’t count on the fact; we would try and verify their licensing claims. By checking with all regulatory bodies, results showed no broker registered with this name or number. 6iTrade is nothing but a well thought professional scam. Make sure to stay away from this platform

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Account Funding

What these scam artists have done is ensure depositing funds is easy and fast. When it comes to funding accounts, there are notable depository channels made available. Depository channels include MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, and others. Why has this broker made depositing funds easy and fast? They don’t want any investor to have excuses as to why they can’t fund their accounts. Make sure not to deposit any funds with this broker, this is a well laid trap.

Withdrawing funds with this platform is what most members are having problems with. Once you fund the accounts, withdrawing funds becomes next to impossible. These scam artists have ensured no member will make withdrawals. In most cases, members are given excuses as to why they can’t withdraw their funds. Excuses such as members not reaching the required trading volume are being thrown to users. Make sure you don’t open an account with this platform or risk losing your entire funds.

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Account Types

6iTrade is offering two different account types for members to choose from. When it comes to how these accounts work, this is where members should be careful. Accounts mentioned are 6iSpread and 6iCommission and disturbingly have similar features. Why would a broker offer two accounts with the same features? And this is another problem members will encounter with this broker. Make sure to check the features of accounts before signing up with any broker.

These accounts are merely used to entice members to sign up. It seems this broker is targeting European investors which is not new. Scammers will make sure to attract users by offering insane account features. What this broker is looking for is lining their pockets with investors’ funds. Take the time to check what the account types you choose will do for you. If the accounts offer the same features, stay away. this is nothing but a scam platform waiting to pounce on unsuspecting investors.

Are funds secure with 6iTrade?

How can funds be secure with a broker who is based offshore? It’s scary to think users are depositing funds with an unlicensed broker. What has been bugging our minds is how 6iTrade is flaunting set industry regulations and rules. When it comes to securing your funds, this broker is not going to safeguard funds. Their own website is not SSL encrypted which means hackers can easily gain access funds. Why have they failed to reveal how they handle funds deposited by investors?

Our investigation reveals users are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account. It means 6iTrade is pooling funds in one singular account. According to the rules set, this is a very dangerous practice. It means 6iTrade is putting all assets in one account which can be lost easily. Bankruptcy and insolvency are one of the main causes of losing funds especially if assets are in one account.

Is 6iTrade a Scam?

Without a shadow of doubt, 6iTrade is a scam waiting to steal funds from anyone who deposits. In order to stay safe from this broker, make sure to ignore all their calls to sign up. With lack of proper licensing, this broker is looking to fill their pockets with your funds. Ignore all their calls to sign up and mark all their emails as Spam.

Deputed and endorsed Forex brokers are what you need for a safe trading experience. Forex brokers with proven skills and a solid reputation are a perfect match. Go for professional brokers accredited with successful trading experience.

Bottom Line

We strongly condemn signing up with this broker. Stay away from their affiliate programs as they too are a scam led initiative.

Lastly, we wish you all the best in your Forex trading experience.

Market Traders Institute Review – Forex Education and Software

Market Traders Institute Review


Have you heard of the trader educating, training, and trading platform Market Traders Institute? Market Traders Institute combines a variety of features with sophisticated trade management tools. Read our review of Market Traders Institute to find out if it fits your needs.

Market Traders Institute

MarketTraders.com is the Market Traders Institute (MTI), a trader education, training and trading platform catering to traders of all levels of experience. They provide a comprehensive program that provides front-to-end education and training with sophisticated customized trade management, charting tools and scanning software to can enhance analysis and performance.

MTI was launched in 2020 to meet the needs of traders seeking to enter the currencies trading markets. Started by traders for traders. MTI University was formed to provide the training and education. Mentorships were added to shorten the learning curve and accelerate trading success. To further enhance the application of skill sets, MTI branched into trading platform and software development. Online course span various global markets from Forex, stock, options to cryptocurrencies.

Market Traders Institute Pricing Options

MTI offers two types of paid products and services: education and software.

Education Pricing

Education consists primarily of online courses . They are self-paced and interactive videos with quizzes and accessible with an internet connection. Course topics cover Forex, stocks and options and cryptocurrencies. Prices range from $99 for Six Figure Sessions to $495 for the Einstein Trading Program to upwards of $7,995 for The Ultimate Traders Package Course .

Software Pricing

MTI offers various software tools and subscriptions:

The Smart Trader is the trading platform that can be plugged into an online brokerage account. There is a basic free version, which doesn’t connect to live trading. Premium paid versions start at $24.95 and Elite version at $59.95-per month. Paid versions have live trading connections enabled and have annual plans available.

The Ultimate Charting Software subscription has over 200 pre-loaded indicators along with auto fibs, patterns tool and the AXABCD Tool for tracking harmonic patterns. They offer a 7-day free trial for $1 which converts to monthly recurring billing at $59 for the basic Ultimate Charting.

The UTP Ultimate Charting Software subscription includes multiple trading system strategies like Pip Finder, Pin Pointer, Turbo Trader Trading System and dedicated one-on-one phone support and account representative for $249-per month.

The Ultimate Market Scanner comes with a 7-day free trial and then reverts to $199-per month.

Market Traders Institute (MTI) University:

The education division of MTI is the online university, which provides self-paced in-depth online trading courses by market and experience level. The courses provide a complete support system with the option to attend a live seminar, trial periods to software products and mentorship options.

The Target Trading 2.0 course is a great example of this. Authored by Gary Fichardt, MTI’s Director of Trading, pours his over two decades of trading experience into 23.5 hours of content for novice through intermediate FX traders. Composed of 11-lessons that teach students how to identify and trade pivot points while managing risk and targets. The course includes four one-hour live classes with expert analysts as well as weekly live question and answering sessions. Users get two-months of Ultimate Charting Software included with the course. After completing the course, students can consider on-going mentoring with a success coach. MTI supports the student journey thoroughly and comprehensively through the whole training-to-trading learning cycle.

