Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. Piers Anthony [Xanth] — Piers Anthony redefined the Crewel Lye (Xanth Book 8) – Kindle edition by Piers Anthony. A knight of ghosts and shadows! Jordan was a ghost in Castle Roogna now, spending his time with little five-year-old Ivy and watching his own past unfold. Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn is the eighth book of the Xanth series by Piers Anthony.

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Jun 06, Kirsti rated it it was amazing. Though he was setting up future novels even back in Dragonit’s obvious that he has a plan for several future novels in the series from the hints he drops in this one. Keeper of the Page Published: Jordan was a ghost in Castle Roogna now watching his own past unfold on the magic tapestry. Perhaps my favorite Xanth book — funny, clever, and suspenseful!

Okay, I do have a number of such books on my self which I will get around to reading someday which includes Game of Thrones Why did I keep reading these books?

Crewel Lye (Xanth #8) by Piers Anthony

Slight shelf wear to binding. She is talking to a ghost and wanting to know his story, and she uses the magic tapestry to actually watch the story unfold, in much the same way that we watch television.

That’s what girls are for in fantasy. It’s obvious that this was Mr. Is a certain Muse to blame? And I know as a Barbarian he’s sort of supposed to be something of a lout, but.


When Jordan was alive he was motivated by a quest for adventure which lead to him being betrayed by a cruel lie. Although they are all quite similar, I think I enjoyed this one more than the others I’ve read so far.

Crewel Lye

That’s what has him hanging around. On top of that indignity, her parents had the audacity to go out and find a baby brother – Dolph – under a cabbage leaf. Thanks for the novel Piers! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

He had been betrayed with a lyf lie by two wily magicians and the woman he loved. By putting in all of the Xanth books the algorithim is probably starting to think that I read a lot of pre-teen fantasy novels. Once placed near each other, the pieces mend together and cover back up with muscle and skin greatly sped up due to Ivy’s enhancement.

Crewel Lye: a Caustic Yarn

For Xanth fans, this is highly recommended. Some love it, some hate it; I personally thought it was a strange read but harmless, although I doubt I’ll read each book twice. Reading is more of a winter season thing rather than a reno season or garden season thing.

May 14, Maha rated it it was amazing. That couldn’t be more apparent with Crewel Lye.

Apr 16, Kristen Coffin rated it really liked it Shelves: I always appreciate how we can understand what the characters are thinking and feeling, which I think adds to the richness of these stories. The writing of Xanth is charming, and I find myself continuing to cewel pulled into these books and find myself marveling at the seemingly simplicity of some of the fun concepts fleshed out into magical paradigms.


Return lhe Book Page. He is a ghost in the castle Roogna. Feb 10, Ashleigh rated it really liked it.

Crewel Lye by Anthony Piers

This is why the book occurs between books 7 and 9 when most of the plot place it well before book 1. Log-in or create an account first! His first story was published inand his first novel, Chthon, in People have suggested that there are further hints as to where he is going with the series, and it is interesting how he does it.

Better World Books Condition: Nobody who was alive to day knew or cared where his bones might be. She is soon joined by the ghost Jordan.

This time the focus is on Jordan the Ghost. Unfortunately, the woman he falls in love with, Rapunzel, is a half-elf maiden who, to all appearances, loves him because he is the first male she ever met. About the story in itself, while there was more romance than I expected, but it also held quite a few comedic moments for those who aren’t fans of straight romance.

Also by Piers Anthony. Don’t get me wrong, when I was reading the Xanth novels I did enjoy them, but as times have changed, and I have expanded my reading scope, my interest in pre-teen fantasy has diminished. Ships with Tracking Number!