LEON FESTINGER HENRY W. RIECKEN STANLEY SCHACHTER December 21 , /p/j- vi Table of Contents I Unfulfilled Prophecies and Disappointed Messiahs. When Prophecy Fails has ratings and 61 reviews. In Leon Festinger, a brilliant young experimental social psychologist in the process of outlining a. Leon Festinger of cognitive dissonance fame, along with colleagues, wrote a book titled When Prophecy Fails. It was an extended case study of.

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The expectations of the Jews were raised to a still ffails pitch, and the most exaggerated hopes fostered to a greater degree. The best instance of such a move- ment where there is one single controversial point on a crucial issue is the very beginnings of Christianity.

The day the saucers didn’t come: The story of “When Prophecy Fails.” [Part I]

At Stanford, Fesinger began to fully develop the idea he called cognitive prpphecy. They were not reluctant to mention their beliefs to others. Armstrong thought they had to warn the world that the cataclysm was coming. His one personal contribution to the life of the time was the fixed conviction that the second coming of Our Lord was at hand. A Millerite editor, writing in retro- spect, commented: Only for these dates to pass, what follows is this great study in dissonance.

Their report is of interest as much for the method as for the substance. About the predicted cataclysm, how- ever, she was taciturn and almost secretive. A landmark social study that reads at time like a Christopher Guest movie. In fact, in a lot of cases the direct disconfirmation of a belief merely made that belief stronger. But this is not all there is to it. What would happen to people like Dr.

How many you ask? From faips we have chosen several relatively clear examples of the phenomena under scrutiny in an endeavor simply to show what has often happened in movements that made a prediction about the future and then saw it disconfirmed. His coming was to be accom- panied by all manner of miracles and the era of redemption would dawn. You commit an act which, if someone else did it, you would roundly condemn them, forcing them into public You’re a good person, right?


Then, in late August, Mrs.

Full text of “Festinger-Riecken-Schachter-When-Prophecy-Failspdf (PDFy mirror)”

The event was to take place at Pepuza — near the modem Angora — and thither all true followers of Our Lord should make their way. You are commenting using your Facebook account. They treated this late stage addition attempter as if he possessed the answers to why their prediction failed. MAN with a conviction is a hard man to cliange.

The Armstrongs, however, were more successful in obtaining followers. What a terrible thing to happen so close to Christmas. From time to time the Guardians had given Mrs.

The maiHng of this press release marks the end of the first phase of Mrs. You buy a car and it turns out that cars spends a lot of gas.

Now such a situation had fallen into his lap. Run and hasten through it, and let it be known that you leave it with alacrity for something better. fetsinger

At Stanford, F Leon Festinger was interested in science at a young age, and decided to pursue a career in psychology. The Jews accordingly prepared seriously hwen return to their original home. There they planned to establish an “altar” or spiritual community of believers who would presumably survive the flood and remain on the earth until Christmas of festtinger following year when they would be taken, bodily as well as spiritually, to Clarion, Venus, or some other planet.

To these disciples he taught and interpreted the highly mystical writings of the cabala. Let your actions preach in the clearest tones: However, it’s a fascinating look whe a bunch of very nice people who followed their beliefs as best they could, even if those beliefs were completely incorrect.


The dissonance cannot be eliminated completely by denying or ration- alizing the disconfirmation.

prophexy Perhaps as many as a dozen people had become temporarily interested at various times during the spring and summer. Indeed, it seems that after he made his claim known to the community at large.

Armstrong published a press release detailing this information and sent it to various newspapers. Still in the cold world! The minister in charge of the Ebenezer station, Kensington, Protestant Methodist has just come out on the doctrine in full. That is an earthly liaison duty before I come. Humans, as it turned out, were a lot less rational than we had suspected. Keech, are sent to her by superior beings from a planet called ‘Clarion.

It is for this reason that we festknger the increase in proselyting following disconfirmation. The authors infiltrated a group of UFO believers to leom what would happen when their belief that the world would end by flood on Dec. At this point, we shall draw out in detail only those implications that are relevant to the phenomenon of increased proselyting follow- ing disconfirmation of a prediction. The experiment had flaws, as ehen authors acknowledged themselves.

Armstrong was a physician who Uved in Collegeville, a small community about one hundred miles from Steel City.