Market Traders Institute Platform Features

The MTI platform features refer to the Smart Trader and the add-on charting software and market scanner. These functions are available with the respective subscription plans.


The charting functionality depends on the type of subscriptions you have. The basic charts have candlestick, line and bar. They feel very smooth and flexible making navigation very easy. Make sure to keep the Magnet tab on when trying to plot trend lines as it will automatically connect the cursor to individual candle highs and lows just by hovering over them, rather than trying to manually plot the exact prices by hand. All charts have basic indicators including moving averages, stochastics and Bollinger Bands. More exotic indicators include Elder Thermometer, Flipit, Fractals Oscillator, Encapsulation and Gopalakrishnan Range Index. The Basic has limits three-indicators per-chart. Premium enables five and Elite enables 10-indicators per-chart.

The Ultimate Charting Software

Subscribing to the Ultimate Charting Software opens up a world of indicators and sophisticated tools including Auto-Fibs (which automatically plots Fibonacci retracement lines), Candle Tools (which identifies specific candlestick patterns and formations) and the XABCD Tools (which identifies and detects harmonic patterns like Gartleys, bats and Butterflies).


Forex markets have the most liquidity but the smallest number of tradeable instruments. This makes scanning for patterns preferable. The candle tool also enables scanning abilities. The Ultimate Scanner is very informative and enables back-testing and many performance metrics. It also enables cross-market scanning including Forex, Stocks and ETFs, Futures. While, it may appear complex at first, there are many pre-built scans to cut your teeth on. The free training videos area a good starting point as well as the Ultimate Market Scanner course.


Traders can set Alerts directly on the charts, watch lists and/or in the scanner. The key is configuring them, so you aren’t getting alerts all day non-stop. This tends to be an issue with newbies wanting to jump headfirst into the game. The purpose of alerts is to let the CPU do the legwork of filtering down to the best candidates and set-ups. You will have to select and determine if a trade is viable from there. Alerts are only available with Premium and Elite subscriptions.

Watch Lists and Saved Layouts

These are easily and conveniently created on the Smart Trader platform. However, it’s important to note that only three workspaces are available for Basic, while Premier gets five and Elite has unlimited workspaces.

Compatible Brokers

Smart Trader and the software tools are compatible with Forex.com, FXCM, Avatrade, JFD Brokers, DriveWeath, CityIndex, CFH Clearing and many more. It’s best to check with your broker to confirm compatibility.

Platform Differentiators for Market Traders Institute

MTI is a fully integrated training system that teaches how to trade and provides the comprehensive tool to improve performance. Ongoing mentorships as well as a chatroom is available. Users can also share their charts and data on social media, which is becoming a common trend.

What Type of Trader Market Traders Institute Is Best For

MTI caters to traders of all styles and experience levels. The tools are priced modestly, and experienced traders may opt just for subscriptions to those. Newbies and beginner traders will likely consider the educational training courses, which can be expensive. It’s important to plan out the budget to take on the training.

iTrade Company

Itrade: что это за компания?

Компания зарегистрирована в Гонконге, а в Англии под данный холдинг зарегистрирован собственный брокер, который уже получил лицензию. Таким образом все операции будут осуществляться через собственного брокера. В данный момент платформа Itrade проводит сделки через брокера-партнера.

Актуальные виды деятельности:

  • Торговля на Forex при помощи роботов-советников.
  • Майнинг криптовалют по низкой себестоимости.
  • Торговля роботами.

В ближайших планах анонсированы также МЛМ-продукты и инвестирование стартапов.

Стоит отметить, что торговля автоматизированными системами зачастую гораздо более популярна и успешна, поскольку полностью исключает человеческий фактор и обслуживает операции гораздо быстрее человека. К тому же в них изначально заложена стратегия, от которой бот не отклоняется, в то же время отслеживая и оценивая рыночную конъюнктуру.

Компания заверяет, что усовершенствованные советники позволяют не только грамотно управлять капиталом, но и обеспечивают страховку, своего рода.

Обзор Itrade: маркетинг и программа для партнеров

Компания Itrade всерьез озаботилась привлечением партнеров, потому мы имеем и качественную реферальную программу, и премиум-бонусы, и ранговый рост.

Реферальное поощрение включает в себя 3 уровня: от вкладов лично приглашенных вами партнеров вам начисляется 4%, от вкладов рефералов, которые приглашены вашим непосредственным партнером – 2%, и от вложений по 3 линии вам начисляется 1%. То есть вы можете зарабатывать не имея собственного депозита.

Инвестиционное предложение для клиентов включает 6 тарифных пакетов:

Получение партнерских бонусов возможно в случае вашего карьерного продвижения, а потому предлагаю вам ознакомиться с таблицей «Уровни менеджеров» компании Itrade, а также с таблицей «Партнерские бонусы».

Технические и финансовые вопросы по обслуживанию

Заявки на вывод ваших средств вы можете оформить в субботу-воскресенье. Их обработка производится с понедельника по пятницу (по регламенту срок обработки – до 5 рабочих дней).

Пополнить счет вы можете при помощи таких платежных систем, как ADVCash, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, PAYEER, а также при помощи сервиса ЯндексДеньги или через системы Visa или Mastercard.

Если у вас остались вопросы, пишите, я всегда на связи. Будьте в тренде инвестиций и зарабатывайте больше!

Рефбек (бонус за депозит)
Провели депозит? Я выплачиваю моим рефералам половину моего реферального вознаграждения. Закажите ваш бонус здесь

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