Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods. Budd Hopkins, Author Random House (NY) $ (p) ISBN Budd Hopkins’ book ‘ Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods’ investigated the claims of a number of alleged alien. Budd Hopkins, Writer: Intruders. Budd Hopkins was born on June 15, in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA as Elliott Budd Hopkins. He is known for his work on.

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Critics of the survey questioned the validity of the survey questions themselves [48] and pointed out the implausibility that an average of Americans could be abducted daily, given the fact that no physical evidence to date exists for any UFO abduction. He was driving a large black sedan with Saudi Arabian United Nations license plates. Do you ever wonder why?

Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods

Klein, director of research at the New York State Psychiatric Institute and professor of psychiatry at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia Universityare but two of those who have observed my work firsthand. Jun 21, Amber rated it liked it.

Linda took it to Hopkins, who showed it to a neurosurgeon friend of his. The experiences reported by Linda seem to be a composite of those of two characters in Nighteyes: Jaguar rated it it was amazing Apr 21, Even Hopkins admitted that media attention had a way of “contaminating the pool” of subjects, but felt he was able to cull the delusional stories from those he believed to be real.

On November 30,Linda called Hopkins and reported that she had been abducted during the early morning hours of that day, and she provided some details. If she was afraid, why didn’t her husband contact authorities? May 02, Eddie Watkins rated it liked it Shelves: When these same individuals attempted to suppress evidence of an alleged attempted murder, we concluded that their beliefs and actions were incompatible with “real world” events.

Though they initially expressed extreme concern over the well being of Linda, the alleged “Dan” and “Richard” waited more than a year before contacting Linda and Hopkins. We will let the readers decide whether Clark’s initial position was compatible with “real-world” considerations. I’ve felt this way since childhood, when I would warily peek into UFO books at the library and suffer nightmares for days afterward.

Dec 16, Cecilia Perez rated it liked it. Assuming that these two people actually exist, one must now be careful in accepting their claims even if offered in good faith.

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Perhaps money was the only motivation. According to Hopkins, any feeling of uneasiness about a place, or any sense of lost time that is often accounted for by daydreamingcould be attributed to alien abduction.

There he demanded that Linda remove her clothes and put on a white nightgown, similar to the one she wore the night of the abduction. At the meeting, we presented an outside expert consultant who for many years had served in dignitary protective services. He reported knowing nothing about the UFO sighting, nor had he heard anything about it from any of the approximately residents in the complex.

Exclusive use of that perspective can lead to positing simplistic and scientifically sterile explanations.

intguders The most serious problem is that the three alleged principal corroborating witnesses Richard, Dan, and Perez de Cuellar have not been interviewed face-to-face by Hopkins, although it has been over a year and a half since initial contact with Hopkins and over three years since the abduction. Second, ho;kins phenomena coming under this rubric have been exploited, manipulated and fabricated by many individuals and even agencies of our own government for various purposes.

Budd Hopkins

During a prior telephone conversation between Linda and Hansen, Linda had asserted that her husband was born and raised in New York. A few days later, Linda telephoned Hopkins to tell him that she had been visited by Richard and Dan. To him, the purported similarities among client stories, [38] lent credibility to the abductees’ stories.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is also claimed that a woman on the Brooklyn Bridge observed the abduction. Nevertheless, she claimed to have observed four figures in fetal positions emerge from a window. Linda has a picture of Dan. So here we see the largely invisible minions “Dan” and “Richard” and the mysterious witness on the bridge furthering the cause of “Truth.

He told her of Dan’s deteriorating mental condition. We have made use of that information as well as records from other presentations, and we have interviewed the abductee.

This “role playing” taps archetypal images that hold great psychological power. InHopkins organized the Intruders Foundation in Manhattan [3] to provide support for alleged victims of alien abduction, conduct research and investigations, and promote public awareness of the phenomenon.

During the telephone conversations, Andrus and Clark again strongly objected to requesting an investigation by intrduers enforcement authorities.

Why isn’t a formal report available? We informed Hopkins and the other participants that we were prepared to make a formal request for a federal investigation of the government agents responsible for the alleged felonies. Richard and Dan said that they had come across Hopkins’ name and decided to write to him. Did I manage to better the available ones on completion? Critical and Historical Studies on the Preternatural. The story is truly marvellous, and one might wonder about its origin.


A few days later, we called the New York Post and spoke to the person who was the loading dock manager in No hard evidence confirms that Richard and Dan even exist. Anecdotal proof of alien sightings or abductions, which Hopkins considered “tightly hopkine testimonies” [34] by abductees, included victims’ stories of observing unconventional objects in the sky, [35] witnessing unusual activity such as aliens digging for soil samples[35] flying through the air [50] intruderw being transported to a ship, [18] a sense of being watched or the presence of hooded beings near the bed at night, [18] a sense of paralysis or immobilization while lying in bed or in their cars, [50] impressions of flying or passing hopkinx closed windows or walls, a feeling of having been outside upon awakening, invisibility both alien and human [66] and, most especially, a sense of budr or lost time.

However, Richard and Dan were disinclined to meet with or talk to Hopkins, despite the fact that they had written him earlier and despite Linda’s entreaties to do so.

A recurring motif in this book is an abductee waking from sleep in their room to find figures watching them, speaking to them, and guiding them elsewhere. He continued to rave incoherently, and as her head was being pushed under for the third time, she believed that she would not come up again. Linda said that the doctor was “nervous” and didn’t want to talk about the X-ray. Oct 23, Megan rated it liked it Shelves: Hopkins’ failure to check the weather conditions during the abduction actually makes sense in the context of this cult-like thought process.

A Critique of Budd Hopkins’ Case of the UFO Abduction of Linda Napolitano

The thinking and motivations of ufology’s leaders deserve at least as much attention as the abduction claims themselves. Richard picked her up and, with some struggle, forced her into the vehicle. Linda mentioned that she was given to understand that her blood was quite unusual.